Recent Petitions

Applaud Ban on Inhumane Gestation Crates

Gestation CratesA country is making positive steps towards banning cramped gestational crates for pigs. Sign this petition and applaud the country for taking animal welfare seriously, and providing sows with ethical living arrangements.

Keep Exotic Animals Out of the Circus

6037932136_650cedc3d7_qAn Ohio town has proposed an ordinance that would ban circuses and other events that use exotic animals. Help pass this bill and save more animals from a life in the circus now.

Success: Bee-Killing Pesticides Restricted

1024px-Western_honey_beeHarmful, bee-killing pesticides are being heavily restricted to protect the health of our pollinators, whose world-wide populations have been steadily declining due largely to these harmful chemicals. Support this monumental restriction to these deadly toxins.

Praise Animal Welfare Center for Gestation Crate Demonstration

pigMany farm animals are locked into cramped gestation crates where they cannot even move for months on end until they are finally slaughtered. Praise an animal welfare center for putting on a demonstration acquainting participants with this inhumane and cruel process.

Protect Domestic Pets from Becoming Food

Girl_and_catThe consumption of domestic pets as part of holiday meals is still prevalent within Switzerland. Sign this petition to demand that the Swiss Parliament protect these animals from becoming a festive feast.

End High School’s Annual Tiger Cub Purchase

3769263585_d6160890ca_mEvery year, an Ohio high school purchases a live tiger cub to serve as mascot for the football season. The cub is displayed at loud football events and then given away at the end of the season. Stop this exploitative tradition and help save tiger cubs from unnecessary abuse.

Praise Zoo’s Abandonment of Elephant Captivity Program

Uneven Match - Elephants of CoimbatoreThe captive elephant program at a major zoo will soon be phased out, and plans are in the works for the relocation of the remaining two elephants. Thank the zoo for ending its elephant program and urge them to send the elephants to a sanctuary where they can live more naturally and peacefully.

Applaud Capture of Elephant Poacher

African elephantA notorious elephant poacher has been detained and given a lengthy prison sentence. Applaud one of the organizations responsible for the capture of this elephant murderer.

Save Endangered Whales from Oil Spills

result (13)One of the world’s most endangered whale species is being put at further risk by plans to drill for oil in its habitat. Save North Atlantic right whales from the devastating impacts of a deadly oil spill.

Fire Teacher for Castrating Cat in Class

cat-519666_640A high school teacher castrated a cat without any anesthetic in his science class. Ask officials to fire this teacher to prevent any more cruel procedures on animals and set an example of no tolerance for animal cruelty.

Demand Harsher Punishments for Animal Abusers

mummy cowNumerous decayed, dead cows were found on a man’s farm. Instead of being charged with felony animal abuse, however, he was only served probation and community service. Sign this petition to demand that animal abuse be taken more seriously in the county where this atrocity occured.

Stop the Killing of Endangered Rhinos

result (12)Killing endangered species for sport is never acceptable, but two people want to import dead rhinos they killed while trophy hunting back into the the United States. Make sure permission to import these slaughtered animals is denied.

Thank Pet Store for Refusing to Sell Dogs from Puppy Mills

puppyDogs raised in puppy mills are often malnourished, neglected, and prone to illness. Thank Pets Plus for refusing to sell animals from these awful operations and turning many of its stores into adoption centers.

Encourage Businesses to Fund Animal Welfare Groups

dog in ShelterDevoted animal welfare groups in Singapore are experiencing financial difficulties as the number of shelter dogs and the costs to care for them continue to increase. Praise a new initiative urging businesses to financially support these struggling organizations, improving the lives of thousands of animals.

End Biased Ban on ‘Vicious’ Dog Breeds

400px-2009-04-21_APBT_pup_on_deckDiscriminatory breed-specific bans are being implemented in a Louisiana village, forcing dozens of Rottweilers and pit bulls to be surrendered or euthanized. Demand that the unfair and illogical bans be overturned immediately.

Stop Abandoning Animals in Parks

Cachorro-perroIrresponsible pet owners have been dumping unwanted animals in parks, where they are left to fend for themselves. Please sign this petition to stop more owners from committing this illegal act.

Praise Police Department for Working to Protect Animals

dogAnimal abuse is a serious crime, and a police department is working to ensure it can dole out harsher punishments to abusers. Praise the department for its efforts to help animals.

Criminalize Transporting Dogs in Pickup Trucks

13872523_9d2733442e_mMore than 100,000 dogs die each year while riding in the backs of pickup trucks, a practice that also endangers other drivers on the road. Put an end to this act of negligence and demand that it become illegal in all 50 states.

Investigate Animal Shelter After Accusations of Neglect

800px-Dalmata_CachorritaAn animal shelter has been accused of severely neglecting the very animals it should be taking care of. Please sign this petition to demand that the facilities be restored to a sanitary condition, giving the animals the attention that they need.

Praise Congressman for Working to Ban Animal Testing

Don_beyer_0211A federal ban on cosmetic animal testing may soon be passed in the United States thanks to the efforts of a compassionate congressman who has vowed to improve animal welfare in the country. Commend Congressman Don Beyer for his commitment to improving the lives of animals.