Bird Whose Neck Was Reportedly Snapped in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Target: Al Hadeed, County Attorney of Flagler County, FL

Goal: Punish woman accused of snapping bird’s neck in retaliation against roommate.

A dispute between roommates allegedly ended an innocent pet’s life. A woman in Florida contacted local authorities, claiming she had witnessed her roommate Lindsay Theissen snap her bird’s neck before throwing the animal back in the cage. Theissen was arrested for the reported offense.

The tragic series of events began very late in the previous night, when the witness alleges Theissen initially started making threats against both the roommate herself and the bird, who was named Sunflower. After apparently receiving a text about Sunflower the following morning, the witness went home. Theissen allegedly had the bird in her hands and waited until the roommate arrived to commit the act. Authorities reported she may have been intoxicated.

Vulnerable animals are too often the collateral damage of domestic disturbances, and this disturbing pattern needs to stop. Sign the petition below to demand prosecution of this tragic case to the fullest extent.


Dear Mr. Hadeed,

Lindsey Theissen allegedly got angry at her roommate and took her rage out on an innocent living being in the worst way possible. She has been accused of snapping the neck of her roommate’s pet bird in front of the woman before tossing the dead body away like garbage. Reportedly drunk or not, this suspect needs to answer for her cruelty if she is found guilty.

Send a decisive message that animals will no longer be acceptable collateral damage in a human’s misplaced anger. Seek the maximum possible charges for this despicable alleged act.


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Photo Credit: Marcelo Chagas


  1. Robert Richmond says:

    I hope that this young lady be prosecuted to the full extent that the law allows . This was a heinous and cruel act that served no purpose.

  2. I would have broken that low life scumbags neck!! They would have been carrying her out!!

  3. Susan Duplantis says:

    Snap that bitches neck. She’s a Cowardly bitch, bully and an evil person. She should be dropped in the Florida Everglades as croc food.

  4. Susan Duplantis says:

    Dump that cowardly bitchbinvv by the Florida Everglades to be croc food.

  5. Worthless bitch will NEVER get what she deserves in a Florida court – they do NOTHING for animal abuse issues. Vigilante justice – dope her drink, tie her up and drop her in the Everglades. Let the pythons and crocs have at her.
    POS deserves to suffer.

  6. This is the newspaper story on this – the bird’s owner wasn’t too fucking bright either – the roommate was making threats and the owner goes off to gas up her car and leaves the bird in danger with the nutcase.

    • Pam Levernier says:

      Yes, I thought that the parrot’s owner was very lax. When someone threatens you or your pets for God’s sake call the police immediately. In this case, drag this sick bitch out of your apartment and change the locks. Don’t think that your pets are safe around threatening morons.
      Bitch be crazy!

    • If there is a way to lock the room that would have been the first step. Afterwards, forget the car and yes call the police. But that POS needs to do life or be executed. The room mate needs to handle it in case the sentence is too low.

  7. That poor bird needs justice. There was no excuse for doing this. That roommate deserves to be in the electric chair!

    Pet parents need to step in and protect their pets the minute they witness any type of abuse.

  8. Julia Edinger says:


  9. Jaime Perez says:

    Poor little bird, he didn’t deserve that. That ho bag is a sick monster to take out her anger on a tiny defenseless bird. Throw her sick ass in jail!!

    • No he did not deserve it but this arrogant excuse for a fucking human being does!
      This needs to happen all over our planet by whatever means. It has been truly said that the shitty laws protect these bastards with a slap on the wrist! Only a bird, only a dog. Could not give a fuck. These bastard money grabbing lawyers and waste of time fucking Judges really need the same treatment so they know what the animal feels.

      And these fucking animal torturers are laughing in our faces as they walk free with a bloody caution. Naughty boy, please do not do it again.
      Wankers all of them. These bastards need to be ‘Vigilante food’ so that other psycho fuckers will get the message before torturing any animals again.
      But better still would be to terminate the motherfuckers painfully and permanently. Six feet under the ground or thrown on a rubbish tip would finish the job nicely. Or a quick bash over the head and leave the arseholes where they fell.
      It sure is going to happen as normal people have had enough of these smug and arrogant animal torturing bastards!!

  10. People who do things like what was done to this bird, Sunflower, are just the absolute worst kind of people. They should not be free to inflict this kind of physical destruction to an animal for the purpose of creating emotional destruction to a person. This is just the worst kind of person imaginable. And any alcohol use is completely irrelevant to this fact.

  11. This vile, mentally deranged animal killing bitch must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonizing death for this evil cretin is essential.

  12. Please prosecute Lindsey Theissen to the fullest extent of the law! She MURDERED an innocent living being!

  13. Al Hadeed, County Attorney of Flagler County, FL

    Punish this bitch accused of snapping an innocent and helpless bird’s neck in retaliation against roommate.

    I agree with this comment.

    Snap that bitches neck. She’s a Cowardly bitch, bully and an evil person. She should be dropped in the Florida Everglades as croc food.Kill the bitch.

  14. American Girl says:

    Cunt du jour! Torture then snap her fkn neck! Hopefully they’ll do it in prison where she deserves to be tortured daily!

  15. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for egregious animal abuse and cruelty with intent to kill! BAN her from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again. Remand her for psychiatric evaluation.

  16. This fucking cunt needs her goddamn head snapped off her neck after having her face caved in by a steel-toed boot.


    Demand that she face consequences if found guilty.

  18. Just to add to my previous reply.
    If this had been my bird, I will not say that I would have killed her, ‘but’, let’s say in the most calmest way that I can, she would sure remember doing it for the rest of her miserable life.
    Of that, I can wholeheartedly guarantee.

  19. Instead of being sane & rational, Thiessen LOSES CONTROL & commits horrific KILLING of little BIRD — ensure Thiessen NEVER ADOPTS — she’s NOT fit — throw her into a Rubber Room —who’s next on her KILL-List?

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