Puppy Reportedly Thrown Against Wall, Punched, and Kicked Deserves Justice

Target: Timothy D. Sini, District Attorney for Suffolk County, New York

Goal: Punish man who allegedly abused his puppy and lied to the vet about the victim’s injuries.

A puppy suffered serious, painful injures after he was allegedly thrown against a wall and beaten. The suspect apparently lied to the veterinarian, stating that the animal was hit by a car. If found guilty, then this man must be punished for this apparent cruelty.

Coco, a Labrador puppy, reportedly endured agonizing pain for an entire day before his owner, Daniel Keelan, took him to an animal hospital. There, veterinarians diagnosed him with a fractured femur and broken ribs- injuries not consistent with Keelan’s story. Per police, Keelan kicked and punched Coco and then threw him against a wall while his children looked on. A second puppy was found at the suspect’s home, and luckily that animal was deemed unharmed.

Coco had emergency surgery to insert metal plates into his bones. He is expected to recover. Keelan is facing charges of animal cruelty and child endangerment. Sign below and demand that he receive the harshest legal sentence possible, if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Sini,

A Labrador puppy named Coco is recovering in a Suffolk County animal hospital after allegedly enduring horrific abuse at the hands of his owner, Daniel Keelan. Per police, the suspect punched and kicked the dog before throwing him against a wall. This apparent abuse seemingly occurred in front of the suspect’s young children.

Coco suffered broken ribs and a fractured femur and had to have emergency surgery to save his life. He is expected to recover. Justice must be served not only to ensure Coco’s safely, but also that of the children who seemingly witnessed the act.

I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest legal sentence possible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Tim – I sign several of these types of Petitions on a weekly basis. Until legislation is passed that will stiffen the penalties for animal torture and murder, it is up to prosecutors to hand down the harshest sentences allowed under their particular state’s law. And we are asking that you do just that in this particular case. Daniel Keelan is an uneducated piece of shit and he needs to pay for his crime of attempted murder on this innocent puppy. Please show the world that Suffolk County WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse and murder! Please!

    • Well Said except I don’t have any mercy for scum like this.
      He’s a useless particle taking up space.

    • Total agree!!

    • Well said Kathy! All of our legislators need to step up to the plate.

    • Jill Orton says:

      Kathy I sign the same things as you and it seems that never are the perpetrators of these disgusting deeds ever going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I have no idea why the powers that be do not consider animals to be worthy of giving the criminals a worthwhile sentence but until they do, I shall continue to sign these petitions and hope against hope that they will get their just desserts, as animals feel pain just as much as humans and I feel the “humans” who do these despicable things to the animals, should have the same done to them. Perhaps they will understand then why animals cry and scream and yelp or even die.

  2. Disgusting nasty piece of shit!!!I hope someone does the same to him one day!! Lowdown pondlife scum!!

  3. Anna marie says:


  4. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Remove both dogs from the house immediately and put the SOB in jail. He is a hazard not only to those innocent animals, but anybody that can do what he did in front of his children is severely disturbed. Get this jerk out of there before he kills the dogs or hurts the family.

  5. Let the scumbag rot in hell and the sooner the better.

  6. Hope this maniac feels like a big man!! Sickening how anyone could do this to a defenseless puppy! Put him in a cage with a cougar, I think that’s pretty fair! I feel sorry for the puppy AND his children!

  7. Key point- IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN! No mercy… prosecute to the fullest! He is a very sick man. Animal cruelty laws must be harsher. This happens far too often with a slap on th wrist as the outcome. Prayers for Coco and his poor kids.

  8. Another vile and evil psychopathic lowlife animal torturing monster Daniel Keelan who must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. This lowlife pos deserves the death penalty. Let all the animal lovers get to this lowlife pos and we will make sure we eradicated this lowlife pos from the planet. Die you evil bastard slowly and burn in hell.
    I pray little Puppy Coco gets better and is adopted into an animal loving family where he will receive the love and compassion that little Coco deserves.
    If this lowlife pos is not jailed for life or put to death this monster will continue torturing innocent and helpless animals. And his Children could be this monsters next victims.

  9. How many more animals have to suffer at the hands of a human who has no honor! We need the laws changed and the abusers locked up!

  10. Julie Bates says:

    Petition for change of LAWS

  11. Janet Garraghan says:

    I hope the authorities do their jobs and make sure this evil monster gets what he deserves! Breaks my heart when authorities are cowards and don’t punish the backward degenerates for their horrific cruelty! He’s obviously a danger to society, a despicable, aggressive, cruel bully, causing horrendous suffering to this poor dog!

  12. Paula Morgan says:

    This is an innocent puppy. The man hurt a living being who can not stand up for themself. He has hopefully lost the puppy wh can find a better home. The question now is the children. Should they be taken away too? Any man who does this type of harm to an animals should not be allowed the responsibility of children. If he gets upset with them, then what? He’s back in court for murder? How about his wife or anyone or anything he gets upset over? Does he just kick them to death? What a specimen of adulthood. The courts need to see this clearly and not allow this man to be involved in, and with, society.

  13. Not only should this innocent puppy not be returned to that home, but CPS needs to be notified and have this family investigated. Harming an animal in the presence of children is a qualifier of abuse. If he’s willing to harm a baby animal this way, it’s likely he’ll do the same to his children.

  14. Take this Cowardly Bastard, do the same to him. Rubber band castrate him, use a bat to break every bone in his body, then dump his Sorry ass in the Florida Everglades to be eaten alive by the crocs. No jail or prison. Save taxpayers dollars and feed the wildlife! Then justice would be served.NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL OR CHILD ABUSE!!

  15. Robert Bailey says:

    Asshole. Pure evil. Off with his head.

  16. Not only should he get the harshest sentence possible (still not adequate punishment) he should be banned from ever owning or even being around animals. His children should be taken away from him and he shouldn’t even be allowed visitation

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