Success: Wild Wolf Populations Return to Belgium After Near Extinction

Target: Zuhal Demir, Flemish Minister for Environment

Goal: Praise Belgium for enabling the return of wolves to the wild after years of absence.

A pregnant wolf and the arrival of four other adult wolves herald the official return of the species to Belgium’s wild after years of absence. Environment minister Zuhal Demir announced the mother wolf’s pregnancy months after she found a mate in the wild, and many are calling Belgium “the wolf crossroads of Europe.”

The return of wolves in Europe has been in progress for nearly a decade now, with wolves returning to the wild but still at risk due to the species being a popular hunting target. Farmers called for “population control” out of fear for their property and livestock. Petitions such as this one circulated demanding many countries, Belgium included, strengthen protection of the species by putting their survival before the demands of farmers and the desires of hunters.

Belgium’s wolf population is finally seeing a great improvement after so many years, and Demir is one of several to thank for this. Sign this petition to praise Belgium’s environment minister for helping to enable the return of wolves to the wild.


Dear Environment Minister Demir,

After nearly ten years of shaky visibility and attempts to return to the wild, wolves are finally becoming more prominent in Belgium thanks to your efforts, as well as many others seeking to protect the species. Wolves have faced many challenges in their return, mainly hunters and the demand for “population control” from worried farmers.

Thank you for making it possible for these creatures to make an official return to the wild after so long. Even if the current population is still fairly small, adults are crossing into the territory, and the arrival of new cubs this spring will provide a boost as well. Wolves are beautiful and noble creatures, and they deserve to call the wild their home once more. Thank you for helping to protect them.


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Photo Credit: Mark Kent


  1. Patrick Butler says:

    Wonderful news for a change…we need to follow Belgium’s lead!

  2. Wolves are extremely loyal and intelligent animals. They mate
    for life and the whole pack is extremely close and family oriented. There has never been a case recorded of a wolf attacking a human. They avoid humans and rightly so. In several
    countries they have been hunted to near extinction, including
    a great part of the United States. Some states still allow
    hunting and barbaric trapping of these beautiful animals. Human
    beings should take a few lessons from them.

  3. Protect them and do not allow hunters to kill them! Look at what happened in Yellowstone Park! Look into it. The Druid pack. Reintroduced wolves from Canada were brought to Yellowstone and gradually brought the entire echo system back to balance, even waterways!!!! And then….
    Hunters came in after about 10 years and killed every single last one!!!
    Time for a human cull!!!

  4. Heidi Siebens says:

    Finally something is done about animal protection in my home country. Finally, after it all went wrong after the previous, just become mother wolf got killed illegally, together with her pups. Still hope the investigation is ongoing and that they will find the culprit(s). Apart from that, better protection, better habitat so people won’t have to be scared for their livestock etc.

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