Emaciated Dog Apparently Shot, Abandoned, and Left to Die Deserves Justice

Target: State Attorney of the 12th Judicial Circuit of Manatee, Sarasota Ed Brodsky

Goal: Justly punish man who reportedly shot sick dog and left animal to die in pain.

An extremely thin dog was allegedly found dead outside by authorities. Police stated that the animal was shot, and arrested Kenneth Harwick shortly afterwards. He needs to receive a prison sentence and no longer be allowed to have pets if these allegations are found to be true.

Reports indicate that neighbors asked Harwick why his dog was so thin and were told that the animal had eaten some chicken bones. Although they asked him if they could take his pet to see a veterinarian, Harwick allegedly said that he would not pay for medical expenses and further stated he would handle the situation.

When questioned about the incident, Harwick reportedly admitted to the crime and was immediately arrested on aggravated animal cruelty charges. A necropsy report further indicated that rat poison was found inside the dog’s system. Sign this petition to demand Harwick receive a prison sentence and be banned from owning animals if it is found he committed this cruel act.


Dear State Attorney Brodsky,

Kenneth Harwick was arrested after he reportedly shot his dog outdoors and left the animal to suffer and die. He needs to spend time in prison, and he should not be allowed to be around other animals if he is found guilty, to better ensure other dogs will not be harmed.

According to reports, neighbors approached Harwick about the health of his dog after seeing that the animal was very thin. Harwick allegedly told them that the dog did not feel well as a result of eating chicken bones. When others offered to take the pet to see a veterinarian, they were reportedly told he would take care of the problem himself and that he would not pay for the dog to be seen by a professional.

Authorities allegedly later heard a gunshot while talking to a witness and found the dog deceased in the nearby area. Harwick reportedly admitted to shooting the animal. Rat poison was also said to be found inside the body. For these reasons, I demand you seek a strict legal sentence for Harwick and that you also tell the courts that anyone who refuses to seek proper veterinary care for their pets should not be legally allowed to have them.


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Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura


  1. Please put SCUMBAG POS Kenneth Harwick behind bars for a VERY LONG TIME. Here’s an easy tip for all: PEOPLE IF YOU CANT CARE FOR A DOG, DONT GET ONE.

  2. Shoot this piece of shit and leave him to starve & in lots of pain PLEASE! Time for an eye for an eye! No more slaps on the hand, time for our justice system to get real and deal with these lowlifes who show complete disregard for life! First a helpless & defenseless animal…next up a human life.

  3. Christine Nuttall says:

    I would like this man to suffer and really suffer a slow horrible death because that’s all he deserves!! Fancy allowing the poor dog to suffer and I bet that dog gave this evil man all the love he could give because that’s what dogs do. Human beings that cause harm and hurt animals should be taken off this earth!!

  4. There is no alleged. Stop. This scum admitted he would not help this poor baby and that he would take care of the situation. This is a violent monster that needs to be punished; period. Other animals must be protected from such twisted individuals.

  5. Give the same treatment to this asshole

  6. SHOOT THE BASTARD and let him die slowly☠️

  7. Τhe owner of the animal should be sodomized publicly!!!

  8. SHOOT THE BASTARD and let him die slowly☠️🙏

  9. This cruel evil punk deserves the same except: He needs several areas on several ‘special’ body parts…he needs to be starved and locked securely in a steel cage – not box as the rain etc needs to get in – and FORGOTTEN. Living is too good for him – he needs to suffer as much as possible…IN MY OPINION

  10. There is a need to fear the Law. Alot of these problems will end. In Ancient Egypt it was the death penalty if you killed a cat..even accidently. So there….

  11. Eileen Bevan says:



  13. Sue Duplantis says:

    He was probably a meth head and had the dog to tip him off if the police was coming. Do the same to him. Feed him chicken bones & Rat poison, then shoot him in both legs & leave him to die a slow painful death. Then justice would be served!! There is no excuse for ANUMAL OR CHILD ABUSE!

  14. Try him to the fullest extent of the law.

  15. Stephanie Geyser says:

    From his photo, I wouldn’t leave my child (or my pet) alone in a room with this guy. He looks like a real sicko. Amazing that he hasn’t committed other atrocities up to now.

  16. People who abuse innocent animals should definitely serve prison time and never be able to own an animal of any kind, the rest of their lives! Animal abuse has become an every day thing and it needs to STOP!!

  17. When is the judicial system going to open their eyes up and enforce punishment that these people deserve for these acts! So sad that the animals keep suffering because nothing is being done to protect them from people like this! They need to enforce strict laws against this, because this will never stop with a slap on the wrist! Surely they can see this is not working! Do they want people to start protesting about the lame laws that are in place now….

  18. Lucille Puglis says:

    Give him rat poison

  19. This evil sub human bastard needs executing!! String it up and leave it to die slowly. Capital punishment for animal abusers and murderers!!

  20. Tie this motherfucker animal abuser up to a tree in I’ll Use him as target practice

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