Recent Petitions

Ban Use of Live Animal Mascots in Schools

800px-Mike_the_Tiger_in_waterLive animal mascots are still used by schools to promote school spirit, but these animals are often abused and mistreated. Stop this heinous practice by signing this petition.

Success: Tiger Temple Closed Down

800px-Wat_Phra_Luang_Ta_BuaAn unethical tiger facility was shut down for rampant animal abuse and improper equipment. Thank the government for ending the suffering of these animals and sending the tigers to proper sanctuaries.

End University’s Cruel, Irresponsible Animal Research

animal researchExpansion of a university’s animal testing facilities will only cause more innocent creatures to suffer. Demand an end to its animal research program.

Thank Mattel for Canceling SeaWorld Barbie

800px-Killerwhales_jumpingMattel has cancelled a partnership with SeaWorld and will no longer be producing SeaWorld Trainer Barbie. Applaud Mattel for taking a stand against the abuse of dolphins and whales in captivity.

Fire Trainer Accused of Whipping Horse on the Face

800px-LayingDown.jpg horseVideo footage allegedly shows a trainer whipping a horse repeatedly on the body and on the face. Tell the school’s owner to fire this trainer immediately for allegedly abusing an innocent horse.

Support Creation of Animal Abuse Registry

800px-FEMA_-_38417_-_Dogs_at_a_shelter_for_displaced_pets_in_TexasTennessee needs the governor’s signature to create an animal abuse registry. Tell the governor to support this endeavor, as it would protect animals and humans from harm.

Stop Skinning Snakes Alive for Fashion

green-mamba-174351_640Snakes and other reptiles are dying agonizing deaths to make high-end products for the fashion industry. Help ban this hideously cruel practice and stop killing these animals for the sake of vanity.

Viral Video of Cop Shooting Family Dog Shows Need to Properly Train Police

rottweiler by Dr. Manfred Herrmann AllgemeinerA viral video shows a cop shooting a dog when he jumped a fence onto a property. Demand police find other ways to stay safe without killing animals.

Justice for Dogs Injected with Acid

The_Ancient_Indian_Dog_BreedDogs are being injected with caustic substances and left on the streets to suffer until they die as part of an effort to reduce stray dog populations. Demand that this barbaric practice is stopped immediately and that a plan is implemented to humanely address the issue.

Stop Torturing Geese for Down

geeseA major retail store uses suppliers that torture geese to collect their down feathers, which is an inhumane practice that many other stores have distanced themselves from. Sign this petition to put an end to ripping feathers from live geese and urge the store to adopt suppliers that use a more humane practice.

Enforce Protection of Hammerhead Sharks

HammerheadThe exportation of hammerhead shark fins has been approved in Costa Rica. By choosing profit over the well-being of the hammerhead population, many sharks are being target and killed every day. Act now to help save the hammerhead shark.

Punish Man Accused of Selling Baby Orangutan

3539380A man in Indonesia was arrested for allegedly attempting to illegally sell a baby orangutan. The man is reported to be a leader in illicit animal trading, and has trade connections throughout Indonesia. Help convict this man and bring justice to countless wildlife.

Man Who Allegedly Threw Dogs Into Traffic Must be Prosecuted

happy dogA man arrested on animal cruelty charges for allegedly throwing dogs into traffic should not be given any sympathy. Demand he be punished to the fullest extent of the law if found guilty.

Don’t Force Animals to Perform in Circuses

800px-„Hattie“_the_elephant_and_Bill_SnyderDespite many advancements in circus animal welfare, countless animals are still cruelly forced to perform in circuses across the U.S. Please help prevent the torture of circus animals by banning the practice.

Applaud Rescue of Black Bear Family From Death

Black_bear_cubs_(6845386982)A mother bear and her four cubs have been saved from execution. Petitions and public outcry convinced the governor to step in and save the animals from euthanization. Thank you for caring and working to save this family.

Help Former Lab Animals Find Loving Homes

628x471Nevada laboratories now have the option to adopt their animals after testing, but a senator is aiming to make it a requirement. Applaud him for working to make the world a better place for animals, and support his efforts by signing the petition today.

Applaud Push for Police to Have Dog Encounter Training

6961552997_9baa2f7462_zPolice in Texas may soon be required to receive dog encounter training that seeks to protect the animals thanks to a newly introduced bill. Sign here to thank the legislators who introduced the law and are looking out for man’s best friend.

Praise Tougher Laws on Bestiality

sheepDenmark toughened up its laws on bestiality to combat animal-sex tourism. Praise this push for more protection of Denmark’s animals.

Applaud Efforts to Help Abused Animals

pitbull22n-6-webLaw enforcement are often unequipped to handle animal abuses cases and are not properly trained to detect the signs of animal abuse or neglect. Support the current efforts being made in New York to help train officers in animal welfare.

Thank Billy Joel for Saving Elephant Lives

800px-African_Elephant_walkingSinger and songwriter Billy Joel has joined a campaign to raise awareness on the illegal poaching of elephants. Sign this petition and thank this musician for saving the lives of elephants.