Success: Dogs Trained to Detect Endangered Insects

Target: Pauleen Bennett, Director of the Anthrozoology Research Group at La Trobe University

Goal: Support the training of dogs to uncover life-saving data on endangered insects

Endangered insects could be saved, thanks to a dedicated group of researchers. An Australian Anthrozoology research group has trained dogs to detect species-saving data on endangered insect populations. Praise this innovative new program.

Insects across the globe are facing mass extinctions due to habitat loss and climate change. Petitions like this one have circulated, demanding the preservation of these endangered species for the benefit of the entire planet. Researchers have struggled to obtain data on the insects’ distributions, slowing conservation efforts until now. La Trobe’s Anthrozoology Research Group has trained three dogs to memorize the odor of the Alpine Stonefly, an endangered high plains species. The dogs were successfully able to detect the Stonefly in its natural habitat, a feat nearly impossible due to the insect’s tendency to burrow and hide. Researchers are confident that the dogs’ abilities can be used to detect other insects as well, giving hope to a previously daunting cause.

This out-of-the-box research and implementation is necessary if earth’s endangered insects are to be saved. Sign below and thank those responsible for this incredible development.


Dear Director Bennett,

Bayar, Judd and Sasha: these three dogs may be the key to salvaging endangered insects and the earth’s ecosystem as a whole. Your Anthrozoology team at La Trobe University has taught these animals to detect the endangered Alpine Stonefly in its natural habitat, giving researchers the data necessary to save the species.

Insects serve as food for other threatened animals and their survival is necessary in order to maintain earth’s fragile ecosystem. Without them, we will all suffer. Using the dogs’ natural odor-seeking abilities to save these insects is a brilliant idea and it will bring hope to researchers worldwide.

Your Dog Lab team could save the Alpine Stonefly and eventually other insects that face almost inevitable extinction. Thank you for your dedication to this important cause.


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Photo Credit: Nicooografie

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