Kitten Reportedly Found Brain Dead After Being Kicked and Dunked in Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: Knox County, Tennessee District Attorney General Charme P. Allen

Goal: Charge and arrest man for allegedly kicking kitten so hard the animal is now brain dead, and do not allow him to continue playing college football.

A 6-month-old kitten named Nugget was allegedly kicked, put into a toilet, and locked inside a bathroom by a University of Tennessee football player named Aaron Beasley. According to reports, Beasley’s girlfriend and roommate waited for hours before bothering to open the bathroom door to let the kitten out, rather than immediately calling the police.

The girlfriend claims to have not seen any abuse. However, a third roommate reportedly told police that Beasley’s girlfriend had sent her a text saying her boyfriend had put Nugget in the toilet. Reports state that she also told them the girlfriend had been crying and telling Beasley he could not do what he was doing during the alleged incident.

The roommate put up a Go Fund Me page claiming that Nugget now had brain damage and required being hooked up to an oxygen tank. The case is currently being investigated. Sign this petition to demand Aaron Beasley be arrested, justly punished, and no longer allowed to play football if it is found he abused this animal, and that his girlfriend also be arrested and charged if it is discovered she did not call authorities in a timely manner after the alleged cruelty took place.


Dear District Attorney General Allen,

A University of Tennessee football player, named Aaron Beasley, is currently being investigated after it was claimed he mistreated a 6-month-old kitten named Nugget. He is being accused of locking Nugget in the bathroom and putting the kitten in the toilet, as well as kicking the helpless creature. He needs to be arrested, charged, and permanently suspended from the football team if these allegations prove to be true.

Although Beasley’s girlfriend told authorities that she did not see her boyfriend harm the cat, a third roommate told them she had sent her a text message relaying how Beasley was handling the animal. She also told police that she heard the girlfriend crying and telling her boyfriend that he had to stop what he was doing.

According to a Go Fund Me page, put up by the roommate, Nugget was put on an oxygen tank after it was determined that the kitten displayed brain damage, was unable to walk, and further after a bleeding hemorrhage was found in one of the kidneys as a result of the alleged brutal assault. For these reasons, I demand Beasley be arrested, legally punished, and kicked off the football team if he is found guilty of hurting Nugget, and that his girlfriend also be brought up on charges if it is found she texted her roommate about the reported abuse instead of immediately calling authorities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Renaldi


  1. Stephen Brown says:

    I feel so bad for Nugget, grievously injured and left to die alone in a toilet. It would be easy to blame the girlfriend for her inaction and denials, but based on her behavior, it’s possible she is in an abusive relationship with this scumbag. Either way, the guy is a danger to others and needs much more than a slap on the wrist. Hopefully his actions will follow him for the rest of his career.

    • Well, she needs to get away from him so she can freely report what she knows. If it means going back home or moving then so be it. If the kitten does not make a full recovery then aaron sc*mbag needs to be locked up for a minimum of 30 years. Although the death penalty would be fitting.

  2. The University should immediatedly taje action. If he will harm an innocent kitten he has no place in sports with that kind of temperment. His girlfriend should also be charged and punished.

  3. Erin Ryan says:

    Not only does Aaron Beasley need to be banned from playing football you really should expel him & his girlfriend from your school. His torture of an innocent kitten should not be tolerated at all! What values does UT instill in their students! This man MUST BE PUT IN PRISON

  4. Fudge the pudge says:

    I’ve got about 3 cats in my yard I want gone. Anyone know how I can contact Aaron Beasley?

  5. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Prosecute them both to the full extent of the law for committing suvh heinous acts of animal abuse on thst poor little litten

  6. Tyler Durden says:

    What a loser! What a pathetic coward. Expel Beasley!

  7. The scumbag who did this is fricking ‘braindead’,or would be if I got my hands on him

  8. AG Allen, both the sociopathic brain dead jock (IQ of 85, barely has a 5th grade eductation) and his bimbo flops on her back pulls trains for the entire football team girlfriend belong in prison the rest of their pathetic piece of crap worthless sadistic lives.

    Prosecute to the max before one of those jocks knocks the bimbo up and they decide to kick the baby she delivers around and sticks its head in the toilet.

    Sanction both UT and the damn NCAA as too.

    Thank you from a resident of a civilized state.

  9. Kill the motherfucker responsible for this kick him in the fucking head 100 times

  10. Janette Lands says:

    He needs the death penalty she needs a fucking kick up the arse. She is not an abused woman just a typical selfish bitch. She had No thought or compassion for that tiny fragile creature other than her own needs. She should get a sentence for cruelty. It’s about time abuse and cruelty is sentenced as exactly that whatever the species the victim is.

  11. He should be expelled from school and they both should be prosecuted for what they did. Their disgusting people and should pay for what they have done.

  12. What the hell is happening – has covid effected our brains? this is inexcuable – throw the book at this idiot or you condone this behaviour – this is SICK, SICK, SICK – a kitten??? what a bloody sick coward serial killer in the making – end this madness now! Gun Control???? how about stricter animal abuse laws???

    • says:

      I agree, what is wrong with the football player, the girlfriend and the school? A helpless kitten has been abused beyond recovery. We need stronger animal abuse laws.

  13. Beverly B. says:

    He us an embarrassment to the Tennessee football team. Just because you can “take on” grown men on a football field does not mean that you can treat every creature the same.

    UT should stand up and take action as well. No abuse, any of any kind, should not be tolerated. It’s time to take a stand.

  14. Aaron Beasley should be kicked until Brain dead.until dead since heas already an ignorant brain dead sub human scum.
    Why hasnt anyone donr to him what he deserves. If he lived bear me he would definitely regret what he did!
    Remove him from playing football, lock him away and never ever allow him near animals again!!
    Hopefully someone gets to Aaron Beasley and remives his existence from this world ( his skanky girlfriend too) before the law since tennesee laws are weak toward animals.

  15. Please punish this narcissistic monster. He’s a spoiled brat who will continue to torture animals if he does not pay for his crime.

  16. DEBORAH MARPLE says:

    Tit for Tat and then see how this bastard feels for what he did to this poor innocent baby. I pray this baby’s health reverses and Nugget recovers fully and gets a loving home away from sadistic people like this. He’s probably doing steroids and thinks he big man on campus, when he’s really a piece of shit.

  17. I see that he has been suspended from football YAY, but what about the school?? They should kick out both him and the girlfriend! She knew exactly what was happening because it happens to her. Hopefully, she would learn a hard lesson and find the help that she needs. These two need prosecuted!

  18. shawna Flottemesch says:

    kill the mother fucker

  19. Both should be expelled and charged with felony crimes.

  20. So this is what a pathetic POS looks like. Seems perfectly paired with a POS woman as well.

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