Influencer Accused of Threatening to Kill Defenseless Dog Must be Taken Off Instagram

Target: Adam Mosser, Head of Instagram

Goal: Prohibit content and users that promote abuse and exploitation of animals.

A social media influencer allegedly abused and threatened the life of her pet dog Max to gain more followers and fame. She has been charged with animal cruelty. The site she reportedly used to perpetrate these crimes, however, is still providing her a platform.

Instagram personality Lovely Peaches (real name Brittany Johnson) was arrested in early 2021 after videos emerged on the site of Johnson seemingly grabbing her dog’s neck and dousing his eyes with perfume. She also reportedly claimed she had broken the animal’s legs and even apparently threatened to kill him on-camera. A message posted to her account after these troubling events allegedly said, “As I Posted On My Personal Max is no Longer With Us Rip Buddy.”

Thankfully, this claim that the dog had been killed was not true. After outraged viewers of the videos complained, Johnson was taken into custody and surrendered her dog. When asked why she made the videos, the influencer reportedly told them “cause I knew it would get me attention on the internet.” Unfortunately, Johnson’s apparent ploy seems to have worked, as Instagram has yet to take a single action against her.

Sign the petition below to demand the social media service ban this account and all cruel opportunists who hurt innocent animals to get attention.


Dear Mr. Mosser,

Instagram has a stain on its reputation for seemingly taking a soft approach to videos and pictures that perpetuate animal cruelty. Your inaction regarding controversial influencer Lovely Peaches reinforces the notoriety. This woman is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly abusing and threatening her pet dog, to the horror of thousands of watchers, on your platform. She reportedly informed police that she perpetrated these acts to “get followers.”

Over two months after her arrest, she is still posting videos on Instagram. Inaction is endorsement. Do not let Instagram become the place where abusers and cruel attention-seekers go to make their names. Ban Lovely Peaches and take a decisive stand against all acts of animal cruelty promoted on your platform.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Brittany Johnson



  1. Get this slag kicked off the gravy train and back in the gutter

  2. Pamela Smith says:

    One of the many reasons why this world is so 🤬 up!!!!

  3. Obviously this woman has no consideration for any living creature and should be punished. And any social media site that would allow this to continue should also be held accountable. I will boycott instagram. I will also use my voice to convince others to do the same.

    • I agree. I won’t use Instagram or any social media that allows animal abuse and inform friends of this.I wish this monstrous woman would be locked away foreve, Although I know that’s not how our Justice system works.She must be forever banned from being near animals.

  4. She is one sick person. This is a true mannerism of serial killers. If anyone knows her, beware. Law enforcement show look at her for crimes in her area. I hope they removed that poor dog, and attempt, to stop her from owning any other poor animal.

  5. Aron Tanzer says:

    Need to get my hands on this b*tch

  6. Nadine Brundige says:

    Sick piece of shit should be hit with a 2×4 on Instagram, That should get her lots of attention. Evil asshole.

  7. Maria Bertrand says:

    WhY is this vile monster still allowed to post On Instagram or anywhere? What a sick, sick world. BAN HER NOW!


  8. Absolutely disgusting,pure evil👹beyond cruel😱 should be felony!🔐 her up&throw the key away!

  9. Do to her what she said she did and post that

  10. Julia Edinger says:


  11. I’ve heard of this woman before, when she said that she’d kill and eat her baby… her baby was taken from her. She’s also the same one who ate her own feces on camera. I don’t understand how/why social media give psychotic people like her a platform!
    I hope she never has access to another animal again!
    Thank God the baby and dog are free from the crazy POS.

  12. Kat Gonzalez says:

    How about we put a noose around HER neck?

  13. Mechthild Schoeberl says:

    This bitch should look over her shoulder –
    because Karma always gets even!
    I believe in that and it has happen! Animal
    Killers deserve and get eventually the same

  14. Pamela Hengst says:

    Is the little dog ok? Put Brittany Johnson in prison. Instagram should be ashamed! The cruel, evil, sick idiots lost on your site, praising animal cruelty!! Why do you give them the unbalanced attention they crave? My heart breaks for the poor precious little dig. Pay attention Instagram!! You are putting your stamp of approval on animal abuse, making you as guilty as Johnson!

  15. This vile, mentally deranged scumbag druggie bitch must be put to death!

  16. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Get this dog torturer off your idiotic Instagram platform, now!

  17. Get her off instagram ….u tube took her now now you need to do it ….you promote all kinds of things on instagram ….this pce of crap needs to be removed now amd for ever instead of you promoting this crap …

  18. American Girl says:

    This is not this inbred mutant bitches 1st rodeo. She has abused her child as well! Somebody needs to look up her history on posting her pathetically immoral & abusive posts and imprison her! She has pulled this kind of thing repeatedly and they keep allowing her to do it! She should never be allowed to be near any animal or child again! She is sick evil & cruel, put a skewer thru her ass and roast her slowly, that would save everyone a lot of money! I would gladly take this little dog to show it love rather than fear. Her, I’d like to show this ugly inbred bitch fear like she has never known! INSTAGRAM & LAW ENFORCEMENT YOU SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED & ASHAMED! PUT HER AWAY!

  19. Joyce O'Malley says:

    This “woman” is a slime ball piece of shit that should have been an abortion!!! Block her off all media!!!

  20. Joyce O'Malley says:

    WTF???!!! Put this BITCH in PRISON for attempted MURDER of a DOG!!!

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