Recent Petitions

Put an End to Gruesome Horse Fighting

Southern Philippine's horse fightsDespite laws banning the disgusting bloodsport, horse fighting is still prevalent throughout the Philippines. In horse fights, two stallions are forced to battle to the death while greedy spectators place bets on which horse will survive. Tell government officials to enforce established animal welfare laws and enact strict penalties for those who violate them and finally put an end to this cruelty.

Urge the End of Elephant Imports

dead elephantIn response to the decline of elephant populations a ban has been placed on imports of the animal into the United States. This ban is temporary; however, the survival of the species requires a permanent ban. Sign this petition to urge a permanent ban on elephant imports.

Support Pet Safety Educational Program

dog-165210_640Many pet owners are not aware of the potential danger that exists when taking their pet on car rides. A recent study has shown that it is essential to choose a quality pet safety harness in order to prevent distraction and crash protection. Help urge veterinarians to promote a new educational program that uses this research to ensure the safety of our loving companions.

Stop Slaughter of Injured Chickens

Chicken_CrueltyEach year, millions of sick and injured chickens are mistakenly subjected to an agonizing slaughter process. Urge the USDA to enact stricter regulations to end this wasteful and abusive practice.

Raise Awareness About Pangolin Trafficking

413px-Pangolin_borneoThe pangolin is the most highly trafficked species in the world and is quickly becoming extinct. The Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation program must be encouraged to make immediate serious efforts to end this terrible industry.

Condemn Thieves for Stealing Deaf Puppy

Unknown-5Two men were arrested for stealing a deaf pit bull puppy from his loving home. Condemn the thieves for their hideously cruel actions

End Inhumane Management of Wild Horses

MustangsDespite agreeing to use humane methods of population control for wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management continues cruel round-ups. Petition the BLM to change its practices and protect this American icon.

Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf

The Mexican gray wolf, a rare and unique species of wolf, once roamed throughout the Southwestern United States and Mexico. However, widespread hunting and habitat destruction have left the remaining wild population of wolves at less than 75 individuals. Unless the U.S. government takes immediate and dramatic action, this magnificent animal will cease to exist in the wild. Demand emergency efforts to save the Mexican gray wolf.

Restore Funding for Animal Shelter

catImportant funding for a life-saving animal shelter will be at risk if a local voter initiative does not pass. Sign this petition to support continued funding for this crucial shelter.

Allow Judges to Grant Custody of Pets

6697811429_871a1dd7cb_mA new bill could give judges the authority to grant custody of pets in cases of domestic abuse. Without this judgment, up to 70% of victims of abuse will stay with their abusers because they cannot take their pet with them. Support this bill to protect both animals and humans.

Protect Rare Bat From Extinction

Pteropus_poliocephalus_with_babyThe rare giant flying fox, the largest bat in the world, is in danger of extinction from poaching and habitat loss in the Philippines. Hunted for their pelts and their meat, they have disappeared entirely from several regions, and face increasing pressure from loss of habitat. Petition the government of Philippines to restrict development of habitat and crack down on poaching.

Stop Commerical Breeding of Deer and Elk

372844932_90edbf7fa1_oDeer and elk ranches are breeding and holding these animals in captivity for the simple purpose of hunting. A deadly disease that affects deer and elk is spreading more easily across the country because these ranches have high potential for infection. Demand that officials put a stop to these breeding ranches.

Applaud Ban on Inhumane Animal Transportation

izvoraThe government of India has recently announced that it will be developing regulations to ensure the humane transportation of the country’s poultry and livestock. Commend the measure, which will help prevent the death and injury of many animals during transport.

Eliminate the Causes of Elephant Poaching are nearing extinction, despite bans on the ivory trade and programs to train anti-poaching rangers. To save elephants, we must address the root cause of the problem: the poverty that creates poachers. Act now to give people better options than poaching, and prevent elephants from going extinct.

Ban Deadly Fur Farms

Oikeutta_eläimille_-_Fur_farming_in_Finland_07Fur farming is a cruel practice that results in the torture and slaughter of millions of animals every year. Urge the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to ban fur farms in Wisconsin.

Stop Destruction of Vulnerable Whale Populations

whale_9A recent ban only prohibits Japanese commercial whaling activities in the Southern Hemisphere. Whales’ seasonal migration and the mostly northern range of the minke whale, targeted for its flavor and aroma in sashimi, makes an extension of the ban imperative. Urge an extension of the ban to protect whales in the north.

Save Wolves From Clearcutting of Old-Growth Forest

wolfA unique Alaskan wolf is being driven to extinction by the clearcutting of its old-growth forest home. Alaska has some of the last and most spectacular remaining old-growth forests on Earth, which are home to countless wildlife, including this vulnerable wolf species. If we don’t stop the greedy and reckless logging of this old-growth forest, we will lose one of nature’s most spectacular ecosystems and this wolf species will be lost forever.

Commend Organization for Providing Medical Care for Animals

640px-Stray_dogs-pupsThe Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals recently hosted its third annual clinic for animals in impoverished areas in the country. Animals were vaccinated, neutered, and given veterinary attention. Commend this group for taking action to help animals in need.

Stop Shielding Controversial Animal Researchers

Macaca_fuscataThe government plans to hide the identities of animal researchers engaged in controversial projects so that the research can continue in secret. Many of these researchers use apes and chimpanzees as their subjects. Speak out against the newly proposed bill and preserve public transparency into these inhumane animal research practices.

Help Ban Performances and Breeding of Orcas

orcaSeaWorld executives are desperately trying to persuade California lawmakers to reconsider passing a bill that will ban live performances and captive breeding of killer whales. However, this bill has the best interest of these animals at its heart. Sign this petition and support the passage of this bill.