Harmless Dogs Reportedly Shot Dead by Police Deserve Justice

Target: Tom Croskrey, Benton County, WA Sheriff

Goal: Investigate circumstances related to reported shooting of two dogs by deputies.

Body cam footage appearing to show the fatal shooting of two pet dogs has stirred controversy in Washington. Three Rottweilers had apparently escaped from a residence after a door was left open. When the animals were spotted in the neighborhood, authorities were called. Witnesses had seemingly not reported that the dogs were behaving in an aggressive manner. Yet, when the animals were discovered in an empty field by officers, deputies allegedly shot and killed two of the dogs.

The incident provoked outrage for a couple of reasons. For one, the dogs were seemingly shot from about 50 yards away, and the video footage apparently does not demonstrate the dogs posed an immediate threat to the officers. And when the shootings occurred, one of the officers allegedly laughed about the incident and congratulated the officer who had done the shooting. Full, unedited footage has yet to be released, despite the pleas of the dogs’ caretaker.

Sign the petition below to urge full transparency in this controversial case.


Dear Sheriff Croskrey,

The proposed amendments to animal control guidelines are a positive and necessary step. But the incident that compelled this correction–the reported fatal shooting of two dogs by police officers—still needs to be addressed. Members of the public are questioning the actions of involved officers and the level of threat posed by the deceased dogs.

The best defense is transparency. Refusal to release full and unedited body cam footage creates distrust and suspicion. Please show good faith to the concerned citizens you serve by releasing this footage and putting this volatile matter to rest.


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Photo Credit: Pramod Tiwari


  1. what garbage people

  2. Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:


  3. Is there a law that if dogs are running loose that instead of just trying to catch them with a catch pole (which cops should have in their cars)they DO have tazers why can’t they try to catch them instead of shooting them dead? I know they shouldn’t be running loose but accidents happen. I have seen too many videos where the dogs are just plain murdered by cops and in front of family members. REALLY SICK. Cops must be trained how to handle animals without the attitude that it is ok to just shot to kill them dead and that is OK! With the cops not releasing the whole video and laughting at killing the dogs is JUST PLAIN WRONG AND SO VERY CRUEL AND EVIL!

  4. It certainly seems as though these two Neanderthals enjoyed their target shooting. They know they are protected since they are officers, which is disgusting. It seems these types of people choose law enforcement as a way to exercise power over others. Pathetic human beings.

    • christine vigneri says:

      so tired of these storiess with police shooting dogs not even displaying aggressive behavior.Esp. with the problems police have these days,you’d think they’d be more conscientious about shooting anything.I back the blue,but not in instances like this. I hope they are fired and not just given desk duty or a paid suspension.

    • I agree with your statement. The fact that one officer laughed at the taking of a life (whether 4 legged or 2) shows a lack of empathy & regard for bringing death…

    • B-turds enjoy the kill should not hold a badge.

  5. Kim Hanadel says:

    WHY is this happening more and more–they can’t talk or give them 2 minutes before they PULL guns and shoot them–THIS HAS TO BE ADDRESSED across the county!! Damn idiots

  6. I’m fed up with hearing “officer safety” the dog was scary, and other excuses. Just like the cop that shot at a tiny Pekingese and hit the woman instead. Why? The scary dog was barking.

  7. why wtf its disgusting

  8. Outrage! These puppy loves were innocent and defenseless. The evil so called cop involved should be done to him what he did to these precious, harmless angel pups! He needs to be severely punished and fired. Rest in peace precious angels 🥲😢

  9. The good officers left the force at the beginning of the ‘rona tyranny a few years ago, leaving the now power trip, bad cop majority. I use to back the blue, but no more.
    You MUST check out two YouTube channels: ‘James Freeman, and ‘Here’s the Deal.’
    Both are incredibly eye opening and educational! You won’t believe the corruption taking place across our country.

  10. I call these trigger happy arseholes = CUNTS

  11. Of Dogs and Men is a very well done documentary on this issue

  12. Elaine Smith says:

    More retard oxygen depriving trash with a badge and uniform murdering innocents as target practice. Garbage should be put in front of a target that can defend itself but cowardly trash like these cretinsvno good at that.

  13. I hope these officers get a terminal dose of bird flu because theirfucking garbage pieces of shit

  14. What a pair of SCUMBAGS What on earth did they think with their 1/2 brain cell made them shoot defenceless dogs that WERE not aggressive they don’t deserve to wear their uniform and should be dealt with severely and SACKED shame on them they are just gun Happy

  15. WA? Where 5 firefighters raped a teenaged girl and still have thier jobs? Good luck with that.

  16. Police are trigger happy and want to shoot anything because the uniform gives them authority. If they cared about life they should have called, owners, called animal control to capture humanly. These dogs never attacked or threatened. They must be fired as they even laughed at their actions. These dogs were loved by their family.

  17. VERY SORRY to say not surprised! My lack of trust in the justice system [world wide] grows with each and everyone of these horrific human acts, and with every act like this left UNPUNISHED!! TIME FOR THE JUSTICE SYSTEM TO GROW A PAIR AND BE PART OF THE SOLIUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Maureen Nolan says:

    Absolutely disgusting humans. They need to be removed immediately. This is just a power trip. They shouldn’t be allowed to have any type of weapons after this!!! I’m so sorry to the family who lost their beloved babies.

  19. Need to get these trigger-happy idiots off the police force.



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