Save Galgo Dogs From Brutal Slaughter

Target: Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

Goal: Protect hunting dogs in Spain from torture and gruesome death.

Every year, more than 60,000 galgos, Spanish hunting dogs, meet a gruesome death after they are no longer of value to their owners. Once exclusively bred by Spanish nobles, galgos are now one of the most abused dog breeds on the planet.

Traditionally, the galgos are used by hunters or galgueros for hare coursing. Crammed in tiny sheds, the dogs are forced to live in their own filth without daylight, unable to move, deprived of affection, and near death. Most of them suffer from starvation and severe illnesses, but their owners only care for profit.

Worthless to the galgueros, most galgos are disposed of at the end of each hunting season. The animals are abandoned or killed in the most horrendous ways. Breeding the dogs en masse, rather than keeping the old animals, is more profitable for the hunting community.

As a standard practice, dogs who are no longer in top form but have performed well in the competition are granted a quick death through hanging high of a tree. Those who have humiliated their galgueros by poor performances are hanged low to the ground so their paws barely touch. Their desperate effort to reach the ground as they slowly choke to death is called “piano playing.” Not only are galgos hanged, but they are also thrown down wells, cast into rivers to drown, burned and beaten to death, stabbed, doused with acid, and buried alive. Some have their legs broken and are abandoned in forests, so they can’t find their way home. The abandoned dogs often starve or succumb to their injuries. Rescue shelters try to find good, loving homes for some, but most of the captured dogs end up in municipal killing stations.

The hunters’ repulsive belief that the dogs’ suffering will guarantee the next hunting season to be more successful leaves thousands of dogs to endure this cruelty. With no EU legislation concerning the welfare of the dogs, and the unwillingness of Spanish authorities to address the abuse of galgos, the suffering of these affectionate animals will continue.

A massive international movement is needed to help these noble, beautiful, and gentle dogs. Sign this petition to ban galgos from hunting and safeguard their well-being.


Dear Mr. Sánchez,

Tens of thousands of galgos are brutally killed every year with your knowledge and you stand by and do nothing to help these beautiful animals.

The dogs experience abuse to the maximum extent and are forced to live in tiny sheds, in their feces, and most of them near death. You let galgueros hang, beat, burn, stab, and torture their dogs for profit and the ludicrous belief that the galgos’ suffering will benefit the next hunt.

Putting an end to the mass breeding of galgos will have a significant impact on the number of stray dogs in Spain. With almost one hundred thousand homeless canines, there are great dangers of spreading diseases.

Numerous protests, campaigns, and petitions were already ignored by your careless attitude towards animals. Your primitive thinking has to adapt to the 21st century.

Be ashamed of your neglect to maintain the welfare of animals in your country. Take the initiative and protect vulnerable dogs. Stop using galgos for hunting.


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Photo Credit: OmarCurrosSimón



  1. This is disgusting treatment of these dogs by primitive and barbaric people. There is something immoral, unethical, and completely insane with a society that allows this torture, abuse, and cruelty to continue. STOP AND PROTECT THESE DOGS NOW

  2. Hope you and your family get ganged raped says:

    Its sick. Its sadistic. Better be glad I ain’t running shit. Id find a reason to drop a domb on them n their families. Wouldn’t miss a wink of sleep. Wtf is wrong with these ppl. Maybe if we nflict the same customs on the hunters maybe better breed of people. If that’s what u can even call them. Its sick, sedistic, and depraved.




    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beverly Morin says:

    UNCIVILIZED!! BARBARIC!! SHAMEFUL!! Allowing innocent animals to be forced to suffer these abuses.

  5. Stone age thinking. Modern day sadism. These people are very sick and dangerous.

  6. The scum who do this should be made to suffer the same ways as their poor dogs. Spain is a barbaric country run by barbaric people and full of brutes who enjoy torturing animals. The Spanish have always been that way and always will be. Wherever the Spanish are, then there is cruelty to animals. People should boycott Spain and never buy anything Spanish.

  7. Stop murdering animals

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This is barbaric? What is wrong with these people? Cant they just surrender their dog to a shelter? Why do they have to torture these poor dogs. Haven’t their lives been miserable enough? Dear God….stop murdering these wonderful dogs!

  9. Anyone WHO would treat an animal of anykind this Way should havea little of this of a treatment so they would know what/how The Poor animals fest. Makes uš cry so hard.

  10. The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters and turn these evil cretins into fertiliser!!!!

  11. How your government can allow this horrible cruelty pushed on these innocent animals to happen makes me question your mental statuses. Anyone who is aware of these tortures would never be a visitor to your country.

  12. Caitlin Allen says:

    These atrocities must stop! What do you think this is, the Stone Age?! Pull yourselves out of the muck and mire of prehistory and stop allowing your citizens to behave like depraved knuckle draggers! Maybe then you will be fit to join the civilized world in the 21st century. Disgusting.

  13. Charleen Murphy says:

    Poor innocent dogs!! Sadistic & heinous!! You should be giving them to someone you know who is a decent caring person or to a shelter. Hard to think of words. Don’t know how you could do this?!!

  14. Jaime Perez says:

    These sick, depraved hunters deserve to be discarded in the same way they do the dogs!! The only good hunter is a dead one. Sadistic pieces of filth!

  15. ORIANASANTA says:


  16. Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

    Protect hunting dogs in Spain from torture and gruesome death.

    Every year in vile and evil animal torturing murdering Spain, more than 60,000 galgos, Spanish hunting dogs, meet a gruesome death after they are no longer of value to their owners. Once exclusively bred by Spanish nobles, galgos are now one of the most abused dog breeds on the planet.

    Stop torturing and murdering the precious dogs and Bulls you filthy lowlife vermin on our planet.You monsters are definately not human you are the vile and evil monsters on our planet.

    Eradication from our planet of you filthy animal torturing murdering monsters is a must.

    Vile and evil animal torturing murdering Spain are the vilest of animal torturous and animal murderers Worldwide. No precious and innocent animal is safe in this vile and evil filthy animal murdering Spain. Just take notice of the unimaginable torture, suffering and an agonising death the precious and defenceless Bulls endure by these vile nd evil matadors and the evil public who get their thrill out of seeing these defencless Bulls, Horses and Calves being heinously tortured to death in the filthy rotten country of Spain.

  17. D.Farrimond says:

    Absolute disgrace of a country with low class superstitious cave people

  18. Julie Bates says:


  19. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    National sport of Spain is torturing animals in a bullfighting ring where people clap and rejoice at animal abuse. Not surprising about the dogs.

  20. No sports should involve any animals!!!!

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