Dog Buried Alive in Dirt Deserves Justice

Target: Sherry Boston, District Attorney for Dekalb County, Georgia

Goal: Demand that the person who buried a dog up to her nose in dirt receive the maximum penalty under law.

A dog named Lulu died after she was buried up to her nose in dirt. She survived long enough to be rescued, but died shortly after. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

“Someone tortured this dog by packing her in dirt, where she couldn’t move, drink, or escape the terror of being buried alive,” stated a rescuer. A passerby found Lulu, a chow mix, buried on an ATV trail. She was alive at the time of her rescue, but died a few days later. The rescuers estimated that Lulu was buried for up to three days.

A $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. Sign below and demand that the person found responsible for this horrific act receive the maximum penalty under law.


Dear District Attorney Boston,

A dog suffered tremendously when she was buried up to her nose in dirt.  The person responsible is still at large. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

“It was ridiculous. Somebody took a lot of time to do a terrible thing,” stated Eric Purdue. He dug Lulu up and took her to an emergency veterinarian, where she eventually died. Lulu was covered in ants and likely only survived for as long as she did because of the rain and cooler temperatures.

This horrific cruelty cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. The person responsible for this shocking crime really needs to locked away and kept away from society.Anyone that thinks like that is sick in the head and needs to be punished.What that poor dog would have gone through is just terrible..

  2. Karen Tipping says:



  3. This POS deserves to be left like the way the dog was but no one help them. KARMA is a bitch and I hope they burn in HELL!!!!!

  4. I am a few weeks behind in catching up to all of my emails & facebook postings.
    Long story short, was the sick person who done this to this dog, were they ever caught & charged for this serious sick crime ?
    They really need to be caught, charged and put in jail for a SUPER LONG TIME WITH NO CHANCE FOR EARLY RELEASE. They also need to ne charged a super large fine & their names need to ne placed on the nationwide DO NOT ADOPT LIST PERMANENTLY WITH EVERY SHELTER AND RESCUE.

  5. I am starting to notice that most the of animal abuse is down south, what are these people doing, I heard if they don’t want an animal down there they just take it outback and shoot it, that is horrible. Please lock this bastard or bastards away.

  6. You know..? It truly perplexes me..? That there are people out there, within society who are so capable of committing acts of cruelty such as this.. It’s quite frightening really.. People with this evil mind set streak in them are actually walking around and living amongst us all.. They are prevalent within society.. I am absolutely convinced that people with such an evil mentality are not only able to portray their sickening sadistic lust onto only animals.. They are merely just a stone’s throw away at committing such evil acts upon their fellow human beings.. And yet yes.. They are out there.. Right here.. Right now..
    But what can we truly do about it..?? It’s a complicated, slightly confusing and unorthodox type of question.. It’s a very grey area..? Personally, I believe that people who commit such gruesome cruelty to an animal such as this poor wee dog should be shot in the back of the head.. As this person who did this to this dog actually knows quite definitively that he was causing pain and suffering. He knew that what he was doing was evil and nasty and utterly cruel.. So he is responsible for his actions.. Hence my resolution of placing a bullet into the back of his head..
    A case I once researched where an animal abuser, who abused really badly.. Had mental difficulties and so did not know or realise that he was actually inflicting pain and agony on the creatures he tortured and then slain.. I guess a reaction to this, and hence a punishment for it will always remain a skeptical ideology.. However most animal abusers are quite aware of the pain they are inflicting.. And cases such as the mentally retarded scenario are extremely rare..
    So there you have it.. A very comprehensive debate I have found..
    Any thoughts or suggestions people..?? Share them here, I’m very interested in them..

  7. As long as these jerk prosecutors do nothing but take a paycheck, this will continue, do something! Shame on you that are supposed to protect, all you care about is your selfish self. I am sick if paying for these prosecutors that do nothing. Maybe these people will bury their kid then shit will fly.

  8. lynn woods says:

    what the hell is wrong with these so called prosecutors they must not like animals they sure don’t seem to care what this poor animal went through the sickos that did should be buried up to their noses and left to starve die of thirst or what ever comes first

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