Recent Petitions

Reject Park that Allows Visitors to Eat and Watch Dolphins Simultaneously

dolphinAn official in Taiji, Japan, infamous for its annual dolphin slaughter, recently announced plans to build a water park that will allow visitors to simultaneously eat and watch dolphins. Ensure this deplorable plan does not go through by signing the petition today.

Applaud Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics

800px-DraizeTest-PETAIndia has created a completely cruelty-free cosmetics market by banning animal testing and the import of animal-tested cosmetics. Applaud the move, which will force producers to switch to humane methods.

Demand Better Protection for Zoo Animals

Tasmanian devilA Tasmanian devil was brutally murdered at a zoo by a zoo employee or a park guest. Because the enclosure does not have video surveillance, discovering the murderer will be very difficult. Urge the zoo to enhance security around the park to ensure this tragedy does not happen again.

Punish Man for Brutally Murdering Wolves

howlingwolfA self-proclaimed ‘wolf hater’ injured and murdered wolves with his van, then put up pictures and a description of the incident online. Whether or not this man will be justly punished remains to be seen. Demand justice for the wolves and a harsh sentencing for the guilty man.

Urge Councilman to Take Responsibility for Death of Dogs

Shelter DogsForty-five dogs in a hoarding situation were tragically killed in a fire on a Nevada councilman’s rental property. Urge the councilman to take responsibility for what happened on his property, and to help strengthen hoarding regulations in his state.

Stop Annual Wolf Hunt

14809273143_40ae0d4718_mThe annual Wisconsin wolf hunt will wipe out nearly half of the once-endangered grey wolf population in the area. Protect the wolves of Wisconsin now.

Applaud Creation of Ape Sanctuary

Cross River GorillaA sanctuary has been created for the critically endangered Cross River gorilla, Thank the prime minister for making this refuge official and caring for the welfare of these animals.

Remember Deceased Rare White Rhino

White RhinoRemember Suni, one of the last northern white rhinos, who passed away recently. Pledge to fight for the protection and care for the remaining six of his kind.

Praise Proposal to Ban Bestiality

13993987993_a728e56cab_qAfter decades of pressure from animal rights groups, Denmark has finally decided to criminalize bestiality. Thank officials for making plans to put a stop to legalized cruelty.

Demand Justice for Mistreated Animals at Sanctuary

Dog cageMore than a year after one of the worst cases of animal cruelty and neglect in Washington’s history, the perpetrator has yet to have charges filed against him. Demand justice now for the 124 animals he tortured.

Praise Domestic Violence Shelter for Adding Pet-Friendly Housing

Woman-and-DogVictims of domestic violence will be able to bring their pets with them as they start a new life, thanks to a program that provides housing for victims and their animals. Thank officials for offering a safe haven to people and pets alike through this lifesaving program.

Don’t Allow the Public to Unknowingly Fund the Slaughter of Wolves

wolfA ‘wolf stamp’ has been proposed to raise funds for wolf-related programs in Montana, but the proposal’s current wording would allow the public to unknowingly fund the slaughter of wolves rather than their protection. Urge officials to revise the proposal to ensure the project is used solely for the benefit of wolves.

Support Ban Against Bestiality

Sad DogThe abhorrent and cruel practice of bestiality may finally come to an end in Denmark, thanks to one official’s work. Sign this petition and support the efforts to outlaw this cruel practice.

Punish Caretakers Who Murdered Dogs

Dog with Anxious EyesMore than 20 dogs suffered heat exhaustion and died after the kennel attendants neglected to care for the animals. Urge the prosecuting attorney to punish these abusers so the dogs’ families can receive closure.

Support Exotic Animal Display Ban

lionThe display of wild and exotic animals may soon be banned in a Florida city, thanks to the efforts of a local animal rights organization. Sign this petition and support the efforts to ban wild and exotic animal displays.

Stop Cruel Animal Sacrifice Festival

Gadhimai_Temple_(2)Half a million innocent animals will be killed as religious sacrifices at a Nepalese festival in November. Please sign this petition to prevent the cruel mass slaughter of these animals.

Protect Pigs from Cruelty and Neglect

download (58)Farm animals are being abused and neglected during transportation, due to inhumane and outdated laws. Urge government officials to enforce stricter regulations and ensure that cruelty of this kind does not occur in the future.

Protect Imperiled Harbor Porpoises

Harbor PorpoiseHarbor porpoises lack the proper protection from fishing, noise pollution, and climate change. Urge the immediate establishment of protected waters to ensure these animals are here to stay into the future.

Save Bears and Mountain Lions from Development

166172-1408554078-wideA pristine mountain range home to bears, mountain lions, and countless other animals is threatened by rapid urban expansion. Help save this wild place from development and preserve precious wildlife habitat for years to come.

Applaud Protection of Ebola Patient’s Dog

ebola dogAn Ebola patient’s dog will remain in safe keeping rather than be killed out of fear that the animal contracted the deadly virus. Applaud this decision to let the dog live to see its owner once she is healed.