Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Success: Eating of Dog and Cat Meat Banned

The consumption of dog and cat meat has officially been banned in Shenzhen, China, as part of a larger ban on the eating of wildlife following the coronavirus outbreak. This could save millions of innocent animal lives. Thank those responsible for this groundbreaking animal rights success.

Leashed Dog Stabbed to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was stabbed to death following a fight with the attacker’s off-leash dog. The attacker is still at large and possibly dangerous to other animals. Demand that justice is served in this case.

Don’t Kill Female Grizzly Bears And Cubs to Save Livestock

Over 70 grizzly bears, including females and their cubs, may soon be killed in an effort to accommodate livestock grazing. This puts a threatened species in danger and completely ignores other strategies that could protect both the bears and the livestock. Demand that those in charge recant this death sentence.

Repair Electrified Manhole Covers That Shock Dogs

Multiple dogs suffered burns and other injuries after stepping on malfunctioning electrified manhole covers. Some accounts have described dogs exposed to the current for up to 20 minutes. Demand a full inspection of all Chicago’s manhole covers for the safety of animals.

Moose Calf Killed Slowly and Painfully Deserves Justice

A young moose was wounded with birdshot fired from a shotgun, leading to a slow and painful death. This pellet remained in the animal’s body for days, slowly causing painful and ultimately fatal damage to the organs. Demand that the person behind this cruel act is harshly punished.

Dog Shot in Face and Left for Dead Deserves Justice

A dog was shot in the face, shattering her jaw and nearly ending her life. The person responsible for her suffering is still at large and likely a danger to other animals. Demand swift and harsh justice for this innocent dog.

Cat Beaten and Beheaded by Serial Killer Deserves Justice

A cat was found brutally beaten and beheaded in a shocking case of animal cruelty. She is one of hundreds of animals similarly maimed or killed in the area. Demand the perpetrator be found and brought to justice.

Success: Rabbit Beaten and Decapitated Receives Justice

A convicted animal cruelty offender will serve jail time after he beat a rabbit with a stick and then beheaded the innocent animal at a shelter. Thank Iowa’s rescuers for fighting tirelessly for this beloved rabbit to receive justice and for their continued work in protecting animals.

Ban Cruel Practice of Eating Dog and Cat Meat

The eating of dog and cat meat still takes place around the globe, despite the health dangers and inhumanity. Sign this petition to demand that companion animals be granted protection from this horrible practice.

Dolphins Shot or Stabbed to Death Deserve Justice

Two dolphins were shot or stabbed to death near Florida’s beaches and the person responsible is still at large. One of the animals was in begging pose, indicating that he’d been illegally fed previously and dropped his guard around humans and boats. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Birds of Prey Illegally Hunted and Killed Deserve Justice

A buzzard and a red kite were recently shot and killed in a violation of their national protection. They are just two of many protected birds of prey to have succumbed to illegal hunting or poisoning in England. Most never get the justice they deserve. Demand that those behind the slaughter of these birds face harsh punishment.

Dog Poisoned to Death by Home Intruders Deserves Justice

Dusty the Great Dane died a horrible death after eating poisoned meat given to him by two intruders. Demand justice for Dusty and his family.

Dogs Abandoned With Gaping Wounds and Chemical Burns Deserve Justice

Two dogs suffered severe gaping wounds and chemical burns in a sadistic act of cruelty. They were found abandoned, the person behind their suffering still at large. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Success: Endangered Right Whale Protected Through Fishing Restrictions

The North Atlantic right whale will now be better protected from entanglement in fishing gear, a major cause of their endangerment. A recent decision to permanently close off fishing areas where the whales gather will give them the safe space they need to grow and thrive. Thank those responsible for this important conservation effort.

Stop Profitting Off Coffee Makers Who Reportedly Torture Civet Cats

Civet cats are reportedly trapped, hunted down, and confined to tiny cages on the coffee farms that depend on them for profit. The animals are used to make an expensive drink and then seemingly billed as entertainment for tourists who visit the farms and factories. Demand that TripAdvisor stop supporting this alleged cruelty and end its sale of luwak coffee tours.

Dog Reportedly Chained Outside in Freezing Temperatures Deserves Justice

A pit bull was reportedly chained outside in 30-degree weather without access to shelter, causing him to become hypothermic. The poor animal also allegedly suffered from malnutrition and there was no food within his reach. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Ban Contests That Kill Innocent Animals for Cash and Throw Away Their Remains

Over 200 foxes, raccoons, and coyotes were killed in two Maryland wildlife killing contests, their remains thrown in landfills afterwards. These animals died so that businesses could be promoted, and hunters could brag and receive cash prizes. Demand that lawmakers stand up for these innocent animals and ban wildlife killing contests.

Dog Reportedly Bound With Duct Tape Attached to Dead Bird Deserves Justice

A dog’s muzzle was reportedly bound, and the animal’s ears and eyes covered with duct tape, in an unfortunate case of animal cruelty. A dead bird was allegedly attached to the adhesive as punishment after the animal killed chickens. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Dog Reportedly Burned With Lye and Left to Suffer for Days Deserves Justice

A dog nearly died when he was reportedly burned with lye. This poor animal was allegedly forced to suffer for two days before receiving veterinary treatment for his extensive chemical burns. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Don’t Keep Farm Animals in Cramped City Conditions

One horse reportedly died, and another was injured while residing at a home on the southside of Chicago. This has prompted an outcry for restriction of livestock ownership within city limits, where maintaining a healthy environment for such a large animal is challenging. Demand that those in charge limit livestock ownership in the city for the benefit and health of animals.

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