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Investigate Abandonment of Sick Puppies

abandonded-puppies-by-humane-society-of-tampa-bayPolice have not been asked to investigate the abandonment of eight puppies left to die in a box by the side of the road. Sign this petition to demand that police initiate an investigation to find the person responsible for abandoning these innocent puppies.

Applaud Volunteer Who Saved Dog Destined to Die

Before After Petra Valia OrfanidouA volunteer rescued a dog dying on the side of the road in Greece. Now she is happy, healthy and ready to be re-homed. Read her story and show your support for the volunteer’s hard work and Petra’s recovery.

Save Animals By Banning All Fur Products

Coyote-By-ForestwanderWith rising restrictions on the sale of fur, manufacturers and retailers are going to new lengths to conceal their products. Many are labeling dog and rabbit fur imported from China as faux fur. The only way to end this is to end the sale of all fur products in the U.S. Urge the FDA to put a stop to this superfluous fashion statement.

Punish Man Charged with Shooting Family Dog

PitLab CC0 Public DomainA hunter was charged with killing a family dog next to the owners’ property. Support this petition to ensure he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Demand Trader Joe’s Sell Only Cage-Free Eggs

chicken-cages-MaqiTrader Joe’s is still behind in abandoning cage-free policies because they still sell eggs that are collected from chickens kept in cages their entire lives. Demand that they adopt a 100 percent cage-free policy for all of the eggs sold in their stores.

Urge BBC Program to Stop Selling Ivory

Elephant_by_Gary M. StolzAn antique show on BBC has been selling and featuring ivory items for years. With the near extinction of elephants, the selling of ivory cannot be condoned. Tell BBC to stop promoting the selling of ivory on their antique show.

End Pointless Killing of Endangered Fin Whale

Hvalfjšrour, ICELAND
An endangered Fin Whale, harpooned yesterday is brought to the harbor of Hvalfjšrour, Iceland. The Fin whale is the first kill by Iceland and marks the resumption to commercial whaling for the country. Greenpeace condemns the act of the killing an endangered Fin whale as "a senseless waste" arguing that there is no economic or scientific justification for the hunt.
©2006 Greenpeace/ Ragnar AxelssonThe endangered fin whale is suffering due to commercial whaling operations in Iceland. Killing an endangered species, especially for commercial gain, is unacceptable and irresponsible. Demand that Iceland end whaling to protect the fin whale from extinction.

Don’t Let Man Accused of Neglecting 600 Animals Get Away on Littering Fine

New-Rats-by-Tatiana-Bulyonkova.jpgA judge reportedly exchanged an animal cruelty charge for a $1 littering fine when 632 animals were found living with a man in a storefront. Some animals reportedly had no access to food and water. Their lives should be worth more than a $1 fine; sign this petition to stop animal abusers from getting away with these sick crimes.

Don’t Let Ringling Retire Elephants to Its Own Cruel Facility

VietnamCircus[1]The good news is that Ringling Bros. is going to retire its elephants. The bad news is that they’re being sent to Ringling’s own center where they could be abused with bullhooks and electric prods. Demand Ringling Bros. send its elephants to an accredited sanctuary to live the life they deserve.

Save Manatees From Warm Water Loss

ManateeAlready-imperiled manatees are threatened by a plan that could cause them to lose warm water refuges. Demand action to include provisions for manatees in planning efforts.

Let Ajax the Police Dog Retire With His Family

German Shepherd American Kennel ClubAjax the dog has served his police force for three years, but the department is denying him the chance to retire with the officer he was always loyal to. Demand that Ajax be kept with his rightful caregiver.

Properly Punish Man Arrested for Starving Dogs to Death

Sad Dog Soggydan BenenovitchThree dogs were locked in cages and starved, with one dying before help could arrive. Add your name to get justice for the dogs by demanding a thorough investigation and prosecution of the man arrested for abusing them.

Justice for 80 Animals Kept in Horrifying Conditions

Photo Credit Lori StephanA woman was found guilty of animal cruelty charges related to 80 animals hoarded on her farm that resulted in the death of at least four creatures. Help to encourage the prosecutor to pursue an appropriate sentence for her crimes.

Save Nation’s Last 38 Giraffes

Kordofan GiraffeGiraffes are on the brink of extinction in the Congo with only 38 animals left in the nation. If even a few more are killed, the population may not be able to recover. Sign our petition to ask that President Obama sends help to conservationists to save these animals.

Close Zoo Exhibit After Second Elephant Death

Asian Elephant_By_CacophanyTwo elephants have died at the Oklahoma City Zoo in the past four months. One died alone and the other at the untimely age of four. Demand that this zoo close its elephant exhibit and transfer its remaining elephants to healthier and safer sanctuaries.

Success: Woman Accused of Abuse Surrenders Dog to Animal Shelter

Dog Katie SalernoA woman accused of leaving her two elderly dogs outside in a New York blizzard finally turned one over to the Guardians of Rescue. Help us thank the rescue organization for providing special care to Prince who is old and extremely ill.

Relocate Neglected Animals from Zoo to Sanctuary

Bear Animals AsiaA new zoo located inside a mall confines numerous animals in small, barren, dark rooms with little to no enrichment. If nothing is done, these animals will never see sunlight again. Sign this petition and demand the animals be moved to an accredited sanctuary.

Stop Selling Elephant and Rhino Ivory on Yahoo

African ElephantYahoo is selling ivory from slaughtered elephants and rhinoceroses, fueling a market that’s responsible for the extinction of the western black rhino. If this isn’t stopped, elephants could soon be extinct as well. Demand that Yahoo end all ivory sales through its services.

Stop Releasing Animal Cruelty Convicts From Jail Early

Cow-In-Trailer-by-Animal-People-Forum.jpgA man convicted of animal cruelty was released from jail early due to overcrowding. The sheriff said they chose to release non-violent offenders early. Demand they stop downplaying the importance of innocent animals’ lives and stop releasing these dangerous people early.

Justice for Dog Shot While Protecting Owners

three-legged-dog-by-timothy-krauseA Wisconsin family dog is being praised as a hero after being shot during an alleged robbery attempt. Sign this petition to demand the suspected shooter is charged with animal cruelty.

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