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Tell NBC to Stop Promoting Westminster Dog Show

Dog Pets AdviserEvery year, NBC airs the Westminster Dog Show, a showcase of purebred dogs that inspires many people to buy purebreds themselves. Purebred dogs are more likely to have hereditary problems and their sale contributes to the overcrowding of shelters and euthanasia of homeless dogs across the country. Sign this petition and demand NBC stop airing the Westminster Dog Show.

Applaud Lifelong Protector of Madagascar’s Lemurs

Jonah RatsimbazafyDr. Jonah Ratsimbazafy has devoted his life to saving the lemur from extinction through global and local education and dialogue with poachers. Commend this man for his dedication to this imperiled species.

Stop Billionaire From Reopening Dog Racetracks in Kansas

Greyhounds_by_Jan Eduard_German Language WikiA billionaire wants to reopen Kansas’s dog racetracks. This cruel pastime is dangerous to both dogs and the economy. Demand that Kansas’s governor ban dog racing in the state for good.

Ban Animal Use in University Medical Training

pig-operation-by-aarhus-universityAnimals are still used in medical training but lawmakers are looking to ban this cruel practice at universities. Sign this petition to show your support for banning live and dead animals in medical training.

Properly Fund Animal Shelter to Prevent Unnecessary Euthanasia

Animal Shelter CatA planned animal shelter might have to euthanize animals if proper funding is allocated to the project up front. A lack of funds can make it so local shelters can’t afford to house all the animals they receive. Urge lawmakers to find the money to fund the shelter so that all its animals can be saved.

Success: Public Park Saved From Disruptive Development

crystal-springs-by-unknownThe Washington State Parks Department has dropped plans for a privately owned RV park that would have harmed local wildlife by driving them away from planned animal highway bridges. Applaud the director for choosing to keep animals safe.

Protect Pacific Herring from Overfishing

herring_fishery_2015A corporate herring fishery that contributed to the species’ decline in the past is about to be reopened. Sign this petition to demand a sustainable alternative and protect the threatened herring from overfishing.

Dog Allegedly Stabbed Over 100 Times Deserves Justice

Lorraine-Marie-Villanueva-by-Hanover-County-JailA dead dog was found in a creek with over 100 stab wounds, and another had its neck sliced. It takes a vicious person to commit such atrocious violence against innocent animals; demand the woman accused of these heinous crimes be brought to justice, if guilty.

Endangered Penguins Allegedly Slaughtered Deserve Justice

penguin-by-cooeeNine endangered penguins were allegedly trapped and slaughtered. The disturbing nature of the actions concerned authorities. Demand the maximum punishment for those convicted of this cruelty and prevent future crimes against innocent animals.

Cancel Cruel Equestrian Events After Death of Racehorse

1024px-Subject_(horse)_20080420P1 via GokiYet another racing horse was euthanized due to a leg injury after a life of being overworked and whipped for entertainment. The same fate faces hundreds of horses every year. Sign to demand that this cruel sport be banned.

Retire Stressed Out Baboons to Proper Zoos or Sanctuaries

Baboon FamilyHundreds of baboons may die in inadequate research facilities if a well-known university does not retire the animals. Demand these baboons be allowed to live out the rest of their lives in proper zoos or sanctuaries.

Justice for Roosters Allegedly Rescued From Cock Fighting Ring

Cock_Fight_1[1]Ten men were recently arrested for alleged cock fighting, and they are under suspicion of running a cock fighting ring. Roughly 26 roosters and two hens were reportedly rescued, and more than 80 bags of heroin seized. Ensure these men do not escape justice.

Release SeaWorld Animals From Deadly Confinement

dolphinRecently, a dolphin became the fourth animal to die at a single SeaWorld park in the past year. Demand all the park’s captive mammals be released to sanctuaries or their natural habitat before more deaths occur.

Remove Dam To Save Endangered Fish

Pallid SturgeonA dam has blocked spawning of the endangered pallid sturgeon for decades. Urge removal of the dam and restore full river access to the sturgeon.

End the Lifelong Abuse of Cows By the Dairy Industry

dairy- industry-itv-newsYoung cows are violated, abused, and milked to the point of exhaustion every day by this industry. Demand an end to the dairy industry and stop the torturing of these gentle animals.

Close Exhibit Before More Elephants Die

Elephant 2 US Fish and Wildlife ServiceAn elephant passed away while under the care of the Oklahoma City Zoo. Their five remaining elephants are stuck behind bars for profit. Sign this petition and demand the zoo close its elephant exhibit and send the elephants to an accredited sanctuary.

Punish Man Charged with Injuring Seven Dogs

Dogs Fighting by Steve BakerA New York resident faces animal cruelty charges for the seven severely starved and wounded dogs found behind his property. Law enforcement also suspects the dogs may have been used for dog fighting. Sign the petition to ensure the owner is punished to the fullest extent of the law if found guilty.

Stop Annual Auction of Trophy Hunting Permits

Cecil_the_lionPermits to hunt over 600 animals in 32 countries have recently been auctioned off, encouraging the unethical slaughtering of wild animals in the name of trophy hunting. Demand that this annual event be discontinued and urge Safari Club International to make this year’s auction the last.

Justice for Dog Euthanized Without Family’s Consent

Roxie-MCACC-by-KTVKA beloved family dog was hastily put to death without her owners being notified or given a chance to try to save her life. Demand this incident be investigated and that justice be done.

Save Madagascar Lemur From Extinction

lemur-by-SQUAIOThe Madagascar lemur is quietly facing extinction due to a lack of education. Deforestation and human interaction have decimated its habitat. Demand that Madagascar raise awareness about this endangered species and educate future generations on the importance of preserving the ecosystem.

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