Recent Petitions

Praise Arrest of Man Who Shot a Family Pet

NATCHEZ_300A man has been charged with felony animal cruelty after shooting a farm dog in the face on a hunting trip. Thank law enforcement officials for their quick apprehension of the heartless shooter.

Praise Pet Store’s Anti-Cruelty Stance

800px-CorgiRunningA pet store chain has vowed to end its partnership with cruel puppy mills and only sell dogs rescued by animal aid organizations. Praise the move, which will save hundreds of dogs annually from euthanasia.

Praise PSA Protesting Animal Entertainment Industry

lionA popular musician recently called for the boycott of cruel animal entertainment attractions such as SeaWorld and Ringling Bros. in a new public service announcement. Praise him for using his celebrity to help suffering show animals.

Stop Bulldozing Tiger Homes

result (5)Tigers and other endangered rainforest animals are losing their habitat to rampant deforestation. Tell a major money manager to stop funding the loggers and bulldozers.

End Barbaric Dog Meat Trade

dogThe dog meat industry in Southeast Asia is still operating despite efforts to shut it down. Help put an end to this cruel industry and to the consumption of dog by signing the petition.

Stop Harassment and Abuse of Captive Elephants

elephant zooElephants at a popular zoo are harassed and abused by herding dogs. The elephants are afraid when chased by the dogs, posing a threat to their trainers. Demand that this cruel and unusual treatment of elephants be put to an end.

Save the Home of Endangered Ocelots and Jaguars

result (4)Jaguars and ocelots are on the brink of extinction in the American Southwest. Save these endangered wild cats from a destructive mine that could wipe out their last remaining habitat.

Fire Teacher for Snapping Rabbit’s Neck in Class

rabbitA teacher snapped a rabbit’s neck and butchered it in front of his students for a lesson about how food is processed. Urge the school district to fire this teacher for his cruel actions.

Stop the Use of Animals in Circuses

circus tigerScotland is considering a ban on using animals in circuses after news of big cats being kept in inadequate cages emerged. Sign this petition to support this ban and help circus animals.

Applaud Successful Whale Rescue

789px-False_killer_whale_890002A young whale was recently brought back from the brink of death by veterinarians and researchers at the Vancouver Aquarium’s rescue center. Thank the staff for their hard work.

Demand Improvements at Squalid Animal Shelter

shelterdogIndiana’s largest animal shelter is in critical need of funds to improve its horrible conditions. Animals that arrive sick or wounded are often euthanized right away due to the lack of resources. Urge the mayor to push for funds that are so desperately needed to care for these animals.

Fire Workers Who Severely Abused Dairy Cows

cowdairyEmployees caught kicking, beating, and mutilating dairy cows will not face legal ramifications because an attorney on the case did not think charges were warranted. Now, punishment lies solely in the hands of the dairy farm’s owner. Sign this petition to demand that the owner fire these employees for their callous actions.

Demand Species Recovery Plan for Endangered Wolves

1024px-Mexican_wolf_loungingA coalition of conservation groups recently sued the government agency responsible for the delay in creating a plan for the recovery of Mexican gray wolves in the wild. Thank them for demanding that the agency abide by its obligation to complete a scientific recovery plan for these critically endangered wolves.

Applaud Efforts to Protect Endangered Species

liberiaMany animal and plant species in Liberia will soon be protected from hunting and harvesting if a newly introduced bill passes into law. Applaud the nation for ensuring its diverse flora and fauna can regain stability.

Save the Last Right Whales from Extinction

result (1)Only 450 highly endangered North Atlantic right whales exist anywhere in the world. Demand protection for these imperiled gentle giants before they go extinct.

Success: Panthers Saved from Destructive Oil Drilling

Florida panther saved from oil and gas drilling operationThe endangered Florida panther is no longer threatened by a destructive oil and gas company whose operations were just a mile from this creature’s wildlife refuge. Thank a local grassroots organization for defending Florida’s local environment and precious wildlife.

Thank Animal Shelter for Removing Barbaric Gas Chamber

shelter dogBarbaric gas chambers once used to euthanize unwanted animals are finally being phased out in favor of more humane methods. Sign this petition to thank one animal shelter for its efforts to make the gas chamber obsolete.

Stop University’s Cruel Experiments on Cats

cat-205603_640A university still experiments on live cats for training purposes despite the fact that this cruel practice is outdated and unnecessary. Urge the university’s president to immediately implement humane alternatives, such as human-based methods, in all its medical programs.

Save Wolves from Imminent Extinction

White_polar_arctic_wolf_on_snowWisconsin’s wolves are rapidly approaching extinction due to aggressive hunting, trapping and poaching. Urge officials to follow scientists’ recommendations that wolves be immediately relisted as endangered so they can receive the federal protection needed to save them from imminent extinction.

Stop Abusive Tiger Tourism

585px-Tiger_Temple_(6032441172)Tigers are being confined to small cages and hit with sticks at a cruel tourist attraction. Don’t let these magnificent animals continue to suffer abuse for profit.