Punish Kennel Operator Accused of Letting Dogs Starve

Target: Lisa Thayer Welch, State’s Attorney for Garrett County, Maryland

Goal: Prosecute woman accused of neglecting over a dozen animals to the fullest extent of the law.

Business owner Leslie Gillespie of Oakland, Maryland has been charged with over two dozen counts of animal cruelty. Gillespie operates an area kennel.

The charges involve a goat and twelve dogs. In the initial round of complaints, authorities took the goat and seven of the dogs into their custody after reporting the animals as “malnourished and neglected.” Following a search of the suspect’s residence, five additional seemingly malnourished dogs said to be living in “inadequate” conditions” were taken.

Sign the petition below to help ensure this person is held fully accountable if she if found guilty and mentally competent.


Dear Ms. Thayer Welch,

The care of any living being is never a responsibility that should be taken for granted. Leslie Gillespie was supposed to feed, shelter, and care for numerous animals. She allegedly breached this duty of care to the extent that she now faces 26 animal cruelty charges.

According to reports, the dogs under her care suffered greatly, were deprived of basic nourishment and housing, and could have died. Please prosecute this case with the gravity it deserves, and seek maximum punishment if Ms. Gillespie is found guilty of these heinous offenses.


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  2. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    put her to death she deserves a death penalty if those animals died in her care then she should die as well done tired of these people getting away with this bullshit!!

  3. This vile ugly, mentally deranged severe dog abusing itch must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonising death for this vile bitch is essential!

  4. MARIA X. Carbonell says:

    26 animals:
    A fine of $26,000 – $1,000 for each one – and 10 years in a maximum security prison with no parole.

  5. Please prosecute Leslie Gillespie to the MAX! Her actions are unconscionable & must be taken seriously! Put her in a jail cell without food, water, and the rest of the BASIC needs to live and she how she likes it!

  6. Sue Duplantis says:

    THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE! Starve that bitch to death. Then justice would be served!

  7. Starve them to death!

  8. Do the wretch the same way. I bet the wretch eats good at night. Starve the wretch. Put her in a cage and storage her death like she did the animals. Don’t need any more animals in her position.Have her sign a registry for animal abusers and cruelty. Needs to be have jail time_ 99 years.Law is too lenient for animal abuse and neglect.

  9. Animal abusers must have the mandatory death penalty implemented and nothing less!

  10. Paula Morgan says:

    This woman makes money off these animals? And she feels it is just fine to starve them, mistreat them, hurt them? She should not be allowed to continue to open and run kennels. She is far too neglectful. Just ask her one question, “Would you want to be one of these dogs?” If she says yes she is insane. If she says no then she recognizes right from wrong. The courts must serve out harsh sentences in order for people to pay attention and behave properly.

  11. Bonnie Sudnick says:

    ONE charge of abuse for each animal, unless there are more charges for each animal that can be added up. Long jail time and large monetary fine. Laws must be changed to harsher long term mandatory jail time and mandatory monetary fines. No time off for good behavior, no reduced sentences for child care, illness, over crowding of jails, whatever. No excuses, no early out, no pardons. Abuse is abuse and must not be tolerated.

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