Animals Saved in Rescue Operation From Alleged Deadly Neglect Deserve Justice

Target: Denise A. Dymond Lyn, County Attorney for Citrus County, FL

Goal: Seek maximum penalties for suspects accused of neglecting over 100 animals.

Dozens of animals were reportedly rescued from the Florida residence of Faustino Alfredo Valladares and Patricia Maria Villadamigo. Most of the animals were apparently turkeys and chickens, although over a dozen dogs (including several puppies) were also found on the property. None of the dogs seemingly had proper registration or vaccination records, and all of the rescuees were allegedly in deplorable condition. One of the dogs, seven-year-old Thor, had reportedly been refused veterinary treatment by the couple even after authorities issued a citation.

Thor became the subject of action eventually taken by law enforcement, who dubbed the rescue efforts Operation Rescue Thor. The suspects have so far been charged with one count each of felony animal cruelty for their alleged inaction regarding Thor, but what about the other reported victims? The investigation into this couple has apparently been going on since summer, yet it took months (where these animals were still in potential imminent danger) before the animals were finally removed from the residence and charges (minimal as they are) filed.

All of these living beings deserve justice. Sign the petition below to demand a more expansive slate of charges in this disturbing case.


Dear County Attorney Dymond Lynn,

Citrus County found itself in headlines for all the wrong reasons. Reports outlined a broad animal cruelty case large in its number of alleged victims (over 100) and in its months-long investigation. Yet at the conclusion of this investigation and eventual rescue operation (where authorities detailed dozens of cases of reported severe neglect), only two collective counts of animal cruelty awaited suspects Faustino Alfredo Valladares and Patricia Maria Villadamigo.

The animals were reportedly left in dangerous conditions and harmed for months, yet their apparent suffering merits only one charge each for the accused? Please do better and prosecute this horrific case to the fullest extent.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. More FL sickos. Lax laws and their enforcement are in part to blame. Pith these asshole nonhumans!!!

  2. Abuse in Florida again?? Seems to be a lot of it. These people are despicable monsters who do not deserve to be in society. Throw them in jail for the rest of their miserable lives!!

  3. Prosecute these creeps!!!I am tired of all this abuse.Someone is NOT doing their job! Or is just about the money? Hey DA Lynn do Your job!!! Now get to work!!!!!

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