Stop Slaughtering Dogs for Meat

Target: Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly, Minister of Law for Indonesia

Goal: Work for a national ban on the dog meat trade.

Over four dozen dogs were rescued from an alleged dog butcher in Indonesia. They were the lucky ones. Around one million fellow canines become part of the country’s still-existing dog meat trade annually. The animals endure brutal captures and grueling trips crammed into cages, deprived of their ability to even open their mouths. These cruel incidents are just the beginning. Once the dogs reach their final destinations they await slaughter, spectators to the horrors that will soon befall them. Those horrors include bludgeoning and burning. Sometimes, the dogs are still alive for the last sick step in the ritual.

Indonesia has made weak attempts to curb the practice of butchering dogs, which mostly now exists in more rural regions of the country. They banned the consumption of dog meat and made stronger penalties for dog trafficking. A few areas have also made selling dog meat illegal. Yet a national ban on the dog meat trade has not been pursued, despite repeated calls from animal rights activists.

Sign the petition below to urge Indonesian leaders to take this decisive step that could abolish a pervasive form of mass animal torture and cruelty once and for all.


Dear Minister Laoly,

Indonesian leadership must recognize the brutality of the dog meat trade, as recent court rulings and bans on consumption and trafficking have indicated. Yet the practice still remains widespread due to lax enforcement of existing rules and a complete lack of prohibition of these trades at the national level. As a result, horrific videos depicting the sick realities of the industry continue to emerge and enrage individuals across the country and around the world.

Please listen to the calls from these concerned citizens for a national ban on industries that trade in unimaginable cruelty and slaughter.


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Photo Credit: Pranidchakan Boonrom


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. Natty Lambertson says:

    Disgusting. This is heartbreaking, them poor dogs

  3. We need to unite globally and exterminate everyone of these vile,mentally deranged dog killing scumbags.A slow and agonisiong death for these evil cretins is essential! Lets turn these evil bastards into garden fertiliser!

  4. Please enforce all necessary laws to prevent this horrific, extreme animal cruelty.Please do not minimize or delay this very sobering issue.If nothing else, Covid has taught us at least that much.

  5. Veronique Peere says:

    In civilized countries, there are laws prohibiting cruelty against animals. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not one of those. It is the third world.

  6. It is essential that these scumbags involved in dog ause and killing be put to death.

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