Success: Woman Who Threw Dog Out of Car Convicted


Target: William E. Garnett, Supreme Court Justice

Goal: Praise Supreme Court Justice Garnett for sending an animal abuser to prison.

Thanks to the influential voices of the ForceChange community, an abused dog is finally getting justice. Alsu Ivanchenko, a 35-year-old New York resident, will serve one year in prison for throwing her dog out of a moving vehicle. Praise Supreme Court Justice William E. Garnett for imposing this sentence and standing up for an innocent dog.

Snowflake, a one-pound Maltese/Shih Tzu puppy, was thrown from a moving car and left for dead. She sustained serious damage to her head and leg and nearly lost her life. Though Ivanchenko did bring the dog to the vet, she refused treatment due to the cost. Ivanchenko then left Snowflake by the railroad tracks to die. Thanks to good Samaritans, the dog’s life was spared. Snowflake was taken to the vet where she was diagnosed with two skull fractures, head trauma, bruising, and a broken leg. The recovery process was long and there were times when it didn’t look like she would pull through.

Ivanchenko was charged with a felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals and two misdemeanor counts: animal abandonment, and overdriving, torturing and injuring animals. She has still not apologized for her actions. Sign below to support Supreme Court Justice Garnett in his decision to convict and punish this animal abuser.


Dear Supreme Court Justice Garnett,

We would like to extend our gratitude for your decision to find Alsu Ivanchenko guilty of aggravated animal cruelty. Her abusive actions towards her dog are inexcusable and cannot go unpunished. Your sentence of one year in prison will go a long way in deterring future animal abusers and granting justice to an innocent dog.

Ivanchenko has been convicted of throwing Snowflake, a one-pound Maltese/Shih Tzu puppy, from a moving car and then abandoning her by the railroad tracks. She sought out veterinary care but then refused treatment due to the cost. Instead of pursuing other options, Ivanchenko stuffed Snowflake into a bag and left her to die.

Thanks to good Samaritans and the help of the ASPCA, Snowflake was found. Her injuries were treated and she is alive today. She has been adopted and is, finally, in a happy home. Thanks to your decision, Ivanchenko will suffer the consequences of her actions and will not be able to harm another innocent animal.


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  1. Good that she’ll see actual jail time, but still think all animal abusers should also receive a LIFETIME ban against ever keeping or being around any animals again.

  2. Its O.K but there are plenty more abusers who deserve to suffer, and the worst offenders deserve a death sentence, the Law is too soft.

  3. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Glad to see this scum was convicted – but a pity it was only for 1 year in jail. Before we know it, she’ll be out and abusing other animals – while Snowflake will suffer from the results of her horrific injuries for the rest of her life.

  4. Helen Brown says:

    Thank you. Bless you.

  5. She only gets ONE YEAR ???? And she hasn’t even apologized, let alone shown remorse ???? GIVE HER LIFE IN PRISON !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nena Miller says:

    Hope someone throws her ass on the ground every day she is in jail

  7. david belcher says:

    I think it would be a better punishment if at the end of the prison sentence on her way back to where ever she is going , she would get thrown out of the car or what ever she is riding in and left there to fend for herself for at least a few days .

  8. Derek Cunningham says:

    Something is better than nothing but only one year in prison? These laws need to change. That’s just a slap on the wrist. Remember Michael Vick? He should still be in prison and this woman should do at least 5-7 years. This woman makes me sick.

  9. This really says a lot about the arsehole vet allowing this poor little dog to leave the surgery (with serious injuries) because the filthy scum that *threw the dog from a moving car* refused to have her attended to?????? & then this poor baby is left to die at a rail track!!!!!!! SURELY this vet could have helped somehow!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT JUDGE!!!!!!!

  10. This is what should happen to ALL animal abusers. It is way past time for something to be done about these subhuman monsters who couldn’t care less about the lives of animals. Animals are living, breathing beings who were not put on this Earth to be tortured & abused. I would truly like to see Alsu Ivanchenko thrown from a moving vehicle, just like she did this precious little innocent dog. Thank you Supreme Court Justice William E. Garnett for imposing this sentence and standing up for animal rights and abuse. We need more like you. You are one of the judges who are at the top of the #1 list as far as I am concerned. We must show animal abusers that they cannot do this & that they will be punished severely if they do.

  11. anita culling says:

    Well done. Must stop cruelty

  12. I have alot of pets at my house, i hate when people do this to poor puppy’s. Have you saw on the news that this man and women had puppy’s in a box with there mom dog and they just put the puppy’s in the middle of the road and this car was fixing to run the box over and she stoped and looked inside the box and she picked the box up and put the box in her car and toke the puppy’s home and raised the puppy’s like the puppy’s were hers.

    Thank You for reading this!

  13. Catherine Dugan says:

    Oh my God! How can someone be that cruel! That inhumane! I just wish she got more than a year prison time! In my opinion she deserves at least 10 years!

  14. First — YES! YES! — Thank you, Judge — I would’ve given the idiot 3 years — to ensure that repeats of such horrific crimes never occur — I’m so thrilled that Snowflake is doing well in a loving home — thank God for everyone’s wonderful intervention!

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