Recent Petitions

Thank Supreme Court for Maintaining Ban on Foie Gras

6802740541_40c37633f2_mDespite a lawsuit filed against the state of California seeking to overturn the ban on foie gras production, the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal. Thank the court now for keeping geese safe from cruel and unnecessary torture now.

Praise Smartphone App that Reports Animal Abuse

6056238166_4a57df9c30_mA new smartphone app has been developed that allows users to document and report crimes against animals. Thank its developers now for giving the public the opportunity to do more to help protect animals from abuse.

Applaud Jail Sentence for Man Who Burned Dog Alive

640px-Border_Collie_lA man in Northern Ireland, who burned a family dog alive, is the first person in the country’s history to be found guilty of animal cruelty. Sign the petition to applaud the judge for his valorous efforts.

Thank Organization for Rescuing Fighting Dogs

193329447_906d915733_mA sheriff’s office was pivotal in the arrest of three abusive dog owners. Thank the rescuers for the role they played in the arrest of these horrendous people.

Support Pet-Friendly Housing

Dog and CatBerkeley, California is considering making all housing pet-friendly, which would reduce the number of abandoned animals and create more happy homes for pets. Ask the city mayor to support this proposal.

Save Rare and Beautiful Birds from Extinction

404009-1413493733-wideA beautiful and imperiled bird species is in danger of disappearing forever. Help protect the habitat that these birds depend on for survival, and save them from imminent extinction.

Success: San Francisco Says No to SeaWorld

dolphinThe captivity of whales, dolphins, and porpoises has been outlawed in San Francisco, preventing SeaWorld from ever operating in the city. Thank the government officials responsible for passing this life-saving resolution.

Stop the War on Wolves

257631-1413839348-wideAnti-wildlife interests are waging a war on imperiled wolves in the Northern Rockies and beyond. Help give wolves the protection they need, and save them from hunters and wildlife exterminators.

Thank Actress for Saving Research Chimps

Chimp-Haven-residentsActress Alison Eastwood, daughter of the legendary Clint Eastwood, recently started a crowdfunding campaign to support the care of the more than 100 retired research chimpanzees that were released to a sanctuary. Thank Alison for using her celebrity status to help care for sick and abused chimps.

Applaud City for Declaring Whales and Dolphins Free from Capture and Captivity

free whaleWhales and dolphins within and off the coast of San Francisco are now free from capture and captivity, thanks to a recent ruling. Applaud this ruling in support of intelligent marine life.

Save Critically Endangered Porpoises from Extinction

137747-1413219735-wideFewer than 100 critically endangered Vaquita porpoises exist anywhere on the planet. Save the last members of this imperiled species from the poachers and black marketeers who are driving them toward extinction.

Punish Woman for Neglecting Cats

Cat EyesA neglectful and selfish woman is responsible for the deaths of more than two dozen cats. Tell authorities to punish her not just for killing these felines, but for stealing money meant for their care.

Find Killer of Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian DevilAn endangered Tasmanian Devil was killed at a zoo, but police have not begun an investigation. Urge the chief of police to assign officers to this case, so the suspect can be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Protect Animals from Inhumane Exporters

600px-Cow_horned_portraitThe unapproved sale and slaughter of livestock in foreign countries is being allowed by the Australian government. Demand that a better effort is made to uphold animal protection regulations in Australia.

Reject Park that Allows Visitors to Eat and Watch Dolphins Simultaneously

dolphinAn official in Taiji, Japan, infamous for its annual dolphin slaughter, recently announced plans to build a water park that will allow visitors to simultaneously eat and watch dolphins. Ensure this deplorable plan does not go through by signing the petition today.

Applaud Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics

800px-DraizeTest-PETAIndia has created a completely cruelty-free cosmetics market by banning animal testing and the import of animal-tested cosmetics. Applaud the move, which will force producers to switch to humane methods.

Demand Better Protection for Zoo Animals

Tasmanian devilA Tasmanian devil was brutally murdered at a zoo by a zoo employee or a park guest. Because the enclosure does not have video surveillance, discovering the murderer will be very difficult. Urge the zoo to enhance security around the park to ensure this tragedy does not happen again.

Punish Man for Brutally Murdering Wolves

howlingwolfA self-proclaimed ‘wolf hater’ injured and murdered wolves with his van, then put up pictures and a description of the incident online. Whether or not this man will be justly punished remains to be seen. Demand justice for the wolves and a harsh sentencing for the guilty man.

Urge Councilman to Take Responsibility for Death of Dogs

Shelter DogsForty-five dogs in a hoarding situation were tragically killed in a fire on a Nevada councilman’s rental property. Urge the councilman to take responsibility for what happened on his property, and to help strengthen hoarding regulations in his state.

Stop Annual Wolf Hunt

14809273143_40ae0d4718_mThe annual Wisconsin wolf hunt will wipe out nearly half of the once-endangered grey wolf population in the area. Protect the wolves of Wisconsin now.