Stop Murdering Animals for Fun

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Severely restrict wildlife killing contests throughout public lands in the U.S.

Wildlife killing contests are organized events during which people compete against one another to see who can kill the most or largest animals in a specified amount of time. Each year these competitions, also referred to as tournaments, result in the deaths of thousands of coyotes, wolves, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, and other wildlife. Many of these animals aren’t protected by U.S. legislation, and can often be killed in unlimited numbers. The removal of these important native species is not only saddening, but it also has devastating effects on the natural ecosystems which these, typically carnivorous, animals help to maintain. After the event has finished and the prize is won, animal carcasses are discarded as they are no longer useful to participants.

Competitors violate many fundamental aspects of hunting codes of conduct, and hunters lure animals to them using cruel methods. One particularly disturbing technique is the use of electronic calling devices that are meant to tempt foxes and coyotes into rifle range. These devices, which mimic the sounds of prey species or of a fox or coyote in distress, prey on the empathetic bonds these intelligent, social animals develop towards one another. These canids will typically move in the direction of the sound, eager to help a peer in need, and end up getting shot to death instead.

A new bill has been introduced to the House of Representatives this year that could change all of this. H.R.7398, the Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act of 2022, would prevent organizing, sponsoring, conducting, or participating in these types of wildlife killing contests on public lands throughout the U.S. It would also require that federal land managers, for instance the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and U.S. Forest Service, enact regulations that would eliminate these contests within a year.

These wasteful, unnecessary killing competitions have already been banned in several states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington, who prohibit these events on state lands within their borders. Now, it is the rest of the U.S.’s turn. Sign this petition to end wildlife killing contests on public land in every state.


Dear Representative Pelosi,

Wildlife killing contests are an extreme display of human greed and wastefulness. Thousands of beautiful coyotes, wolves, bobcats, prairie dogs, raccoons, mountain lions, foxes, and other wildlife are senselessly murdered in such contests each year, all for a small cash prize or bragging rights. After the contests, animals’ carcasses are discarded, thrown into landfills or left to rot. Competitors use inhumane methods to lure and trap animals, including the sounding of electronic calling devices that play recordings of animals in distress to attract foxes and coyotes. These intelligent animals capable of forming close bonds with peers falsely believe they are going to save a friend, and instead find themselves caught in a crossfire, forced to run for their lives.

Bill H.R.7398, the Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act of 2022, has recently been introduced to the House of Representatives. If this bill passes, the organizing, sponsoring, conducting, or participating in these types of wildlife killing contests on public land would be prohibited. Several states across the U.S, such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington, already prohibit these ruthless killing competitions on state territories within their borders.

We are now asking you, Ms. Pelosi, to end these competitions on all federal lands across the U.S.. These cruel competitions have no place in modern society.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program


  1. Pathologically sick in the head, brainwashed FREAKS devoid of hearts or souls. They can leave the planet anytime, thanks.

  2. The only good hunter is a dead hunter!

  3. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Representative Pelosi,

    Please, help end the WILDLIFE KILLING COMPETITIONS on all federal lands across the U.S. These cruel competitions have no place in modern society and much less in a country, supposedly to be civilized

    Thank you!

  4. Teresa Zanalloa says:

    Bunch of cowards! Murderers! Good for nothing bastards!

  5. ana gonzalez says:

    Sadistic murderers, that’s what they are!!
    I hope someone misses the shot and badly injures one of those ‘brave’ hunters!

  6. ines gjurinovic says:

    ms. Pelosi
    Wwe trust you’d ban this atrocious way of killing innocent animals that don’t do any harm to anyone

  7. Eddie Jauck says:

    Time of killing animals is a behaviour from Stone Age. We need stronger laws against such “pleasure” for perverse and fool people.

  8. Sonja Braida says:

    What a stupid, evil, disgusting behaviour ! How can we tolerate this ? How dare we, human beings, complain about our problems and ask for help when we this is what we do for fun or when we close our eyes on the pain and distress poeple inflict to innocent animals everyday, everywhere. This is sickening !

  9. For each animal murdered should be a dead hunter!

  10. Andrea+Chisari says:

    Fun? Sorry, “fun”?? I do not think that word means what you think it means…

  11. The murder of animals, who do their part to Help keep our environment Healthy, by Stupid Human Animals who Destroy just for Fun and Greed is Unconscionable. Please Stop It!

  12. Why only on federal lands??? This is not a sport it a sickness that is spreading. Stop all killing contests everywhere for any reason. Be the civilized country you claim to be.

    • What a great post! Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Exactly, this is as uncivilized as it gets, killing innocent animals for your sick thrill and fun. Disneyland is fun, killing contests are the opposite, they are deranged and despicable contests that only show how depraved the contestants really are.

  13. ALL animal suffering & violent death is unethical, not just for “fun”, vegan is the only humane; if you’re not vegan, your actions killing “some” animals directly fuels the killing of “other” animals, it’s all related.

  14. Nadine brundage says:

    Demented assholes with nothing better to do so they hold contests on killing wildlife. I think they should hunt each other, less assholes on the planet.

    • Seriously, if hunting contests are such great fun then let’s put all these losers on an island and let them hunt each other for fun. Hell, I’ll even spring for a trophy for the last man standing.

  15. Murder animal killers for fun🤣

  16. This is the answer for idiots. When they are too lazy & stupid to figure out a humane alternative, just get out the guns & kill! Hopeless human race, actually subhuman.

  17. Debra Spurrier says:

    Can humans possibly be any more cruel and monstrous when it comes to the other animals on this planet? I think not. This planet is nothing more than a giant torture/death chamber for the other animals. And there is not a monster in all of literature or film that comes anywhere close to the real life human monsters that make this planet a living hell for billions upon billions of nonhumans every single year.

  18. The problem is, this has been going on for hundreds of years for sick human enjoyment more for the ‘gentry’ with lots of money and spare time on their hands, than normal middle class people!
    The only way to make them think what they are doing is to round up all of these bastards give them a head start, then hunt the fuckers down in the same way they do it to all the innocent animals.
    Also chuck in a few lifers, murderers and rapists who are costing the world billions a year to keep, (our taxes’). We really do not need any of these tossers in the world – our world.

    Would be great to see these shitbags running for their lives! I bet there would be a shed load of people queuing to have a go. And, willing to pay for the privilege. Leave the wildlife alone you scumbags. They have as much right or more to live than you.
    Try golf – you might actually manage to kill a few rabbits with misplaced golf balls!!

  19. Never mind restricting wildlife killing contests, STOP, BAN and OUTLAW them altogether! These are so unfair and unnecessary. Our magnificent wild animals want and deserve to live TOO, and in PEACE in their own natural habitats and environments. Stop destroying them and their families. Learn to love Nature and her inhabitants and enjoy their beauty.

  20. Murder is defined as taking a human life, period. Killing animals isn’t murder.

    • Elizabeth Sargeant says:

      Either way, they are dead!!

    • Connie Ford says:

      You are a sick in the head asshole. Deliberately killing an animal just for the fun of it…..if that isn’t murder then how would you define it? Recreational activity for bored humans???? You are really ignorant!!!

    • Oh please, what an asinine thing to say. It’s wrong, period and as animals are sentient beings it’s murder. What would you like to call it? Target practice?

    • Janette+Lands says:

      You are the epitome of evil

    • You stupid pollock, of course it is murder. By your reply it looks like you are the same as these fools who think killing innocent animals is great fun.
      Oh, look what I killed- Arn’t I good and clever!! Stupid Prat.
      ‘No brains’ with answers like yours should given the same treatment and then see if you thought it was fun to be hunted and brutally shot to death!!

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