Puppy Reportedly Thrown Against Wall, Punched, and Kicked Deserves Justice

Target: Timothy D. Sini, District Attorney for Suffolk County, New York

Goal: Punish man who allegedly abused his puppy and lied to the vet about the victim’s injuries.

A puppy suffered serious, painful injures after he was allegedly thrown against a wall and beaten. The suspect apparently lied to the veterinarian, stating that the animal was hit by a car. If found guilty, then this man must be punished for this apparent cruelty.

Coco, a Labrador puppy, reportedly endured agonizing pain for an entire day before his owner, Daniel Keelan, took him to an animal hospital. There, veterinarians diagnosed him with a fractured femur and broken ribs- injuries not consistent with Keelan’s story. Per police, Keelan kicked and punched Coco and then threw him against a wall while his children looked on. A second puppy was found at the suspect’s home, and luckily that animal was deemed unharmed.

Coco had emergency surgery to insert metal plates into his bones. He is expected to recover. Keelan is facing charges of animal cruelty and child endangerment. Sign below and demand that he receive the harshest legal sentence possible, if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Sini,

A Labrador puppy named Coco is recovering in a Suffolk County animal hospital after allegedly enduring horrific abuse at the hands of his owner, Daniel Keelan. Per police, the suspect punched and kicked the dog before throwing him against a wall. This apparent abuse seemingly occurred in front of the suspect’s young children.

Coco suffered broken ribs and a fractured femur and had to have emergency surgery to save his life. He is expected to recover. Justice must be served not only to ensure Coco’s safely, but also that of the children who seemingly witnessed the act.

I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest legal sentence possible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Put this Madmab headfirst into a wall!! Leave him in agonizing pain for a week!

    • He is not a madman, he is THUG an uncivilized primitive and should go live a primitive world. I am so sick of this everyday crimes against innocent animals. Their lives matter too. They are not making 90 million to save their lives.

  2. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Daniel Keeling should be put in a psychopathic psychiatric prison for life!! Or better – just shoot him in the head and get it over with!!

  3. Dara Woodworth says:

    What a proud parental moment this man displayed for his children. If this POS is capable of doing this in front of his kids than he is a danger to his children. What the hell could that puppy had done to deserve the treatment that he received. This kind of bullshit behavior must stop and all involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Come on New York try to get this one right ok, put his ass in jail and take his animals away forever.

  4. Shane Paul says:

    I hope this POS dies today…I really really do.

  5. Do what he did to the puppy to him with no mercy. How terrible what kind of a monster does this in front of his children his children should be taken away. If he can hurt an innocent little puppy what does he do to his children. I hope he burns in hell.

  6. POS!! Labs are gentle and loyal dogs!! Just get rid of this POS from the earth!! I hope they took the other puppy from his home.

  7. I don’t even consider someone this low a human. He’s nothing more that a gutless wonder and the world would be a better place without this monster.

  8. Patricia Williams says:

    I would bet this POS threatened to do the same to the children. Please take the animals out of the house and put this scumbag in jail. The kids will get hurt trying to protect the animals when AH does it again. And there will be a next time if he isnt stopped.

  9. This person will do this to defenseless humans as well….extreme punishment and NOT allowed around animals and children [and seniors] UNLESS UNDER SUPERVISION!!!

  10. His kids are in a dangerous environment, take them away as well as the poor baby puppy, he is a volatile DICK!

  11. Ellen Giammarino Munoz says:

    this thug should-be behind bars and band from ever owing a pet.

  12. Sylvia Sullivan says:

    This is sickening & must be stopped! We have too much animal abuse in the world, & it will never end until we have laws with serious consequences for the lowlifes committing these horrific acts on these poor little animals. These thugs are evil bullies & need to be put away for a long time. Please punish this disgusting excuse of a human being & let him rot in a jail cell for a long long time. Remove all animals from his home forever!

  13. Stella Waldvogel says:

    This article says “the veterinarian also found multiple rib fractures in various stages of healing” – in other words, he did this more than once. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/crime/dog-punched-kicked-suffolk-1.50174825
    Please prosecute him to the fullest extent the law allows. Personally, I think the world would be a better, safer place if he dies in prison.

  14. Francoise says:

    If found guilty – really?
    He is guilty! Please remove all animals from his house immediately, and he is never allowed to own or come near an animal again!

  15. E Johnson says:

    I hope he suffers the same acts against him that he inflicted on this poor puppy

  16. MAX JAIL OR DEATH PENALTY for this SUBHUMAN MONSTER! BUT FIRST KICK HIM AND THROW HIM AGAINST THE WALL so that he learns what fear, pain and suffering feel like.
    Daniel Keelan is a DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC ABUSER and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Daniel Keelan must also be FORBIDDEN from EVER OWNING ANIMALS AGAIN,both puppies must be taken away from him to avoid life-long abuse.
    This SUBHUMAN MONSTER did it in front of his children which must have had a devastating effect on them. But it’s also a danger of teaching kids not to respect animals, so that they will become animals abusers, just as their monster-father!
    ANIMALS SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS OF HUMAN PSYCHOPATHS and deserve Justice just like YOU and ME!!

  17. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It is baffling that the other puppy that is in the care of this animal abuser was not removed from the suspect. Although for now, that puppy appeared unharmed does not mean the suspect will not harm him/her. The puppy that was beaten and thrown against the wall should not be returned to the suspect. Take one look at that little baby puppy who is in the developmental stages of its life and then comes along a vicious bully who then fractures and breaks bones inside that little body. This animal abuser is a monster who already caused life long trauma to the puppy along with the fact that this puppy will endure some sort of bodily discomfort even when healed for the rest of his/her life. Pure tragedy to an innocent living being who could not even enjoy the early stages of its life before being beaten by the hands of evil.

  18. This S.O.B.!!! deserves to be put away for ever!! for putting this poor indefensive puppy through such horrific pain, & having his own kids witness such act!!!

  19. Great mother fucker!!!! Kill this useless humanoid throwing him against a wall until this sob fail!!!!

  20. Carolyn Taylor says:

    I demand justice for Coco, now! Punish Keelan to the fullest extent of our sadly inadequate animal abuse laws, now!

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