Harmless Dogs Reportedly Shot Dead by Police Deserve Justice

Target: Tom Croskrey, Benton County, WA Sheriff

Goal: Investigate circumstances related to reported shooting of two dogs by deputies.

Body cam footage appearing to show the fatal shooting of two pet dogs has stirred controversy in Washington. Three Rottweilers had apparently escaped from a residence after a door was left open. When the animals were spotted in the neighborhood, authorities were called. Witnesses had seemingly not reported that the dogs were behaving in an aggressive manner. Yet, when the animals were discovered in an empty field by officers, deputies allegedly shot and killed two of the dogs.

The incident provoked outrage for a couple of reasons. For one, the dogs were seemingly shot from about 50 yards away, and the video footage apparently does not demonstrate the dogs posed an immediate threat to the officers. And when the shootings occurred, one of the officers allegedly laughed about the incident and congratulated the officer who had done the shooting. Full, unedited footage has yet to be released, despite the pleas of the dogs’ caretaker.

Sign the petition below to urge full transparency in this controversial case.


Dear Sheriff Croskrey,

The proposed amendments to animal control guidelines are a positive and necessary step. But the incident that compelled this correction–the reported fatal shooting of two dogs by police officers—still needs to be addressed. Members of the public are questioning the actions of involved officers and the level of threat posed by the deceased dogs.

The best defense is transparency. Refusal to release full and unedited body cam footage creates distrust and suspicion. Please show good faith to the concerned citizens you serve by releasing this footage and putting this volatile matter to rest.


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Photo Credit: Pramod Tiwari


  1. Another piece of shit PIG!!! KARMA you asshole!!! RIP to these poor dogs 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. fucking worthless humans all animal abuses should be
    shot dead

  3. These are the kinds of COPS that need to be released from Duty and immediately and charged with the Murder of 2 innocent dogs. RIP to the 2 innocent dogs! Thoughts are with their family.

  4. Liz Bailey says:

    I would sue those bastards if I were the owners. Awful for them to have lost 2 of their dogs in such a horrific manner.

  5. these officers are cowards. I have done Rottweiler Rescue since 2007 and adopted out 150 dogs myself and NONE of them were aggressive in spite of them being surrendered or dumped or picked up as strays.
    If I were the dog parents, I would sue. Again dog owners, make sure your dogs are secure with locked gates to prevent them form human evil

  6. These cops must be FIRED and SEVERELY PUNISHED!!!
    No animal deserves to be the victim of DEHUMANIZED and DESENSITIZED SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS!!! Crimes committed against defenseless animals are increasingly GROTESQUE because the punishment for animal abuse is not severe enough, and in many cases does not exist. A slap on the wrist is a MOCKERY of animal victims.
    SET a PRECEDENT, and punish to the full extent of the law!

  7. Virginia Roberts says:

    How long is it going to take for people to learn to respect animals? Sounds like they were trigger happy! To quote Schopenhauer “Humans are the devils of the earth and animals the tormented souls”!

  8. Why are there some cops, who shoot animals so unnecessarily! These innocent dogs, should not have been shot. Yes they should be charged.

  9. POS cops, all they know how to do is murder people’s pets… I hope they see those murdered furbabies every night when they close their eyes… RIP sweet furbabies… I’m sorry your last moment was at the hands of subhuman slime…

  10. Adrienne Kaiser says:

    Those 2 cowardly officers need to be fired!! Only a heartless, cowardly person would shoot dogs who are no threat!! And then to laugh about it and congratulate each other for the killing??? Those two MF’ing cops give all of the good cops a bad name!! Unless, cops like these are culled from the force, cops are going to continue to be viewed in a bad light!! Do the right thing and FIRE these POS cops!! The dog’s owners need to sue these two reckless cops and have them banned from any police force!! The only accident here is that the dogs escaped their yard through a gate that was left opened!! They were then unmercifully murdered by killer cops as they posed NO threat!!!😡😡😡

    • I definitely agree with you but besides being fired they need to be put in a pen (without guns) with aggressive dogs to tear them apart. The dogs are aggressive because of Human Beings training and beating them to make them that way. God forgive me

  11. Annemiek Mulderij says:

    Shoot the a..hole and his laughing mate !

  12. This has turned into a throw away society period sadly life just doesnt seem to matter anymore to anyone its too easy to kill innocent people kill innocent babies kill innocent animals it should be top priority for all of us to defend and protect them especially when it comes to law enforcement you above all should are held to a higher standard!

  13. Pedro Borrero says:

    Criminals with a badge they should make a sample out of those criminals because nobody is above the law fired them

  14. Uncommon Sensesc says:

    The SOB that shot and killed the dogs is Corporal [Antonio?] Perez and Deputy Guillen was with him. Then to have Sheriff Croskey say he’d talk to them is just infuriating! There ya go, the good ole boy system where the evil SOB’s get a good talking to and the public gets told lies that the dogs were vicious! How do all these dog-killing cops get a job where they get guns and have others lie for them to get by with it? Aren’t there psychological evaluations done, referrals, etc.? This bunch of BS has to stop and the gun-happy cops need to be fired and put in jail.

  15. Christine Grabar says:

    Those two officers need to be fired and shot! There’s no excuse for shooting any innocent fur babies.

    Please sign my petition about needing to end all animal cruelty worldwide on change.org.

  16. I am upset about this situation. It’s important to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions and ensure that justice is served. I hope that the video evidence is released soon and appropriate action is taken based on the findings.

  17. 💔💔 when is this shit going to stop!!

  18. Margaret Strane says:

    This needs to be fully investigated and justice served for these two dogs.

    Officers like these give police a bad name.

  19. Yep cruel and inhuman world we live in! EYE FOR AN EYE TO THOSE EVIL CRIMINALS

  20. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    These two officers need to be FIRED. This complete lawlessness need to stop!. Justice needs to be served.

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