Kitten Reportedly Found Brain Dead After Being Kicked and Dunked in Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: Knox County, Tennessee District Attorney General Charme P. Allen

Goal: Charge and arrest man for allegedly kicking kitten so hard the animal is now brain dead, and do not allow him to continue playing college football.

A 6-month-old kitten named Nugget was allegedly kicked, put into a toilet, and locked inside a bathroom by a University of Tennessee football player named Aaron Beasley. According to reports, Beasley’s girlfriend and roommate waited for hours before bothering to open the bathroom door to let the kitten out, rather than immediately calling the police.

The girlfriend claims to have not seen any abuse. However, a third roommate reportedly told police that Beasley’s girlfriend had sent her a text saying her boyfriend had put Nugget in the toilet. Reports state that she also told them the girlfriend had been crying and telling Beasley he could not do what he was doing during the alleged incident.

The roommate put up a Go Fund Me page claiming that Nugget now had brain damage and required being hooked up to an oxygen tank. The case is currently being investigated. Sign this petition to demand Aaron Beasley be arrested, justly punished, and no longer allowed to play football if it is found he abused this animal, and that his girlfriend also be arrested and charged if it is discovered she did not call authorities in a timely manner after the alleged cruelty took place.


Dear District Attorney General Allen,

A University of Tennessee football player, named Aaron Beasley, is currently being investigated after it was claimed he mistreated a 6-month-old kitten named Nugget. He is being accused of locking Nugget in the bathroom and putting the kitten in the toilet, as well as kicking the helpless creature. He needs to be arrested, charged, and permanently suspended from the football team if these allegations prove to be true.

Although Beasley’s girlfriend told authorities that she did not see her boyfriend harm the cat, a third roommate told them she had sent her a text message relaying how Beasley was handling the animal. She also told police that she heard the girlfriend crying and telling her boyfriend that he had to stop what he was doing.

According to a Go Fund Me page, put up by the roommate, Nugget was put on an oxygen tank after it was determined that the kitten displayed brain damage, was unable to walk, and further after a bleeding hemorrhage was found in one of the kidneys as a result of the alleged brutal assault. For these reasons, I demand Beasley be arrested, legally punished, and kicked off the football team if he is found guilty of hurting Nugget, and that his girlfriend also be brought up on charges if it is found she texted her roommate about the reported abuse instead of immediately calling authorities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Renaldi


  1. what a POS!!!!! someone SHOULD DO THE SAME TO HIM!!!!!
    *******!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬💔💔💔😢😢😢😭😭😭😿😿😿😿🐾🐾🐾🐾🇨🇦

  2. He needs to be locked up for a minimum of 25 years. Should the kitten die, then the death penalty is a fair sentence.

  3. steven abbott says:

    Kicked off the team? Not only kicked off the team, kicked out of school, put in jail for several years, put on an animal abuse registry, ordered to pay some heft fines, and that go fund me page taken down or forced to donate to a local animal shelter.

  4. Rosemary Ferguson says:

    Evil bastard…get this sick vile piece of shit and do the exact thing as he did to the poor kitten

  5. Farideh Alagheband says:

    Punish this sadistic monster to the fullest extent possible as well as the bystanders. Someone who has this cruel, sadistic streak in him/her will definitely do this again. Please protect defenseless living beings from such sick, despicable humans by punishing them thus demonstrating that this is unacceptable and illegal.

  6. This despicable motherfucking loser deserves serves to die!!!!

  7. Paula Morgan says:

    Yet again a young man thought he was far more important than a kitten. He is a coward to do this to a helpless animal. Was he angry or just doing this because he doesn’t care. This man is ripe for child abuse as well. It begins with animals and then children and finally women. He is a danger to society. He may be young and talented in football but he needs to face the full brunt of the law. No leniency. There is no reason or explanation for this abuse. The cat may be on a ventilator now but it will never be fully functional again. This man needs to pay with prison, fines, full payment of the vet charges, be accountable for his actions and never be allowed to have an animal near him for the rest of his life.

  8. Yes,arrest both of the bitches. If she waited for him to do it,throw the book at both. I hope if he is found guilty no more football for his sorry ass. Y did he do it? I guess cos u think u r a football player u can do what u want. God don’t like ugly. I hope u get ur payback along with the stupid wretch with u. U two r the most pathetic people on earth. I hope u 2 burn in hell.

  9. Annie Capek says:

    The big,bad football player kicked a kitten.He needs to be drops kicked into a vat of linseed oil.He wouldn’t like it.

  10. I am so infuriated right now. No more football. Lock it up. A curse on them both. Worthless cursed pos.

  11. Susan Budde says:

    This cruel maggot of a human needs to be killed. I hope someone beats him to death.

  12. That ass need jail and get kicked off the football team. His girlfriend and roommate should be charged and punished too as they knew about the incident but did nothing till it was too late.
    All of them are fucking stupid.
    God speed sweet baby

  13. I wish the rest of his life is HELL on earth!! Does it make him feel like a MAN for this SICKENING act against this little DEFENSELESS kitten!!

  14. Rhonda Jones says:

    This person is certainly not well and has mental issues. He has no remorse or compassion towards life. It’s possible he is abusive towards his girlfriend as well. He definitely needs to be punished for this horrific animal abuse. Also he shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.

  15. Coward, piece of shit, potential serial killer and child abuser. Kicked off the team? He deserves his head kicking in. Skank. Big man eh? Battering a 6 month old kitten. Bet his parents are so proud of having a coward skank for a son. Shame their skanky son hadn’t been put down at birth, preferably flushed down a toilet. The girlfriend is culpable too, shame on both of them.

  16. Aaron Beasley is a Depraved torturer and murderer. What this poor little innocent defenceless Nugget endured is beyond horrific. Beasley should not only be kicked off his team, he should be barred from this school and thrown in jail for this despicable behaviour. A true psychopath who will do this again.

  17. Tracy Smith says:

    Forget legal punishment–he needs to have the same thing done to him that he did to that innocent kitten! Tie his hands behind his back, kick the shit out of him (and make sure he gets a few to his head), then take him into the bathroom, lock the door and stick his head in the toilet! That’s the only justice that needs to be served in this case!

  18. This has got to stop, both should be kicked out of school and should be placed on a roster of animal offenders/killers so that they can not be allowed to EVER own an animal. They both should also pay a hefty fine each of $5000 – $10,000 that will be donated to animal shelters in that state.

  19. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    Aaron Beasley Should Be Rotting in Hell 4 doing 2 this poor kitty & I hope tht nugget is still going 2 be ok,His girlfriend & roommate should rot in hell also.


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