Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Cat Reportedly Strangled, Beheaded, and Displayed on Stick Deserves Justice

A cat was reportedly strangled, suffocated in a plastic bag, and then beheaded in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The suspect then apparently displayed the animal’s head on a stick in his backyard as a show of dominance. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

Puppy Brutally Beaten and Left to Die in Dumpster Deserves Justice

A puppy was viciously beaten and thrown away like trash. She died amongst piles of garbage and her abuser still walks free. Demand that justice is served for this innocent puppy.

Pregnant Dog Reportedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

A pregnant stray dog was reportedly viciously beaten with a rod and left on the ground to die. She did not survive, and her two puppies died soon after being born. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Slaughtering Geese to Prevent Spread of Feces in Sports Parks

Dozens of geese were shot and killed by England’s Football Association to prevent the spread of their feces on their training grounds. This legal cull came after the association pledged to enrich local biodiversity in their parks. Tell those in charge that inhumane slaughter will not be tolerated.

Puppy Reportedly Beaten to Death in Her Backyard Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly attacked in her own fenced-in backyard, resulting in her traumatic death. The person accused of this terrible cruelty is now walking free. Demand that justice be served for this innocent puppy.

Pig Reportedly Shot in Face Four Times at Slaughterhouse Deserves Justice

A pig was reportedly shot in the face and head four times by slaughterhouse workers while still conscious. The animal was already down, per reports, and posed no threat. Demand that those behind this apparently cruel slaughter face justice.

Don’t Allow Abandoned or Distressed Dogs to Die Because of Property Rights

A dog suffered a slow death after she was allegedly abandoned without access to food. Though multiple concerned neighbors reported her desperate howls, rescuers could not legally breach the house due to property rights and bureaucratic red tape. Demand that animal lives be placed over property rights.

Cat Beaten and Beheaded by Attacker Deserves Justice

Pepper, a beloved cat, was viciously beaten and beheaded in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Her murderer is still at large. Demand justice for Pepper.

Protect Rhinos From Poachers Who Take Advantage of Pandemic

Rhinos are dying almost daily at the hands of poachers who are taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown. Areas usually bustling with tourists are now empty, leaving the residing rhinos with little protection from those looking to make a profit. Demand better safeguards for these vulnerable animals during the pandemic.

Success: Fisheries Held Accountable for Right Whale Deaths

The National Marine Fisheries Service has been found guilty of failing to prevent Right whale deaths due to entanglement in fishing gear. This is a landmark conservation victory which will lead to better protection for Right whales. Thank those who demanded justice for this vulnerable species.

Beloved Family Dog Killed By Crossbow Deserves Justice

A senior mastiff was shot and killed by an unknown assailant who fired a projectile from a crossbow. Investigators believe this act of cruelty was intentional. Demand justice for this beloved family pet.

Stop Killing Wolves and Endangering Wildlife With Torturous Poison

Strychnine, a horrendous poison that causes an extremely painful death, continues to be used as a method of protecting caribou from wolves. Its use is permitted, despite research that shows the poison is more likely to kill other non-targeted wildlife. Demand that Canada end its use of this horrific poison.

Protect Migratory Birds From Death By Copper Mines

Billions of migratory birds are at risk of a painful death in toxic open pit copper mines. Efforts to prevent these birds from certain death have been successful, but those measures may soon become voluntary as opposed to criminally enforced. Demand that Trump prioritize animal life over industry.

Success: Eating of Dog and Cat Meat Banned

The consumption of dog and cat meat has officially been banned in Shenzhen, China, as part of a larger ban on the eating of wildlife following the coronavirus outbreak. This could save millions of innocent animal lives. Thank those responsible for this groundbreaking animal rights success.

Leashed Dog Stabbed to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was stabbed to death following a fight with the attacker’s off-leash dog. The attacker is still at large and possibly dangerous to other animals. Demand that justice is served in this case.

Don’t Kill Female Grizzly Bears And Cubs to Save Livestock

Over 70 grizzly bears, including females and their cubs, may soon be killed in an effort to accommodate livestock grazing. This puts a threatened species in danger and completely ignores other strategies that could protect both the bears and the livestock. Demand that those in charge recant this death sentence.

Repair Electrified Manhole Covers That Shock Dogs

Multiple dogs suffered burns and other injuries after stepping on malfunctioning electrified manhole covers. Some accounts have described dogs exposed to the current for up to 20 minutes. Demand a full inspection of all Chicago’s manhole covers for the safety of animals.

Moose Calf Killed Slowly and Painfully Deserves Justice

A young moose was wounded with birdshot fired from a shotgun, leading to a slow and painful death. This pellet remained in the animal’s body for days, slowly causing painful and ultimately fatal damage to the organs. Demand that the person behind this cruel act is harshly punished.

Dog Shot in Face and Left for Dead Deserves Justice

A dog was shot in the face, shattering her jaw and nearly ending her life. The person responsible for her suffering is still at large and likely a danger to other animals. Demand swift and harsh justice for this innocent dog.

Cat Beaten and Beheaded by Serial Killer Deserves Justice

A cat was found brutally beaten and beheaded in a shocking case of animal cruelty. She is one of hundreds of animals similarly maimed or killed in the area. Demand the perpetrator be found and brought to justice.

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