Recent Petitions

Outlaw Barbaric Roadside Zoos

450px-Edith,_PETAAnimal rights activists have proposed changes to current legislation that would effectively ban private ownership of wild animals and shut down cruel roadside zoos for good. Urge wildlife officials to enact the stricter regulations and help end animal slavery and exploitation.

Applaud Schoolchildren’s Book to Help Save Rhinos

1024px-Sumatran_rhinoceros_four_days_oldThe miraculous birth of a Sumatran baby rhino inspired this fifth grade class to write, illustrate, and design a book in honor of him. Thank these children for raising awareness of the toll of poaching on these critically endangered animals.

Success: Stricter Ivory Ban Implemented

450px-African_Elephant_Addo_National_ParkHeavy poaching of rhinos and elephants is forcing these threatened species toward extinction. It is becoming increasingly clear that poaching will not likely be stopped if the demand and sale of ivory cannot first be stemmed. Support action to reduce the sale of illegal ivory and rhino horn.

Praise Circus for Going Animal-Free

ElephantA circus has committed to hosting animal-free performances after receiving urgent requests from animal rights activists. Please thank the circus organizers for making this humane decision.

Ban Cruel Fur Farms

bobcatMontana is known as having the worst conditions on its fur farms due to lax regulation. Demand these horrific places be banned immediately.

Stop the Unjust Capture of a Mother Brown Bear

brown bear familyA brown bear mother is being unjustly hunted for attacking a man when he came too close to her cubs in a forest. She does not deserve to be persecuted for acting like any mother bear would under the circumstances. Urge authorities to call off the hunt and raise awareness about bear safety instead.

Let Wildlife Recover from Massive Oil Spill

731810-1406324740-widePelicans, dolphins, and other aquatic wildlife have still not recovered from the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Help give animals a chance to heal from this devastating environmental disaster.

Save Endangered Animals from Extinction

800px-Sumatran_Tiger_Berlin_TierparkTigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans are at risk of extinction due to development and deforestation. Your signature will demand government aid in halting the destruction of wildlife habitats.

Protect Manatees from Deadly Boat Collisions

Gentle manatees are at risk from deadly speed boat collisions and other threats. Help save these graceful aquatic mammals from danger.

Save Sea Lion Sanctuary

sea lionSea lions are at risk of being driven out of the natural habitat they depend on for survival. Please help prevent sea lions from losing their homes.

Success: New York Bans Ivory Sales

elephantsThe sale of ivory leads to tens of thousands of elephant deaths per year. Thankfully, New York has just banned the sale of ivory. Give New York your support and thanks.

Stop New Broiler Chicken Factory

ChickensChickens raised in a broiler chicken facility often experience unreasonable cruelties, including burnt lungs from the toxic ammonia they are forced to breath. A new broiler chicken facility with a capacity to raise 188,000 chickens has just been proposed. Sign the petition to stop the construction of this inhumane death trap.

Put an End to Government-Funded Bull Fights

Bull FightBullfighting is a barbaric and antiquated tradition. Sadly, the European Union continues to fund this ‘sport’ to the tune of $50 million per year and the death of over 40,000 bulls. Tell the European Union to put an end to this now.

Prosecute Men Who Kicked Squirrel Off Edge of Grand Canyon

grand canyonTwo men recorded themselves kicking a harmless squirrel over the edge of the Grand Canyon, but have yet to be charged for this blatant act of animal cruelty. Sign this petition to urge authorities to arrest the men responsible for this crime.

Save the Giant Anteater from Extinction

MyreslugerGiant anteater numbers are quickly declining due to habitat destruction and sport hunting. Support legislation that would protect this amazing, 25-million-year-old species.

Provide Aid to Suffering Zoo

Lion_waiting_in_NamibiaThe conflict in Gaza has spelled disaster for zoo animals, who have no access to food or water and are dying through starvation or as a result of violence. Demand that aid be sent so these animals can be fed, watered, and taken care of until the conflict has ended.

Close Down Cruel Fur Farm

Sable_skins_BargusinskiA large fur farm in Quebec is known for its notorious animal cruelty practices. Urge Quebec’s Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to finally intervene and shut down this farm once and for all.

Tell Zoo to Improve Animal Welfare

photos-of-emaciated-tiger-at-tianjin-zoo-spark-concern-among-netizensA popular zoo in China is under fire after photos of an emaciated tiger went viral. Tell the directors of this zoo to take rehabilitate this sickly animal by improving its animal welfare conditions.

Protect Endangered Black Spider Monkeys

3848375760_4c7ac6d515The black spider monkey is in danger of becoming extinct due to hunting and logging practices that are ruining its habitat. Sign this petition to call for authorities to create protected sanctuaries to provide safety for the monkeys and the rainforests they inhabit.

Stop Butchering Deer as a Form of Population Control populations are being controlled via bowhunting, an archaic technique that forces these gentle creatures to endure a long, painful death. Urge state officials to promote nonlethal population control methods and spare deer from agonizing deaths.