Recent Petitions

Punish Men Who Abandoned Dog in Freezing Temperatures

animal abuseTwo men chained up and abandoned a dog, leaving her to chew off her own paw to escape the freezing temperatures. Ask that these men be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Punish Men Who Abandoned Dog in Freezing Temperatures

animal abuseTwo men chained up and abandoned a dog, leaving her to chew off her own paw to escape the freezing temperatures. Ask that these men be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

End Inhumane Research on Animals

cows-cow-203460_640Animals are being genetically modified, scientifically bred and inhumanely experimented on by the USDA’s meat animal research center. Sign the petition to end this cruel and unusual treatment.

Save the Whales from Persistent Sonar

20130322195800!Humpback_Whale_underwater_shotMany whales, seals, sea lions, turtles, and dolphins would be adversely affected by a proposed plan to add around 700 sonar-emitting buoys off the Pacific Coast. The submarine noise pollution would interfere with the normal behavior of marine mammals. Demand that the Navy Pacific Fleet reassess their sonar-emitting training program.

End Animal Abuse in Carnival

carnivalMany animals are being abused at Macedonia’s famous Vevcani Carnival. The Mayor of Vevcani permits this abuse claiming it is part of their “pagan rituals.” Put to an end these pointless murders and demand protection for these creatures.

Ban Cruel Killing Contests

prairie dogHundreds of coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs and many other animals are cruelly and needlessly slaughtered in animal killing contests each year. Urge the government of New Mexico to ban these senseless killing contests immediately.

Support Ending Puppy Mills

puppy millPet stores in Maine may be disallowed from selling dogs or cats in the near future. Support the proposed ban on dog and cat sales in an attempt to put an end to puppy and kitten mills around the country.

Investigate Serial Pelican Slashings

Brown PelicanSomeone is killing vulnerable pelicans by slashing open their throats, leaving them unable to eat until they die of starvation. Urge government officials to put a high priority on finding whoever is committing this terrible act of cruelty.

Don’t Pull Apart Elephant Families

661007-1421885169-wideThirty-four baby elephants are in danger of being taken from their families and sold into captivity. Save these young animals and their mothers from enduring this cruel separation.

Save the Last U.S. Jaguars from Border Militarization

213463-1422309495-wideThe last U.S. jaguars and ocelots are already struggling to survive, and now militarization of “security” at the U.S. border threatens their existence even more. Save endangered wildlife from misguided border security projects.

Save the Pristine Arctic

320986-1422378528-wideArctic animals are threatened by oil companies’ plans to drill in their habitat. Support a plan to protect the pristine Arctic for wildlife and for future generations.

Stop the Slaughter of Yellowstone’s Bison

344513-1421788712-wideYellowstone’s majestic bison are under attack, and hundreds of them could soon be killed for wandering outside of the national park. Don’t punish these animals for attempting to roam freely in their natural habitat.

Save Injured Elephant

Nosey-Elephants-Deserve-Better-PETAAn elephant named Nosey is suffering from injuries while being forced to perform for a circus. Tell officials to take action and stop making her travel and perform under cruel conditions.

Demand Prosecution of Woman Who Drowned Puppy

800px-Puppy_on_Halong_BayA woman has been accused of drowning a puppy in a toilet after being seen leaving a bathroom where a puppy in her care was found dead. Demand that she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Don’t Back Out of Shark Protection Agreement

sharkAustralia is backing out of its international conservation obligations by saying they will not help preserve five endangered species of sharks as they agreed to do in the past. Tell the Prime Minister this is unacceptable.

End Livestock Suffering at Meat Industry Research Facility

LambLivestock animals are suffering from experimental surgeries that only serve to increase the meat industry’s profit. Sign this petition and expose these repulsive experiments.

Stop the Cruel Debeaking of Chickens

White ChickenChickens are having their beaks brutally chopped off in factory farms. Not only is this distressing and painful to the chickens, it deprives them of some of their most basic needs and ability to function naturally. Help stop this cruel practice.

Thank School for Fighting Animal Abuse

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.05.02 PMAnimals living on a school farm were abused and killed by a group of juveniles who broke into the school after hours. Thank the school for increasing its overnight security and making animal welfare a priority.

Support World-Class Wildlife Rehab Center and Sanctuary

Santa Cruz MountainsA new wildlife sanctuary, breeding and rehab center will focus on threatened animals overlooked by traditional facilities. Praise the commitment of a billionaire donor who helped make this project possible.

Protect Tuna Living in the Pacific Ocean

tunaTuna populations in the Pacific have suffered from overfishing for far too long. While efforts have been made to reduce overfishing, not enough has been done to establish and enforce a long-term recovery plan. Demand stronger protections for these magnificent creatures.