Recent Petitions

Stop the Abuse and Torture of Turkeys

turkey-49677_640Turkeys are being mutilated, dropped, and cruelly killed by a major poultry company. Tell the company CEO that this extreme abuse is unacceptable.

Applaud the Elimination of Bee-Killing Pesticides

600px-Beatrice_the_Honey_Bee_(7836716730)A recent decision to ban bee-killing pesticides throughout U.S. National Wildlife Refuge Lands is a huge step in recovering decimated bee populations. Support the Fish and Wildlife Service’s progressive decision to eliminate the use of deadly pesticides.

Denounce Approval of Atlantic Oil Exploration

1986_beached_whales_in_Flinders_Bay_(2)The survival of endangered dolphins, whales, and sea turtles is severely threatened by resumed oil exploration in the Atlantic Ocean. Oil industry methods are highly detrimental to sea life, causing hearing loss and even death. Demand a reinstatement of the Atlantic offshore drilling ban.

Ban Cruel Practice of Permanent Dog Tethering

Tethered DogNeglectful pet owners often leave their dogs chained up outside their entire lives, depriving them of vital physical exercise and forcing them to suffer severe weather conditions. Urge government representatives to ban cruel tethering practices immediately.

Save Endangered Red Wolves from Poachers

571204-1405060910-mainOnly 100 red wolves remain in the wild, and now these last survivors are threatened by poaching. Demand better protections to help red wolves thrive in their natural habitat once more.

End Dangerous Drunken Party Nights Held at a Zoo

TigerA zoo currently offers dangerous late-night party events despite numerous reports of reckless and dangerous behavior by drunken visitors. Demand zoo officials put the wellbeing and safety of their animals ahead of monetary gain and permanently cancel these reckless events.

Praise Mall for Protecting Dogs Left in Cars

3556210704_cac5001513_mA mall in Nova Scotia has assigned a security team to keep owners from locking their pets in cars during the summer months. Thank mall personnel for keeping animals safe from neglectful owners.

Demand Daily Deal Site Cancel Cruel Circus Promotions

RinglingPopular online deal site LivingSocial continues to promote two circuses despite knowledge of their long history of animal abuse. Tell LivingSocial to cancel their promotional offers for these cruel circuses.

Stop Exotic Pet Industry

exotic animals are not petsThe world of exotic animal trade poses many needless dangers to people, the animals involved, and the environment with which these animals come in contact. Sign this petition and demand an end to this appalling trade industry before any further damage can be done.

Denounce Zoo for Taking Chimpanzees to Movies for Publicity Stunt

ChimpanzeeTaking chimpanzees to the movies and letting them consume unnatural foods and drinks is negligent and disturbing. Tell Myrtle Beach Safari that you disapprove of their actions.

Stop Turtle Poaching

Common_Snapping_Turtle,_femalePoachers are taking turtles from the wild and illegally selling them in North America, Europe and Asia. They are able to do this partly because of weak protections for wild turtles. Take action to save turtles from poachers.

Don’t Allow Cosmetic Company to Resume Animal Testing

Lab_animal_careAfter priding itself on animal-free testing methods, cosmetic company Revlon reversed its testing policies in order to sell its products in countries that require animal testing. Urge Revlon to stop prioritizing profit over the humane treatment of innocent animals.

Applaud Rachael Ray’s Campaign to Increase Cat Adoptions

Rachael Ray Gives Shelter Cats MakeoversMany cats remain caged in shelters, unable to be adopted due to their scraggly and scrawny appearance. Please thank talk show host Rachael Ray for using a photo campaign to improve conditions in shelters, deliver better food to cats, and increase the number of cats that can find a home.

Save White Rhino Sanctuary from Coal Mine Pollution

White RhinosA coal mine is scheduled to open near the outskirts of a white rhino sanctuary, threatening the health of wildlife and local residents alike. Demand that the coal mine cease operations and help preserve this pristine habitat.

Shut Down County Fair’s Cruel Animal Chase

rabbit in handAnimals are released in an arena, chased, and terrified by small children who then get to keep the animals as prizes, at an annual event. Not only is this event illegal, but it is cruel and inhumane. Please sign this petition to shut down this animal chase.

Protect Crucial Marine Life from Overfishing

Pacific SardinesIndustrial overfishing has led to a population collapse among marine life that has devastated species such as pelicans and sea otters. Act now to protect sensitive ecosystems from the threat of overfishing.

Thank State for Protecting Camels

Camels_at_GizaOne Indian state is enacting protections for its camels, a species whose global population has declined by 40 percent in 10 years. Thank Rajasthan for protecting this iconic creature.

Stop Airport from Ruthlessly Poisoning Birds

568px-Carduelis_spinus_female_in_Falköping_2262An airport has been administering toxic compounds to unwanted birds in the area, causing prolonged and agonizing deaths. Urge airport management to seek nonlethal measures of pest control and stop subjecting birds to unjust torture.

Stop the Smuggling of Cheetah Cubs

CheetahCheetah cubs are being snatched from their mothers and smuggled to the Middle East to be sold as status symbol pets. Urge government officials to end this inhumane trade and save these magnificent creatures from extinction.

Provide Manatees With a Permanent Sanctuary

Manatee_at_Sea_World_Orlando_Mar_10Every year, thousands of tourists put the manatee at risk by invading its natural habitat. By signing this petition, you are calling for a permanent sanctuary for these peaceful creatures.