Stop Imprisoning Fish in Torture Chambers

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Protect betta fish from the abuse of living in an improper environment.

Thousands of betta fish, also known as Siamese fishing fish, meet a gruesome end through neglectful care. People wrongfully believe that betta fish should be kept in tiny containers or vases, feeding them an unsuitable diet and inevitably killing their aquatic pet.

Betta fish are highly complex animals that need proper care to live a long-lasting life. It is a common misconception that bettas can be kept in minuscule fish tanks. The size of their housing influences the fishes’ behavior, and small habitats do not allow the fish to follow their natural lead. The Siamese fighting fish is a curious creature that likes to explore its surroundings, but most of their fish tanks are bare.  And because their tanks do not offer any enrichment, the fish are left with nothing but their agony.

Flower vases that are filled with tap water are death traps for the fish, because municipal water contains chlorine and chloramine that poisons and kills any fish forced to live in it. Setting up a fish tank for a Siamese fighting fish is an expensive, labor intensive, and time-consuming task, that most people do not realize.

As a carnivorous animal, the betta fish naturally feeds on insects and insect larvae. Most fish owners, however, feed their bettas a diet consisting solely of plant roots. Through this terrible mistake many fish become sick and are left to die a horrific death.

The vast majority of betta fish come from fish farms in Thailand, while some bettas are caught in the wild. After enduring a traumatic journey, the fish are put in small plastic dishes to be sold in pet stores.  These sensitive animals endure horrendous torture in the pet trade, where they are victims of inadequate care from the time they hatched in breeding farms. After bettas go through this disturbing abuse, they are sold only for their suffering to continue.

Betta fish are not pets, they are wild animals that need to stay in their natural habitat to live the life they are intended to live. Sign this petition to safe the Siamese fighting fish from captivity and death.


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

I ask you why is it that wild animals are forced to live in human hands? Numerous species endure horrible abuse through neglectful care, and so does the Siamese fighting fish. Most often called betta fish, the poor creature is kept in unnatural living conditions to meet a premature death.

All over Canada, people believe that betta fish are the ideal starter pet, stuffing them in minuscule containers and feeding them an inadequate diet.

On top of these awful facts, the betta fish is a species alien to the country, wrongfully imported only to endure endless torture.

Betta fish should not be kept as pets, and need to remain in the wild. Prohibit keeping Siamese fighting fish as pets and end their horrendous abuse.


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  1. Seems some people don’t understand where exactly betta splendens come from nor about their biotope. First bettas are labyrinth fishe, meaning they can breath atmospheric air by breaking the surface of the water. They live in puddles and the hoof imprints of cattle and water buffalo. A nasty environment at the least. They are also used as mosquito control in rice paddies that are drained and they are left to die on the mud left behind. Bettas do just fine in a pint of water as long as it is changed frequently with bottled spring water or distilled water. Betta splendens are very aggressive and territorial and put in a larger tank usually does them more warm than good as they will try to claim the entire tank and end up starving to death protecting it’s territory from threats. As for food, feed them freeze dried mosquito larvae, daphnia or a similar crustacian. They will do just fine. Before you try and petition requesting a ban on something research it first and see if you feel it’s appropriate. They’ve been around for 100s of years as pets.

  2. I sure hope nobody complaining eats meat. Smh

  3. I’m gonna have to talk to my Beta about this and go with his decision.

  4. Marla Ferguson says:

    I don’t think the person asking for this knows enough about what he’s talking about. A 1 gal tank with a small heater, and light is a perfect home if you keep water clean.

  5. I’ve had many bettas over the years. The smallest area one has had is a 1 gln fiah tank w/ a bubbler a light w/ an auto on&off you coud set, pretty gravel and some kind of plant or cave that he could hide in. I’ve alao had betta in a 10gallon tank. With a filter and all the other stuff previously mentioned. A kind of fish that they get along with/ leave alone is the little neon tetras. However, if the tetras get or have ick & it gets on your betta, well, Ive never had luck so I dont add tetra anymore. I put the tank near my baby’s crib so she could watch her little fishy friend instead of getting bored and crying upon waking. Another time I made a screen that fit across the tank so I had 2 betta in one tank! They never rushed the screen or banged againat it. They would spread out their beautiful fins when they saw one another. But with the plants and fake sunken ship etc, they disnt apend all their time worrying about the fish on the other side of the tank. When I get a pet, even ‘just a fish’, I care for it like I’d want to be cared for, were I the pet. Far as Im concerned, Ive saved betta from a horrible boring life in someone’s one pint bowl with nothing to do. Oh, and they like freeze dried blood worms a whole lot!

  6. My betta is in my 55 gallon fish tank with other tropical fish and all is fine. No they shouldn’t be put in a bowl without some moving air and they need real beta food not just plants. I think is horrible house they are sold in little Tupperware containers

  7. Paula Morgan says:

    If you buy a fish you take responsibility for the fish! You teach your children how to care for living beings, ALL living beings! We humans need to be held accountable for our actions.

  8. Fish are not decor, they are living beings who have specific needs to be healthy and thrive. You don’t keep your dog in a tiny crate all his life and feed him roots so why would you provide a nasty environment like a plant vase for your fish? Because that fish can’t go hiking with you doesn’t mean you can treat it like a gimmicky toy. smh

  9. I agree with Ronald. Bettas live short lives in puddles. Also most of these wild fish don’t look like their new pet counterparts with flowing tails and bright colors. These new bettas are bred for their beauty, but they still retain their wild ability to live in small amounts of water. Supplying a larger tank (2-3 gallons) will let them have more space and water won’t need to be changed so often. If the water is cleaned and treated for chlorine, etc. and they receive a proper diet, they can live longer than their wild brothers and be happy. The cruelty comes in when pet shops and owners don’t take proper care of them. People need to research the care needed for any creature before they “adopt” it.

  10. Jessica Newman says:

    I think if you buy the beta you are contributing to their demand in a market that shouldn’t exist. I hope things change for them soon. However, it will have to start with Thailand.

  11. Anthony Zeedyk says:

    This petition was obviously drafted by a person with no scientific or ethical education. It frequently makes claims which are overstated or lies with absolutely no citations of sources.

    Only a fool would agree with this.

  12. These animal abusing scumbags must be put to death and nothing less~!

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