Kitten Reportedly Found Brain Dead After Being Kicked and Dunked in Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: Knox County, Tennessee District Attorney General Charme P. Allen

Goal: Charge and arrest man for allegedly kicking kitten so hard the animal is now brain dead, and do not allow him to continue playing college football.

A 6-month-old kitten named Nugget was allegedly kicked, put into a toilet, and locked inside a bathroom by a University of Tennessee football player named Aaron Beasley. According to reports, Beasley’s girlfriend and roommate waited for hours before bothering to open the bathroom door to let the kitten out, rather than immediately calling the police.

The girlfriend claims to have not seen any abuse. However, a third roommate reportedly told police that Beasley’s girlfriend had sent her a text saying her boyfriend had put Nugget in the toilet. Reports state that she also told them the girlfriend had been crying and telling Beasley he could not do what he was doing during the alleged incident.

The roommate put up a Go Fund Me page claiming that Nugget now had brain damage and required being hooked up to an oxygen tank. The case is currently being investigated. Sign this petition to demand Aaron Beasley be arrested, justly punished, and no longer allowed to play football if it is found he abused this animal, and that his girlfriend also be arrested and charged if it is discovered she did not call authorities in a timely manner after the alleged cruelty took place.


Dear District Attorney General Allen,

A University of Tennessee football player, named Aaron Beasley, is currently being investigated after it was claimed he mistreated a 6-month-old kitten named Nugget. He is being accused of locking Nugget in the bathroom and putting the kitten in the toilet, as well as kicking the helpless creature. He needs to be arrested, charged, and permanently suspended from the football team if these allegations prove to be true.

Although Beasley’s girlfriend told authorities that she did not see her boyfriend harm the cat, a third roommate told them she had sent her a text message relaying how Beasley was handling the animal. She also told police that she heard the girlfriend crying and telling her boyfriend that he had to stop what he was doing.

According to a Go Fund Me page, put up by the roommate, Nugget was put on an oxygen tank after it was determined that the kitten displayed brain damage, was unable to walk, and further after a bleeding hemorrhage was found in one of the kidneys as a result of the alleged brutal assault. For these reasons, I demand Beasley be arrested, legally punished, and kicked off the football team if he is found guilty of hurting Nugget, and that his girlfriend also be brought up on charges if it is found she texted her roommate about the reported abuse instead of immediately calling authorities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Renaldi


  1. Dr. Arlene Sen says:

    Everyone involved in this murder should be given strictest punishment. The person who did these acts and the bystanders who didn’t call the police or animal Agency. All should be given lifetime ban on having animals, working animals or being around Animals. I wish they
    could be locked away for ever. Especially the vicious be perpetrator.Although the other 2 did not act immediatel

    • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

      the fact that you can speak of this with ANY diplomacy is a feat, bc there aren’t words, I can barely take my hand off my mouth, for what we want to do to every single P.O.S. INVOLVED, first and first and foremost to the degenerate asshole that did this unconscionable evil heinous cruel act!

      The horrid, disgraceful, despicable, lowlife, p.o.s. loser, Aaron. My husband would be more than happy to drop kick his ass as far as he can and do it multiple times from his head to his body and then shove his no brained head deep in the toilet bowl as its being flushed and phuck him up so hard bc these little no brained selfish, self righteous, college assholes might understand after that, and nothing less than that.

      The only direction these douche bags are headed is to doing more damage, more suffering and more pain to animals or people. This is not the first incident I can promise you that, nor will it be the last if not addressed harshly and should be no matter what. As for the bystanders, nothing short of pathetic cowardly assholes they need to be punished and beaten too. This little precious baby, a little 6 MONTH OLD KITTEN..I’m screaming & crying for Nugget. I can’t imagine the horrific pain and suffering of this little baby, its so painful to remotely comprehend what we’re reading, that asshole should not be alive right now, let alone not being allowed to play football, please and uh ya definitely not be allowed to ever be near or be a guardian or protector for god sakes to ANY animal..THIS IS SO DISTURBING AND UPSETTING, like many of these animal abuse stories I sometimes really wish there were animal abuse vigilantes, angels, out there that could help protect animals and or if they got hurt, tortured or killed by someone, like this p.o.s. be on the seen do to them what they did to the poor animal they victimized. Because unless harsher laws are passed state wide and as important ENFORCED, especially in the crazier world we live in now, this horror and these horrific animal abuse stories will sadly continue. Obviously this one, layered with the many others before this precious little boy Nugget, really got to me. 🙁

      • Well said Annette and Jeff. I hope some Animal Vigilantes find this retard and give Street Justice with A Red Hot Poker shoved where the sun doesn’t shine. justice for all animals please God

  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Typical sickening actions of these overpaid American football scum, who are adored as gods by all Americans. I wonder when the girlfriend is the next one to be beaten and kicked to death? Unfortunately, the University of Tennessee will doubtless protect him, so he can keep on playing football, and they can earn a lot of money out of him.

  3. EVIL so called `people`…THEY HAVE MADE THEIR OWN KARMA…..I wouldn’t want to be them. Wicked morons, they will receive their punishment, you cant escape Karma, try as they might….pure evil

  4. This is just disgusting. This demented excuse for a human being needs to be thrown in jail indefinitely.

  5. What a piece of trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the football player should be kicked off the team, convicted of a felony and sent to jail. maybe there he will experience the same pain he forced upon this innocent kitten.

  6. Is this ever going to stop, and I have signed loads of petitions where a animal was abused.. I never heard back from anyone, and it is unfair. I and others who sign this , would like a update on if the animal has made it, and the person had been found. Please how can I find out about, and not just signing and that is it,
    As for the person, He is evil, the devil is running rampant around, and look how the pandemic is here, and what kind of president we have, the lies , the cover ups, all from evil, This creep is a evil piece of garbage, even garbage is better than him/her,and we need to turn to God more and pray more, because evil is prevailing over good. This is more examples, Turn to God, He will heal the land, He will protect and restore joy to this horrible world we live in. Satan get behind, Please PRAY and repent of sin.
    Jesus loves you. This cat will be healed , and evil will go .. this person is so evil it is sickening.

  7. Big City Jungle Cat says:

    This person is so damned sick and evil. He must also be one hell of a dastardly *COWARD* too. Attacking/injuring a tiny little kitten for God’s sake! He should be arrested and sent to jail for this horrible crime. And who else is going to be safe from this monster if he is left at large? I just cannot get my head around disgusting creatures like this, as to *what* makes them tick. But evil monster-breeds like this should not be among decent people, and certainly should not be anywhere near animals or any other innocents.

  8. This vile, mentally deranged scumbag must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonising death for this vile POS is essential. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!

  9. Terrie Phenicie says:

    All individuals involved in this sadistic act need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No plea bargains, No suspended sentences, and No early release. Even this is far too lenient for the human scum that has become far too prevalent in our so-called “Civilized Society”.

  10. I want to slowly torture in the most horrific way the Life out of this bastard!death penalty!!!!he only deserves death!painful slow death!

  11. Debra Simons says:

    Please get rid of anyone who had anything to do with this horrendous horrible violent sadistic act and be rid of them forever.

  12. People like that deserve to receive the same treatment and as a result not brain damaged they need to be locked away for life…no animal deserves that kind of treatment..the animal that did that to a kitten will eventually do that to a child

  13. Sherry Mainquist says:

    Why would you wait hours to check on the poor cat? And what did the cat do to deserve this??? BIG man to harm a kitty…COWARD is what Aaron Beasley is.

  14. Lorraine German says:

    That piece of shit and his girlfriend should both of their heads dumped into a tank of water and held there until they are both brain dead. I am so disgusted with the way people treat animals. If it was up to me the punishment for cruelty to animals will be so harsh people would think twice before they would ever commit a crime against an animal. I can see why there’s Covid in this world. God has probably gotten so disgusted with humankind that he’s letting this happen and get rid of us one by one

  15. Aaron Beasley will experience the same pain and suffering he caused Nugget and his punishment will mirror his crime. Karma, Threefold, and The Universe, Satan and all his Demons will punish the waste of sperm motherfucker. He will be playing football and he will get tackled down at full force speed that the impact will break his neck/bac. He will be in bed and will choke to death because his quadriplegic coward cunt ass will be nothing but a stack of useless shit unable to move, so mote it be. Ave Satanas.

  16. Rhonda Barrineau says:

    Football players are not above the law!! He should be found guilty and justly sentenced for his crime and so should his girlfriend!!

  17. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


  18. Quite frankly, I’m tired of these monsters, especially these cat hating “male” thugs who cruelly hurt and/or murder felines.
    These thugs that torture cats or kill them as well as their enablers should be locked up for decades and never be allowed near innocent creatures. These lousy weak laws are a joke and don’t measure up to the seriousness of the crimes committed against nonhumans.
    These thugs should be met by a real man that can fight against their thuggery but of course monster bullies are cowards.

    Hopefully, this kitten will receive proper medical treatment and her torturer real justice for his violent crimes.

  19. I wish I knew what happen to the kitten? Did it live, was it permanently disabled, did it find a loving home. Or worse case scenario was it put to sleep? I wish we knew.

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