Influencer Accused of Threatening to Kill Defenseless Dog Must be Taken Off Instagram

Target: Adam Mosser, Head of Instagram

Goal: Prohibit content and users that promote abuse and exploitation of animals.

A social media influencer allegedly abused and threatened the life of her pet dog Max to gain more followers and fame. She has been charged with animal cruelty. The site she reportedly used to perpetrate these crimes, however, is still providing her a platform.

Instagram personality Lovely Peaches (real name Brittany Johnson) was arrested in early 2021 after videos emerged on the site of Johnson seemingly grabbing her dog’s neck and dousing his eyes with perfume. She also reportedly claimed she had broken the animal’s legs and even apparently threatened to kill him on-camera. A message posted to her account after these troubling events allegedly said, “As I Posted On My Personal Max is no Longer With Us Rip Buddy.”

Thankfully, this claim that the dog had been killed was not true. After outraged viewers of the videos complained, Johnson was taken into custody and surrendered her dog. When asked why she made the videos, the influencer reportedly told them “cause I knew it would get me attention on the internet.” Unfortunately, Johnson’s apparent ploy seems to have worked, as Instagram has yet to take a single action against her.

Sign the petition below to demand the social media service ban this account and all cruel opportunists who hurt innocent animals to get attention.


Dear Mr. Mosser,

Instagram has a stain on its reputation for seemingly taking a soft approach to videos and pictures that perpetuate animal cruelty. Your inaction regarding controversial influencer Lovely Peaches reinforces the notoriety. This woman is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly abusing and threatening her pet dog, to the horror of thousands of watchers, on your platform. She reportedly informed police that she perpetrated these acts to “get followers.”

Over two months after her arrest, she is still posting videos on Instagram. Inaction is endorsement. Do not let Instagram become the place where abusers and cruel attention-seekers go to make their names. Ban Lovely Peaches and take a decisive stand against all acts of animal cruelty promoted on your platform.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Brittany Johnson



  1. Maria Bertrand says:

    Agree she should be charged with attempted murder!! Is the law going to do its job?

    Agree these psychos should NEVER be given platform on social media — INSTAGRAM YOU ARE DANGEROUS ALSO!!!!!

    • She’s a disgusting monster. I can’t imagine anyone with more than 2 brain cells being ‘influenced’ by this tub of lard.

    • Marisa Di Silvestro says:

      Maybe Instagram should face the same charges she faces- if you publish it you are equally as guilty as the perpetrator

      Disgusting to hurt a pet that loves you. Throw her ass in jail – she’ll get many people there who’ll like her

  2. She’s evil i hope she pay so disgusting 😡😡

  3. Cheryl Miller says:

    Why do you let ass holes do this junk online?!? Shame on you and shame on anyone who follows this complete sicko!! They should be removed from all sights and never allowed animals again!!

  4. Yvette Eyzaguirre says:

    This woman needs life in prison. Teaching idiots her doing is a true mental illness. Needs attention? How about in prison, she can get all the idiot attention she needs there.

  5. Naomi Lichtner says:

    Evil, sick, deranged fool that does not deserve any rewards or recognition. Yet Instagram, just like TikTok & Youtube, doesn’t give a care in the world. They could stand up and stop this….

  6. She’s absolute human filth & should be in a mental institution. The only attention she deserves is a flogging for her existence. Her family & friends too… They’d know where she is & about the dog yet none of them took the dog.

  7. Disgusting lock them up and throw away the key

  8. Crazy! I never let her near animals again!

    So, Twitter did nothing about this??

  9. Social media networks that allow these sick individuals to show inhumane treatment of animals are as guilty of the crime ad this sick individual. This is not freedom of speech and social networks seem to be prejudice to what they think is allowable in their opinion’s so that is not freedom of speech or opinions!

  10. Jane B. Todaro says:

    What in the name of Sam Hill is the matter with this woman and with other people who do these horrible things???????!!!!!!!! And what is the matter with those who run these stupid social media websites who allow these people to broadcast what they do???????!!!!!!!!!

  11. Boycott Instagram, tic toc, Twitter!!… if people stop using these platforms and give this filthy scum no air time evils acts like this will hopefully stop..? Make these social media platforms accountable and put these succor in jail never to have contact with animals again

  12. This bitch needs to be exterminate from this poor and too full world!!!

  13. This media seeking ‘twat’ needs seven barrels of shit kicking out of her and being videoed as it happened.

    Then we could all watch the idiot getting her just deserts and she would get her wish as there would be plenty of people watching her With relish no doubt.
    What a wast of space. Obviously she somehow manages to live without a brain.
    I hope that someone could give her a serious thrashing as this is all these jerks
    Power to the people and Instagram, get your bloody act together.
    Only demented bastards would post this sort of thing. This halfwit needs teaching a lesson!
    Jonny W. U.K.

  14. Kathy Bossart says:


  15. Why this scum on earth is still alive ? Please don’t leave this evil on earth among us ….are enough POS out there …..throw her in jail …

  16. NASTY, WICKED actions from someone who is clearly a disgusting, so called `human being`. She must pay for her wicked actions and NEVER, EVER be allowed to have any animals. Nasty piece of work. Ugliness shines out of her and her actions.

  17. Social media platforms should be legally required to report things like this and ban the user permanently.
    Nothing that is going to be done to this cowardly, evil bitch will be adequate punishment… I hope she was banned from ever having or being around animals.

  18. Another ignorant sadist on social media for the entertainment of the brainless. Permanently incarcerate this demonic useless individual and implement strong criminal penalties for any party or person who did anything to facilitate this filth being published.

  19. Low life pos! Sadly this won’t stop because there is money to be made and a world full of ignorant scum.

  20. “Professional” ANIMAL TORTURERS should be put behind bars for showing SICKENING and HORRIFIC videos on Instagram!  These SCUMBAGS are totally DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED and SADISTIC monsters!  NO-tolerance policy shall be implemented and ATROCIOUS ACTS of TORTURE against innocent and defenseless animals shall be REMOVED and the perpetrators reported to the Police! SHAME on Instagram for allowing it to happen!

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