Recent Petitions

Success: Mexican Wolves Receive Endangered Species Status

Captive Mexican Wolf at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge-by-YummifruitbatMexican wolves have finally been granted the status of endangered species. The move aims to protect these animals and revive their declining population. Sign this petition to commend the federal agency for taking such a huge step in protecting these wolves.

Denounce ‘Huntress’ Who Posted Photos of Her Exotic Kills Amidst Cecil the Lion Mourning

Sabrina-Corgatelli-by-Sabrina-CorgatelliAmidst the Cecil the Lion controversy, huntress Sabrina Corgatelli has been posting photos with the dead bodies of exotic animals she’s murdered while on a hunt Africa. Tell this “huntress” to apologize for her ignorant Facebook posts and to stop slaughtering these poor animals.

Applaud the Arrest of Dog Trainer in Animal Cruelty Case

2014_Westminster_Kennel_Club_Dog_Show_(12452119384)Police officers seized over 70 animals who were living in deplorable conditions from a dog trainer’s home, after a search showed that she was neglecting the animals in her care. Please sign this petition to support the authorities for arresting her.

Severely Punish Man Accused of Throwing Kittens in Fire

4_Abyssian_kittens-by-Pia-OjanenA man accused of throwing five kittens into a fire and snapping their father’s neck is only being charged with one count of animal killing and torture. Sign this petition and demand he be legally held responsible for all six of these senseless deaths.

Retire Lonely Virginia Zoo Elephants

Pinnawala_elephant_orphanage_Bernard_GagnonTwo elephants have a shot at freedom as a Virginia Zoo tries to decide where to relocate them. Tell the Executive Director to send these animals to a sanctuary instead of another zoo.

Killer of Cecil the Lion’s Brother Jericho Deserves Maximum Punishment (Updated)

cecil and jerichoCecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, has been slaughtered by a poacher in Zimbabwe. Now that Jericho is also dead, Cecil’s cubs are facing certain death. The illegal and immoral killing of exotic animals must be stopped. Bring Jericho’s killer to justice. (Updated)

Save Salamanders from Deadly Fungus

SH_Jefferson_Salamander_(8619540188)_(2)The salamander population is being threatened by a deadly fungus and the government has done nothing to prevent it. Urge government officials to save the salamanders and protect our national forests.

Success: Investigation Launched into Murder of Cecil the Lion

Cecil-the-Lion-by-Vince-O'Sullivan-croppedThe brutal killing of Cecil the Lion will receive a full investigation by the federal government, thanks to efforts by outspoken animal rights activists around the world. Commend the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its efforts to bring Cecil the Lion’s murderer to justice.

Stop Slaughter of Native Wildlife

Coyote Puppy in Trap by Chris SansenbachMillions of wild animals are slaughtered each year due to a program that uses lethal measures on disruptive wildlife. Not all of these creatures deserve death. Take action now to protect biodiversity and the lives of native wildlife.

Protest Severe Budget Cuts at Animal Shelter

Maddie_saying_PleaseAn animal shelter is about to lose $300,000 in funding due to city budget cuts, which will raise euthanasia rates. Please sign this petition to protest the extreme budget cuts that will kill hundreds of innocent animals.

Puppies Suffocated by Hanging Deserve Justice

pinscherpups-by-martinavakonicovaAfter being hanged and suffocated, two puppies were callously thrown into the trash. The suspect in this case has been accused of ten counts of animal cruelty and needs to be punished to the full extent of the law if found guilty. Help ensure the puppies and other abused dogs receive justice.

Keep Toxic Chemicals Out of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Feeding_baby_squirrel_Mary_CumminsA rehabilitation and education center for local wildlife is being compromised by the placement of a gas compressor station directly next door, which will spew toxic gases and chemicals and let off disturbing noise. Stop the construction of the station and protect over 3,500 animals every year.

Stop Donald Trump’s Sons From Killing Hunting Animals

trump-sons-huntingDonald Trump’s sons are proud “big game” hunters who pose with the dead exotic animals after they’ve murdered them. Demand the Trump sons stop slaughtering innocent and majestic creatures.

Justice for Ducklings Run Over With Lawn Mower

ducklings-by-PublicDomainPicturesA man ran his lawn mower over nine ducklings as children watched in horror. Yet, the man was only sentenced to one year in prison. Urge officials to begin treating animal cruelty as a more serious offense.

Support Rational Discussion On Animal Testing

Vdegroot_Animal testingTwo hundred writers, academics, and intellectuals will be gathering in Oxford to discuss animal testing ethics. Please support this effort and help draw attention to animal rights.

Stop Construction of Exploitative Dolphin Aquarium

800px-Pink_DolphinAn aquarium for captive dolphins is being built in Poland for human education, therapy, and entertainment. Please sign this petition to ask investors to put a halt on the project and to keep dolphins free in Poland.

Applaud First Successful Rehabilitation of Bats with Deadly Disease

Indiana_Bat_FWS via  United States Fish and Wildlife ServiceSeventy-five bats carrying a usually deadly disease have been successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild thanks to a scientific breakthrough in the treatment of white-nose syndrome. Applaud the success of the endeavor and encourage those responsible to continue with their work.

Extradite Cecil the Lion’s Killer to Zimbabwe to Face Justice

Cecil-the-Lion-by-Vince-O'Sullivan-croppedCecil the Lion was savagely hunted and killed by an American dentist, according to reports. Before Cecil’s slaughter at the hands of the hunter, the lion was a beloved attraction at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Horrifically, Cecil met a brutal death after being shot with a crossbow, stalked for 40 hours and then beheaded and skinned. Ask U.S. officials to ensure that the hunter accused of slaughtering Cecil is extradited to Zimbabwe to face justice.

Success: No More Animal Slaughter at Nepal Festival

goats-by-steve-batesThere will be no animal slaughtering at this year’s festival in Nepal, which is known as the largest animal slaughter and sacrifice in the world. Thank officials for banning this inhumane act and applaud that all of these animals will be saved.

Save Baby Giraffes Like Kipenzi from Dying in Captivity

baby-giraffe-by-frontier-officialAn internet-famous baby giraffe named Kipenzi died after she ran into the perimeter of her habitat and snapped her neck. Urge national zoo officials to find alternative habitat structuring to prevent accidental deaths like this.