Recent Petitions

Commend Ban on Hunting Drones

DeerThe use of drones to advantage hunters by pinpointing and herding wildlife has been banned in Vermont. Commend the ban, which will ensure animals have a fair flight advantage while being hunted.

Applaud Prison Sentence for Man Who Sexually Abused Puppy

pitbullA man found guilty of sodomizing an eight-month-old puppy was recently sentenced to five years in prison. Praise the judge who took a strong stance against the horrific sexual abuse and cruel neglect of animals.

Protest Exploitative Animal Circuses and Attractions

ElephantsRinglingBrothersCircus2008Many circus animals are subjected to abuse and mistreatment behind the scenes. Animal welfare organizations protest such attractions in the hopes of banning all animal entertainment once and for all. Sign this petition to support their fight against animal exploitation.

Bring Senator to Justice for Cruel Pigeon Shoot

14951198168_c0cf036813_qA U.S. senator recently held a fundraising event at which hundreds of pigeons were released to be shot by guests. Video footage shows guests kicking wounded and bleeding birds across the ground. Hold Senator Inhofe accountable now.

Praise Recognition of Animal Cruelty as a Crime Against Society

7058942935_d29b5c4778_mDeliberate, cruel acts that inflict harm on pets, zoo animals, livestock, research animals, and wildlife are all too common. Fortunately, the FBI now recognizes animal cruelty as a crime against society, putting it in league with violent crimes committed against humans. Thank them for protecting the lives of animals across the country.

Protect Wildlife from Deadly Plastic Bag Pollution

downloadPlastic bags are polluting the oceans, endangering the lives of millions of marine organisms, and disfiguring our beaches. Take action to protect marine life from further harm by banning in the use of plastic bags in one of the nation’s largest states.

Applaud Restoration of Federal Protections for Wolves

WolfP1050427Threatened gray wolves have been reinstated as an endangered species, protecting their dwindling populations from over-hunting. Thank the federal court for rejecting a flawed wolf-management plan and restoring federal protections for the wolf population.

Applaud Woman for Rescuing Endangered Birds

nicobar-pigeon-317853_640One Northern California resident has designed a sanctuary for rescued exotic birds and conservation facility for endangered species around her own home. Applaud the woman for giving these birds a nurturing, loving environment in which to heal and thrive.

Stop Sanctioned Wolf Slaughter

101192-1407949054-wideWolves and other predatory animals face a new threat, as hunting groups push to hold an annual ‘predator-killing’ contest in their habitat. Help save wildlife from this cruel and irresponsible event.

Stop Promotion of Cruelty Against Orcas

dosalOrcas are intelligent, social mammals that should not be kept in captivity. Urge a major company to cancel its sponsorship of a theme park that confines and abuses captive orcas.

Stop Horrific Cruelty on Dairy Farm

cowabuseA company that provides mozzarella cheese to major pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut has committed horrible acts of cruelty to cows on one of its farms. Tell the company to stop this and make more humane animal rights policies.

Protect Threatened Squirrel from Rising Sea Levels

Delmarva Fox SquirrelThe Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel was recently taken off the endangered species list, but the animals are still not out of harm’s way. Rising sea levels are slowly consuming their habitat and the culprit is climate change. Protect these animals by halting this phenomenon.

Success: New Law Helps End Puppy Mills in Connecticut

Puppy millsA new Connecticut law will make it more difficult for pet stores to get their puppies from inhumane breeding facilities called puppy mills. Thank government representatives for supporting vital restrictions that will help end puppy mills for good.

Save Wildlife from Deadly Poison

581181-1410313472-wideWild animals are dying slow deaths caused by internal bleeding, after eating a poison meant to kill rats. Help save wildlife from this extremely deadly product.

Praise Ban on Horse-Drawn Carriages

horseIsrael recently banned horse and donkey-drawn carriage rides in city streets. Applaud the ban and ask that Israel work to close a large loophole in the law allowing tourist carriages to continue to operate.

Rescue Suffering Polar Bear from Overheated Zoo

Polar BearA polar bear has been cruelly forced to endure more than 20 years of extreme heat in a concrete zoo enclosure. She was supposed to be relocated to a polar bear sanctuary, but her rescue was postponed due to gang violence outside the zoo. Urge authorities to immediately find a way to safely remove this poor creature from the zoo.

Applaud Officer for Saving Abused Dog

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.06.26 PMA dog was being abused by its owner and a compassionate off-duty police officer came to the rescue and called authorities. Thank the police officer for his swift action to save the abused animal.

Improve Welfare Standards for University Lab Animals

Caged_marmosetToo many recent incidents of careless or reckless behavior at universities have jeopardized the welfare of lab animals. Ensure the welfare of all lab animals by demanding changes to lab policies and stricter regulations.

Punish Police Officer for Slitting Dog’s Throat

8056700161_c2297544c7_mA police officer recently took it upon himself to slit the throat of a stray dog. No evidence, even that provided by the police department, suggests the dog posed a threat to anyone. Demand justice for this heinous act of cruelty now.

Halt Whaling Program

Whale Mother and CalfDespite being told that its whale hunts held no scientific basis, Japan will resume its annual slaughter of these large, gentle creatures. Urge the Prime Minister to stop these killings for the preservation of these endangered animals.