Recent Petitions

Punish President of Florida Animal Shelter for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Tuapa-by-JimmyHsuThe president of an animal shelter is facing animal cruelty and abandonment charges after a dog was discovered in horrible health. Urge the county attorney to protect innocent animals from this alleged abuser by helping to ensure she is punished to the maximum extent if guilty.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Left Dog in Truck to Die

Beagle_puppy_portraitAn animal control officer reportedly left a dog inside his truck to die. Demand that he be punished to the fullest extent of the law and that he never be allowed to work with animals again if he is found guilty of such thoughtless animal cruelty.

Close Zoo that Allegedly Provides Chimpanzee with Addictive Substances

Chimpanzee-smoking-cigarette-by-ValerieA chimpanzee is reportedly being given abusive substances at a zoo in China. Demand this disgraceful zoo be immediately shut down and the animals be freed to a sanctuary.

Praise Pixar for Movie’s Anti-SeaWorld Message

adrianpingstone_fishPixar’s new film “Finding Dory” is helping to spread awareness about animals being held in captivity. Praise those at Pixar for opening discussion about the ethics of SeaWorld and other marine parks.

End Secrecy at Cruel Beagle Testing Facility

Beagle_Ruth EllisonA university is withholding information about lab-tested animals, apparently to avoid public scrutiny over its taxpayer-funded testing on helpless dogs. Demand that it release this information so that taxpayers know what horrible experiments their money is being used for.

Punish Criminal Who Burned Five Dogs With Acid

sad-dog-by-beverley-goodwinFive dogs have been found with severe acid burns, including a golden retriever named Fergus and a pit bull named Bella. When the perpetrator(s) of this disgusting abuse are found, make sure officials punish them severely.

Justice for Horse Allegedly Dragged Behind ATV

horse-by-kerstinebelsiekA horse was covered in scrapes, cuts and rope burns after her owner allegedly pulled her behind an ATV. This act could have been catastrophic for the horse if she had lost her footing, and as it was she still endured injury. Help ensure her owner is punished for this crime if found guilty of animal cruelty charges.

End Cruel Duck Festival

Male_and_Female_mallard_ducks-by-Fcb981Ducks are being tormented year after year in a traditional festival. Sign this petition and urge the mayor to end this senseless event once and for all.

Bear Run Over and Beaten by Men Deserves Justice

brownbear-by-arsengushinThree men allegedly ran over a bear eight times with an SUV, and are also accused of beating and planning to sexually assault the animal. Help make sure they are severely punished for this act of extreme animal cruelty if found guilty.

Punish Man Accused of Abusing Children and Animals

handcuffs-by-victorA man is being charged with child molestation, rape and animal cruelty. These crimes against the most innocent members of society need to be punished. Urge the Attorney General to ensure he faces trial for both of his alleged acts of cruelty.

Success: Patagonia Cuts Ties with Abusive Wool Supplier

Thank you, Patagonia, for cutting ties with Ovis 21.After PETA released a horrific video detailing one of Patagonia’s suppliers abusing and killing lambs, the company has cut ties with the supplier. Thank Patagonia and animal rights activists for demanding the humane treatment of wool lambs.

Save Critically Endangered Bird from Extinction

Pithecophaga_jefferyi-by-scorpious18-244x300Hunters are quickly killing off Philippine eagles, a critically endangered species. Urge Philippine government officials to hire forest rangers for the purpose of patrolling this beautiful bird’s home in an effort to save it from extinction.

Protect Migrating Songbirds from Harm

399998-1439310353-wideBeautiful songbirds face serious threats on their long migration south, from habitat loss to disruptive climate change. Protect our songbirds by giving them the help they urgently need to survive.

Success: Gray Wolves Return to California with Pending Protections

gray-wolf-by-drew-averyGray wolves have officially returned to California for the first time in nearly 100 years after being driven away. Applaud the return of gray wolves to California and the policies pending to protect them.

Justice for Dogs Enduring Burns from Being Forced to Sit in Chemicals

Dog-by-ReadyforChangeMiami-Dade-Animal-ServicesAn animal center in Miami allegedly uses caustic cleaning chemicals that cause burns. The dogs are forced to sit on the chemical-laden floors in pure torment as their flesh is burned away. Urge police to open an animal cruelty investigation against this center.

Urge Treatment for Woman Charged with Hoarding Dozens of Animals

TRAVELER DIGITAL CAMERADozens of animals were reportedly living in their own feces, enduring open wounds and broken bones in a house without water or electricity in the care of a hoarder. Urge the Attorney General to sentence this woman to treatment in a mental health facility.

Stop the Rise of Animal Experiments

Novartis_animalsThere has been a significant rise in animal experimentation in Israel, and many animals suffer the maximum pain level allowed by law during the experiments. Urge Israel’s Health Ministry to promote alternatives instead.

Praise County For Investigating Conditions of Animal Control Facilities

800px-Beauceron_portraitAnimal control facilities are being investigated after complaints were sent to the county office. Please sign this petition to thank the county for investigating the situation and enforcing improvements for the facilities.

Praise State for Revoking Licenses from Two Animal Shelters

Dog_Days_2013_(9361129710)_(2)Two animal shelters have lost their licenses due to allegations of inadequate vet care, misappropriation of funds, and illegal drug activity . Please sign this petition to praise the state for revoking their licenses.

Permanently Close Dental Practice Owned by Cecil the Lion’s Killer

Shut Down Cecil the Lion Killer's BusinessDr. Walter Palmer, the man responsible for killing Cecil the lion, has reopened his dental business. This man should not be allowed to stay in business, as his hunting practices have been called into question here and abroad. Demand the mayor shut down Palmer’s dental business so Palmer cannot use its profits to kill endangered wildlife.