Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Dog Killed With Pellet Gun Shot to the Head Deserves Justice

Max, a beloved family dog, was shot multiple times with a BB gun, dying from a pellet lodged in his head. The person responsible is still at large and a danger to other animals. Demand justice for Max.

Possum Reportedly Brutally Killed in Snapchat Video Deserves Justice

A possum was reportedly tortured and shot in the head in a shocking Snapchat video. The suspects spoke of a “powerful rifle” and allegedly expressed intent to kill as they held the helpless animal up by the tail. Demand justice for this innocent possum.

Grieving Family’s Dog Reportedly Abducted and Burned to Death Deserves Justice

A beloved dog was reportedly abducted and burned to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Authorities found his body in a public bathroom at the county fairgrounds just days after his owners grieved the loss of another family member. Demand justice for a family that has suffered far too much.

Five Cats Killed, Decapitated, and Cut in Half Deserve Justice

A serial cat killer has claimed five victims in a heinous case of animal cruelty. The cats have all been decapitated or cut in half, their bodies scattered throughout one local area. Demand that the person behind this brutal slaying be brought to justice.

Shut Down Hog-Catching Event That Reportedly Traumatizes Pigs and Endangers Public Health

Feral pigs are reportedly chased through an enclosure, captured in burlap sacks, and dragged all in the name of fundraising. This apparent cruelty not only emotionally traumatizes the pigs, it also creates a public health risk when humans are exposed to pigs’ blood. Demand the immediate shut down of this event.

Pregnant Dog Reportedly Starved and Infested With Maggots Deserves Justice

Annie, a pregnant dog, was reportedly found infested with maggots as she miscarried her puppies alone in a driveway. Per rescuers, she was starved and failed to receive lifesaving veterinary care. Demand justice for Annie.

Puppy Reportedly Killed for Chewing Xbox Headset Deserves Justice

One puppy was reportedly beaten to death, with another suffering a broken leg, as punishment for chewing an Xbox headset. The suspect allegedly sent repeated messages to the dogs’ owner, threatening their welfare. Demand justice for these innocent puppies.

Dog Thrown From Pickup Truck in Rush Hour Traffic and Killed Deserves Justice

A dog was thrown into rush hour traffic from a moving pickup truck in a horrific case of animal cruelty. She was accidentally hit by another vehicle and suffered extremely painful and ultimately fatal injuries. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Elephant Poached and Disemboweled in Wildlife Sanctuary Deserves Justice

An elephant was shot four times, disemboweled, and stripped of tusks in a protected wildlife sanctuary. A poacher likely shot the animal for profit, despite strong restrictions against such cruelty. Demand that this poacher is punished severely for the protection of all local animals.

Dog Reportedly Starved Nearly to Death and Abandoned Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly starved nearly to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Dog wardens apparently found her on a street corner so emaciated that all of her ribs were clearly visible. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Success: Endangered Monk Seal Granted Safe Haven

The endangered monk seal has been given a second chance at a former prison island turned conservation paradise. The island has been repurposed to provide the perfect protected habitat for a species threatened by hunting, fishing, and coastal development. Thank those responsible for this conservation success.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Chain Leash Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly beaten with a chain leash in a horrific case of animal cruelty. This poor animal seemingly endured life-altering trauma those responsible must be brought to justice. Demand the harshest legal penalty possible in this case.

Veteran’s Service Dog Shot in Head and Face Deserves Justice

Lucca, a service dog, was shot in the head, face, and shoulder after disappearing from his home. He survived, but the person behind this horrific cruelty is still at large. Demand justice for Lucca.

Cat Reportedly Strangled, Beheaded, and Displayed on Stick Deserves Justice

A cat was reportedly strangled, suffocated in a plastic bag, and then beheaded in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The suspect then apparently displayed the animal’s head on a stick in his backyard as a show of dominance. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

Puppy Brutally Beaten and Left to Die in Dumpster Deserves Justice

A puppy was viciously beaten and thrown away like trash. She died amongst piles of garbage and her abuser still walks free. Demand that justice is served for this innocent puppy.

Pregnant Dog Reportedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

A pregnant stray dog was reportedly viciously beaten with a rod and left on the ground to die. She did not survive, and her two puppies died soon after being born. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Slaughtering Geese to Prevent Spread of Feces in Sports Parks

Dozens of geese were shot and killed by England’s Football Association to prevent the spread of their feces on their training grounds. This legal cull came after the association pledged to enrich local biodiversity in their parks. Tell those in charge that inhumane slaughter will not be tolerated.

Puppy Reportedly Beaten to Death in Her Backyard Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly attacked in her own fenced-in backyard, resulting in her traumatic death. The person accused of this terrible cruelty is now walking free. Demand that justice be served for this innocent puppy.

Pig Reportedly Shot in Face Four Times at Slaughterhouse Deserves Justice

A pig was reportedly shot in the face and head four times by slaughterhouse workers while still conscious. The animal was already down, per reports, and posed no threat. Demand that those behind this apparently cruel slaughter face justice.

Don’t Allow Abandoned or Distressed Dogs to Die Because of Property Rights

A dog suffered a slow death after she was allegedly abandoned without access to food. Though multiple concerned neighbors reported her desperate howls, rescuers could not legally breach the house due to property rights and bureaucratic red tape. Demand that animal lives be placed over property rights.

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