Puppy Apparently Kicked and Dragged Across Ground by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Michael L. Ramsey, District Attorney of Butte County, California, US

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator of heinous animal cruelty.

A deeply disturbing incident has shaken the community of Chico, where a young puppy reportedly fell victim to a horrifying act of cruelty. Eyewitness reports and police records outline a scenario where Roman Hackett, 39, was allegedly involved in the brutal beating of a defenseless animal. This act, reportedly occurring in broad daylight, paints a grim picture of violence where the puppy was dragged and kicked mercilessly.

Further details provided by the Chico Police Department (CPD) suggest that this was no minor transgression. Witnesses describe a scene of overt brutality: the puppy, helpless and yelping in pain, was subjected to forceful kicks and was dragged across the ground by its leash. These alleged actions, far surpassing mere negligence or momentary lapse, suggest a deliberate and disturbing disregard for the well-being and dignity of a sentient being. The physical evidence and testimonies led to Hackett’s arrest on charges of felony animal cruelty, underscoring the severity of the allegations.

The repercussions of such apparent acts of cruelty extend beyond the immediate physical harm to the animal; they signify a breach of societal trust and safety. It’s imperative that these allegations are met with appropriate legal responses to deter potential future acts of cruelty and to reflect society’s condemnation of such inhumane behavior. Call upon the District Attorney of Butte County to pursue the strictest possible legal action against the individual allegedly responsible for this despicable act, ensuring justice for the defenseless victim and reaffirming our community’s stance against violence and cruelty.


Dear DA Michael L. Ramsey,

I am writing to you, deeply troubled by the allegations of severe animal cruelty that have emerged from your jurisdiction in Chico. The incident involving a young puppy, allegedly subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of Roman Hackett, 39, demands your urgent attention and action. The details reported by witnesses and documented by the Chico Police Department paint a harrowing picture of deliberate and severe abuse, where the puppy was reportedly dragged across the ground and kicked with force.

This case presents more than just an isolated act of violence; it is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of animals and the duty of our legal system to protect them from harm. The charges of felony animal cruelty brought against Hackett signify the seriousness of the allegations and the pressing need for a rigorous legal response. It is essential that the full weight of the law be brought to bear in this case, both to serve justice and to deter any such future acts of cruelty.

As the community looks to you for leadership and justice, I implore you to take all necessary steps to ensure that this case is treated with the gravity it deserves. Pursuing the strictest possible charges against the alleged perpetrator will send a clear message that our society does not tolerate cruelty towards animals and that such heinous acts will be met with stringent legal consequences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Steve Wall


  1. Well one thing is very sure here.
    And this is NOT just here-say, if I had been anywhere near when this was happening to this innocent puppy, this absolute ‘piece of shit’ bastard would have definitely hit the ground seriously quickly!! No matter how hard this fucker was I guarantee that my short shafted ‘coke-hammer’ would have quickly stopped the prick.
    I can understand why passers by and normal people would not want to get involved so maybe I am not normal as the back of this bastards scull would definitely have needed a good bottle of ‘super-glue’ to re-assemble no messing!
    Sorry but this is ME and anything like this towards innocent animals, especially little puppies, changes me from Dr. Jeckel to Mr. Hyde immediately!
    I am not actually saying ‘Kill the bastard’ but these pricks have to be taught the hard way as it is all the tossers understand.
    Good on anyone who feels the same and I am sure that there are many of you out there (and on this site) who feel exactly the same – yes?
    I’m sure you do!!
    There are chances to teach this pricks a severe lesson but not always easy.
    It CAN be done but takes time and planning.
    Single or a gang, it matters not as long as you plan out the moves and scarper after the ‘deed’ is accomplished.
    Then if the bastards are still alive it will hopefully give them serious ‘food for thought, before abusing an innocent animal again. And also a warning to any other animal torturing bastards out there!
    I rest my case!!!

    • God that was great that you say you would of stepped up to help the pup. Not many people would be so great. Thank you and we need more like you.

      • Thank you for favourable reply Lois.
        It is just as I am and will not alter as I am definitely NOT getting any younger.
        But, ‘ Friend Hammer’ assists me admirably when required.l
        Maybe people think that I am wrong in my actions but as I said above — it is how I am and feel about these nasty abusive buggers.
        Although I say ‘Right on‘ to anyone who feels the same.

        • Definitely NOT wrong in your actions, Jon. As you rightly say, it’s the only thing these bastards understand and, as Lois points out, we need more like you. It’s no good hoping these torturing scum will EVER get what they truly deserve (and what would certainly be a deterrent) while we have spineless cretins dealing out laughable “sentences” to them. But you can guarantee that if YOU were actually caught simply carrying your trusty coke hammer you’d be done for carrying a dangerous weapon and up in Court and no doubt sent to prison for years. Strange, that…..

          • Exactly right Sister Cecily.
            You can bet I would be charged with murder of the first degree if caught obviously!!
            Although these bastards very rarely get jailed for murdering and torturing innocent animals. Nothing at all.
            So, they have to be sorted one way or the other!
            It is a risk to take but as I said many times, it CAN be done with planning, preparation and care.
            Just an older guy walking along with a walking stick and duffle coat looking harmless of course!
            But really, the only way to stop these tossers is by ‘animal activist’ or ‘mob’ justice.
            We all know it makes sense and ‘IS’ going to happen.
            And the sooner the better!!

      • Manitou CalmStorm says:

        I would, and have. As a Chippewa N.A. I respect all life, until that life proves unworthy of respect, by harming or unnecessarily murdering God’s children. The animals were here before we were, we are their defenders, not their murderers. God will deal this MUTHAF***A the justice due for the hainous crimes he and ALL animal abusers commit.

    • Amen brother!!! Well said…applause 👏 I would have done the same. We all need to speak up for animals no matter what. Actions speak louder than words…here’s to all of us who kick some ass!!! A lot of so called people really do suck.

    • Donna Millar says:

      Does anyone. Know if the puppy is alive?

    • Allison Samantha winters says:

      I would be right there with you!! I wouldn’t sleep till I got this POS close to death. I’m so sick of the slap on the wrist these monsters get, only to go back and hurt another animal.

    • Janice Suter says:

      WELL SAID!!! I couldn’t have said it better!!!! Outrage is an understatement of how I feel when I read these horror stories!!!!

    • I agree with you. I’m a woman and I would have gone over there and fought for that puppy. Humans that treat animals like that deserve the same treatment. Just like when they tie them out in the heat and cold. I would tie that person naked to a tree and leave them there. I really can’t stand animal abusers

    • Jennifer cotterell says:

      Totally agree we need people to give these evil bastards what they deserve not a slap on wrist that the law gives them.

    • I’ve never heard it put so well I suggested they put them in prison with a whole bunch of great big body animal lovers besides everything you said, I almost threw up when I read this it is incredible how anybody could do something like this to a puppy they have they went and got somewhere or somebody gave it to him What a sick sick demented bastard thank you for saying all of this I commend you for it too bad you can’t post the same thing on every single one of these animal abuse cases because these people have no business walking this earth free

    • I agree with ya.

    • I would intervene myself. I have said to a guy “feed your dog her ribs are sticking out” and he proceeded to try to beat me up on the street.If a van hadn’t stopped he would have. They’re cowards. I’ll never keep quiet.

    • Jon White, you’re a person after my own heart. I’d join you no hesitation! Well said! I just hope this pup was saved and learns not all humans are evil. These evil bastards need the same doing to them, beat the crap out of him and then lock him in a dark cold cell for life! The punishments need to be harsher so others know animal cruelty will not be tolerated and every animal deserves a life of love where its cherished and protected!

    • You are absolutely RIGHT!!! I’ve always said exactly this! My comments are exactly the same. I would certainly have done something huge and rash had I been there, and have done so in the past. What I do know is how easy it is to take the animal away at that moment. I have also done that. No problem, just walked away. Puppy lives somewhere nice now. People HAVE to act!!

    • You are an awesome human being!!!!!

  2. There is no amount of rehab that will help this soulless monster. Remove them from the planet.

  3. Because this man did this in public shows that he is a habitual torturer of innocent animals and enjoys doing this. There is nothing a puppy could have done to deserve this. I hope the puppy survived. He needs some prison time, not a slap on the wrist as he will have more anger and may torture in private.

  4. This horrendous act is less than human, it deserves jail time and a steep fine! What a disgusting person!

    • Well I would think what this tosser really needs is to be seriously injured or seriously DEAD!
      These pricks think that they are untouchable!
      It is up to us normal people to show them they ARE NOT!!!

  5. Witnesses saw this happening and didn’t intervene. What is this world coming to?





  7. I can promise that had I witnessed it, this creature disguised as a human would have been quite sorry. There is no place in society for monsters such as this. They are a danger to both animals and humans and need to be locked away so they cannot harm another living thing. Disgusting.

  8. That man is a danger to society, children, animals and he should be jailed, mentally evaluated, ban fro m being near animals or children. He is a sick fk.

  9. This man is the slime of humanity and should be treated in like manner. I cab’t imagine the puppy is alive but if so this man needs to pay alll medical expenses and rehoming expenses as well. Our laws are useless with each state having their own laws and most are watered down. These monsters need to feel the pain themselves. How? Strong laws and judges willing to respect the laws. Are humans the only animals with rights? Our society is going straight to hell by allowing people like this man too walk free. Put a lean on his house. Take his drivers license. Find him an amount he can not pay comfortably and throw his butt in prison. Let him see how other inmates treat him which is exactly what this man deserves. If he killed this puppy this man should be taken out of society for decades! He will do more damage to those who can not defend themselves. Don’t let him return to society to kill and torture more animals, then children, and women and seniors. This man doesn’t deserve kindness as he showed no kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nadine Brundage says:

    That sicko needs time in jail or the nearest mental institution for this horrific act of cruelty against an innocent puppy. That poor pup did not deserve to suffer at the hands of this subhuman who is clearly a danger to animals and society. Must be removed .

    • These bastards are NOT mental. They know what they are doing!
      The nasty arrogant sods enjoy it as it gives them supposed power!
      What this prick needs is to feel and be subjected to the same abuse and torture that the innocent little puppy was put through.
      I sure would like just a few minutes with this prick!!!

  11. Marlene Merrill says:

    I hope the puppy was removed from his “care” when he went to jail. He is a scumbag and needs jail time!

  12. I will keep saying it. These dirtbags need to be taken care of in the streets. Courts won’t teach them a lesson. Fines, community service blah blah …

    Post their addresses publicly. Let the street justice begin. Do exactly to them what they did to the animals.

    • Exactly my thinking and methods!
      ‘Street Justice’ is the only thing that these arrogant bastards would understand.
      Left laying and broken on the pavement is classed as a very good lesson for these pricks.
      But please make sure that the dog, puppy or whatever is taken care of afterwards.

  13. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Roman Hackett is a bully – plain and simple. God forbid that he never breeds children from his sperm, or he will be dragging and beating them to a pulp when they annoy him – like he did to his dog. It’s a pity he can’t be castrated as part of his punishment, to protect future children that he will breed. And his dogs as well.

  14. I can tell you now that piece of shit would have been attacked by me and even if I got hurt I would have got that pup off him. It doesn’t say anywhere if the pup was saved and taken into care? These evil bastards are cowards and should be locked away as they will not just stop at animals but go for humans including children too!!! I hope the pup was saved and learns not all humans are evil like this evil scum!!!

  15. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Kick the owner and drag the owner across the floor as many times as you have to. Preferably hundreds of times over and over again.

  16. Please, what happened to the puppy?

  17. Lock away this coward scumbag

  18. So unbelievable that a grown human being would cause so much pain and suffering to a developing young puppy. I hope these Felony charges stand to send a strong message to these abusers.

  19. this worthless human should be fucking KILLED

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