Recent Petitions

Save the Red Wolves from Extinction

red-wolf-by-christine-majulThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has halted red wolf repopulation efforts until they can figure out how feasible it is to help restore this wolves’ population. Urge the service to take action to protect these beautiful animals.

Charge Police Officer Who Allegedly Left Dog in Car to Die

dog-in-open-car-window-by-MC-Morgan.jpgA dog died from heat exhaustion complications after allegedly being left in a hot car by a police officer, but the officer may not be brought up on criminal charges. Sign this petition and demand this neglectful officer be brought up on charges of animal abuse.

Success: Texas Bans Shark Finning

800px-Shark_fins_Hong_Kong_CloneofsnakeTexas recently banned the sale and purchase of shark fins, thereby aiding declining shark populations. Sign this petition and praise the state for this progressive law.

End Animal Cosmetic Testing in Canada

PETA_AnimalTestingAnimal testing for cosmetic purposes may soon be banned in Canada, thanks to the work of a compassionate politician. Applaud her efforts to improve the lives of animals nationwide by ending this horrific practice.

Punish Vet Accused of Bragging About Killing Cat

nevillekingston_catA Texas vet who allegedly bragged about killing a cat with a bow and arrow and posted a picture of the dead animal on Facebook will not be charged with animal cruelty. Demand a more thorough investigation be conducted to obtain justice for this unnecessary and cruel killing.

Severely Punish Dog-Meat Slaughterers

Dogs_being_butchered_in_Guangdong,_China_1999-by-WhoisgaltDogs are being unmercifully slaughtered at a festival that was supposedly banned by the local government. Sign this petition and demand that anyone caught participating in this savage event be severely punished.

Prohibit Abusers from Working with Animals

Royal_White_Bengal_Tiger_in_cage_at_Cougar_Mountain_Zoological_Park-by-Dcoetzee.jpgTwo zoo owners allegedly abused animals in disgusting ways, including shooting and drowning them. Sign this petition and demand these sick people never be allowed to work in any animal field again if found guilty.

Don’t Push Fish to Extinction by Stealing Their Water,_Skipidock, fish species will likely be pushed to extinction if California relaxes their legal protections so that it can divert water in their habitats for use in its ongoing drought. Demand that such arrogant destruction of these animals’ environments never take place.

Justice for Abused Horses

Horse-IDS-PhotosDozens of horses were found malnourished, with open wounds, and with unkept hooves. Please support this petition to punish those who should have protected them and kept them safe.

Lift the Pitbull Ban in Ontario

pitbull-Brigitte-WernerAll breeds of pitbull are listed as “restricted dogs” in the province of Ontario, Canada, which requires all dogs of these breeds to be muzzled, leashed, and sterilized. Tell Premier Kathleen Wynne that this law is discriminatory and unjust.

Wild Animal Lit on Fire by Tourists Deserves Justice

quokka-by-tammyleeA gentle wild animal was lit on fire and suffered excruciating pain. Two tourists have pled guilty to this horrific act of abuse, but the men received only one week in jail for animal cruelty. Demand that they be banned from the country where the crime took place and that harsher punishments be put in place to prevent future harm against rare animals.

Animals Drowned and Shot Allegedly at Roadside Zoo Deserve Justice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnimals were drowned and shot and a spider monkey died from hypothermia at a roadside zoo, according to reports of alleged animal cruelty. Make sure these horrors are never repeated and ensure that the zoo owners are properly punished if found guilty of these crimes.

Stop Senator from Destroying Endangered Species Act

The beautiful Key Deer are only found in the Florida Keys. They have lost much of their habitat to development.Nearly all species currently protected under the Endangered Species Act may be removed if Senator Rand Paul becomes president, including our national symbol, the bald eagle. Stop his vicious attack on our wildlife and environment by signing the petition.

Crack Down on Puppy Mills

puppy-mill-by-petaPuppy mills are notorious for breeding dogs in squalor, often denying their most basic needs. Sign this petition to demand strict legislation to ensure dogs are treated humanely and provided sanitary living conditions.

Release Animals Allegedly Kept in Dangerous Conditions

tigerTwo zoo owners have allegedly been mistreating the animals in their care. Demand that these animals be released to wildlife reserves where they can live in peace by signing this petition.

Investigate Reports of Officers Shooting Escaped Zoo Animals

Chi_KingAfter floods allowed for the escape of many wild animals from a zoo, reports that police officers have been unnecessarily shooting animals when they could have been recaptured have surfaced. Demand an investigation into the alleged shooting deaths of these magnificent creatures by signing the petition.

Praise Woman for Saving 100 Dogs From Meat Festival

Samoyeds_Shing_BoningA true saint has reached out her hand and saved over one hundred dogs from being killed for their meat. She spent over $1,000 to save these animals from the Yulin dog meat festival. Sign here to thank her for her actions and urge her to continue protecting animals.

Improve Treatment of Dairy Cows

dairy-cows-by-richard-croftDairy cows all over America are being abused, neglected and forced to suffer intolerable conditions. Reports and videos of workers punching and stabbing cows have been released numerous times. Don’t let the cows providing our milk suffer; demand that the standards of dairy cow treatment be increased by signing the petition.

Investigate Mass Fish Die-Off

Fish_Kill_by US Fish&Wildlife DeptThousands of fish have turned up dead on the shores of a New York river for the second time in two weeks. Demand that this alarming disaster be investigated, and that everything possible is done to prevent another mass die-off.

Stop Farmers From Poisoning Vultures

Thermos_VultureVulture numbers are plummeting in parts of Africa due to hunting and poisoning to the point that they could be considered critically endangered. Stop farmers and poachers from driving them to extinction by signing this petition.