Recent Petitions

Success: Rat Trapped in Box by Artist Rescued

Cute RatFrench police officers recently rescued an animal from a cruel artist who intended on shooting it as part of an “art project.” Sign this petition to thank them for their swift and humane actions.

Success: Exotic Animals to be Banned at Historic Pier

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 6.53.52 PMThanks in part to the ForceChange community, exotic animals will soon be banned from being used as entertainment at a congested historic pier. Applaud the scheduled adoption of the ban and celebrate this positive step towards protecting the welfare of animals.

Ban Online Promotion of Animal Cruelty

Owner Abusing DogWhile animal abuse is illegal, posting inhumane pictures and videos online of people abusing animals is not against the law. Sign this petition to make posting such grotesque images and videos illegal.

Demand Justice for 30 Slaughtered Elephants

1197013968_5381f3bcd1Thirty elephants were recently brutally slaughtered by ivory poachers in an African national park. Demand that increased security measures be implemented to ensure more elephants do not suffer.

Applaud Police for Sending Off Canine Hero with Full Honors

The Type of German Shepherd Used as a Police DogA terminally ill German Shepherd was given the same respects as a fallen officer as he was sadly led to his final destination. Sign this petition to thank the Oviedo, Florida Police Department for sending this canine hero off with the honors he truly deserved.

Success: Event that Abuses Turtles Cancelled

snapping turtleAn event where contestants harass snapping turtles for entertainment has been cancelled. People would wrench their heads out of their necks and toss the terrified creatures around. Sign the petition to praise the cancellation of this event.

Ban Ownership of Pet Chimpanzees

Juvenile ChimpanzeeSome people own chimpanzees as pets, even though they are wild and vicious animals that can pose many threats to humans. Sign this petition to call for tougher legislation against keeping these animals.

Protect Pets from Domestic Violence

2Pets are being used as tools of leverage and revenge in cases of domestic abuse and divorce. As of now, courts consider pets to be personal property just like any other material possession, leaving animals subject to mistreatment and neglect by abusers. Demand that pets be protected from abusers during domestic disputes.

Don’t Criminalize Feeding Stray Cats

3710085351_64ef585d86_oIt is now illegal to feed stray cats in Anaheim, California. Good-hearted citizens who do so have been threatened with fines and jail time. Sign the petition to strike down this cruel law.

Praise Former SeaWorld Trainer for Speaking Out

seaworldA former orca trainer at SeaWorld is speaking out against its inhumane treatment of their animals. Praise this trainer for his efforts to raise awareness in the face of pressure to remain silent.

Fire Teacher for Forcing Students to Dig Grave for Live Kittens

Innocent KittenFive kittens were heartlessly buried alive by a teacher who made his students dig their grave without telling them what it was for. Sign this petition and demand that he be fired and that his teaching license be immediately revoked.

Stop Mutilating and Electrocuting Live Chickens

chickenChickens have their throats sliced open while still conscious and are dragged through electrified water while still alive at a supplier for the country’s largest food service provider, according to reports. Demand that the company adopt an animal welfare policy and put an end to the needlessly cruel slaughter of poultry.

Stop Tormenting Owls at Harry Potter Studio

harry-potter-owlOwls are being kept in tiny cages and subjected to camera flashes that constantly distress them at the Harry Potter studio. Urge Warner Bros. to stop this cruel treatment at once.

Protect Pets from Violent Criminals

shelter pupConvicted animal abusers may soon be denied the right to adopt pets from animal shelters, thanks to new legislation that would require criminal background checks for potential adopters. This will ensure that animals in need get placed in safe, loving homes. Applaud this movement by signing this petition.

Save Wolves from Traps and Trophy Hunters

149138-1424734100-wideWolves need our help to keep them safe from trophy hunters and deadly traps. Don’t let hunting and livestock interests remove the crucial protections that helped wolves recover from the brink of extinction.

Success: Support Dog Returned To Owner

alaskan_malamute_by_xxtgxxstock-d7m9xqsA support dog was spared from euthanasia and returned to her owner, a disabled veteran. Thank District Attorney Liberman for sparing an innocent dog’s life and for protecting all involved in this case.

Save Majestic Lions from Imminent Extinction

Male Lion on RockEven though lion populations have greatly declined, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service still refuses to list them as an endangered species. Sign this petition and demand lions be placed on the endangered species list immediately.

Young Puppy Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

5170590074_066e255655_oA small puppy was beaten to death on a concrete surface in a horrifying act of violence, allegedly by a man who had been entrusted to care for her. Demand justice for this brutally murdered young dog.

Save Shelter that Helps Hundreds of Animals Find Good Homes

Dog_at_shelterA compassionate shelter that has saved countless homeless animals’ lives is on the verge of shutting down due to its deteriorated buildings and facilities. A proposed rebuilding project can revive the shelter if it is allowed to proceed. Sign this petition to support the shelter’s rebuilding project.

Praise Arrest of Couple Accused of Hoarding Over 90 Cats

640px-Cucciolo_gatto_BiboClose to 100 cats were found living in such horrendous conditions that they all had to be euthanized. Please sign this petition to support the arrest of the couple that kept them and thank the authorities for charging them with animal abuse.