Abandoned Puppy With Broken Back and Covered in Feces Deserves Justice

Target: Taylor, MI Chief of Police John Blair
Goal: Find person who abandoned puppy with broken back in a field.

A nine-month-old puppy with a broken back was found covered in feces and flies in a field. The puppy had been driven to this location by her owner, who discarded the poor animal like a piece of garbage.

A bystander called the police when she apparently witnessed an unidentified woman in a silver sedan with no license plate throw a blue tote into a field. When the container hit the ground, the puppy flew out on the ground. The animal was left on the ground with a broken back, broken ribs and a broken hip, unable to walk.

According to Lanny Hall, Taylor Animal Control supervisor, “She carried the tote around the car – threw it in to the field, and the puppy flew out of the tote – and she got back in the car and left.”

When police arrived they contacted a local animal rescue group which sprung into action. Miraculously, after intensive medical treatment, the puppy (now named Hope) began to improve. While Hope has a long road to recovery, the prognosis is positive.

Sadly, the veterinarians also noted that Hope had signs of past injuries, including broken ribs which had since healed.

The person who is responsible for this horrific abuse is still on the loose. We are asking local police to devote additional resources to find and capture those responsible.


Dear Chief of Police John Blair,

A nine-month-old puppy was severely abused and abandoned. According to a witness, a woman in a silver sedan with no license plate threw a blue tote into a field which contained the puppy dog. When the container hit the ground, the puppy rolled out motionless. The dog was unable to move due to her severe injuries, which included a broken back.

When rescuers began providing medical care for the puppy (now named Hope) they realized that she had also suffered past injuries consistent with abuse, including broken ribs.

As of now, no suspect has been named. I ask that you please devote all resources necessary to find and capture the person, or persons, responsible for this heinous act.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: The Animal Resource Funding Foundation


  1. The POS human female should have had HER back broken at the same age. That way we wouldn’t have her doing such a cold crime that she did now.

  2. Chief Blair, it is with upmost urgency you find this sadistic woman. She may have a illegal puppy mill or a dog fighting operation. No telling how many more innocent animals are being tortured and abused at this moment! It is your job to protect these innocents! Please find this deranged and poor excuse for a human being and put her in PRISON!

  3. Simonetta Scott-Crossley says:


  4. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs

  5. Pamela Hengst says:

    Get well soon , Hope. You are a brave angel. The abuser must be caught. What she did was horrible, cruel, heartless. Catch and imprison her. Hopefully in jail she will suffer broken bones and receive no care. She needs to rot in hell.

  6. quinten putnam says:

    So sorry to hear this nightmare story about poor Hope. Please do everything in your power to see that the LOWLIFE SCUM that did this to this innocent puppy is brought to justice!!!

    I wish Hope a speedy recovery and I want to thank the people who rescued her and those caring for her you are angels…

  7. I hope this low life sick scum is prosecuted and the inmates beat him to a pulp. We have to stop this sickening cruelty from these demented idiots.

  8. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Whoever dumped this puppy in a field inside of a tote bin intended for this little baby to suffer by means of starvation and or heat stroke. What kind of a mindless monster does this to a living being? I would want to find whoever did this and bring them to Justice as this is one horrific crime. We are talking about a baby puppy who obviously according to the treating Veterinarians noticed that this puppy was severely abused in the past due to previous injuries. This little baby suffered so much pain and suffering that I recommend Law enforcement to find out whoever did this. Despite the fact that the puppy is still alive, this puppy will always have issues with discomfort and or pain in the future due to a broken back and other severe injuries.

  9. FIND this woman and give her the same type of injuries.
    Heartless bitch .. needs to get the same treatment

  10. This vile mentally deranged attempted dog killing bitch, must have the death penalty performed and nothing less.

  11. This despicable excuse for a human needs to be jailed, where I hope she experiences he exact same terror, pain and torture she inflicted on this innocent sweet puppy, Hope.

    May she rot in hell

  12. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    Please find this evil human waste and lock her down.
    I wish that the harshest possible punishment is awaiting for her and that it will happen as soon as possible. This monster has no
    Place among humans
    She is a danger to the society
    Evil at its worst

  13. This pure evil satanic MONSTER must be caught and severely punished before she harms more innocent and defenseless animals. Preferably life in jail. Extermination better. These bastards should be removed from the planet, period. They don’t deserve to breathe God’s air! Law makers must wake up and start making laws that actually deter and punish these mother fuckers. Utterly heartbreaking and sickening.

  14. Cheryl Miller says:

    These heartless type of people make me sick!!!! Why would you let any innocent animal suffer like that, why?!?!? She is horrible and should never have animals, pay a huge fine, go to jail and smear her name everywhere!! Please!

  15. Barbara Garrison says:

    This puppy lived in spite of the aggressive and meticulous effort by a scumbag to torture and destroy this sweet innocent pup. A person either has to be a lunatic, mentally insane, or evil to the core. Either way, she is a real danger to the public. I am so grateful to the rescue group who didn’t give up on this precious soul, and I condemn the evil of this woman. I sincerely hope she meets her end the same way she treated this pup, like garbage on the side of the road.

  16. Jaime Perez says:

    Find this filthy ho bag and beat her to a pulp! What an ugly cruel thing to do to a baby animal. May thus precious pup heal soon and go to a loving forever home. People can be so evil and sadistic to the innocent.

  17. Michelle Stewart says:

    That poor sweet puppy. My heart just breaks. As for the bitch that did this, she deserves to have the exact same thing done to her. Break her back and a bunch of other body parts. Then dump her in a field miles away from any help. That bitch doesn’t deserve to live

  18. You need to get stricter about illegal puppy mills and illegal dog fighting, there needs to be Registration of ALL dog owners with local councils with micro chipping and animals can be purchased from licenced breeders only! Tougher laws needed to prosecute the trash who perpetrate these crimes!

  19. This sick bitch!!! needs to be captured & be subject to the same kind of abuse she put this innocent puppy through!! & put behind bars for the rest of her miserable life!!!

  20. Thank goodness poor Hope was rescued. I am sending healing hugs and kisses to this sweet angel.

    As for that heartless woman — she deserves that same abuse!

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