Stop Cruel Hunts Where Alligators Are Shot in the Head

Target: Martha Williams, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Ban the brutal killing of keystone alligators in national wildlife refuges.

A disturbing photo of a car dragging the limp body of a slain alligator in its trail sparked outrage online. Unfortunately, strapping alligators to the backs of cars—as well as ruthlessly slaughtering these creatures in the first place—is totally legal in Florida. This year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved the first-ever alligator hunt in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, which is supposed to be a protected area. There are few regulations governing alligator hunting in Florida, and hunters may use cruel methods of trapping and killing innocent alligators. One particular method involves using a pole that shoots a bullet into the animal’s brain—also known as a bangstick—that may leave the animal conscious and suffering for hours before dying.

Alligators are a keystone species in the environments of which they are a part. This means they play a particularly crucial role in the maintenance of ecosystems, especially by regulating prey populations so they don’t get out of control. Animal reserves should be places where wildlife can roam free of human disruption and hunting. There is absolutely no reason to permit the killing of any species in a wildlife refuge center, especially one as crucial as the alligator.

Sign this petition to demand an end to alligator hunting in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.


Dear Director Williams,

The recent approval of alligator hunting in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is quite upsetting. These protected regions are supposed to be sanctuaries for the species they home, and animals within their premises are supposed to be safe from human activity. As alligators are a keystone species in the ecosystems to which they belong, alligator hunting can potentially affect the rest of the flora and fauna living in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Hunters show little to no respect for the animal’s life, and cruel methods of trapping and killing–such as using a bangstick to shoot a bullet into the alligator’s brain–are commonly used.

We are asking you, Ms. Williams, to prohibit the killing of alligators on protected plots of land.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Mark Gstohl


  1. Gemma Roelofs says:

    I am everytime shocked when I see such pictures…. Wauw, what a ,,brave,, action was that…. Try to do so when you are IN the same water without any form of wapon, just like that animal wich has no wapon, only his body… Who is the strongest ??? Who will live????? I cannot believe these people like this,,man“ can be proud of something they never could do without any wapon, help etc… Also: why should you kill these animals,did they ever hurt you???!!

  2. First these people think it’s Manley. Also why are these areas called wildlife refuges and protected areas? The petition should be to discredit them.

  3. Ravinder Singh says:

    Americans hunting culture is bad. This what the people learn and they hunt others humans with guns.

  4. The only good hunter is a dead hunter! Hunt the hunters!

  5. Patricia Schwrzmann says:

    Florida is a state where all kinds of savagery are allowed, involving the massacre of crocodiles and other wild animals – unfortunately the person who imposes a law and a harsh punishment for all cowards who call themselves hunters, seems to have not yet been born.

    • This is ILLEGAL there. Just like pieces of shit who put knife through sharks head. LAWS ARE NOT ENFORCED.Even law enforcement said that killing of shark was inhumane. If you saw the video that shark was still thrashing with knife in head.

  6. Sylvia Vegas says:

    What a brave hunter… what a shame the crocodile didn’t kill him earlier…

  7. Können feige Amerikaner auch ohne töten und ohne Waffen klar kommen oder sind sie nur stark mit der Waffe,elende Feiglinge fressen sollten euch die Tiere die ihr hinterlistig abschlachtet.

  8. I believe Small Penis Syndrome and Female penis Envy are now classed as serious afflictions, where both men and women need to go out with big weapons and kill innocent helpless creatures while standing several yards / metres away for protection. This act makes them feel big, manly, brave but unfortunately lasts only a short time, then they have to go out again and repeat the whole murderous process again.
    There is a cure for it but alas has not yet been tested.
    I would like to be the first to administer this cure on one of these idiots. /s

  9. This is so cruel and unnecessary!! These predators are important to our ecosystems and environments.

  10. William Turner says:

    This makes my blood boil,if i lived in america i would get a rifle and shoot dead every hunter i saw.Since i am not in america a curse on every single one

  11. Those who condone this, and those who participate, will eventually pay the price. The evil you put out in the world, the atrocious acts you commit, come full circle to your doorstep – just wait and see……..You are all pathetic attention seekers – try getting a life, instead of taking one!


  13. This EXTREME ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME must be stopped!
    Majestic alligators are the LEGACY of planet Earth, NOT Florida only.
    This cynical, primitive and brainless human garbage should be put in front of a firing squad! This is the only fate they deserve!

  14. Maria Lavorato says:

    This year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved the first-ever alligator hunt in the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, which is supposed to be a protected area.


    Hope you all get what you so rightly deserve! May you wake up in your bed surrounded by gators!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Speaks volumes about these abhorrent people that put such a smile on their face in taking animals lives.

  16. WOW!! What the hell is wrong with the human race…..we are but one on the list of mammals of this world and we ARE the only ones determined to totally annihilate it!!!! COWARDLY HUMANS!!!!

  17. Raymond Stevens says:

    Fatass, beer guzzling assholes with guns who like to kill animals that can’t fight back SICKEN ME.

  18. WTF!!! I’m sorry but some of our States right here in our United States of America are so backwards and barbaric!! Killing animals whether it be alligators, wolves or other wildlife is nothing more than ALLOWED MURDER BY INBRED LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICALS!!!!!!

  19. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

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