Man Apparently Caught on Camera Beating Dog With Leash and Shoe Must be Punished

Target: Harris County, Texas District Attorney Kim Ogg

Goal: Arrest and prosecute man who allegedly beat his dog cruelly with a leash and shoe.

A home security camera appears to show a man severely beating his dog with a leash before picking up a shoe and continuing to hit the animal. Police are currently investigating the case and have not released the name of the individual. Whoever is responsible for committing this atrocious act needs to be immediately arrested and charged to hopefully save more dogs from enduring the same fate. In the video, the canine appears to be running away and not coming to the man when called. The owner then appears to chase the animal before forcefully striking him over 20 times with a leash and shoe.

The dog was seized by authorities and is being thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. However, no arrests have been made. Sign this petition to demand this man be arrested, charged with animal cruelty, and given a lengthy prison sentence if he is found guilty of such unfounded abuse.


Dear District Attorney Ogg,

Authorities seized a dog after they were given a tip that a man was seen beating the animal multiple times with both a shoe and leash. Besides the tip, they were also able to obtain a home surveillance video showing the alleged incident. Despite the reported evidence, police have not arrested anyone. It is important that this man be arrested, charged with animal abuse, and sent to prison if he is found guilty to keep other dogs in the area safe.

Police reported that the canine is being looked at by a veterinarian, although nothing has been released stating anything about the animal’s current condition. Dogs can suffer a great amount of stress after being badly abused and may display nervousness around new owners. Studies show that dogs living with severe anxiety can have health problems and even a shorter life expectancy. Experts claim that such stress can cause many physical ailments, including heart issues and inflammatory diseases. For the above reasons, I demand you tell authorities that you want this man quickly arrested, and that you further seek the strictest punishment possible if he is charged and found guilty of this inexcusable animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pauk aka Russia V Albitsky


  1. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:


  2. Kathleen Scherman says:

    Who are they to decide when to arrest. They have the proof right in front of them. But since the dog is still alive and it was just a dog!!! Right, is that how those f@$#% think???? You know, the ones with badges and guns!!! The bullies that do NOTHING for their communities. I’m sorry, but the bad ones seem to be plenty right now, everywhere!!! Start doing the little things that you know is good!!!!! Go get that POS, and put him in jail!!!!!

  3. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Should be an easy prosecution – there’s video evidence. Just find the culprit. He’ll have a terrified dog in his possession.

  4. Sandra Dragan says:

    This is disgraceful you have evidence in front of you and you don’t want to arrest this jerk who did this to this poor dog?! this animal abuse crap needs to stop now! enough is enough already! these bastards are getting away with murder and all we do is sign petitions?! that’s not enough! we need to help our animals and enforce these laws!

  5. Kim – This type of violent behavior towards any animal should never be tolerated. And to protect the identity of the person who committed this crime is even more ludicrous. WTF? Prosecute this piece of shit to the fullest extent allowed under Texas law. Show the world that Harris County WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse and murder! Please!

  6. DAWN M DEE says:


  7. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Texas is one of the worst states to be an animal in. Their animal welfare laws are almost non existent and rarley enforced.

  8. DISGUSTING, WICKED MORON…..has no right to `own` ANY animals. Actions like this just prove they are half wits who think they are superior to the animal kingdom, sadly these BRAINLESS IDIOTS, don’t realise the obvious truth, they are way below the animal kingdom. We could always learn SO MUCH from the animal kingdom….prosecute this wicked, waste of space and punish him, like for like!! Karma will always, always find him.

  9. Julie Bates says:

    THE LAW MUST BE HARSHER FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS. or we run around in circles!!

  10. All animal abusers globally must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonising death is essential!

  11. Coward! No wonder the dog ran away in the First place!! If this POS is able to do this OUTDOORS imagine the abuse he must give this poor dog indoors!!! This COWARD must be banned from owning ANIMALS or be near one!!!

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