Recent Petitions

Support World-Class Wildlife Rehab Center and Sanctuary

Santa Cruz MountainsA new wildlife sanctuary, breeding and rehab center will focus on threatened animals overlooked by traditional facilities. Praise the commitment of a billionaire donor who helped make this project possible.

Protect Tuna Living in the Pacific Ocean

tunaTuna populations in the Pacific have suffered from overfishing for far too long. While efforts have been made to reduce overfishing, not enough has been done to establish and enforce a long-term recovery plan. Demand stronger protections for these magnificent creatures.

Don’t Torture Animals With Taxpayer Money

800px-Glanrind_1A taxpayer-funded facility is conducting horrific experiments on animals to increase meat production and profits. Ask the USDA to investigate this facility for wrongdoing before more animal lives are lost.

Don’t Slaughter Gray Wolves to Save Woodland Caribou

gray wolfGray wolves will soon be killed in an effort to save British Columbia’s dwindling woodland caribou population. Urge the government spare these gray wolves and find alternative ways to protect the woodland caribou.

Plant Flowers and Milkweed to Save Monarch Butterfly

800px-Monarch_Butterfly_-_Danaus_plexippus_(5890526585)The monarch butterfly population is disappearing, but you can boost their numbers by planting flowers and milkweed. By signing this petition you pledge to grow these plants in your homes, and publicly support their survival.

Save Unique Amazon River Dolphin

amazon river dolphinThousands of Amazon River dolphins are brutally captured and killed each year. They are targeted so that they can be used for bait to catch the piracatinga catfish. Urge Colombian officials to prohibit the sale of piracatinga to help restore the dolphin’s population.

Stop Poisoning Stray Dogs in Russia

Stray_dogs-pupsStray dogs are being poisoned by “dog hunters” in Russia. Urge authorities to protect the health of strays, family pets, and children from poison by working to keep stray dogs off the streets, rather than brutally poisoning them.

End Animal Suffering in Research Labs

Emerging_lamb_croppedLivestock are being genetically manipulated to produce more offspring to disastrous results, including life-threatening deformities and starvation. End this abuse by demanding that these inhumane experiments cease immediately.

Applaud Successful Tiger Conservation Program

TigerramkiIndia’s tiger populations have risen by 30 percent in only seven years thanks to bold conservation efforts. Applaud the country’s efforts and thank it for volunteering to help other countries follow suit.

Success: Gill Net Ban Proposed to Save Endangered Porpoise

Vaquita porpoiseThe vaquita porpoise is on the verge of extinction as a result of careless commercial fishing practices. Applaud government officials for fighting to save this unique species by banning dangerous gill net fishing.

Stop Cruel Farm Animal Experimentation

800px-Piglets_in_a_pigpen_(head_closeup)Farm animals are suffering horrendous treatment at a government-operated research center conducting experiments on the animals to make them better yield meat and require less care. The experiments conducted by these scientists are tantamount to torture and need to be stopped. Urge the government to halt these inhumane experiments.

Protect Whistleblowers From Facing Jail Time

Confined-animal-feeding-operationThe meat industry wants to criminalize undercover investigations that expose animal cruelty. Ask that this bill be struck down to prevent whistleblowers from being put in prison.

Save Elephant from Cruel Zoo

elephant-222140_1280Asha the elephant has been kept without companionship for nearly a decade and subject to inhumane bull-hook training. Demand Asha be released from this abusive zoo and handed over to an animal sanctuary.

Success: Mittens Donated for Burned Koalas

Baby_kangarooThe donation of koala mittens were such a big success that the International Fund for Animal Welfare has decided to ask the public to donate handmade pouches for misplaced baby wallabies and kangaroos this time. Sign this petition and applaud the success of koala mittens.

Applaud Protection of Threatened Bird Species

Yellow-billed cuckooAn invasive copper mine would have contaminated the water supply and destroyed the threatened yellow-billed cuckoo’s habitat. Thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for rejecting the copper mine’s operation in this sensitive national forest.

Support Protest Against Inhumane Egg Supplier

egg laying hensAn animal rights group aims to expose the inadequate humane standards regarding egg-laying hens in the poultry industry. Support this animal rights group as it protests the sale of seemingly humane eggs and fights to improve the lives of egg-laying hens.

End Cruel Animal Declawing

cat declawDeclawing cats is debilitating, painful and inhumane. Put an end to this cruel and unnecessary procedure by urging state government officials to ban animal declawing immediately.

Praise Decision to Keep Chimp Friends Together

Young Chimpanzee FriendsPlans to separate two life-long chimpanzee companions for breeding purposes have been cancelled after animal rights activists interfered on their behalf. Sign the petition to thank the chimps’ zoo for deciding to keep them together.

Save the Last Mexican Gray Wolves

954103-1421434955-wideOnly five breeding pairs of Mexican gray wolves remain in the U.S., and now even these few animals are under threat. Act to save the endangered wolves from hunters and ranchers.

Applaud Cancellation of Endangered Elephant Hunt

800px-Serengeti_Elefantenherde2An attempt to auction a permit to kill an endangered elephant in the name of conservation has been withdrawn. Praise the cancellation of this ridiculous and contradictory initiative.