Recent Petitions

Punish Woman Who Threw Dog Down Trash Chute

terrierA small dog was thrown down a trash compactor by its owner, yet the woman has never been charged for her heartless cruelty. Demand punishment for this shocking animal abuse, which resulted in the senseless death of an innocent animal.

Don’t Reduce Threatened Lynx’s Protected Habitat

Canadian LynxThe protected habitat of a threatened lynx is being reduced with a new rule that’s supposed to help preserve the species. Demand that this part of the rule be removed and maintain the area of the lynx’s territory that’s protected from human activities.

Support Ending Egg Industry Infanticide

1_day_old_chick_hatchling_2One of the largest global corporations just announced its intent to end the egg industry practice of killing day-old male chicks en masse. Thank this corporation for being a leader in animal welfare and sustainability.

Save Wetland Birds from Devastating Drought

212450-1410467798-wideWetland birds are threatened by a crippling drought that could result in their watery homes being drained. Don’t let birds become the victims of the worst drought to grip the Southwest in years.

Applaud Animal Shelter for Saving Police Dog

German shepherdAn elderly police dog was taken to a shelter because it was believed to have cancer. Instead of deeming the dog a lost cause, the shelter staff properly diagnosed the dog and is now rehabilitating it. Applaud the shelter for saving the dog’s life.

Save the Chinese Sturgeon from Imminent Extinction

Factory along the Yangtze RiverThe ancient Chinese sturgeon is on the brink of extinction due to industrial development and pollution of its natural habitat. Demand an end to the environmental destruction of the river on which this critically endangered fish depends.

Applaud App that Donates to Animal Rescue Groups

486px-Black_cat_Animal_Rescue_GalawebDesignAn animal welfare advocate created an app that donates 20 cents to animal rescue groups for each mile walked. Please sign this petition to thank this woman for innovatively contributing to the advancement of animal welfare.

Applaud Cancellation of Irresponsible Free Pet Promotion

guineapigA promotion offering a free small pet without a cage, food, or care instructions was recently cancelled by a pizza chain location. Applaud the cancellation of the irresponsible offer and thank the company for apologizing to consumers.

Applaud Country for Taking Stand Against Poaching

White RhinosMozambique authorities have arrested six suspected poachers under new efforts to protect the endangered species on their wildlife reserve. Sign this petition to show your support for their new dedication to breaking up poaching rings.

Save Marine Wildlife from Deadly Nitrogen Runoff

sea lionA deadly toxin is causing some marine animals to drop dead. The use of this toxin, caused by nitrogen runoff, can be easily avoided. Sign this petition and help save the marine wildlife from this lethal neurotoxin.

Success: Shark Cull Halted

800px-Carcharodon_carchariasHundreds of sharks will be saved from needless slaughter thanks to the halt of a government-recommended shark cull. Support the decision to end the shark cull and help ensure there is no repeal.

Protect Animals from Tainted Pet Food

0828141803a-1Timely warnings about recalls of dangerously tainted pet food can be a matter of life and death for an animal. Take action to prevent unnecessary animal deaths caused by delayed pet food or treat customer recall notifications.

Demand Justice for Mother Bear Killed By Authorities

BearsA mother brown bear who was unjustly hunted by authorities died after she was tranquilized with too much anesthetic. Seek justice for this poor creature and her orphaned cubs by urging officials to pursue criminal charges against her killers.

Close Cruel Animal Research Laboratories

Lion-tailed_macaqueMonkeys are being subjected to cruel and invasive experiments, which result in loss of movement and open wounds. Demand that animal protection laws are improved to prohibit such barbaric experiments.

Save Endangered Red Wolves from Extinction

Red WolfRed wolves are dangerously nearing extinction, but officials are still considering cancelling a vital recovery program that aims to restore their population. Urge officials to protect red wolves from extinction and ensure the continuation of this program.

Don’t Punish Undercover Animal Cruelty Investigators

PigInstead of addressing blatant animal cruelty, Iowa lawmakers are determined to silence animal rights activists by criminalizing lying about involvement with animal rights groups on farm job applications. Urge lawmakers to prioritize the lives of innocent animals over profit.

Reprimand Man for Beating Dog with Flashlight

whiteterrierbethelalaskaAn Alaskan man clubbed his sister’s innocent white terrier to death with a flashlight. Scold this man for his unthinkable act of animal cruelty.

Save Polar Bears by Ending Arctic Drilling

Polar Bear (Sow), Near Kaktovik, Barter Island, AlaskaThe Arctic is in danger of being drilled for oil and gas. We need to halt these plans to protect the endangered polar bear and other animals who live in this harsh, yet beautiful environment.

Success: CEO Forced to Resign Over Animal Abuse

9619608715_ea4c5d3c64_zA CEO who was caught on camera abusing a harmless puppy has been forced to resign from his position. Praise the board of directors for acting quickly and for refusing to tolerate animal abuse.

Praise Initiative to Provide Free Pet Adoptions

800px-Rottweiler_standing_facing_leftA new partnership aims at increasing adoption rates by paying for shelter adoption fees for new pet owners. Please sign this petition to thank them for their efforts to save neglected animals.