Recent Petitions

Demand Justice for Abused Stud Horse

3765084740_d10d3dca2a_zA severely ill and injured stud horse at an equine facility was discovered lying in his own excrement. The owners of the facility will not give a clear answer as to why the horse wasn’t cared for until recently. Sign this petition to demand the local sheriff’s department to investigate this case and get justice for the neglected horse.

End High-Kill Animal Shelters

shelterHomeless animals are being needlessly euthanized at an incredible rate. Praise the passing of a law that might put high-kill shelters out of business.

Protect Animal Victims of Domestic Violence

puppyAnimals may no longer have to stay in dangerous or inadequate living situations due to divorce or domestic violence in Alaska if an important bill passes. Applaud and support this compassionate movement by signing this petition.

Applaud Decision to Protect Wild Horses

Wild horses in NevadaWild horses in Nevada will no longer suffer from government captures and inhumane holding facilities. Thank the Department of Agriculture for agreeing to protect and humanely manage wild horse herds.

Shut Down Inhumane Poultry Producer

Florida_chicken_houseA major poultry producer has been accused of allowing animal cruelty to continue even after a court found it guilty of 20 animal cruelty charges. Demand that a federal investigation be opened into the allegations and that, if found guilty, the supplier is shut down.

Reject False Claim That Oil Spill Caused No Lasting Damage

washing oiled gannetThe devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues to threaten marine wildlife five years later. Demand an end to company claims that the Gulf has fully recovered.

Support Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.20.18 PMAnimals need protection from neglect and abuse, and one city is moving forward with a plan to provide this much-needed help. Please sign this petition to support the proposed law.

Praise Prosecution of Couple Who Tortured Animals to Death for Snuff Films

2554668884_756b67652f_oTwo people who made films of kittens and puppies being tortured to death will face federal prosecution thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court that filming live animals being crushed under shoes and chopped up with meat cleavers is not protected by the First Amendment. Sign the petition to praise this action.

Support Harsher Punishments for Animal Abusers

800px-LeonaaAnimal abuse has risen tremendously in Peru, and currently, abusers are only punished with negligible fines. Support harsher punishments for people who mistreat animals.

Applaud Former SeaWorld Trainer for Defending Orcas

Orca_dic_08-2Abused whales at SeaWorld may get a chance at a better life thanks to a former trainer who is speaking out against the company’s treatment of its animals. Help spread his message and thank the trainer for speaking up on behalf of those without voices.

Success: Rat Trapped in Box by Artist Rescued

Cute RatFrench police officers recently rescued an animal from a cruel artist who intended on shooting it as part of an “art project.” Sign this petition to thank them for their swift and humane actions.

Success: Cruel Exotic Animal Displays Banned

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.53.52 PMThanks in part to the ForceChange community, exotic animals will soon be banned from being used as entertainment at a congested historic pier. Applaud the scheduled adoption of the ban and celebrate this positive step towards protecting the welfare of animals.

Ban Online Promotion of Animal Cruelty

Owner Abusing DogWhile animal abuse is illegal, posting inhumane pictures and videos that promote people abusing animals is not against the law. Sign this petition to make posting such grotesque images and videos illegal.

Demand Justice for 30 Slaughtered Elephants

1197013968_5381f3bcd1Thirty elephants were recently brutally slaughtered by ivory poachers in an African national park. Demand that increased security measures be implemented to ensure more elephants do not suffer.

Applaud Police for Sending Off Canine Hero with Full Honors

The Type of German Shepherd Used as a Police DogA terminally ill German Shepherd was given the same respects as a fallen officer as he was sadly led to his final destination. Sign this petition to thank the Oviedo, Florida Police Department for sending this canine hero off with the honors he truly deserved.

Success: Event that Abuses Turtles Canceled

snapping turtleAn event where contestants harass snapping turtles for entertainment has been cancelled. People would wrench their heads out of their necks and toss the terrified creatures around. Sign the petition to praise the cancellation of this event.

Ban Ownership of Pet Chimpanzees

Juvenile ChimpanzeeSome people own chimpanzees as pets, even though they are wild and dangerous animals that can pose many threats to humans. Sign this petition to call for tougher legislation against keeping these animals.

Protect Pets from Domestic Violence

2Pets are being used as tools of leverage and revenge in cases of domestic abuse and divorce. As of now, courts consider pets to be personal property just like any other material possession, leaving animals subject to mistreatment and neglect by abusers. Demand that pets be protected from abusers during domestic disputes.

Don’t Criminalize Feeding Stray Cats

3710085351_64ef585d86_oIt is now illegal to feed stray cats in Anaheim, California. Good-hearted citizens who do so have been threatened with fines and jail time. Sign the petition to strike down this cruel law.

Praise Former SeaWorld Trainer for Speaking Out

seaworldA former orca trainer at SeaWorld is speaking out against its inhumane treatment of their animals. Praise this trainer for his efforts to raise awareness in the face of pressure to remain silent.