Dogs Mutilated, Burned With Chemicals, and Strung Over Fence Deserve Justice

Target: Steve Wolfson, District Attorney, Clark County, NV
Goal: Find and prosecute people responsible for mutilating dogs.

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada is seeing a rash of horrific dog abuse cases. The most recent case involved a dog found so horrifically cut-up and mutilated that the images cannot be shown without being blurred.

The poor animal was discovered by a passerby who discovered the mutilated dog deceased inside a metal crate on the side of the road. The passerby stated, “Who could possibly ever harm a dog like this?” It’s an image that I’ll never get out of my head.”

Unfortunately, this abuse is only one of multiple graphic abuse cases that have occurred in Las Vegas recently. Another dead dog was found with vicious chemical burns across its body, while another dog was discovered strung up over a fence.

Chelsea Ward, president of Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League lamented that there’s been a spike in abuse and neglect cases lately and urged the public to report cases of animal abuse they witness.

While the Las Vegas Metro Police are investigating this crime, no suspects have been identified.


Dear Steve Wolfson, District Attorney,

A wave of horrific animal abuse has hit Las Vegas. Most recently, a brutally mutilated dog was discovered in a metal crate on the side of the road. The abuse to this innocent animal was so severe that photos of the scene need to be blurred.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of severe abuse recently discovered in Las Vegas. Apparently, another dog was found strung up over a fence, while another was discovered with severe chemical burns across its body.

Animal abuse can never be tolerated and this crime wave must be stopped before it grows. Please devote additional resources to finding and prosecuting those responsible for these crimes.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Lisa Jagodzinski


  1. Paul manley says:

    To whoever is doing this my name is paul.manley. I live in az.. please let me know whenever u are man enough to do this to a human being and I will be on the next flight to Vegas and then u can try to do this to me

  2. Patricia Lamonica says:


  3. Karen Hagerman says:

    Absolutely correct. Anyone with this mentality will also kill a human. Surely law enforcement will take this seriously

  4. Karen Hagerman says:

    Please law enforcement take this seriously. Next will be your own pet or family members!!!

  5. Muriel Servaege says:

    Suhch cruelty is simply unbelievable. Someone who can do that to innocent and defenseless dogs will do it to humans tomorrow. Dogs are used to rehearse his future crimes.

  6. Wooww this is just something unbelievable!!! I live very far away from this or these bloody bastard but if only I could I would get to Las Vegas tomorrow to find anywhere this monster and show how it could be so funny get mutilated and not only that!!!! Hope this piece of garbage will pay very toughfly the horror to that poor soul…

  7. there is no reform or punishment harsh enough for these pieces of crap. some one should take them, mutilate them and burn them alive only do it very very slowly. the last thing they would see is my smiling face.

  8. Christine Eckerson says:

    Please find this cowardly POS!! Needs the same treatment!! Karma

  9. These vile dog killing scumbags must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonising death for these evil,mentally deranged cretins, is essential. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure. OH YESSS!!!!!!!!

  10. Track this MONSTER down and permanently remove them from society. Anyone who would perpetrate such horrific cruelty on any living creature is beyond belief. This psycho delights in the animal suffering. True justice would require the same level of torture be performed on him. Since our society doesnt allow that, please give this MONSTER life in prison. If not, he’ll kill again….and humans will be his next victims.

  11. American Girl says:

    Find and Destroy this inbred garbage. They are oxygen thieves who deserve no mercy whatsoever! My heart bleeds for these beautiful innocent dogs, may they rot in hell….

  12. I’m with all of y’all !!!!
    If the judges would lock animal abusers up for at least 10 years with no possible parole. This abuse might stop .
    These savages should be shown no mercy that did this . Should take them in an alley and beat them senseless.

  13. This Vile scumbag MUST be tracked down and prosecuted too the max. Personally I would drop the bastard in a snake pit and walk away happy.

  14. Angie Rodriguez says:

    Dogs are beings even though they’re not HUMAN beings they have feelings & emotions. They deserve the same justice as humans do.

  15. Are these monsters breaking into homes to get at these dogs???? Or are they just picking them up off the streets or from dog lots, etc.??? The simple and cost free solution is———KEEP PETS INDOORS!!!! We can’t find and kill all of these monsters, and we can’t change them, so, let’s do the next best thing and keep our pets inside where they will be safe.

  16. Pamela Hengst says:

    RIP beautiful dogs. Yet another case of sick abuse at the hands of deranged individuals. Someone knows who did this. When you find him, her, them…I wish defenders of innocent animals everywhere could handle the punishment. Since we supposedly live in a civilized country, which I doubt more and more, we must let the authorities handle this case. When you find and arrest the abuser(s), prison for life or death are the only options. There is no forgiveness.

  17. Pamela Hengst says:

    I agree with Laura Adams: keep your dogs inside!

  18. Milantia Roy says:

    The world does not need people like him, nor more cowards or murderers – until when are we going to endure so much cruelty to the poor animals and know that those degenerates upload the videos and earn money by doing it?

    Could it be that the person who dares put an end to these crimes has not yet been born? Or that you just don’t care because they are animals? Why? They are innocent living beings incapable of hurting anyone, and who are always willing to give affection to whoever needs it?

  19. jackie Pflucker says:

    The truth is that laws are needed to punish all those who are responsible for crimes, whether of people or animals, in such a cowardly way. I wonder who will be the judge / lawyer who give enacts a law whereby all transgressors are sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in a maximum security prison – let then suffer for their iniquities!

  20. Gabriela Torres says:

    Steve Wolfson, District Attorney, Clark County, NV
    This is just horrific, please do your utmost to penalize all ‘criminals’ that are involved in these barbaric animal abuse cases. Send all offenders (criminals) to ‘enjoy’ a vacation behind bars for at least a good 10 years.
    Thank you – we trust in you!

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