Recent Petitions

Extend Personhood Rights to Great Apes

bonoboGreat apes are highly intelligent animals capable of understanding language, empathizing with others, and forming deep emotional bonds. And yet, they are being murdered, illegally traded, and stolen from their habitats at alarming rates. Grant our closest relatives basic rights to life and freedom and protect them from extinction.

Stop Killing Mice With Torturous Glue Traps

800px-Rat-glue_trapA transportation company has stubbornly decided to use glue traps to reduce the rodent population, a method which involves the slow and agonizing deaths of any animal caught in its grasp. Urge company officials to abandon this cruel form of pest control and focus on humane ways for fighting infestation.

Stop Killing Birds as a Form of Pest Control

600px-Dead_pigeon_IMG_1286A town has elected to slaughter thousands of pigeons in response to the high bird populations, despite knowing that extermination will actually increase pigeon numbers. Urge town officials to employ humane and effective measures of pest control that do not include the undue harm of innocent animals.

Save Rhinos from Rampant Poaching

583784-1405641093-wideRhinoceros species are nearing extinction as out-of-control poaching skyrockets. Support action to save these incredible animals before it is too late.

Don’t Ban Undercover Animal Cruelty Investigations

sheepIt may soon be illegal to covertly film or photograph animal cruelty on factory farms and in slaughterhouses in some Australian states. Urge officials to reject this proposal, which would negate current efforts to improve the factory farming industry’s standards.

Expose Mistreatment of Monkeys by Lab Staff

marmoset monkeyMonkeys involved in an experiment were recklessly mistreated, being rolled down a hallway in ferret exercise balls. Sign this petition to prevent this abuse from happening again.

Ban Cruel Wildlife Traps

800px-Rotfuchs_in_Tellereisen_101210Leghold traps are cruel devices designed to hold an animal against its will. Sign the petition to help end the use of these inhumane traps.

Support Design for a Humane Zoological Garden

Samson the gorillaTraditional zoos confine animals in cages under stressful conditions, on display for endless crowds. Applaud a design firm transforming zoo habitats to more closely resemble wild environments, improving the experience for visitors and animals alike.

Don’t Let Cops Get Away with Murdering Dog

800px-Recently_shot_Greenland_dog_upernavik_2007-07-02_editedThree police officers have been allowed to return to active duty after brutally shooting a woman’s pet dog fifteen times and killing it in response to noise complaints. Urge city officials to file animal cruelty charges against these men and stop giving special treatment to police officers.

Demand SeaWorld Stop Plans to Import Dolphin from Japan

Pacific white-sided dolphinSeaWorld has plans to subject a dolphin to a terrifying transport from Japan to Texas. Demand SeaWorld to take a firm stance against the annual capture and killing of dolphins in Japan by abandoning these plans.

Thank Actress for Speaking Out Against Animal Testing

Thora BirchA famous Hollywood actress is calling for a ban on the cruel and unnecessary practice of cosmetics testing on animals in the United States. Please thank her for standing up for the well-being of animals.

Applaud Charges Against Animal Abuser

800px-Stray_Cat,_SingaporeDistrict attorneys are seeking charges against a man who posted videos of himself luring and attacking a stray cat. Praise the move, which will bring justice to King the cat as well as deter future abuse of strays.

Demand Justice for Murdered Pet Turtle

turtleA man shot and killed his girlfriend’s turtle during a domestic dispute between the couple. Killing an animal due to anger at a person is never okay. Demand this man be punished to the fullest extent possible.

Demand Abusive Marine Park Owner Step Down

John HolerA captive marine mammal park in Canada is owned by a man known for deception, cheating, and law-breaking. Demand this man either sell his park to a more compassionate person, or close it and release the animals to seaside pens or into the wild.

Allow Military Dogs to Retire with their Former Handlers

800px-US_Navy_030302-N-5362A-009_Military_working_dog,_Camp_Patriot,_KuwaitMany military dogs’ former handlers wait years before reuniting with their canine counterparts due to bureaucratic red tape. Sign the petition below and acknowledge that these dogs are more than pets, they are veterans, and they deserve to be brought back home.

Save Bees from Harmful Pesticides

honey-bees-326336_640Honeybees are suffering a serious decline in number due to the use of harmful pesticides. Urge Congress to suspend the use of these toxins immediately so that vital pollinators are protected.

Protect Grey Seals from Hunting

Photo credit: Ian PatersonNew England grey seal populations have finally rebounded from the verge of extinction, but there is a movement to lift their protected status, allowing them to be hunted. Tell authorities to keep these seals protected.

Urge the Release of Canada’s Only Captive Orca

KiskaCanada has only one captive orca left in the country. Kiska has lived the majority of her life in captivity. Urge her captors to allow Kiska to live out the remainder of her life in a seaside pen, where she can finally be one with her natural environment once again.

Praise Clothing Designer for Promoting Vegan Apparel

aaronhuoEuropean clothing designer Esprit has partnered with an animal rights group to promote cruelty-free footwear and apparel. Thank them now for keeping animals safe from unnecessary slaughter.

Praise Permanent Shutdown of Fake Animal Rescue Group

800px-Dog_at_shelterA fake animal rescue group who has been selling malnourished animals to pet stores is now being shut down. Sign this petition to thank the judge for his decision to permanently ban this organization from being involved with animals.