Success: Montreal to End Pit Bull Ban

Target: Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

Goal: Praise Montreal for ending unfair pit bull ban.

Montreal is rolling back its ban on pit bulls and related breeds less than a year after it was put into effect. The ban had been heavily criticized by animal welfare groups, citing that forbidding pit bull adoptions would result in hundreds of innocent dogs being put down. Furthermore, this law would have also forced owners of pit bulls to pay a $150 fee and undergo criminal background checks due to the dogs’ dangerous reputation.

This is excellent news for dogs and dog lovers alike. Pit bulls are one of the most wrongly persecuted dogs in existence; for decades, people bred these dogs to be vicious attackers for the sake of their own protection only to riot when the dog attacked a child or other innocent. The dogs’ reputation has overshadowed their true, docile nature, leading to bans and crusades against them. Petitions such as this one have fought to overturn these bans and to do away with the incorrect perceptions of pit bulls.

The end of the pit bull ban in Montreal is a big step forward, and will hopefully encourage other states or countries that ban the breed to overturn their rulings as well. Sign this petition to praise Montreal for ending this unfair ban.


Dear Mayor Plante,

Your decision to end the ban on pit bulls and related breeds is a beautiful and much appreciated gesture. For too long, pit bulls have been treated as aggressive criminal dogs due to the media linking individual incidents of aggression to the entire breed. There are entire organizations dedicated to  In reality, pit bulls are docile and loving creatures provided they are not bred to be attack dogs.

Thank you for rolling back this unfair ban. Incidents involving aggressive dogs should focus entirely on the individual dog rather than the breed itself, and it is hoped that with Montreal ending its ban, other states, provinces, and territories will follow suit and put an end to pit bulls’ poor reputation. You have done a great service to pit bulls and the owners who love them.


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Photo Credit: Richard Masoner

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  1. Good. Now concentrate on the owners and breeders who train pits to be aggressive. It’s the owners NOT the dog that are the savages.

  2. Fortunately there are still some islands of sense and compassion left on this planet.

  3. Now if the province of Ontario would only follow suit!!!

    • rocco frangione says:

      now, everybody knows ontario is NOT a leader of anything. they always wait for someone else to do it, & even then, ontario doesn’t follow suit.

  4. Owners and breeders should have permits to own and should be checked out before buying and must be microchipped desexed before given to new owners. Breeders should be the only people who can breed.

  5. I’m glad to hear Montreal has dropped this ban BUT it makes me sick to think of all the beautiful dogs that were taken, or surrendered because of the ban,and put down. I also agree with the comment by Bina P – crack down on the people who are training these dogs to be aggressive – usually for dog fighting. They are the ones who need punishment, not the dogs!! Any breed of dog can be made aggressive – not just pit bulls, who start out as loving friendly dogs. Put the people who participate in dog fighting behind bars & leave them there for a good long time!

  6. Mary Rollis says:

    Just adopted a pit bull. What a sweetheart! He fits right in with a boxer, shih tsu, two chiweenies and seven cats. Amazing how many purebreds I’ve rescued, my last big dog was a malamute. Very glad to get a pit bull and rescue one poor maligned creature! There ARE homeowners insurance policies that will cover them. The problem lies with ‘humans’ who train the pit bulls to kill. They are the criminals who need to be shunned, and shunted off to prison for life, not beautiful, loyal dogs of ANY breed!

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