Recent Petitions

Demand Authorities Investigate False Animal Training and Rescue Facility

DogA man claiming to operate a training and rescue facility has reportedly broken legal contracts, held dogs for ransom and surrendered numerous dogs to a high kill animal shelter, where some were euthanized. Urge authorities to launch an investigation into this matter so that he may be held legally accountable for his deplorable actions.

Stop the Cruel Bobcat Fur Industry

012812_FurAuction006_t_w600_h3000Bobcats on a fur farm are routinely torn from their mothers when extremely young and are later killed for their pelts or sold to taxidermists. Don’t let this cruel industry spread, and help save innocent animals from the cruel international fur trade.

Help Wolves Return to the Wild

524119-1408398928-wideMexican gray wolves about to be released into the wild are in danger of being killed by people. Help keep these wolves safe as they return to repopulate their rightful habitat.

Success: Officials Pause Reservoir Draining to Save Aquatic Animals

800px-Laululuiged_Paunküla_veehoidlalCity officials have stopped draining a heavily inhabited reservoir and will maintain a steady water level as dam construction takes place. Thank the city’s mayor for saving the lives of numerous aquatic creatures and deftly balancing animal and public safety.

Praise Strict Sentencing of Man Who Hanged His Dog

684px-Eleganter_Pit_BullA man was found guilty of animal cruelty after leaving his family’s pit bull hanging over a retaining wall. Thank the courts for ensuring that the man received a strict sentence for his neglectful actions, which led to an innocent dog’s death.

Success: End to Sick Puppy Mill Imports

puppy-50239_640Hundreds of thousands of puppies are imported into the U.S. from foreign puppy mills every year. Poor regulation allows sick dogs that are too young for vaccination to flood our markets. Applaud the successful enforcement of rules that regulate the health of imported puppies.

Stop Factory Farming to Protect Waters

Confined-animal-feeding-operationFactory farms in Ohio are responsible for polluting the water and making it undrinkable. Urge the governor to close down all factory farms, and pursue solutions that are ethical and sanitary for both animals and humans.

Praise Efforts to Protect Endangered Bird Species

yellowbilled_cuckooA proposed plan would protect half a million acres of crucial habitat and keep the yellow-billed cuckoo from becoming extinct. Sign the petition to thank the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Sally Jewell for saving the endangered bird.

Deny Lisence to Cruel Safari Hunt

safariA safari club found guilty of shocking offenses against wild and endangered animals is seeking to regain its license through a lawsuit. Do your part to ensure that the club’s hunting ban remains in place.

Applaud Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws

imagesHarsher penalties for animal rights offenses and a new task force to enforce these penalties have been proposed for the State of Massachusetts. Support the new bill, which will increase protection for animals throughout the state.

Praise Race Car Driver for Speaking Out Against Animal Abuse

Leilani MünterA professional race car driver has spoken out against the practice of using animals for entertainment. Thank the athlete for using her celebrity to be a champion for animals.

End Use of Hazardous Meat in the Greyhound Industry

3203845043_22f5acb64b_bRacing greyhounds all over the country are fed meat that is considered unfit for human consumption, riddled with bacteria, pathogens, and drugs. Call for a ban on using this unsafe meat as food.

Stop Oil Exploration to Save Critically Endangered Dolphins

Maui DolphinThe Maui dolphin, a critically endangered species, is being threatened by oil and gas exploration. Urge the Prime Minister to stop these threatening activities, as these dolphins live in a sanctuary meant to keep them safe and healthy.

Cancel Fair’s Cruel Lemur Exhibit

450px-Black_&_White_Ruffed_LemurA popular venue has scheduled cruel lemur exhibits and races that will place the endangered species in even more peril. Urge the venue’s board of directors to cancel the upcoming events and respect the fragility of these sensitive creatures.

Stop Slaughterhouses From Boiling Animals Alive

COOKING-ANIMALS-ALIVEThousands of animals are boiled alive because of a misguided belief that the horrific technique improves the flavor of the meat. Tell government officials to end this inhumane act immediately.

Save Endangered Bumble Bee

B_-affinis-on-Monarda-fistulosa-at-Pheasant-Branch-Conservancy-7Conservation groups have requested endangered species status for the rusty patched bumble bee and have been ignored. Demand response to protect this critical pollinator that is threatened with extinction.

Protect the Welfare of Farm Animals

animal_welfareMost farm animals spend their lives in unimaginably cruel conditions and are the victims of horrifying cruelty. Help establish decent minimum care standards for livestock.

Success: Popular Airline Ends Partnership with SeaWorld

Southwest_737_SeaWorldA popular airline has decided to end its partnership with SeaWorld due to its long history of abuse. Commend the airline for taking action in order to protect innocent marine animals.

Demand Major Grocer Stop Selling Rabbit Meat

bunnyWhole Foods Market has started selling rabbit meat in select stores. Many people view these animals as pets; additionally, the corporation should be moving away from the sale of meat, especially rabbit. Demand all rabbit meat be removed from retail shelves within Whole Foods Market.

Protect Koalas from State-Sponsored Extinction

kute_koala_by_madysensmith2309-d53v88fStop a government approved highway project from destroying an important koala colony. Prevent deforestation and rapid depopulation by rerouting the highway instead of threatening multiple endangered species.