Recent Petitions

Punish Hunter Who Illegally Murdered Cecil the Lion

lion-by-peter-harrisonCecil the Lion was lured from his home, shot with a crossbow, then shot with a gun, beheaded and skinned. Punish the abhorrent person who did this when he or she is found.

Fund the Rebuilding of Ecosystems with Tourist Dollars

1280px-River_Adur-Rob-BeattieA group of environmentalists is striving to bring back endangered species by restoring ecosystems. Sign this petition and urge British officials to support their efforts by using a percentage of money made from tourism to help restore these precious habitats.

Stop Breeding Lions Just to Kill Them

Family picture of three lions. Taken in Masai Mara national park, southwest Kenya.Approximately 1,000 lions are bred to be killed each year on South African farms. Many more animals will be heartlessly murdered if something is not done to outlaw these inhumane places of death; urge South Africa’s president to ban all lion farms in his country.

Punish Teens Accused of Kicking Cat Like a Football

cat-by-abeerkahnA teenager allegedly kicked a cat into the air while another filmed the experienced and laughed. The cat suffered spine and rib damage that resulted in its death. Tell officials to find these alleged abusers and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

Praise Rescuers of Stranded Orca Whale

Orca_dorsalfin_NOAAAn orca whale was saved by rescuers after being stuck on a rock for hours. Please sign this petition to thank the rescuers for their noble efforts.

Save the Last Grizzly Bears From Mining Project

Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) with three cubsThe last 21 grizzly bears of the Cabinet Mountains could be wiped out if a massive mining operation is allowed to take place in the region. Sign our petition to support environmentalist efforts to block the mining company from stripping yet another essential ecosystem.

Investigate Escape of Numerous Research Monkeys

rhesus-by-marieke ijsendoorn-kuijperResearch monkeys have allegedly been escaping from their enclosures due to improperly locked cages at a medical center. The animals have sustained minor injuries from the escapes and one was missing for eleven days. The safety and security of these animals need to be fully investigated by the USDA.

Prevent Farm that Supplies Dogs for Testing from Being Built

beagle-by-juanelverdolagaPlans for a new farm to raise beagles for animal testing are moving forward. Allowing dogs to be bred and raised like supplies is deplorable; tell officials to stop this callous plan in its tracks by signing the petition.

Investigate Pet Store Accused of Selling Sick Animals

1024px-2009-08-16_Puppy_at_Duke_East_1A pet store came under fire after allegations of it selling sick animals went public. Please sign this petition to ask authorities to investigate the pet store and punish the owners if the claims prove true.

Don’t Murder Feral Cats

cat-by-benny-mazurAustralia recently announced a plan to shoot and poison 2 million feral cats who it says is eating its native species. Tell officials to not unnecessarily murder 2 million feral cats and instead consider more humane options.

Serial Dog Poisoner Must be Found and Punished

Dogs Running in the yard at Affectionate Pet Care-by-Kd RomeInnocent pets are being killed with rat poison and apples pierced by nails, sometimes in their own homes. Authorities have done little to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice, meaning more dogs are still in danger. Help local citizens in their efforts to stop this dog killer.

Stop Selling Dogs on Craigslist

dog-by-komu-newsCriminals are stealing dogs from owners’ yard and selling the poor animals for a big profit on Craigslist. Urge Craigslist to take action to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Don’t Destroy Eagle ‘Hot Spot’ for Corporate Development

Rappahannock_River_Justin_CritzerOne of the most beautiful parts of the United States is being primed for development by the greedy corporation that owns it. Sign here to protect this land, the tens of thousands of eagles that call it home, and the natural beauty of this country.

Arrest Man Reported to Have Let Animals Die on His Property

135_CA man was charged with animal cruelty after authorities received complaints from neighbors who allegedly found animal carcasses on his property. Please sign this petition to ensure that he gets arrested for allegedly abusing his animals.

Save Imprisoned Wild Dolphins

dolphin_scott_kalmanFour wild dolphins have been taken from their homes and are being kept in a cramped, chlorinated pool for the exploitation and entertainment of tourists. Help close this cruel exhibit and remove the dolphins to a sanctuary where they can be rehabilitated.

Denounce Call for Mass Murder of Ocean’s Sharks media personalities are calling for the mass killing of sharks in our oceans in the wake of several violent and heavily publicized attacks in order to, they say, “protect swimmers.” Reject this reckless proposal that would put the final nail in the coffin for countless endangered shark species and leave the ocean’s ecosystem in tatters.

Stop Advocating for Massacre of Sharks

shark by albert kokA Fox News host wants to brutally kill off sharks before surfing competitions. Demand he be taken off the air for attacking these ecologically important animals.

Demand Charges Against Officer Who Allegedly Left K-9 in Hot Car to Die

Bloodhound_2 via gilliamhomeZane, a four-year-old police dog, recently died after allegedly being locked in a hot car for over ten hours by a handler. Demand that the officer accused of this crime be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Stop Abusive Use of Horse-Drawn Carriages

carriagehorse-by-smerikalCarriage horses are being overworked in extreme heat and collapsing on the streets of Montreal. Demand an end to this abusive practice and give these horses a more humane life.

Stop Breeding Dogs for Drug Testing and Vivisection

beagle_wikipediaBeagle puppies will be bred for the sole purpose of having cruel and unimaginably painful experiments done on them at a new laboratory research facility. Stop this unnecessary animal testing and save these innocent dogs from a horrifying fate.