Recent Petitions

Demand Princess Apologize for Anti-Animal Rights Comment

Princess_Michael_of_Kent_(Armistice_Day_2008)Princess Michael of Kent stated that because animals do not vote or have bank accounts, they are not deserving of rights. Sign this petition and urge the princess to apologize for her comments and be more careful of how she speaks publicly.

Release Bears Living in Concrete Ditch to a Sanctuary

Bears - ByknishBears have been held captive in a bare concrete ditch at a roadside zoo for far too long. Their living conditions have caused many health problems, including arthritis, excessive stress, and problems shedding their winter coats. This zoo must retire its bears and let them live the happy life they deserve.

Success: Cat Killing Vet’s License Revoked

Kristen LindseyAfter a woman allegedly shot a cat in the head with an arrow, then posed and bragged about it, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has filed to revoke her veterinary license. Thank the Board for taking this positive step in defense of animal rights.

Success: Judge Overturns Idaho’s Ag-Gag Law

cows farmA judge overturned an Idaho law prohibiting the use of undercover surveillance inside factory farms. Judge Winmill ruled the law violated the First Amendment right to free speech and criminalized whistleblowers. Sign the petition and applaud Judge Winmill for protecting public health and animal welfare.

Goat Dismembered and Sacrificed for Religious Purposes Deserves Justice

1024px-African_Pygmy_Goat_001[1]A former Senate candidate allegedly dismembered and sacrificed a goat, justifying his actions based on religious beliefs. Sign this petition and urge the attorney general to do everything in her power to ensure this man is given the maximum penalty under law if he is found guilty of this disgusting crime.

Punish Animal Control Officer Accused of Slitting Fawn’s Throat

1024px-Fawn-in-grass-By-Forest-WanderA baby deer’s throat was allegedly slit by an animal control officer and it has further been said that he did not give animals proper food, shelter, or care at the shelter where he worked. Demand that this man be given the maximum penalty under law if he is found guilty of these horrible crimes.

Stop Brutal Seal Clubbing and Torture

Baby harp seal pup on ice of the White SeaEvery spring, the Canadian government allows the brutal killing and torture of baby harp seal pups. Up to 40 percent of the seal pups are skinned alive, their bodies discarded after their fur is harvested. Stop the torture today.

Demand Harsher Punishments for Severe Animal Abusers

SkylandsOver 75 dead bodies in various stages of decay and 200 animals on the brink of death were found on two locations belonging to a New Jersey couple. The abusers’ punishment was a mere 30 days of community service. Demand harsher punishments for such horrific crimes.

Don’t Allow Hunters to Kill Formerly Endangered Bobcats

Bobcat in winterBobcats in Illinois face imminent slaughter as hunters will soon be able to shoot one each during every hunting season. Demand Governor Rauner repeal the law that allows the killing of these magnificent creatures.

Stop Killing Animals in Military Training

little-pigs-by-Dusan BicanskiLive animals continue to be used for military training despite a ban on this practice. Demand the Department of Defense honor the ban and use simulators instead.

Prevent Fur Seals from Washing Up Dead on Beaches

Male-Guadalupe-Fur-Seal-Named-Rascal-by-Mike-BairdEighty sick and dead endangered fur seals have washed up on California’s coast, likely as a result of warming ocean temperatures. Green infrastructure, such as plants along the coast, could help ensure the seals’ survival by helping to cool the ocean. Urge California officials to implement this plan to help save these beautiful creatures.

Save Young Wallabies from City Lights

wallaby-by-ltshearsWallabies are suffering because artificial lighting is adversely affecting their birth cycles, stressing out mothers and making it so they are more likely to leave behind their babies. Urge one of Australia’s major renewable energy companies to develop lighting that is wildlife-friendly in order to help save these beautiful animals.

Stop Horrific Animal Abuse at Government Labs

Monkey-PETAA cow dying of hypothermia and 15 mice dying after being put in scalding cages are just two examples of the horrific abuse taking place at the CDC’s labs. This callous treatment of innocent animals must be stopped at once; sign the petition to ensure it does.

Support Protest of Circus Accused of Putting Animals in Danger

carlos gonzalezAn animal activist is planning a peaceful protest before a traveling circus to inform people of the often inhumane treatment the animals receive. Please sign this petition to support her in her efforts to teach people about the true lives of circus animals.

End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching

virunga-mountain-gorilla-by-cai-tjeenk-willinkGorillas are being poached at an alarming rate, but with expansion of an already existing poacher to ranger program this inhumane and illegal practice can be brought to an end. Sign this petition to urge leaders to expand this program and prevent further deaths of these magnificent creatures.

Punish Person Who Shot Goose with Arrow

Pregnant-Goose-By-Peter-RadunzelA goose was shot with an arrow and left to die. Urge officials to find the person who is believed to be responsible and to suggest that he be legally penalized for this thoughtless act if he is found guilty.

Stop Annual Hunt of Endangered Sea Turtles

Loggerhead_Sea_turtle-By-NOAAIt will soon be legal hunting season for three species of endangered sea turtles in St. Lucia. Act now to save these unique species from going extinct.

Applaud Announcement of Massive New Ocean Reserve

757px-Parma_kermadecensis_(Kermadec_scalyfin) via ian skipworthA 620,000 square kilometer stretch of ocean will soon be designated as protected, thereby forcing all fishing, mining, and oil drilling operations out of the area. Praise the move, which will allow dwindling populations of fish and seabirds to thrive while providing safe spaces for several species of endangered turtle and whale.

Punish Woman Accused of Riding Sea Turtle and Destroying Nests

Sea turtles are not meant for riding.A woman allegedly destroyed several sea turtle nests in order to make a profit from selling the eggs. It was also reported that she harassed an adult sea turtle by sitting on it. Demand that this woman be given a harsh legal penalty if she is found guilty of these destructive crimes.

Success: Arctic Drilling Operations Ceased

ShellNo_banner-By-Dennis-BratlandShell Oil has decided to halt Arctic drilling operations, likely as a result of severe public criticism. Sign this petition to thank Greenpeace and other activists for doing whatever possible in order to stop this destructive project.