Recent Petitions

Applaud Return of Buffalo to Their Native Land

bison2Bison will be restored to their original historic range thanks to the approval of the Montana governor. Thank the governor for understanding the importance of species reintroduction.

Stop Illegal Mass Pet Breeding

Puppy Mill CageAnimal rights activists are fighting to ban retail sales of cats and dogs in a city in Massachusetts. This ban would be a huge blow to mass pet breeding operations that keep animals in horrific conditions. Sign to help shut down animal cruelty.

Applaud Actress’ Efforts to Lobby for Animal Rights

catAn actress recently teamed up with an animal rights group to recommend 20 additions to a new animal protection bill in Thailand. Praise the actress, who has garnered immense public support for animal cruelty laws.

Grant Lions Needed Legal Protections

lionessLion populations are struggling to survive across the world. Encourage the United States government to grant the species legal protections that will prevent unnecessary death and mistreatment of lions for human profit.

Applaud Support of Animals Affected by Ebola

ChimpanzeeDomesticated and wild animals in West Africa are affected by Ebola in many ways. The Humane Society of the United States has given money to organizations dedicated to easing the suffering of these animals. Applaud the society for its compassion and influence.

Praise Researchers for Using Social Media to Save Animals

BBGMonarchButterflyWingsA researcher has discovered an amazing way to study biodiversity by using photos uploaded on social media. Thank the researcher for utilizing social media to help save animals.

Praise Restoration of Galapagos Turtle Population

Galapagos turtleGalapagos turtles are no longer threatened with extinction thanks to a team of dedicated conservationists and students. Applaud this group’s incredible achievement by signing this petition.

Praise Restoration of Galapagos Turtle Population

Galapagos turtleGalapagos turtles are no longer threatened with extinction thanks to a team of dedicated conservationists and students. Applaud this group’s incredible achievement by signing this petition.

Save Tiger from Horrific Conditions

Circus Tiger on TightropePhevos the tiger is trapped in dangerously poor and uncomfortable conditions in a Greek zoo and is awaiting approval to be transferred to a sanctuary. Help get Phevos the approval he needs to move to a better home.

Stop Brutal Animal Sacrifice Festival

animal sacrificeOver 15,000 animals are expected to be slaughtered during a Hindu festival. This practice is unnecessarily cruel and unjustifiable, even as a religious tradition. Sign this petition to stop this ritualistic animal sacrifice.

End Wolf-Killing Competition

wolfAn annual hunting contest sees hundreds of wolves, coyotes, raccoons, and other wildlife killed in the name of increasing the population of game animals. Demand that this cruel and nonsensical competition come to an end.

Praise End to Seal Trade in Norway

Blanchon-idlm2006Norway has cut government subsidies to the seal hunting industry, a move that will effectively end the seal trade in Norway. Praise the government’s decision, which will save the lives of 12,000 harp seals annually.

Stop Cruel Bear Hunting Techniques

black bear maineMaine’s lax bear hunting laws are among the cruelest in the nation, allowing hunters to bait bears with junk food, trap them in debilitating contraptions and send dogs after them. Efforts are being made to make bear hunting in Maine more humane. Support movements to end these cruel bear hunting methods.

Curb Rising Animal Cruelty Cases

8576279672_fc74034b5f_mDespite stronger animal welfare laws, Southwest Florida’s animal cruelty problem continues to grow in volume and severity. Demand that Florida clean up its act and change its culture around animals.

Strengthen Animal Welfare Laws in Laboratories

5363742241_4bdd9e2680_mA recent series of investigations uncovered the horrible treatment and suffering contained within the United Kingdom’s animal testing facilities. Demand that the regulations for these institutions be strengthened immediately.

Protest Horrific Domestic Camel Abuse

camelDomestic camels are being abused and mutilated by beggars in China to gain sympathy from the public. Urge China to establish legislation to protect the domestic camel from human cruelty.

Enact Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws

4913238459_5ae3626d5c_mSingapore is taking its first concrete steps towards improving the treatment of animals. Support the government’s attempts to significantly strengthen animal welfare laws while increasing punishments for those who continue to abuse animals.

Shut Down Cruel Alligator Skin Tannery

15245052432_586b3e17f9_mWith the fur industry becoming taboo and the demand for designer bags rising, business has been booming for the largest alligator leather tannery in the United States. Keep hundreds of thousands of alligators from being skinned alive by shutting down American Tanning and Leather now.

Protest the Approval of Fur Farm

Nature PhotographyAn inhumane fur farm has been issued a license to breed bobcats in captivity for their pelts. Please urge officials to listen to the overwhelming majority of people who disapproved of this decision, and to retract the license.

Sentence Couple Who Neglected and Abandoned Animals

Sad DogAn elderly man was recently charged for severely neglecting and abandoning his pets, but his wife remains unpunished. Tell the chief of police to ensure that this couple is properly charged and sentenced for their crimes.