Recent Petitions

Change Dangerous Animal Transport Regulations

pugA pet recently died due to heat exhaustion when it was left inside a vehicle aboard a ferry. Demand that the ferry company change its rules which mandate all pets to be left unsupervised in vehicles during transport.

Remove Polar Bear from Deplorable Conditions

800px-Polar_bear_in_the_Bronx_Zoo,_2007-04-21A miserable polar bear in Argentina needs to be moved to Canada where the climate is more suitable for him. Tell the Mendoza Zoo to move Arturo to Canada.

Ban Use of Cruel Chemicals for Animal Control at Airports

United_Airlines_-_N14219_-_Flickr_-_skinnylawyer_(1)A recent bird control endeavor resulted in seizures and slow deaths for hundreds of birds at one of the busiest airports in North America. Urge the airport system to ban the use of cruel poisons and commit to humane methods of controlling wildlife populations.

Crack Down on Illegal Tiger Poaching

800px-2012_Suedchinesischer_TigerClaiming tiger blood and penis confer on him medicinal benefits, a businessman has confessed to killing and eating three tigers. Demand Chinese officials address the vague legislation that allowed him to commit this horrific act.

Ban Cruel Cosmetic Procedures for Dogs

7867359338_95e7fa0c17_mCruel cosmetic procedures for dogs may finally be banned in Illinois. Sign the petition to stop the mutilation now.

Save Rare Harpy Eagle from Extinction

Harpy EagleThe Harpy Eagle, a rare Amazonian bird, is on the verge of extinction due to deforestation and hunting. Sign this petition to protect their remaining population.

Applaud Ban on Imports of Abusive Food Delicacy

foie gras banFoie gras, an inhumane product made by cruelly enlarging duck or goose livers, is a food delicacy in many countries. The controversial entree was gaining popularity in India, until the country introduced a ban on foie gras imports. Applaud this ban, which will halt the popularity of this cruel delicacy.

Delete “The Only Good Dog is a Dead Dog” Facebook Page

poordogeA Facebook page called “The Only Good Dog is a Dead Dog” promotes animal cruelty and violates Facebook’s own regulations and guidelines. It needs to be taken down immediately. Demand that Facebook delete this offensive page today.

Praise Arrest of Man Who Killed Four Horses

800px-Draft_horseA man is charged with animal cruelty after authorities found four dead horses in his residence. Please sign this petition to commend his arrest and spread awareness of the consequences of animal abuse and neglect.

Protect Grouper and Snapper Fish From Overfishing

OverfishingUnregulated fishing practices in Puerto Rico have caused the grouper and snapper fish populations to decline at a rapid rate. In order to ensure a future for these fish, the U.S. Caribbean Fishery Management Council must take the necessary precautions to regulate overfishing.

Protect Bald Eagles’ Return to Threatened Island

bald eaglesA beautiful island in the Pacific is now home to a Naval firing range and landing field as well as its first breeding pair of bald eagles in 50 years. Call on military officials to protect the eagles and their habitat to ensure their successful return to the island.

Prevent Extermination of Prairie Dogs

Prairie DogOfficials are considering eliminating the local prairie dog population as a way to combat the plague. Demand that they find a more effective solution to the problem, instead of simply murdering helpless prairie dogs out of fear.

Ban Rodeos that Promote Animal Cruelty

RodeoRodeos are an outdated tradition that involve the cruel treatment of animals for entertainment. Tell the Australian government to put an end to these inhumane events.

Prevent Creation of Biased Livestock Board

Farm AnimalsA state-proposed livestock board aims to replace animal welfare representatives, giving board members an unbalanced amount of power and threatening the health and well-being of farm animals. Urge government representatives to oppose the creation of this biased board.

Prohibit Tasmanian Government from Buying Cruel Cage Eggs

Battery HensBattery hens live a depressing life. The Tasmania government had stopped buying battery hen eggs and begun to phase out battery hen farms until a new party took power. Tell the Tasmanian government that its policy change is unacceptable and that it must end the purchase of battery hen eggs.

Denounce Reckless Actions of Animal Rights Activists

minkOver a thousand captive-bred minks died after being released from their enclosures by animal rights activists. Your signature will ask that the well-being of animals is considered before any future acts of protest.

End Trade in Endangered Shark Species

sharkCommercial trade of endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks will soon be legal under a permit system, even though the sharks’ decline is largely due to their overfishing for use in shark fin soup. Urge the government to ban all trade in scalloped hammerhead sharks and protect this threatened species.

Help Save Prairie Chickens from Extinction

1024px-Lesser_Prairie_Chicken,_New_MexicoLesser prairie chickens face serious threats from human activity and climate change, yet the federal government stopped short of properly protecting them. Urge the government to prove that the interests of oil companies do not take precedence over the survival of this species.

Praise Stiff Sentence for Man Who Viciously Abused His Dog

Andra GraceDespite attempting to blame alcoholism for the fact that he dragged his dog for miles behind his truck, a criminal instead faces years in prison. Thank the judge for issuing the maximum sentence in this heartbreaking case of animal abuse.

Remember Four Rhinos Killed for their Horns

Black RhinosFour rhinos were recently killed by poachers, and their horns were sawed off to sell overseas. The lives of these animals need to be remembered in an attempt to curb poaching and tell the world that we care about our endangered wildlife.