Recent Petitions

Justice for Rabbit Bludgeoned to Death on Live Radio

Pet_Bunny_3_2013-08-22A nine-week-old rabbit was allegedly clubbed to death on live radio in a misguided attempt to make a statement about killing animals for food. Please support this petition to punish the individual responsible for this callous act.

Justice for Dogs Who Starved to Death

img_3919A woman was allegedly found with four dead dogs and an emaciated one in her home. Please support this petition so that if the woman is found guilty, she will be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

Applaud Wildlife Crossing Under Dangerous Highway

Highway 37, CaliforniaWildlife will no longer need to risk their lives to cross a busy highway due to a project that has restored an old underpass into a wildlife passage. Praise this progressive project that will save the lives of wild animals and drivers.

Commend Efforts to Save Endangered Species

Vaquita4_Olson_NOAAMore than 200 aquariums, oceanariums, and zoos worldwide are partnering to rescue 10 endangered species every year at each of their facilities. Commend the association’s efforts to protect animals and save them from extinction.

Animals Reportedly Living in Feces at Former Veterinarian’s Home Deserve Justice

shelter dog by nhandlerMore than 60 animals were removed from the home of a former veterinarian when they were allegedly found in horrendous conditions. Urge authorities to charge the woman with animal cruelty.

Justice For Rabbit Bashed in the Head By Radio Host

allan the rabbit by radio24syvA radio host in Denmark killed a rabbit on the air by bashing it with a bicycle pump and wringing its neck. Demand the host be removed from his position

Save Animals From Abuse and Diet of Trash at Shanghai Zoo

fallow deer by Johann-Nikolaus AndreaeThree more animals have died at the Shanghai Zoo from eating trash. Demand that Chinese authorities close the zoo down and re-home the animals.

Ban Abusers From Working With Animals

Abused Chickens on FarmAlthough several animals have been abused on North Carolina farms, fired workers are able to simply move on to the next job. Sign this petition and urge lawmakers to make a law that would prohibit these sick animal abusers from ever working with animals again.

Stop Trapping Endangered Wildlife in National Park

Max, A Chimpanzee that Lost Both Legs to Snare TrapsChimpanzees and other imperiled animals are dying agonizing deaths in snare traps planted in a national park. Demand that harsher penalties be given to anyone caught using these demonic devices.

Urge Pig Farm to End Animal Cruelty

pigsAnimal abuse has been reported at a Colorado pig farm, but the employees allegedly responsible were only terminated rather than tried as criminals. Demand that employees of this company face criminal charges if any animal abuse is reported and that video monitoring of the employees on the farm become mandatory.

Prevent Animal Deaths From Fires at Pet Store

pet store by NWevurskiA pet store in Kansas caught fire recently and all of the small mammals and birds were killed. Urge the company to devise a fire prevention plan to prevent this from happening in the future.

Applaud Police for Preventing Animal Deaths

stray dogs by columbo222Police in the United Arab Emirates are fitting stray animals with glow-in-the-dark vests to prevent accidents at night. Thank them for taking this safety precaution and preventing animal deaths.

Stop Postponing Animal Abuse Trial

Polski_Owczarek_PodhalanskiTwo alleged animal abusers have had their criminal trials postponed numerous of times. Please sign this petition to ask that their trial not get postponed again.

Support Plan to Save America’s Bees

516px-Anthidium_September_2007-2Threatened bee populations may soon receive the federal assistance necessary to rescue them from extinction. Applaud the government’s efforts to save America’s bees.

Don’t Kill Exotic Animals in Sanctuary

Wild Animal Sanctuary, Keenesburg, COExotic animals living in a rescue sanctuary may soon be unnecessarily killed. Help make sure they are given a new home instead of being put to death.

Stop Hunting Endangered Wildlife in China

gazelle by Thomas MuellerA police chief in China is accused of hunting endangered wildlife. Demand he be sent to prison if he is found guilty.

Save Animals From Floods in Texas and Oklahoma

flood by nick carsonFlash-flooding continues in Texas and Oklahoma as the area was hit with record-setting rain. Urge President Obama to send help not just for people, but also the animals affected.

Do Not Trap Wildlife on Protected Lands

Body Gripping TrapIt is currently legal to trap and kill animals on lands that are deemed as national refuges. Sign this petition and urge lawmakers to support a potential law that would make this illegal.

Don’t Kill Free-Roaming Dogs

bali-2011-a-257Thousands of homeless dogs are about to be exterminated. Urge officials to stop the brutal execution of free-roaming dogs.

Applaud Organization for Rescuing and Releasing Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle in FlightA bald eagle is now flying free after being rehabilitated by a reputable rescue organization. Please sign this petition to thank them for everything they do to help these beautiful raptors.