Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Save African Manatees from Extinction

African manatees are severely endangered due to Nigeria’s lax animal protection laws, with hunters earning thousands of dollars to kill these beautiful creatures. The manatee trade started decades ago, based on myths and lies about manatees being dangerous in order to justify killing them. Demand the Nigerian government put a stop to this trade immediately.

Urge State to Officially Ban Fur Sales

The fur industry kills millions of animals per year, with over 100 dying to make a single coat alone. There is no reason to rely on fur for warmth and fashion any longer. New York has yet to move forward with a 2019 proposal to ban the sale of fur. Sign this petition to demand New York push through with its plans for and finalize a fur ban.

Save Seals From Habitat Loss

Harp seals are at risk for population loss as their habitat is melted by global warming. As the ice floes of Canada disappear, the seals will be forced to move further up north, putting the lives of their pups at risk with the unfamiliarity. We must prevent this species from future disappearance. Sign this petition to demand Canada protect its ice floes and help this species.

Ban Inhumane Contest That Kills Hundreds of Wild Animals for a Prize

Wildlife killing contests rob hundreds of animals of their lives every year, all for the sake of participants winning big cash prizes. There is simply no excuse for such cruelty. Maryland is considering banning wildlife killing contests due to pressure from environmental and animal activist groups. Urge immediate action and support for this proposed ban.

Call Off Inhumane Culls That Threaten Endangered Wombats

South Australia has legalized the culling of endangered hairy-nosed wombats by farmers and landowners, putting the species at risk for total extinction. Culls such as this are barbaric and unacceptable methods of wildlife control when there are far more humane solutions. Pressure the government to stop the senseless killing of these creatures.

Shut Down Barbaric Coyote-Killing Contest

Over 100 coyotes were viciously slaughtered in New York as part of a contest, where winners were handed big cash prizes for ending innocent lives. This is absolutely barbaric, and worse, it is seen as normal and treated as a big event in the state. Pressure the government to stop holding these contests and protect coyotes from such a fate in the future.

Shut Down Inhumane Puppy Mills That Profit From Animal Cruelty

Over 130 animals were rescued from a puppy mill recently, lucky to be alive after being forced to live in squalor. Unfortunately, other mills are still operating in New Jersey despite a promise that puppy mills were “close” to being banned. We cannot let this dog torture continue across the state. Demand that the government shut down all remaining puppy mills and ban the opening of new ones.

Stop Forcing Polar Bears to Cannibalize Each Other

Polar bears are cannibalizing each other as their food sources reach an all-time low, thanks to climate change and gas and oil explorations near their habitat. Sign this petition to demand the Russian government strengthen their protection of these creatures.

Ban the Cruel and Unnecessary Declawing of Cats

The inhumane declawing of cats may soon be banned throughout the state of Michigan. This would outlaw the cruel practice, slap violators with a $1,000 fine, and could hopefully encourage other states to follow in example. Support this ban and protect cats across Michigan from cruel amputation.

Stop Raffling Off Grizzly Bears to be Killed by Hunters

The endangered grizzly bear is a prime target of hunters, who gain permission to kill the species through an Alaska hunting permit raffle. Donald Trump Jr. recently won this raffle, contributing to the latest in a string of threats to this dwindling species. This iconic bear must be protected. Demand that Alaska remove grizzly bears from the raffle’s list of permissible quarries.

Stop Growing Trend of Beehive Theft

Beehives are being stolen in droves and hacked to bits to support the almond industry, whose overgrowth has already caused many problems for the dwindling honeybee population. This blatant larceny is destroying the population even further. End this organized theft and destruction of honeybee hives immediately.

Return Beavers to the Wild to Reduce Flooding and Pollution

The potential return of beavers to England’s wilderness could bolster the environment. Beaver dams help cut down on flooding, filter out pollutants from the water supply, and boost the presence of other wildlife. Support the reintroduction of beavers to the wild.

Success: Former Research Chimpanzees Set Free

Twenty chimpanzees have been set free in a nature preserve after spending years of their lives cooped up in a lab, meant to be used for experiments. Even after the government stopped the use of chimpanzees as test subjects, the animals spent five years in wait as the lab debated whether or not to let them go. Sign this petition to thank them for finally letting these creatures live the life of freedom they deserve.

Save Penguin Species From Extinction Due to Global Warming

Antarctica’s chinstrap penguin population has taken a sharp nosedive due to low birth rates brought on by global warming. Melting ice and a declining food supply have made survival and reproduction much harder for this species, which could disappear within the next decade if action is not taken. Demand stronger protection for these penguins.

Prioritize Protection of Tigers Over Profits

A mother tiger and her two cubs were reportedly poisoned to death in an act of revenge, shining a spotlight on their lack of protection in India’s state of Goa. The state claimed to house no tigers to protect their interest in cutting down forests for tourism and mines, running contradictory to the country’s efforts to save the majestic creatures. Demand Goa stop hiding the existence of these animals and strengthen their protection of them.

Success: Eel Smuggler Found Guilty

A seafood salesman has been found guilty of smuggling millions of endangered eels over a two-year period as part of the illegal eel trade going on between the UK and certain Asian countries. Sign this petition to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for seeking justice in this case.

Save Fireflies From Growing Threat of Extinction

Fireflies are declining rapidly, with many species on the verge of extinction due to light pollution and habitat loss. These iconic insects are not only treasured for their aesthetic, but they are also are valuable to the ecosystem. Don’t allow fireflies to disappear forever.

Combat Animal Cruelty With Harsher Legal Standards and Consequences

Mississippi has the weakest laws and regulations for animal protection in the United States, with poor definitions and standards for basic animal care and sexual assault against animals as two of its many shortcomings. During a time where the country is working its hardest to stop animal cruelty by criminalizing it, this is most unwelcome news. Demand Mississippi take strong stance against animal cruelty.

Save Crabs From Shell-Dissolving Ocean Acidity

Valuable Dungeness crabs are suffering from weakened shells and increased predator vulnerability due to perpetually rising ocean acidity levels. Crabs are a vital part of the ocean’s ecosystems, and this current threat could easily render them endangered and soon extinct like many other species of sea life. Sign this petition to protect these crabs before their predicament worsens.

Save Beloved Bird Species From Extinction

Australia’s lyrebird population has dropped drastically due to the ongoing bushfire crisis, with millions of hectares of the bird’s natural habitat being burned to the ground. These birds may go extinct in just a few short years if steps are not taken to protect them, and the continent has lost too much wildlife already. Demand Australia protect what remains of the lyrebird population.

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