Puppy Apparently Kicked and Dragged Across Ground by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Michael L. Ramsey, District Attorney of Butte County, California, US

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator of heinous animal cruelty.

A deeply disturbing incident has shaken the community of Chico, where a young puppy reportedly fell victim to a horrifying act of cruelty. Eyewitness reports and police records outline a scenario where Roman Hackett, 39, was allegedly involved in the brutal beating of a defenseless animal. This act, reportedly occurring in broad daylight, paints a grim picture of violence where the puppy was dragged and kicked mercilessly.

Further details provided by the Chico Police Department (CPD) suggest that this was no minor transgression. Witnesses describe a scene of overt brutality: the puppy, helpless and yelping in pain, was subjected to forceful kicks and was dragged across the ground by its leash. These alleged actions, far surpassing mere negligence or momentary lapse, suggest a deliberate and disturbing disregard for the well-being and dignity of a sentient being. The physical evidence and testimonies led to Hackett’s arrest on charges of felony animal cruelty, underscoring the severity of the allegations.

The repercussions of such apparent acts of cruelty extend beyond the immediate physical harm to the animal; they signify a breach of societal trust and safety. It’s imperative that these allegations are met with appropriate legal responses to deter potential future acts of cruelty and to reflect society’s condemnation of such inhumane behavior. Call upon the District Attorney of Butte County to pursue the strictest possible legal action against the individual allegedly responsible for this despicable act, ensuring justice for the defenseless victim and reaffirming our community’s stance against violence and cruelty.


Dear DA Michael L. Ramsey,

I am writing to you, deeply troubled by the allegations of severe animal cruelty that have emerged from your jurisdiction in Chico. The incident involving a young puppy, allegedly subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of Roman Hackett, 39, demands your urgent attention and action. The details reported by witnesses and documented by the Chico Police Department paint a harrowing picture of deliberate and severe abuse, where the puppy was reportedly dragged across the ground and kicked with force.

This case presents more than just an isolated act of violence; it is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of animals and the duty of our legal system to protect them from harm. The charges of felony animal cruelty brought against Hackett signify the seriousness of the allegations and the pressing need for a rigorous legal response. It is essential that the full weight of the law be brought to bear in this case, both to serve justice and to deter any such future acts of cruelty.

As the community looks to you for leadership and justice, I implore you to take all necessary steps to ensure that this case is treated with the gravity it deserves. Pursuing the strictest possible charges against the alleged perpetrator will send a clear message that our society does not tolerate cruelty towards animals and that such heinous acts will be met with stringent legal consequences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Steve Wall


  1. Roman Hackett Is a SCUMBAG POS that needs to stay in prison for a long time! Get rid of this POS!!!

  2. Huge me this fuckers location and I will string him up and kick the shit out of him.

  3. Elia Gilles says:

    Let’s make sure this POS is punished severely for the heinous act of brutality to this innocent puppy.

  4. Dennis Busto says:

    Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal ABUSERS n Cruelty. Fines n jail time is NOT enough to STOP such malicious disregard for innocent n trusting beings. Eye for an eye should be the punishment as well

  5. Roman H is a scumbag that needs to be punished the same way he treated that puppy. Shown no mercy and no medical treatment afterwards. Just let him die of his wounds. Every scumbag that abuses,tortures, kills, or hurts an animal for revenge needs to be punished the same way they treated that ani mal. No mercy shown, no medical treatment afterwards. Let them die from their wounds. We need to make an example out of each and every one of them until there are very few of them. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT THEY DO.

  6. Do this to the person that committed this act. Throw them in jail and throw away the key

  7. Shawna Flottemesch says:

    Kick,skin, burn, BBQ owmer

  8. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    I wish this whore son a painful, extremely painful short life and an even worse death.

  9. Put this scumbag in prison and throw away the key! We have to stand up for the animals, because too many of these abusers get out and do the same crime again. Poor little animal; didn’t deserve this. But, bystanders need to start getting involved and kick the crap out of these abusers.

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