Expose Abusers of Pets and People

Target: Charlie Smithson, Secretary of the IA Senate

Goal: Advocate for stronger laws to help prevent both domestic violence and animal cruelty.

Animal abuse has long been correlated with other types of violent crime, including murder. Sadly, a crime that too often ends in tragedy shares one of the strongest links with cruelty to animals: domestic violence. Iowa animal welfare advocates have taken note, and now they are taking action.

A proposed new law would require cross-reporting between cases of animal cruelty and cases of domestic violence. As it stands now, individuals who frequently come into contact with incidents of violence against animals or people (such as animal control officers and social workers) rarely collaborate or share information. As a result, law enforcement often loses important information that can establish patterns and build a case.

The Animal Rescue Leage of Iowa is working to help forge better connections and to tighten legal processes that would automatically trigger reviews for one type of violence if another type of violence is suspected. Sign the petition below to ensure this effort gains traction at the legislative level.


Dear Senator Smithson,

Research has found that over three-quarters of legal cases involving family-based or domestic violence also have indications of pet abuse. Many domestic violence survivors also report threats against their beloved animals as a means of control and intimidation. If law enforcement, social workers, and other individuals who frequently deal with these cases could better coordinate and work together, all of these deeply disturbing acts of violence could perhaps be curbed or even prevented before tragedy strikes.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is advocating for these stronger partnerships between officials as well as mandated legal reviews for domestic violence in animal cruelty cases. Please help enshrine these important and needed protections into state law and make Iowa a template for the rest of the nation.


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  1. Just take these people out and put them in front of a firing squad. The world is overpopulated anyway and this would be a great way of reducing the numbers…

  2. Excellent idea Sister Cecily.
    Nice fairly clean way of getting rid of these sick brained bastards for the good of the world.

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