Kitten Reportedly Found Sealed in Lunch Container Deserves Justice

Target: Sim Gill, District Attorney of Salt Lake County, UT

Goal: Prosecute case against couple who allegedly tortured pet kitten to fullest extent.

Utah officers investigating a suspected illegal encampment received quite a shock when they encountered Justin Epperson and Emily Allred. The couple was inside their car, which reportedly contained narcotics. But it was the faint mewing sound apparently coming from the vehicle that most got the officers’ attention. Upon further investigation, they discovered the source of the noise: a duct-taped lunch container. The officers report that inside this small container was a six-week-old kitten.

Feces allegedly covered the small animal, and only her head was free from the object. Officers described the kitten as being in very poor health. She has since received treatment and is now reportedly making a remarkable recovery with her new name: Athena. Because Athena was seemingly a companion animal, any cruelty case brought on her behalf could be classified as a felony and carry prison time.

Sign the petition below to demand maximum charges in this disturbing case if the suspects are deemed guilty.


Dear DA Gill,

Justin Epperson and Emily Allred have been accused of imprisoning a six-week-old kitten in a small lunch container and endangering her life. The case grabbed national headlines and highlights the seriousness of animal cruelty cases. Utah state law has a provision for classifying these crimes as felonies if torture of a companion animal is involved.

If the evidence merits, please pursue the fullest punishment in this case and reaffirm that harm to any living being will not be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ty Swartz


  1. John Robertson says:

    Please make certain Athena finds a good and loving home and the couple is punished for their cruel or thoughtless actions.

  2. I wish I could do to them, what they did to this poor kitten. They need to be culled from society for good.

  3. Millie Harreden says:

    I want to adopt this kitten if still available!

  4. Attempted murder, torture and aggravated assault. Those two need 30 years each to cool their heels in the hoosegow!

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