Stop Senselessly Killing Wolves

Target: Hank Worsech, Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Goal: Change wolf hunting laws in Montana, and protect these inspiring creatures.

A lone wolf was shot dead in Montana after completing an impressive 480-kilometer migration from Canada. The animal, known as Wolf 2001, was collared in Banff National Park as part of a tracking program.

Traveling nearly 100 kilometers per day, Wolf 2001’s journey was a symbol of environmental health in Canada and the United States, as it signifies the connectedness of wilderness areas across the border. Such a tragic end for so significant a feat.

Shockingly, the landowner who senselessly killed the wolf had legal rights to do so. Montana allows wolf hunting through a quota system. While the state limits the number of wolves killed, even collared animals are not safe in this unfettered slaughter. When left without proper guidelines, people have shown themselves all too willing to kill without reason. The wildlife of North America deserves better protection than this.

Sign this petition to urge Montana to implement laws to protect wildlife from senseless killing.


Dear Mr. Worsech,

I was saddened to hear that Wolf 2001 was killed in your state. I was shocked to hear that shooting this collared wolf was perfectly legal under your quota-based hunting system. The systematic slaughter of wolves across North America has to stop, and I encourage you to make your state a leader in this effort.

It is appalling that many regulations, such as killing a collared animal, are left to the discretion of the people holding the gun. This is an irresponsible, and indifferent, method of managing the unreasonable hunting in your state, and I think it is your duty to take a stand for wildlife protection.

I urge you to instate laws that will properly protect the delicate ecosystems that your office is responsible to maintain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarter’s photostream



  1. Dear Mr. Worsech,
    I urge you to instate laws that will properly protect the delicate ecosystems that your office is responsible to maintain.
    Please, please …

  2. Please stop this continued killing. It HAS TO STOP.

  3. Paula Morgan says:

    How does this happen? Real hunters have common sense but the weekend worriers have no education as to how the wolf helps guard the eco system of the land. ALL states need revised laws which prohibit this type of killing just for the fun of killing. Is it really fun? States must wise up and stop all needless killing which is done on a regular basis by anyone with a gun. We need laws to protect wildlife!

    • ‘real’ hunters – don’t tell me that there is any need in the richest country in the world for hunting, (subsistence, stock protection or otherwise
      ). Hunting / killing is solely about power and ego – no other consideration other than bloodlust.

  4. Only stupid people kill them. Intelligent people know that wolves are extremly important, much more than their useless murderers

  5. Stop the senseless killing of these beautiful animals. By killing them in the most horrid ways you are breaking the cycle of life that was here long before man ever appeared. These animals need to be able to roam and to survive.

  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Isn’t killing a collared wolf ILLEGAL? This senseless violence against our alpha predators MUST STOP. They perform a vital role in the ecosystems they inhabit, benefiting both flora and fauna.

  7. Julie Bates says:

    Ignorant pricks ….. yellow stone national park would not be here today had it not been for the reintroduction of the WOLVES in the ecosystem!!!

  8. Julie Bates says:

    Your bloody TRUMP reinstated the practice of killing mother wolves and their Cubs when they were in the dens !!!

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