Recent Petitions

Do Not Prosecute Animal Abuse Watchdogs

Confined-animal-feeding-operationEmployees who secretly record wrongdoing in their workplaces could soon be facing legal action from employers thanks to a proposed law in North Carolina. Sign here to demand that whistle-blowers and watchdogs be free from persecution for trying to show the world the truth.

Applaud Zoo Association’s Withdrawal from Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

Killed_pilot_wales,_faroe_islandsThe largest zoo and aquarium foundation in Japan has pledged to no longer buy animals captured during the annual Taiji dolphin hunt in which thousands of animals are cruelly bludgeoned to death. Support the move, which will deal a major blow to the barbaric dolphin-hunting event.

Stop Illegal and Unsustainable Overfishing

crabboaIllegal fishing by Chinese vessels in West Africa has resulted in the dramatic reduction of many of the area’s fish species. Demand that China stop its unsustainable exploitation of fish stocks in foreign waters.

Thank Team for Performing Rare Heart Surgery to Save Cat’s Life

rare heart sugery veterinarians cardiologists vanilla beanA young cat was diagnosed with a rare heart defect that, if left untreated, would lead to heart failure. Thank the team of veterinarians and cardiologists who collaborated on the rare surgery that saved the cat’s life.

Applaud Airline for Banning Transport of Endangered Animal Trophies

lion cub trophy hunting airline banAfrica’s largest airline has banned the transport of endangered animal trophies on its flights. Praise the ban, which hinders the hunting of endangered animals, sets an example for other airlines, and aids in conservation efforts worldwide.

Save Exotic Animals From Death

wolf by ForestWanderA man may have to kill his wolves and other exotic animals because he is in violation of a local ordinance which prohibits such pets. Urge authorities to give him more time to become a sanctuary in order to save these innocent animals.

Fifteen Sick and Malnourished Animals Deserve Justice

tammie kornegay by bibb county sheriff's deptA woman was charged with animal cruelty after 15 animals had to be euthanized because she allegedly neglected them. Urge authorities to give her the maximum penalty if she is found guilty of this crime.

Dogs Whose Mouths Were Sewn Shut Deserve Justice

dog_2368173bEleven dogs being trained for the cruel fighting industry were allegedly found with their mouths sewn shut, and suffered other horrific abuses. Make sure that their owners are punished to the full extent of the law if found guilty of these shocking crimes.

Retire Abused Carson and Barnes Circus Elephants

ElephantRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circuses have recently decided to retire their elephants from their shows—It is time for Carson & Barnes to make the humane decision and follow suit. Demand that the abused elephants of Carson & Barnes be released into sanctuaries immediately.

Praise Decision to Recognize Animals as Sentient Beings

2490293275_c04a1befc0_oNew Zealand is giving animals more rights by recognizing them as sentient beings. Applaud the decision that will strengthen animal welfare in the country.

Safeguard Vital Wildlife and Habitat Protections

10632589034_c6cf7c3fb2_oWildlife and native lands are threatened by a decision to review and possibly weaken environmental laws. Take action now to preserve these environmental directives that protect our wildlife and biodiversity.

End Hunting of Wildlife in Namibia

black rhino by Yathin S KrishnappaA Texas hunter paid the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism $350,000 to be able to kill an endangered black rhino. Demand these senseless killings stop.

Success: City Passes Harsher Animal Cruelty Law

Australian_Shepherd_600A city has adopted a new revised animal cruelty law for pet owners that will make it necessary for them to provide adequate shelter for their animals and prohibit keeping them tied up outside for too long. Please sign this petition to praise these new policies.

Release Chimpanzees from Cruel Research Lab

chimpTwo chimpanzees are being cruelly held captive and caged in a university laboratory. Chimpanzees are complex, intelligent, emotional animals and are known to wither in captivity. Demand that the university release these chimpanzees to a sanctuary immediately.

End All Animal Testing in New Zealand

lab rat by janet stephensNew Zealand recently recognized animals as sentient beings but still allows animal testing on some products. Demand they end all animal testing.

Make Approaching Wildlife Illegal

bison by jack dykingaA girl was attacked by a bison after taking a picture only a few feet away. Demand prohibitions on tourists getting too close to wild animals.

Praise Record Ivory Seizure

African_Forest_ElephantOver a ton of ivory has been seized from a poaching ring in Mozambique’s biggest ever seizure of illegal ivory. Applaud the record seizure and demand that those responsible are punished to the full extent of the law.

Save Wild Burros from Displacement

Adopted_BurroArizona’s wild burros are under the threat of being displaced due to their growing population. Creating a national range for the burro will help them to stay where they are. Sign this petition to help these animals remain in the place they call home.

Applaud Airline for Banning Hunting Trophies

800px-Lions_Family_Portrait_Masai_MaraEmirates Airlines is banning the transportation of hunting trophies of exotic wild animals to help prevent the illegal trade of these threatened species. Praise their efforts to help preserve wildlife.

Praise Officers for Busting Cockfighting Operation

Rooster_walking_(216801942)Five men allegedly bred and drugged roosters for their illegal cockfighting operations. Please sign this petition to praise the officers who shut this cruel business down.