Success: Shark Culling on Great Barrier Reef Outlawed

Target: The Honourable Christian Porter, Attorney General of Australia

Goal: Praise the end of the deadly shark cull along the Great Barrier Reef.

Sharks along the Great Barrier Reef are safe from government killings. Queensland has lost its right to bait and trap them with nets and drum lines. The shark cull was an attempt to protect swimmers from deadly attacks, but the cull did not decrease the possibility of attacks.

This is a very important victory in the efforts to preserve shark populations. For decades, the public has wildly misrepresented sharks as little more than vicious killers who attack and even eat humans at the smallest provocation. Many species of shark have died unjustly due to this misconception, and the Great Barrier Reef cull is no exception. Petitions such as this one were circulated demanding an end to this cruelty.

Nineteen species of shark once targeted for legal killings will now be safe. Sign this petition to thank the federal court for putting a stop to this inhumane cull.


Dear Attorney General Porter,

Thank you for putting an end to the Great Barrier Reef shark cullings. Initially meant to protect swimmers from shark attacks, the cull was inhumane and unnecessary, a thinly veiled excuse to slaughter as many of the creatures as possible. Sharks have suffered due to the misconception of them as nothing more than vicious killers. The public has sought to destroy them without considering more humane alternatives.

Shark populations have suffered greatly due to these misconceptions, but the end of this cull is a step in the right direction. Thank you for rejecting Queensland’s bid to keep the cull going, and for pushing for better treatment of the Great Barrier Reef’s shark population.


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Photo Credit: NOAA

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