Recent Petitions

Punish Women Who Committed Sickening Animal Cruelty

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.29.05 PMMore than 100 animals were discovered living in unsanitary and unsafe conditions without adequate food, water, shelter or veterinary care. As a result, many of the animals had serious health problems and were starving. Demand the full penalty for the women who committed this horrific act of animal cruelty.

Success: Conservation Efforts Made to Save Critically Endangered Leopard

leopardThe critically endangered Amur Leopard has been facing the risk of extinction for the past decade. Praise the World Wildlife Fund for its efforts to help save Amur Leopards and boost their numbers so that they can thrive once more.

Praise Dismissal of Firefighter Who Allegedly Shot Dogs

GoldenRetrieverSnowA volunteer firefighter who allegedly shot his neighbors’ dogs and bragged about it on social media has been dismissed. Applaud the fire department for not tolerating these callous actions.

Shut Down Abusive Zoo and Ban Owners from Having Animals

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 7.58.16 PMMore than 100 animals were recently rescued from a private zoo that had the creatures in cramped and unsanitary living conditions where they were also underfed and not given proper veterinary care. Permanently shut down the zoo and ban its owners from ever having animals again.

Don’t Remove Ban on Using Dogs to Hunt Foxes

FoxhuntHunters are pushing to lift a ban that would once again allow them to use several dogs for the purpose of brutally mutilating foxes. Sign this petition, and demand this ban stays in place.

Thank Crew for Rescuing Humpback Whale

Humpback_stellwagen_editA crew risked their lives to save a humpback whale entangled in several hundreds of feet of heavy fishing lines. Please sign this petition to thank them for their successful efforts and continued dedication to rescue whales.

Thank Woman for Saving Manatees Stuck in Storm Drain

sweet faceA marine biologist recently rescued of 19 manatees that were trapped in a storm drain. Praise her for her kindness and resourcefulness.

Stop Killing Pigeons for Entertainment

pigeonAn animal rights group filmed the fatal shooting of hundreds of birds at a fundraising event. Guests were given the chance to shoot and kill live pigeons with a small fee, and some were seen on video kicking the wounded birds’ bodies after the shooting. Sign this petition to bring justice for the pigeons that were slaughtered.

Celebrate Conservation Success Story

Oregon chubThe Oregon chub has become the first fish ever to be removed from the Endangered Species List. Thanks to efforts from conservationists and organizations, the minnow no longer faces the threat of extinction. Support and applaud the hard work that saved the Oregon chub.

Stop Killing Dolphins with “Electro-Fishing”

dolphin“Electro-fishing” is a new and illegal fishing method that is destroying the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin population. Urge Myanmar’s president to crack down on this practice so the dolphins will be protected from harm.

Applaud Environmentally Conscious TV Series

1024px-Xiao_Liwu_im_San_Diego_Zoo_-_Foto_2A new, five-part PBS series explores the question of whether humans and wild animals can co-exist. Recognize “EARTH A New Wild” for demonstrating how humans can create mutually beneficial solutions for people and wild animals alike.

Stop Popular Dog Food Company from Killing Dogs

5907346108_3af9232f3a_mThousands of dogs were allegedly killed by eating food tainted with toxins. Urge the company responsible to stop making dog food with possibly life-threatening ingredients.

Save Whales from Underwater Missiles

682697-1424471922-wideUnderwater missiles and explosions threaten the survival of whales and other marine life. Stop the Navy from moving forward with dangerous plans that put majestic marine animals at risk.

Save Seals from Oil Drillers

181991-1424384283-wideBeautiful and imperiled ringed seals are threatened by plans to drill for oil in their Arctic habitat. Protect seals and the fragile ecosystem they depend on from a catastrophic oil spill.

Fire Man for Brutally Abusing Dolphins

Dolphins Being TrainedVice President Jose Barbero of the Georgia Aquarium was caught on video abusing dolphins at his former job, screaming at them and spitting on them as “training” techniques. Sign the petition and demand Barbero be fired, immediately.

Fire Forest Rangers for Selling Endangered Animals to Restaurant

800px-Tree_PangolinMore than 40 endangered animals were sold to restaurants by forest rangers for personal profit. Demand that these officials, who have shown blatant disregard for their duties, be fired immediately.

Stop Dog Breeding Boom in Zimbabwe

dog breedingZimbabweans are turning to dog breeding to cope in difficult economic times. Unfortunately, they often lack the resources to care for their animals and they consequently end up abandoned. Sign this petition urge the president to implement harsher penalties to discourage illegal breeding operations.

Prevent Suffering of Baby Chicks

Chicken_eggsResearchers have found a way to avoid grinding up live baby chicks by determining their sex before they hatch, which allows the egg hatcheries to repurpose the eggs before they hatch or can feel any pain. Sign this petition and show your support for egg gender testing.

End the Use of Monkeys in Film

Capuchin MonkeyCapuchin monkeys will be pulled from their home and flown across continents for use as entertainment in the new Pirates of the Caribbean films. Urge the production team to end the use of exotic animals as entertainment.

Ban Cruel and Dangerous Rodeo Practice

Charreria_en_la_feria_del_Mole_03Utah is considering a ban on the roping and tripping of horses, a cruel practice which can result in severe injury and death. Sign the petition to support the ban, saving thousands of animals annually from the fear and pain of horse roping.