Harmless Dogs Reportedly Shot Dead by Police Deserve Justice

Target: Tom Croskrey, Benton County, WA Sheriff

Goal: Investigate circumstances related to reported shooting of two dogs by deputies.

Body cam footage appearing to show the fatal shooting of two pet dogs has stirred controversy in Washington. Three Rottweilers had apparently escaped from a residence after a door was left open. When the animals were spotted in the neighborhood, authorities were called. Witnesses had seemingly not reported that the dogs were behaving in an aggressive manner. Yet, when the animals were discovered in an empty field by officers, deputies allegedly shot and killed two of the dogs.

The incident provoked outrage for a couple of reasons. For one, the dogs were seemingly shot from about 50 yards away, and the video footage apparently does not demonstrate the dogs posed an immediate threat to the officers. And when the shootings occurred, one of the officers allegedly laughed about the incident and congratulated the officer who had done the shooting. Full, unedited footage has yet to be released, despite the pleas of the dogs’ caretaker.

Sign the petition below to urge full transparency in this controversial case.


Dear Sheriff Croskrey,

The proposed amendments to animal control guidelines are a positive and necessary step. But the incident that compelled this correction–the reported fatal shooting of two dogs by police officers—still needs to be addressed. Members of the public are questioning the actions of involved officers and the level of threat posed by the deceased dogs.

The best defense is transparency. Refusal to release full and unedited body cam footage creates distrust and suspicion. Please show good faith to the concerned citizens you serve by releasing this footage and putting this volatile matter to rest.


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Photo Credit: Pramod Tiwari


  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Why don’t Americans fence their properties, like the rest of the civilized world does, so their dogs don’t roam around the neighborhoods and get into trouble? “Good fences make good neighbors” – and save dogs’ lives.

    • Can’t argue with that! It is absolutely infuriating that people don’t better protect their pets, dogs & cats alike! Sounds like this was very unnecessary killing of these poor dogs, but owners must take more responsibility, and realize that their carelessness is putting their 4 legged family members at risk! They could’ve been hit, and killed by cars, too! It does deserve investigating, though, because even as the daughter of a retired police officer, some sadly do take lethal measures when not warranted. Poor dogs! 💔🙏

  2. …so long as the USA condones and encourages the possession of guns it will continue to happen. Police with guns: clearly they have not received appropriate training; suspend their gun licence until they are fit to react positively – and the one who laughed: in the UK we’d say “hand him his P45” [the official document you receive when you leave/lose a job].
    The gun lobby in America has a lot to answer for.
    But so has the person who left the door open.

    RIP sweet pups – play happily in doggy heaven.

    • Allison Samantha winters says:

      I wish we had harsh punishment for ANYONE who harms an animal but cops should be especially held accountable for their actions if they expect us to do the same. It makes me sick that they laughed at killing two beloved and innocent pets!

    • You are sadly misinformed, we have EVERY RIGHT to bear arms to protect ourselves, and our families, NO responsible citizen, which MOST of us are, should EVER be denied that right!! What do you expect people to do when the criminals invade our homes?? Do you REALLY BELIEVE if everyone was denied that right, that nothing bad would happen?? Criminals, AND our enemies will continue to smuggle weapons in to destroy us, AND criminals ALSO kill innocent people with knives, baseball bats, toxic chemicals, the list goes on, so everyone that thinks disarming innocent civilians will solve the problems of the world, think again!!!

    • Melinda Maddox says:

      I agree with you totally such a sad sad shame

  3. Craig Mcewen says:

    Stiffer penalties for those thath kill or abuse animals. The first penalty should be five years then ten each incident should go up five years and a penalty of 100,000 fine. Release the video footage if it is whath they say it is make the officers in voled loose there job.send them to jail five years 100,000 fine.

  4. If these police officers are afraid of dogs regardless of the dogs size they need to get in their cars, admit they don’t want to face the dogs and call for backup or for the owners to be brought to get their dogs. There is far to many of these incidents of shoot first ask later and then to laugh about it! All I can say is thank God I don’t live in the gun ridden culture of the USA.

  5. I am sick of officers creating a false imminent threat by automatically killing the animals. This terrible. Those fucking morons need to be shot. Just because dogs are large does not make them dangerous. The owners should sue. There needs to be changes to policy.

    • Patricia Lamonica says:


  6. Jacqueline says:

    This was FAR to excessive. More Trigger happy cops. They should have call animal protection and said, they were in a field and waited for them to come. If they hid in their car and if the dogs approached them, they could see they were friendly.
    They should be investigated and fired or suspended.

  7. This is a criminal act of violence and cruekty! They are suppose to Protect and Serve and all they did usURDER 2 HELPLESS INNOCENT FAMILYS PET DOGS! JUSTICE MUST NE Given TO THIS Grieving FAMILY WHO LIST 2 BELOVED FAMILY MEMBERS

  8. Maria Lavorato says:

    These two so called police officers are a DISGRACE TO HUMANITY. These little dogs were non aggressive!!! They see a Rottweiler and assume they are dangerous and shit their pants!!!

    They should never ever have been allowed to be police officers. FIRE THEM AND CHARGE THEM NOW WITH AGGRAVATED ANIMAL CRUELTY. They are a danger to all animals and people. THEY SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER…BUT THEY DID NOT EVEN ASK QUESTIONS LATER..THEY JUST LAUGHED.


  9. Sami stankennehau says:

    Instead of these officers shooting innocent animals why aren’t they throwing out those stinkin useless homeless drug addicts littering all
    The streets of Washington.

  10. This is discussing! The so call police officers need to lose their jobs. And pay for what they have done by being shot just like they did the poor VOICELESS FURBABYS mind you!! VOICELESS DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS ?? Eye for an eye nothing more nothing less!! No matter who you are or what you do for a living. It won’t bring the dogs back. BUT… 2 less ABUSERS on earth and we don’t have to pay to house. You 2 sick humans your not above the law!!!

  11. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Prosecute the shooters.

  12. Jennifer ford says:

    So once again , police are not trained properly to handle this. There is no way these dogs should have been shot from so far away. By the officer laughing at this,just shows how much they have no regard for human life or animal life. I’m from a law enforcement family,these acts are unreasonable and cruel .I am tired of senseless killings of all and police are not held accountable. Hoping justice will be served.

  13. Being a police officer dues not preclude that your a sick in the head idiot. What a coulpe of power hungery ass holes- they need a go flogging in front of the court house.!!!

  14. Have no right to kill owners digs in their own yard !!!rhatz bullshit killing peoples pets

  15. Melinda Shaw says:

    This was a ‘hunting expedition’ by gun happy cops. Reread how this all played out and the cops reaction to the kills.

    This shoot first ask questions later has got to stop….it’s happening far too often.

  16. So they won’t release the body cam footage and that tells me a lot. They laughed about killing the dogs also tells me that they thought killing them was funny. I will believe the dogs were dangerous when they release the body cam video.

  17. If you see dogs loose, DO NOT CALL THE COPS !! They will come glad to shoot any dogs regardless if they are or are not aggressive CALL YOUR ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER!!! ARE PEOPLE THAT DUMB ?!



  18. Irene Leggett says:

    Once again the gun-toting, trigger-happy police have killed two dogs just because they can and even laughed about it. And of course, their bosses will do and say everything to protect these gutless, soul-less animal murderers. These policemen are a disgrace to the badge and uniform, but never mind, its only two dogs that they shot and killed, but next time, it’ll probably be a PERSON.

    • These fucking cops are the bastards that need shooting. Gun happy sods like these really need some mob justice. Or better still, Someone or gang to stealthily take them out by the same means. At the very least, these two bastards should be kicked off the force and made a serious example of!!!

  19. True … people need to contain their pets properly. Not just to keep them safe. But to keep others safe too.
    More and more as of late … we deal with trigger happy cops.
    If they are not shooting people who are not armed. They are shooting dogs in their own yards. Loose dogs roaming around(maybe .. I can see that one). But there have also been cops who shoot cats (yes cats) or pretty much any animal they feel like shooting.
    If they are not shooting some poor animal. They are running it over with their vehicles!!! Seriously .. these pricks should NOT be police officers. They are a menace to everyone!!!!

  20. Corinne Hayes says:

    It is very sad when we have idiots for police officers. For this atrocious act they need to be put in prison for a reasonable length of time. No excuse will suffice for the shooting of 2 innocent dogs.

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