Newborn Puppies Apparently Starved as Mother Struggled to Help Deserve Justice

Target: Cade Foster, County Attorney, McCracken County, Kentucky

Goal: Ensure justice mother dog and puppies allegedly left to starve.

In a distressing discovery in Paducah, authorities were alerted to a grim scene involving several animals. Following a tip, officials reportedly uncovered three deceased puppies alongside their siblings and mother in dire conditions. Allegations suggest the animals were subjected to severe neglect, leading to their critical state and the death of some.

Further investigation suggests the mother dog, emaciated and unable to care for her offspring, was tethered in a manner that prevented her from reaching her puppies. The conditions were allegedly so appalling that the surviving puppies were found hypothermic and dehydrated. It appears two additional puppies succumbed to their conditions shortly after rescue. These findings prompted charges against Lulu Brown, 60, including multiple counts related to the torture and cruelty of animals.

This case seems to highlight a shocking disregard for animal welfare and the urgent need for legal intervention to prevent further suffering. Allegations of such grave neglect and cruelty demand swift and decisive action to ensure justice. Prosecute the alleged offenses vigorously and impose penalties that reflect the severity of the wrongdoing.


Dear Attorney Foster,

Recent reports from your jurisdiction have brought to light a heart-wrenching case of alleged animal neglect and cruelty. Authorities reportedly found several puppies in a state of severe distress, with some deceased, due to neglectful conditions imposed by their caretaker. Reports indicate these puppies, alongside their emaciated mother, were subjected to conditions no living being should endure.

The evidence, as described, paints a bleak picture of suffering and neglect. With the mother dog allegedly tethered away from her newborns, unable to provide the necessary care, and the puppies left hypothermic and dehydrated, these acts speak to an apparent profound lack of compassion and responsibility. The subsequent deaths of two puppies amplify the need for a robust response.

We urge you to take this matter with the seriousness it warrants. Prosecuting the alleged crimes against these defenseless animals is not only a legal obligation but a moral one. Ensuring justice is served in this case will send a clear message that animal cruelty and neglect have no place in our society. We demand swift and decisive legal action to hold those responsible accountable for their alleged actions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vershita yadav


  1. Susan Silva says:


  2. Starve this poor excuse of a human to death.. Let her see what she put those poor puppies and the mother dog they! When are the law makers and judges going to see that this has to stop and the scum bags that do this need to be dealt with so they will never be able to do this again. A slap on the wrist does not help!!!

  3. Adrienne Kaiser says:

    POS owners like this view animals as being disposable and not important enough to care for. Their biggest excuse is that they couldn’t afford to feed or care for them!! They get a dog and chain it in front of their house as “protection” and when it dies, they just get another!!! That poor dog is literally chained until it dies!! I hate MFers who abuse and are cruel to dogs!! They teach their children that this is how a dog is treated and we wonder why animal abuse and cruelty is rampant!! Prosecute that bitch to the fullest extent of the law!! Make her pay for the surviving dogs care and NEVER let her own of have another dog EVER!! Also make her attend some sort of class that teaches these MFers
    how to properly care for a dog!!!

  4. Is anyone here going to hunt this fat bitch down and eliminate her? I didn’t think so. Everyone wants something done to this Bitch but they always want someone else to do the deed. Is anyone here willing to go to prison for hunting this bitch down and killing her? No, I didn’t think so. So if nobody is willing to pay the consequences for getting rid of this bitch, how does anyone think anything is ever going to change regarding animal cruelty. Because the law and the judges sure as fuck are not going to do anything meaningful to stop the abuse. I haven’t seen any court send an animal torture and abuser to life in prison with no parole. And I’m petty sure I’m not going to see it either. So, everyone is just going to come on sites like this and say what they would like to see done to the abuser but that’s as far as it’s going to go. No real punishment is going to be meted out to the torturers and abusers of animals, especially dogs. But, I guess, people get to come on here and vent and it makes them feel like they’re really doing something meaningful for the abused animals, which they are definitely not doing.

    • Unfortunately, you are absolutely right. Thank you for being honest.
      I’ll keep signing anyway, but it’s an overwhelmingly sad situation especially when you think about all the cases that don’t actually come to awareness of other people. Abuse that isn’t reported by an outsider. And I get emails from many rescue groups not just this one. It hurts my heart and soul every one that I open and read. It eats away at you and makes you hate people.

  5. Dennis Busto says:

    An eye for an eye fits this crime n should be the punishment. Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal ABUSERS n Cruelty. Paws Matter 🐾

  6. Strip that evil monster of its human rights and make it endure the exact same torture!!! That’s justice. Send the monster back to hell where it belongs!!!

  7. Lulu Brown…what a mess. NO excuse for her abuse to animals.


  9. Julia Edinger says:

    “Strip that evil monster of its human rights and make it endure the exact same torture!!! That’s justice. Send the monster back to hell where it belongs!!! “

  10. Jaime Perez says:

    Baby killer!! This disgusting ho bag deserves the same treatment as she inflicted on these poor babies and their mama! What a piece of filth she is. Take her ugly self out of society!

  11. Evil excuse for a human being! I agree with all the people stating that what these scumbags need to happen to them should be the same cruelty they inflicted on these poor animals. But will that ever happen? I highly doubt it.

    • The only way this will happen is if groups of animal activists band together and ‘hunt’ these bastards down and discreetly but painfully take them out.
      In this sad day and age, this is the ONLY way that these animal torturing bastards will be stopped. And ‘good on anyone’ (or group) who feels the same and can carry it out!!!

      • Totally agree with you. They need Street Justice, the sort they won’t recover from.

      • Couldn’t agree more,Jon. Trouble is we need people who live near and know the whereabouts of these animal murderers to take some kind of action. I know if any of the endless cruelty and abuse we keep seeing on here happened near me and I knew where the abuser in question lived I wouldn’t be able to live with myself ’til I had done something to make their lives hell….I will probably be arrested for just saying that!

  12. Carolyn Ecton says:

    Attorney Foster, Kentucky: Lulu Brown obviously has a mental illness. You must make sure she gets help. Most imortantly ensure that she is NEVER allowed to keep living animals again. MOST Cruel. So she allowed a dog to become impregnated and starved the dog and the puppies. Did she keep the dog tethered during impregnation as well? There is a LOT WRONG HERE. People who care about animals in Kentucky and nation wide are hoping you will do something about this.

    • She goes beyond mental illness. She is just totally POSSESSSED! Like I said earlier, that woman has a DEEP, DARK, NASTY HOLE where a heart is supposed to be. There is no treatment or cure for what she is!!! Except Lobotomy!

  13. This woman has a deep dark nasty hole where a heart is supposed to be. Only satan’s spawn could derive any kind of pleasure to seperate a mother from her babies and let her watch them starve and die. It’s too bad that our law won’t allow her to be tied up outside in the snow and left to freeze to death like those poor babies did and starve like the poor momma had to starve.Since that is impossible because our law has to be humane to devils like her, then she needs to be fined 1000.00 a day for each day that those poor innocent and defenseless babies had to suffer and locked away in a cold dark cell until her fine is paid, along with a jail sentence of 5 years for each day that that poor momma had to watch her babies lay there and die. And for each day she was tied up….I’m just saying!

  14. Manitou CalmStorm says:

    What is wrong with people? These animals are my brothers and sisters! Who the f*** do these mentally retarded muthafuckas think they are? Let’s find, out where they live, grab their ugly kids and do the same thing to those vile, stinking brats, see how “mom” feels about THAT!

  15. Melinda Maddox says:

    Please please put this disgusting animal abuser in prison.
    She is beyond disgusting

  16. Cynthia Pisarcik says:

    this bitch should DIE. Tie her out and make sure she cannot

    reach the big bowl of cold water near her !!!!!!! let her die

    this terrible death as she made these innocent puppies !!!!!!

    If law enforcement would give abusers the SAME punishment as they

    inflict on their victims—–this would STOP !!!!!!!!!

  17. Maggie Danbury says:

    How those poor puppies suffered at the hands of this evil piece of shit,lock her up and throw away the key

  18. Please ensure this monster is put away for murder of these innocent lives! No animal deserves this abuse and torture.🤬🤬🤬

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