Dogs Reportedly Kenneled Outside in Freezing Temperatures Deserve Justice

Target: David Den Houten, prosecuting attorney

Goal: Seek maximum penalty for kennel owner who reportedly abused and neglected dogs.

Dozens of dogs were reportedly confined to small cages and left outside in the snow by kennel owner John Jones. The weather in Michigan dropped to below zero resulting in the water supply freezing, thus apparently leaving the dogs with no drinking water. The dogs reportedly exhibited extreme distress due to lack of exercise. One dog was apparently found dead with straw in his mouth. Jones allegedly did not know the dog had died. Forty dogs were removed from the kennel and Jones is charged with four counts of felony cruelty abuse to animals and three counts misdemeanor.

Multiple complaints were filed regarding the property for months. Several protests were held outside of the sheriff’s office. PETA also accused the property of being a puppy mill. They demanded an investigation against the property and Jones. The department had an open investigation since December. All the living dogs were thankfully rescued and are now safe. They are getting the warmth, care, and safety that they deserved all along.

Jones being charged for alleged abuse is a step in the right direction, but he must suffer consequences if found guilty. Animal abuse is a huge issue that occurs all over the world with many getting away with it. If Jones is convicted and harshly punished, others can see that animal abuse is a real crime that will come with legal consequences.

Sign below and demand that Jones is held legally responsible if he is convicted.


Dear David Den Houten,

We must make sure John Jones is held accountable for the extreme animal abuse he allegedly caused. Although it is a step in the right direction that he was charged, he must also be made to face real consequences if he is found guilty. Leaving dogs out in the freezing cold with no water supply is illegal and cruel. His apparent abuse resulted in the death of dog.

No animal should be subjected to such cruelty. Please make sure John Jones is harshly punished if convicted of these heinous crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Marco Verch


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  2. That should happen to some people.

  3. Emmelie Nordeng says:

    Vegan for life

  4. This so-called human must be prevented from being anywhere near innocent animals in the future. This level of depravity and inhumanity must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

  5. American Girl says:

    Michigan, doesn’t surprise me. Lock this son of a bitch outside along with his inbred family and prosecute him! Do your fkn jobs!

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