Recent Petitions

Applaud Animal Shelter for Saving Easter Rabbits

800PX-~2Every year thousands of rabbits are purchased as Easter gifts for children, and many are subsequently abandoned into the wild or to shelters where they may be euthanized if not adopted. Congratulate one no-kill animal shelter for stepping up to help prevent needless rabbit deaths.

Applaud Reduction in Wildlife Trafficking

RhinosThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with the Justice Department to arrest poachers and dealers of rhino horns. The illegal wildlife trade brings in heavy profits at the expense of our endangered animals. Sign this petition and applaud the department for their work.

Applaud Initiative to Save Honeybees

BEEEHoneybees are in trouble and they need all the support they can get in order to survive. Commend Whole Foods Market for stepping up and educating the public about this dangerous situation.

Ban Tattooing and Piercing of Pets

5106235401_699f9d2ffc_mTattooing and piercing pets could soon become a punishable offense in New York. Show your support for making these painful and unnecessary operations illegal.

Denounce Japan for Resuming Whaling Off Antarctica

Whaling in Faroe islandDespite stating that Japan would discontinue whaling, not even month after this declaration, the nation has decided to continue slaughtering whales. Denounce the country’s decision by signing this petition.

Success: Virginia Prohibits Fox Pens

640px-Fox_on_a_logThe inhumane practice of fox penning will be phased out in Virginia. This cruel bloodsport has been controversial for years, and has been vehemently opposed by voters. The Virginia governor should be commended for passing this legislation, and for ending the abuse of wildlife for a barbaric sport.

Save Gobi Bears by Providing Food and Habitat

Gobi DesertThe Gobi bear is a rare and threatened species that could disappear if their habitat isn’t protected. Urge the Minister of Nature to continue to provide for these hardy bears by signing this petition.

Commend Animal Welfare Group for Rescuing Bile Bears

Moon BearsAn organization in China is providing new homes to 130 moon bears who were used for bile farming. Now, these moon bears will be able to lead a happy life free of the painful bile farming process. Give this organization your heart felt thanks by signing this petition.

Support Ban on Pacific Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Pacific Bluefin TunaThe Pacific buefin tuna have suffered a ninety-six percent decline in worldwide population due to commercial fishing. Urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to take swift measures to protect the species from becoming extinct at the hands of capitalism.

Applaud Decision to Keep Whale Trainers Out of the Water

Killer WhaleA ruling by the government has prohibited whale trainers from entering the water when whales are present. This ruling has angered the popular theme park SeaWorld, but will make the shows safer for trainers and whales alike. Commend the U.S. Court for this decision.

Demand Better Treatment for Poultry

chicksA video taken in a hatchery owned by one of Canada’s major meat suppliers shows blatant acts of animal cruelty, resulting in the unnecessary suffering of millions of animals. Demand that a review be conducted and that procedures be improved in order to reduce suffering and death in processing facilities.

Praise Group for Reducing Killing of Lions

Unknown-1A nonprofit organization is providing local villages with the resources and training to build fences that significantly reduce the killing of wild lions. Praise their efforts to find a solution that benefits both lions and villagers.

Save Birds from Colossal Poaching

Save Birds from Colossal PoachingThousands of birds are being killed by hunters – some endangered – as trophies. No restrictions exist to protect these birds from potential extinction. Petition to place strict safeguards for these birds and save tens of thousands from death.

Condemn the Use of Drugs on Orcas

271708027_ff4502a090_zAccording to recent documents released in a lawsuit against SeaWorld, trainers have been giving orcas a psychoactive drug to battle their aggressive behavior towards each other. The orcas exhibit unusual violence and abnormal repetitive behaviors such as self-mutilation and chewing on concrete that are very likely caused from living in captivity. Demand that SeaWorld discontinue the use of psychoactive drugs on orcas and properly address the issues that relate to them living in captivity.

Close Oceans to Save Fish

School of TunaCommercial fishing is effectively wiping out a majority of the fish population and a plan of closing international waters has been proposed to boost their numbers. Sign this petition and urge the President to support this ban to ensure that our fish do not disappear from our oceans.

Prosecute Shelter for Starving Horses to Death

horsesThe owners of a horse rescue have recently been charged with 35 counts of animal cruelty. All of the animals seized were suffering from malnutrition, and some of the animals had already starved to death. Please sign this petition to urge the local authorities to prosecute the owners of this facility to the full extent of the law.

Fight for Farm Animals’ Rights

Fight for Farm Animals' RightsA bill proposing the establishment of a biased Livestock Care Advisory Council has been proposed in Connecticut. This council would consist of farming industry representatives who would deny animal rights, as has been seen in other states with similar bills. Sign this petition to protect farm animals from a profit-centered ‘animal care’ board.

Stop Needless Killing of Sea Lions

Sea_lion_headThe National Marine Fisheries Service has enacted a plan to kill sea lions deemed a predatory threat to salmon runs, despite the much greater and more severe impact that human activity has on salmon runs. Six sea lions have already been killed, and up to 92 animals can be legally euthanized this year for no justifiable reason. Help put an end to this needless slaughter.

Praise Library for Supporting Animal Rights

174725298_cec7be321e_mA library in Michigan is using a best-selling book to promote animal welfare as part of it’s reading program. Thank them for their kindness now.

Cancel Spring Bear Hunt

bearAfter a fifteen year ban, a spring bear hunt is set to resume this season in Ontario. Demand that the hunt be cancelled, as it results in orphaned cubs without producing any significant reductions in human-bear encounters.