Abandoned Puppy With Broken Back and Covered in Feces Deserves Justice

Target: Taylor, MI Chief of Police John Blair
Goal: Find person who abandoned puppy with broken back in a field.

A nine-month-old puppy with a broken back was found covered in feces and flies in a field. The puppy had been driven to this location by her owner, who discarded the poor animal like a piece of garbage.

A bystander called the police when she apparently witnessed an unidentified woman in a silver sedan with no license plate throw a blue tote into a field. When the container hit the ground, the puppy flew out on the ground. The animal was left on the ground with a broken back, broken ribs and a broken hip, unable to walk.

According to Lanny Hall, Taylor Animal Control supervisor, “She carried the tote around the car – threw it in to the field, and the puppy flew out of the tote – and she got back in the car and left.”

When police arrived they contacted a local animal rescue group which sprung into action. Miraculously, after intensive medical treatment, the puppy (now named Hope) began to improve. While Hope has a long road to recovery, the prognosis is positive.

Sadly, the veterinarians also noted that Hope had signs of past injuries, including broken ribs which had since healed.

The person who is responsible for this horrific abuse is still on the loose. We are asking local police to devote additional resources to find and capture those responsible.


Dear Chief of Police John Blair,

A nine-month-old puppy was severely abused and abandoned. According to a witness, a woman in a silver sedan with no license plate threw a blue tote into a field which contained the puppy dog. When the container hit the ground, the puppy rolled out motionless. The dog was unable to move due to her severe injuries, which included a broken back.

When rescuers began providing medical care for the puppy (now named Hope) they realized that she had also suffered past injuries consistent with abuse, including broken ribs.

As of now, no suspect has been named. I ask that you please devote all resources necessary to find and capture the person, or persons, responsible for this heinous act.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: The Animal Resource Funding Foundation



  1. Why can’t we just shoot people like this?? There are too many vile humans on this planet and they should be culled and I suggest we get rid of all animal abusers as soon as they are caught. Don’t bother with prison or a feeble fine, just destroy them and they won’t be able to breed more vile individuals like themselves. That goes for paedophiles too……

    • I totally agree — NO reason to keep such despicable lives on Earth. I’ll do the deed myself.

    • Absolutely, 100% CORRECT! These monsters are dangerous to all of society.

    • Exactly,
      These ‘non’ caring and cowardly bastards need terminating so they will not be able to do it again!

      Assholes like these do not deserve to live. The law and governments do not seem to care and just turn a blind eye.
      It’s only an animal so it does not really matter. Bastards – all of them.

      Vigilante groups need to be organised and these shitbags anonymously taken out!!
      Power to the people to stop these sick minded tossers.
      Jonny W.

  2. I pray Puppy Hope recovers with flying colors — What a PSYCHO – with so many options, this MONSTER inflicts pain, suffering on innocent, vulnerable Dog — find the depraved SADIST and throw her in Prison — there’s NO Sanity, NO compassion, NO morals — Thank God for the WITNESS— THANK YOU — ensure PSYCHO never again ADOPTS nor comes anywhere NEAR Animals — PSYCHO is dangerous to society — ensure we have NO REPEATS of her horrors against Animals.

  3. Why wasn’t the tote checked for finger prints? Charge these people with felonies.President Trump signed it into law when he was in office

    • thank you, Kathy — check for fingerprints, let’s find this monster, and assign her to deepest, darkest prison.

    • I abs. agree! It is long past the time when these human monsters have been allowed to get away with torture and murder. Do unto them what they have done to the innocent’s If only the person who saw this could have taken a picture of this bi— and the car!

  4. Cecily, ms, and Kathy have said my thoughts. Cruelty in any form, is wrong. Same as bullying. Each of us must be vigilant, and report any cruelty we see immediately, catch them in the act, or write down license plate #. It’s because children and animals are in our care, that we cannot allow adults, who are stronger, to have control over them. Bullies cannot be allowed to have animals.

  5. Disgusting they need to find this person and do the same thing to them.

  6. eleanor dunkavich says:

    this bitch should be shot

  7. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    I’m praying for the poor puppy to recover & be put in a good home & as for that Sadistic Bitch,She Needs 2 Burn in Hell!!!!

  8. This vile, evil, mentally deranged bitch must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!


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