Man Apparently Caught on Camera Beating Dog With Leash and Shoe Must be Punished

Target: Harris County, Texas District Attorney Kim Ogg

Goal: Arrest and prosecute man who allegedly beat his dog cruelly with a leash and shoe.

A home security camera appears to show a man severely beating his dog with a leash before picking up a shoe and continuing to hit the animal. Police are currently investigating the case and have not released the name of the individual. Whoever is responsible for committing this atrocious act needs to be immediately arrested and charged to hopefully save more dogs from enduring the same fate. In the video, the canine appears to be running away and not coming to the man when called. The owner then appears to chase the animal before forcefully striking him over 20 times with a leash and shoe.

The dog was seized by authorities and is being thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. However, no arrests have been made. Sign this petition to demand this man be arrested, charged with animal cruelty, and given a lengthy prison sentence if he is found guilty of such unfounded abuse.


Dear District Attorney Ogg,

Authorities seized a dog after they were given a tip that a man was seen beating the animal multiple times with both a shoe and leash. Besides the tip, they were also able to obtain a home surveillance video showing the alleged incident. Despite the reported evidence, police have not arrested anyone. It is important that this man be arrested, charged with animal abuse, and sent to prison if he is found guilty to keep other dogs in the area safe.

Police reported that the canine is being looked at by a veterinarian, although nothing has been released stating anything about the animal’s current condition. Dogs can suffer a great amount of stress after being badly abused and may display nervousness around new owners. Studies show that dogs living with severe anxiety can have health problems and even a shorter life expectancy. Experts claim that such stress can cause many physical ailments, including heart issues and inflammatory diseases. For the above reasons, I demand you tell authorities that you want this man quickly arrested, and that you further seek the strictest punishment possible if he is charged and found guilty of this inexcusable animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pauk aka Russia V Albitsky



  1. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m glad the poor, innocent dog was taken from that no-good piece of slime. I hope the fur baby recovers from this abuse and gets justice. I hope he finds a good home.

  2. All animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!

    • Anthony McLeod says:

      I completely agree. I will help you too.

    • How about those who do the same to human kids, born and unborn?

      They too deserve protection from torture and death.

      • This petition is about animals. There are other petitions to protect children. But I agree abusers should be punished for abusing all innocent animals and children.

      • I agree! Let’s work together to stop this abuse to the innocent. HUMAN and animal!Bonnie

    • Patricia Lamonica says:


  3. Really? No arrest? What are you waiting for? Put this deranged man in prison NOW and NEVER allow him to be with animals again.

  4. No excuses for such scums on earth …..remove little pup from him and punishment to the max …… many POS in this world …..

  5. Fucker should die

  6. The evil humanoid needs to be beaten till his fucking end!!!!

  7. marisa bastin says:

    This loser deserves the death penalty! Take animal abusers off this planet!!!

  8. Beat the SOB with a horse whip and a club. Let him experience what the poor innocent dog experienced. Make him pay for any medical involved as well as his care until adopted, then throw him in prison with hefty felony charges

  9. No arrest made, big surprise! Many states are getting worse and worse and with no punishment it will keep happening! People try so hard to fight for these voiceless animals, the President made abuse a felony and still nothing gets done! Very heartbreaking. Anyone who abuses an animal needs a bullet, yes thats what I truly believe! Hope this poor dog gets over the physical and mental trauma and finds a loving family.

  10. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Thankfully law enforcement seized the dog. The biggest mistake however would be returning the dog back to the owner/man who beat their dog that was caught on security cameras. Given the current evidence, it does not make sense that no arrest was made unless law enforcement is waiting for the report from the licensed veterinarian before responding to this case of animal cruelty.


  12. Gerri Burkhart says:

    I cannot believe people. What on earth could this poor dog have done to get such a beating. It is just too damn bad, he could not be released to the public to address these abuse issues. Show thid sob how it feels to get hit with a leash and shoes. I hope this guy rots in hell, and or burns for eternity . Peice of lowvlife trash. Scum of the earth.

  13. Beat this “man” with a leash and a shoe. Disgusting excuse for a human being.

  14. And is anything going to be done??!! Judges and lawyers if they even get the case will give these violent pieces of trash a slap on the wrist therefore supporting such abuse??!! We here in the USA have animal abuse as a felony law to punish such monsters. Is anyone going to get a spine and convict???!!!

  15. No arrests? Don’t the good ‘ole boys in Texas recognize abuse? Its bad enough they keep the state running with hunting money including canned hunts.

  16. This dumb ass mf needs to be taught a life changing lesson here!

  17. Useless piece of shit!! Why have a dog if your going to treat it that way??

  18. Carolyn Long says:

    Arrest this scumbag and put him in jail. Also ban him from ever having another animal.

  19. Some people DON’T deserve animals and to be around them!!! Horrific!!!

  20. This cruel idiot needs to be BEAT WITH A CHAIN AND AN STEEL-TOED BOOTS before being thrown into a prison cell!! Do NOT render any MEDICAL TREATMENT to this cruel idiot either!!!! He should NEVER be ALLOWED TO ADOPT, OWN, AND BE AROUND ANY MORE DOGS AND ALL OTHER ANIMALS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!!

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