Emaciated Dog Apparently Shot, Abandoned, and Left to Die Deserves Justice

Target: State Attorney of the 12th Judicial Circuit of Manatee, Sarasota Ed Brodsky

Goal: Justly punish man who reportedly shot sick dog and left animal to die in pain.

An extremely thin dog was allegedly found dead outside by authorities. Police stated that the animal was shot, and arrested Kenneth Harwick shortly afterwards. He needs to receive a prison sentence and no longer be allowed to have pets if these allegations are found to be true.

Reports indicate that neighbors asked Harwick why his dog was so thin and were told that the animal had eaten some chicken bones. Although they asked him if they could take his pet to see a veterinarian, Harwick allegedly said that he would not pay for medical expenses and further stated he would handle the situation.

When questioned about the incident, Harwick reportedly admitted to the crime and was immediately arrested on aggravated animal cruelty charges. A necropsy report further indicated that rat poison was found inside the dog’s system. Sign this petition to demand Harwick receive a prison sentence and be banned from owning animals if it is found he committed this cruel act.


Dear State Attorney Brodsky,

Kenneth Harwick was arrested after he reportedly shot his dog outdoors and left the animal to suffer and die. He needs to spend time in prison, and he should not be allowed to be around other animals if he is found guilty, to better ensure other dogs will not be harmed.

According to reports, neighbors approached Harwick about the health of his dog after seeing that the animal was very thin. Harwick allegedly told them that the dog did not feel well as a result of eating chicken bones. When others offered to take the pet to see a veterinarian, they were reportedly told he would take care of the problem himself and that he would not pay for the dog to be seen by a professional.

Authorities allegedly later heard a gunshot while talking to a witness and found the dog deceased in the nearby area. Harwick reportedly admitted to shooting the animal. Rat poison was also said to be found inside the body. For these reasons, I demand you seek a strict legal sentence for Harwick and that you also tell the courts that anyone who refuses to seek proper veterinary care for their pets should not be legally allowed to have them.


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Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura


  1. Jane B. Todaro says:

    There is no “justice” in these cases; there never can be. The abuse of this poor dog is outrageous, reprehensible, and totally unacceptable. This guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the poisoning, starving and shooting of this beautiful animal. And he should never be allowed near an animal ever again.

    But there can never be “justice.”

  2. This will not be a family friendly response to this MF. He needs to be ass whipped. Who is he to take a life of an animal. If he could not afford to take care of the pup,he should not have gotten it. Give him the max- I hope 25 years. He must didn’t care for the pup. No more possessions of any animal. Needs to have his name on animal registry for animal abusers and cruelty.

  3. I’m over people.

  4. Susan DeThomas says:

    I think when you let the sentence fit the crime things will change. Feed him the same poison and then do the same to him an eye for an eye.

  5. This bastard does not need a prison sentence. He needs the same treatment.
    Callous shitbags like these think they can get away with anything.
    Until the ‘dozy’ magistrates start to get their acts together animal cruelty and torture will continue.
    Sitting in their oversized mansions they could not give a toss about animal suffering.
    Would mass petitions help, bombard these overpaid wastes of space with people power. The voices or the people can and have had, over the years made a difference in these types of situation.
    It’s simple. If bastards like this moron kill an animal just because ‘he’ wants to, (although they have as much right to live as we,)then kill the fuckers back.
    They sure would not do it again-period!!
    Get off of your fat arses you Judges and dish out some realistic treatment.

    • gwen Pickering says:

      Totally agree with your comment.

      • It is legislators who we need to appeal to not judges. Lawyers and judges just enact the laws/policies. It’s those who make the laws that need to wake up. I sometimes wonder…do they not have pets? Or is it that animal welfare is so low on their list of laws they want introduced?

      • Hello Gwen,
        Nice that someone feels the same way. I expect many more people do also.
        My strategy would be to get ‘vigilante’ groups organised and terminate these sick cowards so they would have no chance to do it again.
        Fucking cowards all of them. Can only dish it out to innocent animals that can’t fight back!
        A nice smooth baseball bat in my hands would show these wankers the error of their ways I guarantee.
        And yes, if people ask, I would as the saying goes, ‘Put my money where my mouth is’ – yes I would be first in the queue. And afterwards would have no remorse whatsoever, as these shitbags cannot be termed as human beings.
        I am a very placid guy until I come across this type of animal abuse.
        Best regards to you – Jonny W. United Kingdom.

  6. Patrica Birtles says:

    Let me near him and I would flay him alive , please .

  7. Michelle Stewart says:

    The bastard admitted it. He IS guilty. He should be fed rat poison and shot to death. Since that won’t happen, he must be charged with 2 first degree animal cruelty felonies, spend 10 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $500,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning, working with, or going near any animals ever again

  8. Tania Connor says:

    Henious evil nasty bastard

  9. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    If you own an animal, you have a moral and ethical obligation to care for it. If you’re unwilling or unable to do so, you have a moral and ethical obligation to surrender it to an individual or an organization that can. This monster must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for egregious animal abuse, cruelty and murder. Lock him up and starve him. BAN him from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again.

  10. Cariann Robertson says:

    That is sick I cried when I read what he did don’t understand if you don’t want to take the animal to the vet for help then you should have just dropped the animal off at the vets

  11. I agree with all the responses above. People like this should never have any pets and probably should not have children. No living being should be treated the way this poor dog was treated. Animal abuse needs to be taken more seriously by the courts and judges.

  12. There is something very wrong with a person that is capable of such brutal cruelty, JAIL HIM

  13. Brooks Williams says:

    Why are people so cruel. More laws to punish these monsters and get them off the streets as to not harm again are what we need!

  14. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

  15. Raymond Stevens says:

    This scum eating piece of shit needs something much more painful and ultimately fatal than prison time.

  16. This man is obviously a full blown sadist of the worst kind.
    Who get dogs to deliberately abuse them something that they can take there aggression out on and not have to worry that they will be reported to the authorities. If this was a one of us he would get the death penalty. This mans cruelty knows no bounds and it would not surprise me if he does not go further than this if he is denied ever owning pets again. Good job he does not live in England where I did. They would have given him an offer that he would have had to take if he new what was good for him

  17. Eleaase M. Bradford says:

    I’m sorry this innocent dog suffered and died a painful death at the hands of his owner. Kenneth Harwick is a low-down scumbag for abusing and killing his pet. His behavior is unacceptable and he needs to be severely punished. RIP fur baby and I hope you get justice.

  18. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Prosecute this scumbag to the full extent of the law and hopefully someone will feed him eat poison. No animal deserves such a heinous act of cruelty and abuse.

  19. +RIP dog!
    Death penalty for bastard killer, SOB, coward!. Justice!

  20. This man is the cruelest person and should go to prison for a long time and never allowed to ever own or be around any kind of animals. He tortured this poor dog by poisoning him slowly and since he did not die immediately he shot the poor dog making him suffer more. What kind of person would do this to a poor innocent dog. He is not to trusted ever.

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