Success: TripAdvisor Stops Peddling Marine Mammal Exploitation

Target: Stephen Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor

Goal: Praise travel site for ending ticket sales to marine parks that breed whales and dolphins in captivity.

TripAdvisor will no longer sell tickets to marine attractions that breed marine mammals in captivity. Their new guidelines require such facilities to include or develop alternate, safer environments for any whales or dolphins they house. This is a huge step forward in the fight to end the suffering of dolphins and whales worldwide.

For the past decade, Sea World, Loro Parque, and other similar locations have come under fire from the public due to the unsavory conditions their animals face. Whales and dolphins are bred in captivity and forced to perform strenuous tricks for audiences, and many trainers generally do not treat them well. Many of these poor creatures have died from the emotional and mental stress that lead to physical illnesses. Petitions such as this one have circulated, demanding TripAdvisor stop selling tickets to such exploitation.

Tourist attractions have been profiting off of the suffering of animals for too long, but TripAdvisor will no longer be enabling such things. Sign this petition to thank them for their decision.


Dear Mr. Kaufer,

Thank you for stopping ticket sales to exploitative marine parks. Locations such as Sea World have been under fire for years for their poor treatment of whales and dolphins. They breed them in captivity, force them to perform for an audience, and many of these poor animals die of stress before their time.

For years, tourist attractions have been profiting from the suffering of animals. Tourists pay large sums of money to invade their personal spaces, gawk at them, and disrupt their quality of life. By stopping ticket sales to marine parks that participate in such behavior, you are taking an important step in fighting for marine mammal welfare. Thank you for your decision.


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Photo Credit: Travelarz

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