Recent Petitions

Deny Deceased Woman’s Request to Euthanize and Bury Healthy Pets

Don't Allow Healthy Pet Euthanasia in Final WillA healthy dog may soon be euthanized and buried alongside his owner if the request in a woman’s will is honored. Stop animals from being punished for the death of their owners by signing this petition.

Demand Improvement of Animal Care Unit Inspections

Animal_and_Plant_Health_Inspection_ServiceThe Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has wasted at least $150,000 by inspecting facilities that do not house any animals at all. These resources could be put to better use by inspecting facilities that actually have animals. Sign this petition and demand a revision to the APHIS’ inspection policy.

Save Unique Horned Lizard from Extinction

9308938351_2c578ea547_oA unique horned lizard is experiencing rapid population declines due to human development, illegal trapping, and invasive fire ants. Demand protection for this incredible reptile.

Rehire Teacher Fired for Animal Rights Advocacy

dairy farmA teacher was fired after posting a Facebook message critiquing the dairy industry’s treatment of cows. Ask that the district apologize for its unethical actions and offer him his job back.

Praise Humane Treatment of Feral Cats

Feral Cat ColonyFeral cat colonies are now able to continue living peacefully in the town they call home as a result of a new ordinance. Thank the Barnegat Township Committee for permitting feral cat colonies.

Grant Orangutan the Right to Freedom

orangutanA captive orangutan has won her freedom on the grounds that it is cruel to keep such an intelligent creature behind bars. Praise the lawyers and officials who helped assert this gentle creature’s rights.

Save the Checkerspot Butterfly from Extinction

Checkerspot butterflyThe checkerspot butterfly’s chances of survival are steadily declining as its habitat is limited. Urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the butterfly as an endangered species to ensure its protection.

Praise Protection of Great Lakes Wolves

greywolfWolves will be placed back on the endangered species list, protecting them from being trapped and hunted. Praise the move, which will ensure past conservation efforts do not go to waste.

Approve of Psychiatric Evaluation for Animal Torturer

Siberian-huskyA man who tortured a cat and dog will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to help determine an appropriate sentence for his horrific crime. Applaud the prosecution’s efforts to ensure that this murderer does not re-offend.

Applaud Charges Against Negligent Veterinarian

catA veterinarian responsible for the starvation deaths of four animals within their care and the neglect of several more have been charged with several counts of animal cruelty. Applaud the prosecutor’s efforts to ensure that the vet’s cruel and negligent actions are punished.

Support Animal Welfare in China

tigerChina is drafting its first-ever legislation recognizing animal rights. Support the bill, which will be a large blow to the illegal endangered wildlife trade.

Stop Toxic Mine and Save Wild Salmon

800px-Alaska_salmon_jumping_out_of_waterWild salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska are threatened by the construction of an invasive and potentially toxic mine. Demand that the Pebble Mine project be dismissed entirely.

Educate Cops on Humane Canine Treatment

Police DogA police officer was recently caught on camera hitting a K-9 dog and hanging him in the air by his leash. Urge the Hammond Police Department to instate a program to educate its officers on how to humanely interact with dogs.

Stop Capturing Baby Elephants for Circuses in China

Two ElephantsBaby elephants are being torn from their mothers and exported to work in Chinese circuses. Stop this abuse by urging China to stop the importation of infant elephants.

Protect Bengal Tiger Habitat

800px-Sundarban_bigA devastating oil spill has further threatened the survival of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Urge authorities to repeal the approval of oil tanker trade routes through the protected habitat of endangered species.

Expand Overcrowded Animal Shelter

dogAn animal shelter is being forced to euthanize animals after only 72 hours due to limited space. Encourage the mayor of Kenansville to finally build a bigger shelter to save more lives.

Stop Victoria’s Secret Testing on Animals

800px-DraizeTest-PETAVictoria’s Secret has broken its promise not to test its products on animals by expanding to China, which requires animal testing for some cosmetic products sold within the country. Urge Victoria’s Secret to stop testing on innocent animals.

End Dolphin Abuse at Hotel

DolphinDolphins living at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas lack shade to keep them cool in the desert heat and show signs of stress-related health problems. Demand that the director of animal care put the health and safety of the animals before profits.

Remove Live Donkeys from Nativity Scene

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA donkey in a nativity scene had to be euthanized after being severely injured by a man sitting on it to take a photo. Demand that live animals be removed from the nativity scene and that prop animals be used instead.

Applaud Ban on Animal Circuses

elephantA ban on animal circus performances and pony rides at fairs will soon be implemented by a Spanish city. Applaud the move, which will withdraw support from an industry rampant with abuses.