Puppy Apparently Kicked and Dragged Across Ground by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Michael L. Ramsey, District Attorney of Butte County, California, US

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator of heinous animal cruelty.

A deeply disturbing incident has shaken the community of Chico, where a young puppy reportedly fell victim to a horrifying act of cruelty. Eyewitness reports and police records outline a scenario where Roman Hackett, 39, was allegedly involved in the brutal beating of a defenseless animal. This act, reportedly occurring in broad daylight, paints a grim picture of violence where the puppy was dragged and kicked mercilessly.

Further details provided by the Chico Police Department (CPD) suggest that this was no minor transgression. Witnesses describe a scene of overt brutality: the puppy, helpless and yelping in pain, was subjected to forceful kicks and was dragged across the ground by its leash. These alleged actions, far surpassing mere negligence or momentary lapse, suggest a deliberate and disturbing disregard for the well-being and dignity of a sentient being. The physical evidence and testimonies led to Hackett’s arrest on charges of felony animal cruelty, underscoring the severity of the allegations.

The repercussions of such apparent acts of cruelty extend beyond the immediate physical harm to the animal; they signify a breach of societal trust and safety. It’s imperative that these allegations are met with appropriate legal responses to deter potential future acts of cruelty and to reflect society’s condemnation of such inhumane behavior. Call upon the District Attorney of Butte County to pursue the strictest possible legal action against the individual allegedly responsible for this despicable act, ensuring justice for the defenseless victim and reaffirming our community’s stance against violence and cruelty.


Dear DA Michael L. Ramsey,

I am writing to you, deeply troubled by the allegations of severe animal cruelty that have emerged from your jurisdiction in Chico. The incident involving a young puppy, allegedly subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of Roman Hackett, 39, demands your urgent attention and action. The details reported by witnesses and documented by the Chico Police Department paint a harrowing picture of deliberate and severe abuse, where the puppy was reportedly dragged across the ground and kicked with force.

This case presents more than just an isolated act of violence; it is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of animals and the duty of our legal system to protect them from harm. The charges of felony animal cruelty brought against Hackett signify the seriousness of the allegations and the pressing need for a rigorous legal response. It is essential that the full weight of the law be brought to bear in this case, both to serve justice and to deter any such future acts of cruelty.

As the community looks to you for leadership and justice, I implore you to take all necessary steps to ensure that this case is treated with the gravity it deserves. Pursuing the strictest possible charges against the alleged perpetrator will send a clear message that our society does not tolerate cruelty towards animals and that such heinous acts will be met with stringent legal consequences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Steve Wall


  1. Maria Lavorato says:

    Agree with Jon White. I wish there was a hero on every street corner!!!!!

    Did the puppy make it?

    Roman Hackett ….is a risk to all… scary assed scumbags do not deserve to walk free! Justice system make the right call and charge him with the harshest of sentences!

    I damn well hope the puppy was taken away and adopted into a happy safe forever home.


    • Patricia Lamonica says:


    • Exactly what has to happen to these bastards.
      The pieces of shirt need to know just what it feels like.
      I really would love to tie a long piece of cord around his ‘dick’ then drag the fucker along and see if he thinks it hurts!!! Then when he starts screaming ( which would maybe be a few seconds) yank the bastard some more. The only way to learn these arrogant torturing bastards is to give them what they dished out.
      These arseholes make me SO ANGRY I could kill them on the spot.
      The rest of my life in prison if caught —-yes I know as the fucking perp has his rights I suppose. Well, load of bollocks, I would take that risk!!
      All animals have rights too. And as far as I am concerned, these animal torturing bastards HAVE NONE and do NOT deserve any!!

  3. Myrna Lipman says:

    I hope to God this puppy was removed from this sorry excuse for a human being. And I hope to God, in addition to giving him the maximum penalty that can be meted out, that he never is allowed to be near much less “own” an animal again. Punishment for this type of cruelty is not enough in our legal system, which is why these horrendous crimes against innocent animals continues to occur.

  4. Anybystanders are just as bad, i would have rescued. I’m tired of people not helping I hope all involved pay they could of stopped this.

  5. Adrienne Kaiser says:

    Drag and kick that POS until he dies!!😡😡😡

  6. Another piece of shit animal abuser that needs to be turned into worm food immediately, if not sooner.

  7. The monster should get the same torture that he inflicted upon that innocent puppy!! Chain him and drag him for miles on a gravel road. I pray that animal abusers burn in hell and are never allowed near another animal.

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    Poor little baby, I hope the puppy is OK. I hate to hear when there are witnesses and no one intervenes! What’s wrong with people anymore? This pos monster needs to spend the rest of his worthless life in jail!!

    • People would sooner get out their bloody mobile phones and take photos etc than doing what is right and intervening.
      Ok, many people would be scared to tackle these bastards as they may have a knife or such.
      In these cases, shopping bags, umbrella’s, walking sticks, handbags etc can all be used to distract the bastard whilst someone called the police, who would maybe turn up 30 minutes later !!! So— make a scene, scream and shout, bring attention to what is happening and I guarantee their will soon be a crowd gathering as is human nature!!
      Hurt the bastard if possible BY ANY MEANS ‘POSSIBLE’.
      But please, do make sure that the dog, puppy etc is taken away from the bastard perp!
      Footnote—- If the tosser is on the ground you could jump on his kneecap fracturing it so the twat definitely WOULD NOT be walking away.
      And as the saying goes ‘you can take THAT to the bank’!!!

  9. Connie Flynn says:

    What happened to this dear puppy?

  10. Just imagine what this POS does to animals in private???
    People!!! You must act immediately when something heinous is happening!
    Is this puppy still alive???

  11. Execute this punk scumbag demon…slowly…and let him rot in hell!

  12. Kathy beeney says:

    Did the puppy survive? Let us know

  13. Just an addendum which I am sure many of you will be very pleased about. Just a shame it took so long to happen. Please read below and I am sure it will make you all feel a sense of triumph These HELL markets or murder markets should have been stopped years ago!!

    I am thrilled to announce, after many difficult years, the South Korean National Assembly has finally passed historic legislation banning the dog meat trade!

    Since partnering in 2017, In Defense of Animals and Jindo Love Rescue have saved more than 1,200 dogs from the meat trade and flown them to forever homes in North America. In 2023, the Global-Anti Dog Meat Coalition was formed to support banning the dog meat trade where it exists and has focused on supporting this legislation in South Korea.

    In December 2023, the Agriculture, Food, Rural Affairs, Oceans, and Fisheries Committee of the Korean National Assembly voted to pass the Special Bill on the Breeding, Slaughter, and Distribution of Dogs for Consumption and Ending Dog Meat Consumption.

    On January 8, the Legislation and Judiciary Committee voted to pass the bill, and on January 9, the Korean National Assembly passed the ban with 99% of assemblymembers voting in favor and none opposed.

    Read more about this historic legislation here!

    It’s estimated that around 1 million dogs are raised and killed for dog meat annually in South Korea.

    Since partnering in 2017, In Defense of Animals and Jindo Love Rescue have saved more than 1,200 dogs from the meat trade and flown them to forever homes in North America. In 2023, the Global-Anti Dog Meat Coalition was formed to support banning the dog meat trade where it exists and has focused on supporting this legislation in South Korea.

    With your support, my team at In Defense of Animals has worked to end the dog meat trade in South Korea for over 20 years — longer than any other international organization. More than 17,000 people signed our latest alert urging the National Assembly to pass the Special Act, and our efforts were supported by Korean War veterans, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA 32nd District), celebrities, including Katherine Heigl, Priscilla Presley and Mena Suvari, who submitted statements of support that we also delivered to the National Assembly.

    This long-overdue ban is going to change the future for so many dogs for the better in South Korea.

    I cannot wait to share more great news again soon!

    Marilyn Kroplick, M.D.
    In Defense of Animals

    P.S. Countless dogs will now be spared a horrifying death in the dog meat trade. During the phaseout period, we are dedicated to continuing our vital work to save as many innocent lives as we can.

    • Well, it’s about fucking time. Thank you for your efforts in ending this abhorrent practice! Will this affect the cat meat trade in South Korea, or is this a separate issue?

      • Thanks for that Sister Kathy.
        As cats are just as much tortured and murdered like the dogs, I think this bill would cover both dogs and cats alike.
        The only other thing I would like to see and be made law is that any bastards caught STILL murdering dogs and cats for food to be terminated BY LAW.
        The only sure way to stop these sick and nasty bastards is for them to be DEAD.

    • Jon, Thank you for all that, and more! 🫶🤗🙏
      Now.., let’s get those infant baby tigers saved from Thailand as those idiots are boiling them alive. Ref: IFAW site.

      • Been supporting I.F.A.W. for the last forty years.
        There is no depth to what bastard human beingS can sink.
        ALL IN THE NAME OF GREED at the animals expense.
        Sick minded pieces of crap that need ‘machine-gunning’ out of existence.

  14. Until our justice system actually sentences these cruel acts nothing can change. Thankfully a lot of shelters are now getting references before letting people adopt!!!

  15. josie olive says:

    He is a frigging coward who should be beaten senseless

  16. Why can’t we practice an eye for an eye in situations involving pieces of garbage like this? I say Tie a rope around his neck, kick him a few times and drag him behind a car for about a mile. See how he likes it. I am so sick of these useless pieces of s*** that we call human beings that exist on this planet. And the sad part is, that they will probably give him the most minimum fine or sentence instead of doing what is right and putting in behind bars. Our system of animal Justice and Welfare in this country really sucks and needs to be changed.

  17. Please take a firm stand to ensure that justice is served for the senseless violence inflicted upon a defenseless puppy – in broad daylight. Chico bystanders also need to know that standing by to watch without attempted intervention is enabling the crime.

  18. Christine Grabar says:

    I hope that poor puppy is somewhere safe and recovering. I wish these witnesses would intervene in these situations. People need to gang up on these heartless monsters and stop them immediately before they can harm a sweet fur baby.

    Please sign my petition on change.org about needing to end all animal cruelty worldwide.

    Thank you.

  19. Mike – Please do the job you were hired to do and prosecute Roman Hackett to the fullest extent allowed under California law for his crime of animal abuse! This uneducated idiot will commit this crime again if he is not stopped! Please!

  20. Dear DA Michael L. Ramsey,
    Please prosecute perpetrator Roman Hackett to the fullest stringent extent of the law for kicking a puppy with intentionally hard excessive force, and dragging the poor defenseless pup causing injury and severe emotional trauma along with lasting stress causing extreme pain.
    Eye witnesses accounts verified the disturbing attack based on testimonies and evidence back this up. No other puppy or animal deserves to be treated as such by this cruel and cold hearted person in the future.

    Roman Hackett should never be allowed to own a pet, and should be placed on local and national animal abuser registries. He should be severely punished by being dragged and kicked into a jail cell and be made to serve significant jail time. Thank you.

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