Man Apparently Caught on Camera Beating Dog With Leash and Shoe Must be Punished

Target: Harris County, Texas District Attorney Kim Ogg

Goal: Arrest and prosecute man who allegedly beat his dog cruelly with a leash and shoe.

A home security camera appears to show a man severely beating his dog with a leash before picking up a shoe and continuing to hit the animal. Police are currently investigating the case and have not released the name of the individual. Whoever is responsible for committing this atrocious act needs to be immediately arrested and charged to hopefully save more dogs from enduring the same fate. In the video, the canine appears to be running away and not coming to the man when called. The owner then appears to chase the animal before forcefully striking him over 20 times with a leash and shoe.

The dog was seized by authorities and is being thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. However, no arrests have been made. Sign this petition to demand this man be arrested, charged with animal cruelty, and given a lengthy prison sentence if he is found guilty of such unfounded abuse.


Dear District Attorney Ogg,

Authorities seized a dog after they were given a tip that a man was seen beating the animal multiple times with both a shoe and leash. Besides the tip, they were also able to obtain a home surveillance video showing the alleged incident. Despite the reported evidence, police have not arrested anyone. It is important that this man be arrested, charged with animal abuse, and sent to prison if he is found guilty to keep other dogs in the area safe.

Police reported that the canine is being looked at by a veterinarian, although nothing has been released stating anything about the animal’s current condition. Dogs can suffer a great amount of stress after being badly abused and may display nervousness around new owners. Studies show that dogs living with severe anxiety can have health problems and even a shorter life expectancy. Experts claim that such stress can cause many physical ailments, including heart issues and inflammatory diseases. For the above reasons, I demand you tell authorities that you want this man quickly arrested, and that you further seek the strictest punishment possible if he is charged and found guilty of this inexcusable animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pauk aka Russia V Albitsky



  1. Animal abuse had become too common. Harsher laws are NEEDED. And most importantly, we need a National Registry that names all animal abusers so they cannot obtain another animal again. Do not let this man keep this dog and ban him for life from owning any animals.

    • Sherry Holt says:


    • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

      Gosh this is SO long overdue about much harsher laws & penalties and a Registry!! We also definitely concur as to not letting this p.o.s. keep the dog, and banning him for life from owning any animals bc sadly these kind of people aren’t able to be rehabilitated, this kind of behavior, and guarantee isn’t the first time he’s abused this dog, he just got caught, and MUST AND SHOULD pay and be punished for his callously cruel actions, not counseled, and have that dog removed permanently from this sick fuck. It boggles my mind that people “like this” get animals other than the unfortunate sick and twisted thinking of being able to abuse or have power over them…its really sick, disturbing, evil twisted shit, no different than a domestic abuser of another person or child. This is in their core, and most times coming from abuse they may’ve experienced, but NO EXCUSE EVER to harm another innocent soul, they’re messed up bad, and not necessarily able to be rehabilitated especially if they don’t acknowledge their despicable behavior, or show any remorse and even then it could still be pretty hopeless and what we feel about this guy!!!

  2. This person needs some counseling. I request Yahuahto help this person with issues. And for him to turn his life around. Please lord hwlp him to change his ways.

    • Are you taking the piss Betty?no normal person would even think of abusing a innocent soul that complete POS needs put down. And then you pray to your lord/God for forgiveness for it nope I’m not having it that bastard needs to to die suffering the most horrific pain and hopefully it will go to hell to suffer for all eternity

  3. Christine Eckerson says:

    Do the same to this evil human!!

  4. Christine Nuttall says:

    Get this evil piece of shit off the streets. These type of people are wicked and just need the same done to them.

  5. Hang this sick freak with a shoestrings and beat with a metal studded bat until hamburg.

  6. This scumbag severe dog abuser requires extermination. Meet with me evil cretin!! I dare you!!!!!!!

  7. Diane Berger says:

    Please bring this dog to United States I will take her. Text me I will give Hera good loving home . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Diane Berger says:

    Please bring the dog to the United States I will take her to very good life Café black@yahoo!.com. Thank you Diane burger

  9. Diane Berger says:


  10. Prosecute this POS animal abuser to the fullest extent of the law! Law enforcement you have the evidence,put this evil monster in jail for 10yrs. Meanwhile the poor dog is suffering from anxiety after such cruel treatment from this SOB!

  11. American Girl says:

    WTF is it with these inbred hateful mutants in texas? Especially Harris county! They seem to be prevalent in beatings and animal abuse. They seem to breed them bigger and dumber in Texas with little pecker syndrome to boot! Cull these idiots and don’t allow them to own posess or be near any animal ever again!

  12. Pamela Hengst says:

    I hope the precious dog receives a loving home. I have lived in Texas most of my life and animal abusers are rarely prosecuted. It is shameful. The cowardly bully who abused this precious baby is on camera so his identity is known! Why has he not been arrested? The article says the dog was running away. Smart dog!! Who wouldn’t run from an ignorant redneck bully?!

  13. Find the mother ****** and throw him in jail and do what he did to that beautiful dog. He deserves no mercy.

  14. Dena Durand says:

    Take the dog away from the SOB and do the same to him! I’m sick of hearing about innocent dogs being abused. Stamp out the trash of these humans. The world would be better off!!

  15. It Always TEXAS with their Ignorant Third World mentalitily a
    toward animals.. Laws there for animal avbuse are Patheically weak!! Its a disgrace that no actions are bein taken

  16. I hope someone finds him and whips him and leaves him out to be stomped on.
    I’m glad the dog is seized but make sure he never goes back to this madman !

  17. Tammy Rossetti says:

    Release his name, if law enforcement is too neutered to do something, let us…

    • Tammy Rossetti – I agree with your comment. “Release this animal torturing monsters name, if law enforcement is too neutered to do something, let us…” We will rid this filthy lowlife pos from the planet.

  18. He needs the same treatment. Chase his ass around and catch him and beat the hell out of him. Charge the maggot and take away his rights of having anymore animals. If let go,the law is stupid for letting him get away of abuse. Hope the bastard suffers before he dies. May he meet karma real soon.Hope the pup got a better Life.

  19. Jaime Perez says:

    No arrest has been made?? What the hell, it’s on video!! Throw this freaking creep in jail for the rest of his miserable life. Poor dog did not deserve this ugly treatment.

  20. Lyla DeVIta says:

    Attorney Ogg, DO NOT contribute to the dark world of intense pain, intense emotional abuse and diabolical death that animals are subject to on this earth. As an attorney, I expect you to improve this pit of hell we as humans have produced for them, not abdicate your position, obligation to their protection. Secure the punishment – and MAKE THEM PAY.

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