Recent Petitions

Punish Woman for Starving Dog

lab mixA black lab was found severely underweight and freezing at the home of a woman who may have already killed another dog. This kind of animal cruelty needs to stop now. Persuade the justices to give the maximum sentencing to his alleged offender, if found guilty.

Stop Cruel Medical Experiments on Primates

MarmosetPrimates are experiencing tremendous suffering as a result of being given drugs to make them develop Parkinson’s disease. Sign this petition and demand these inhumane experiments stop immediately.

Success: Circus Elephants to Be Phased Out

Baby Circus Elephant in TrainingA circus company will be releasing its elephants and will no longer be using them in any of their circus shows. This is all thanks to the efforts of animal lovers who spoke out against this abusive practice. Thank animal welfare activists for saving elephants from a lifetime in chains.

Applaud Government for Protecting Aged Animals

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.46.21 PMA recent ban on the slaughter of cows was a positive step towards protecting animals, but the ban could have left many animals abandoned. Applaud the government for building shelters to ensure that these animals receive the food and refuge they need.

Ban Hunting of Endangered Bird

houbaraA rare bird is at risk of extinction because of the lax hunting practices granted to wealthy travelers. Ensure the survival of this unique species by urging government officials to stop issuing hunting permits to the wealthy.

Save Endangered Dolphins from Electrocution

bottlenose-dolphin-590553_640An endangered dolphin species is facing the threat of extinction from a dangerous fishing practice called electrofishing. This practice can shock dolphins and has even killed two. Save the dolphins and stop electrofishing once and for all.

Put an End to Gas Chamber Euthanasia

pupsPainful dog and cat euthanization by gas chamber is still commonplace in many counties. With humane euthanization methods readily available, this painful death should not be inflicted upon an animal. Put an end to the barbarity and urge lawmakers to support more humane animal euthanasia methods.

Don’t Cover Up Animal Cruelty

264512-1424731121-wideAbusive factory farm owners want to keep animal cruelty in the dark and prevent the public from exposing animal welfare violations. Show you won’t be intimidated, and pledge to keep speaking up for animals.

Investigate Beluga Whale’s Tragic Death

557802-1425072907-wideA captive beluga died at SeaWorld, which has been previously cited for animal welfare violations. Demand an investigation into the untimely death of this beloved whale.

Save Wolves from Hunting and Trapping

244291-1423882849-wideWolves are only just beginning to recover from centuries of persecution, and now lawmakers want to remove crucial protections that helped save them from going extinct. Stop the legalization of wolf hunting and trapping.

Protect Endangered Seabird

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnly a few thousand rare, small seabirds survive in the face of habitat destruction and other human activity that disturbs their nesting. Push to save the species from disappearing altogether.

Save Pets from Animal Control Impersonators

800px-Jack_Russell_Terrier_Eddi_with_ballTwo animal control impostors have allegedly been taking dogs that they think are being neglected from their homes. This behavior is putting innocent animals at risk and is punishable by law. Please sign this petition to ask authorities to punish these people for endangering animals.

Immediately Close Abusive Monkey Research Centers

800px-Gibraltar_Barbary_MacaqueThree research centers have been accused of mistreating and killing monkeys. Stop the abuse by demanding the immediate closure of these facilities.

Thank Zoo for Providing Better Location for Elephants

elephantsThe Woodland Park Zoo has recently made the decision to send its two elephants to the Oklahoma City Zoo instead of an elephant sanctuary because of the risk the sanctuary posed to the elephants’ health. Sign this petition and thank the zoo for making this decision with the elephants’ welfare in mind.

Save Threatened Bald Eagle Habitat

Bald eagle conservation effort - conservation plan supports a healthy eagle population by protecting the animal’s habitat after suffering years of habitat loss and contaminated waterways. Support this plan to save one of America’s coveted bird of prey species.

Praise Rehabilitation Center for Saving Dogs from Meat Trade

dogTwo dogs were rescued from the Asian dog meat trade and were sent to a rehabilitation center in the U.S. Applaud the animal rehabilitation center employees for dedicating their time and efforts to helping rehabilitate rescued dogs.

Support Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws

snowdogAnimal cruelty laws in one Tennessee county are vague and do not adequately protect pets from mistreatment. Support a new ordinance, which would allow for police and animal control to step in when needed to save pets from harsh conditions.

Success: Giant Panda Population Growing

Giant PandaGiant panda populations are finally recovering thanks to the efforts of conservationists and animal welfare activists who worked hard to petition the Chinese government to protect this fragile species. Sign to thank the agency that listened to the people.

Thank Authorities for Saving Starved, Neglected Pets

800px-Black_dog_head_shotDozens of animals were found living in horrendous conditions in a man’s home. Animals were crammed into cages hanging from the attic ceiling without light, bedding, food or water. Thank the authorities who charged him with 12 counts of animal abuse.

Rescue Chimpanzee Held Captive in Tiny Cage

ChimpanzeeA deaf chimpanzee is being inhumanely kept in a small cage and is being restricted by means of a chain and padlock. Demand authorities arrest her owner and place this abused animal in a proper sanctuary.