Recent Petitions

Success: Tigers Scheduled to be Rescued

Tiger TempleAlthough tigers at the Tiger Temple have been severely abused for the last few years, park officials in Thailand plan to rehome them all by the end of April. Sign this petition to say thank you and to celebrate this great success.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Sold Dog Meat and Used Slave Labor

Stray DogWorkers were held in a cage against their will with the frozen carcasses of cruelly murdered dogs at a snack bar. Demand that the restaurant owner allegedly responsible for this terrible crime be given the harshest possible penalty for this disgusting act of cruelty.

Stop SeaWorld from Lying about Orca Whales’ Health

800px-Killerwhales_jumpingSeaWorld continues to spout claims that its killer whales are healthy and thriving. Tell the CEO to stop spewing these lies and tell the public the truth about the well being of these massive and intelligent creatures.

Justice for Dog Beaten With Belt

800px-Dog_on_leashA man was allegedly caught on video beating his dog with a belt. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this cruelly abused and innocent animal.

Applaud Firing of Vet Who Allegedly Shot Cat in Head With Bow and Arrow

airport_2xA veterinarian who posted a photo of herself holding a dead cat which she claimed to have shot through the head with a bow and arrow was recently fired. Praise the dismissal of this woman who ignored proper procedure and illegally slaughtered a pet.

Stop SeaWorld From Expanding to the Middle East

killer whaleSeaWorld is planning to open up marine parks in the Middle East within five years. This means continued captivity for some killer whales, a species in need of permanent freedom. Urge SeaWorld to have a change of heart and discontinue plans of expansion.

Don’t Let Bears Starve Due to Climate Change

UtahUtah’s bears can’t find food and the state’s water supplies are running low, likely due to warmer temperatures. Sign this petition and urge lawmakers to set measures in place that will reduce the adverse effects of climate change.

Improve Zoo Animal Welfare

featured imageAnimals in inhumane zoo enclosures often suffer from a mental illness known as zoochosis, which is caused by being deprived of the spacious and stimulating environment they need. Help improve the lives of zoo animals by giving them better and more natural homes.

Stop Killing and Abusing Dogs for Sport

Sad GreyhoundEvery three days a greyhound dies at a Florida racetrack, after having been confined to a dark, cramped cage for 20 hours each day. Demand the cruel sport of greyhound racing be outlawed for good.

Justice for More Than 80 Diseased and Malnourished Animals

Skinny_Horse_(5910370980)A Florida woman was found with more than 80 diseased, injured, and malnourished animals at her home. Ensure that a full investigation is held and that this woman, if found guilty, will be forever banned from pet ownership.

Applaud Safety Review of Dangerous Horse Race

Grand NationalThe most famous horse race in the world is responsible for numerous horse fatalities and injuries, so it is being investigated by the European Green Party. The Party hopes to change the treatment of horses by drastically altering or banning the races. Applaud this movement to help race horses live better lives.

Save Baby Seals from Ruthless Hunting

944363-1428602330-wideHundreds of thousands of seal pups could be slaughtered if special interests are allowed to overturn a ban on the inhumane seal parts trade. Protect seals from hunting by keeping this crucial ban in place.

Stop the Killing and Eating of Pet Cats

cats-FCA woman sent two pet cats to her parents in South Korea to be slaughtered and eaten, according to reports. Demand that police investigate the owner and hold her accountable.

Stop Harassing Harbor Seal Families to Death

Harbor seals on La Jolla BeachHarbor seal pups are dying because their families are being constantly harassed by humans. Demand better measures to protect these gentle animals from people.

Demand Justice for Cat Mauled by Police Dog

645px-WI_Police_DogA pet cat was recently found mauled after an unleashed police dog entered the animal’s home. Demand that the officers, who allegedly failed to notify the owner and left the cat to die, be punished for their lack of accountability.

Honor Man for Feeding Animals in Nuclear Disaster Zone

Guards at whiteboard at Fukushima-1 main gateA man selflessly cares for the animals left behind after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, despite possible health risks. These animals would likely have died without his help; sign this petition to praise him for his hard work and nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Justice for 100+ Abused Animals Left to Die

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.09.57 PMMore than 100 animals were allegedly discovered starving to death, living in complete darkness, and covered in feces and urine in a woman’s home. The remains of ten dogs were found stuffed into a wheelbarrow. If convicted, ensure that this woman receives the strongest punishment under the law for this sickening crime.

Save Red Wolves from Extinction

red_wolf_stock_62_by_hotnstock-d5syqfbThere are only a hundred red wolves left in the United States, making them the most endangered wolf species. Protect these wolves from extinction by supporting their recovery program.

Save Marine Animals of the Great Barrier Reef

267483-1428450637-wideMagnificent fish, invertebrates, and other marine animals are threatened by plans to dredge the world’s largest coral reef. We must stand up for this beautiful and imperiled ecosystem before it’s too late. Urge Australia to protect the Great Barrier Reef today.

Shut Down Animal Testing Lab Accused of Abuse

A monkey testing lab in Florida regularly performs procedures that subject its animals to tremendous amounts of torture, according to accusations. Urge the government to close the facility once and for all.