Recent Petitions

Expand Overcrowded Animal Shelter

dogAn animal shelter is being forced to euthanize animals after only 72 hours due to limited space. Encourage the mayor of Kenansville to finally build a bigger shelter to save more lives.

Stop Victoria’s Secret Testing on Animals

800px-DraizeTest-PETAVictoria’s Secret has broken its promise not to test its products on animals by expanding to China, which requires animal testing for some cosmetic products sold within the country. Urge Victoria’s Secret to stop testing on innocent animals.

End Dolphin Abuse at Hotel

DolphinDolphins living at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas lack shade to keep them cool in the desert heat and show signs of stress-related health problems. Demand that the director of animal care put the health and safety of the animals before profits.

Remove Live Donkeys from Nativity Scene

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA donkey in a nativity scene had to be euthanized after being severely injured by a man sitting on it to take a photo. Demand that live animals be removed from the nativity scene and that prop animals be used instead.

Applaud Ban on Animal Circuses

elephantA ban on animal circus performances and pony rides at fairs will soon be implemented by a Spanish city. Applaud the move, which will withdraw support from an industry rampant with abuses.

Approve Conviction of Neglectful Alpaca Ranch Owner

800px-AlpacasAn alpaca ranch owner has been found guilty for neglecting his herd. Please sign this petition to show that you approve of his conviction.

Save Endangered Wildlife

result (13)Endangered species, from wolves to polar bears to panthers, are under attack from industry. Don’t open up endangered animal habitat to logging, oil drilling, and other destructive activities.

Save Big Cats from Life Behind Bars

result (12)Big cats need space to roam in a natural habitat, and should not be held captive in private collections. Help free lions, tigers, and other wild felines from lives of cruel imprisonment.

Create Sanctuary for Endangered Ringed Seals

Ringed SealOil companies are fighting against an Arctic sanctuary meant to protect endangered ringed seals. Tell Congress to not give these companies access to their precious habitats.

Thank Good Samaritans for Rescuing Abandoned Dogs

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.27.39 PMSeveral abused dogs and puppies were abandoned on the streets, found by local residents, and brought back to health. Please sign this petition to thank these concerned citizens for rescuing these animals in need.

Stop Cruel Puppy Farming in Europe

puppyAlthough puppy farming is very prevalent in Europe, there are many dedicated animal rights activists working to end this horrific industry for good. Sign this petition and support animal rights activists as they fight to end puppy farming.

Success: Mountain Lions Saved from Isolation

California mountain lionA mountain lion population has resorted to inbreeding because a dangerous freeway isolates them from other populations. Applaud a new plan to create a safe wildlife passage over and under this busy highway and save these big cats’ future.

Success: Endangered Wildcat Receives Conservation Funding

Scottish wildcatThe Scottish wildcat, Britain’s last large mammal predator, is dangerously close to extinction. Thank a generous donor for funding this majestic creature’s conservation plan.

Save African Giraffes from Extinction

Giraffe_Ithala_KZN_South_Africa_Luca_Galuzzi_2004Increased poaching has decimated the African giraffe population over the past 15 years. Encourage African governments to unite and create stricter policies against poaching to save this beloved species.

Stop Rhino Horn Trafficking

Rhino_2Illegal rhino horn trading has increased dramatically and is putting the entire species at risk of extinction. African governments must do more to stop rhino horn trafficking before this magnificent animal disappears forever.

Applaud Restaranteur for Dropping Cruel Duck Supplier

800px-Foie_gras_-_gavage_in_Rocamadour,_FranceA foie gras producer has been abusing its animals, allowing them to suffer in filthy cages. Applaud a chef who has removed the supplier from his restaurant to ensure that his food is humanely sourced.

Applaud Ban on Inhumane Gas Chambers

Shelter dogGas chambers are a brutal and inhumane way to euthanize animals in animal shelters. Sign this petition and applaud the ban on gas chambers in North Carolina.

Applaud Ban on Cruel Elephant Bullhooks

Circus elephants are routinely subjected to painful punishments like being prodded and stabbed with inhumane ‘bullhooks.’ Thank Oakland for taking action to ban this cruel practice.

Save Wolverines from Hunting and Trapping

wolverineThere are no more than 300 wild wolverines left in the United States. Help make the trapping and poisoning of wolverines illegal, and secure a brighter future for these rapidly dwindling animals.

Send Abused Bears to Sanctuary

blackbearFive Himalayan black bears are being held in a concrete pit by a store owner. Urge the owner to release these bears to a sanctuary where they will live in better conditions.