Dogs Allegedly Starving and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Target: Charles T. Miller, Prosecuting Attorney for Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Goal: Prosecute and stop alleged neglect and cruelty towards animals in Kanawha County.

Authorities in Kanawha County are currently seeking public assistance to locate a woman reportedly involved in severe animal cruelty incidents. Allegations suggest that multiple dogs were found in what has been described as “deplorable” conditions. The urgency of this petition stems from the reported disturbing findings of one dog deceased and seven others severely malnourished.

Further details revealed by law enforcement suggest a grim situation where the dogs were allegedly starving and living in filth. This case seems to highlight a pattern of neglect, with the accused having evaded law enforcement for months. The conditions described by the authorities paint a dire picture of suffering that demands immediate and decisive action.

This petition is necessary to prevent further animal suffering and hold those responsible accountable for their alleged actions. Take immediate steps to address this grievous situation and ensure such cruelty is not allowed to continue.


Dear Attorney Charles T. Miller,

We are writing to urgently address the troubling reports of severe animal cruelty that have surfaced in your jurisdiction. It is alleged that in a series of distressing events, multiple dogs were left in a state of severe neglect, culminating in tragic conditions for these animals. The alleged details of these incidents are deeply concerning, with reports of one dog deceased and others barely alive in utterly deplorable conditions.

The alleged facts suggest a clear and disturbing pattern of neglect and mistreatment that cannot go unaddressed. Law enforcement officials have been seeking the individual believed to be responsible for months, underscoring this case’s severity and ongoing nature. It is imperative that these allegations are swiftly and thoroughly investigated and that appropriate legal actions are pursued to prevent further animal suffering.

We implore you to take immediate action in response to these allegations. It is crucial that those found responsible are held accountable and measures are implemented to ensure no more animals suffer under similar circumstances. We demand rigorous prosecution and legal measures to address and prevent further instances of animal cruelty in your area.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ed Kennedy

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  1. In these cases nothing is ever done. No one is ever punished yet the animals suffered immensely. IT is unfair, to say the least. Animals who suffer at human hands need to be remembered by those involved suffering as well. It seems as though all our people are in severe mental distress. This is not what a well and functioning society produces. These are sick, mean, people who need to be taken out of decent society and never seen again.

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