Find Assailant Who Viciously Killed and Skinned Dog

A dog was viciously killed and then skinned close to the scene of a high-profile multiple homicide. Whether the crimes were related or not, this innocent animal deserves justice. Demand authorities pursue this case to the fullest extent.

Turkeys Reportedly Stomped and Beaten to Death Deserve Justice

A farm stands accused of stomping, clubbing, and beating turkeys to death in the most inhumane ways imaginable. Demand a full investigation into these alleged brutal practices.

300 Dogs Reportedly Left to Suffer With Abusive Breeder Deserve Justice

Hundreds of dogs were reportedly crammed together at a facility accused of severe neglect and abuse. Authorities could have protected these animals, but apparently only abetted the situation. Help end what appears to be a cover-up of this troubling case.

Animals Caught in Raging Floods and Fires of the Climate Crisis Need Our Help

Extreme weather fueled by climate change has decimated wild animals and puts species at risk of extinction. Fight back against this global wildlife catastrophe.

No More ‘Slaps on the Wrist’ for Animal Abusers

Shocking cases of animal abuse and neglect go unpunished every day in America. Demand animal abusers face real and serious consequences for their actions.

Shut Down Shelter Accused of Letting Animals Languish in Sickness and Abuse

Animals in need of help are reportedly being put at risk in the very place that should be protecting them. Demand the shuttering of a “rescue” facility accused of abusing and neglecting pets in its care.

Don’t Steal Safe and Healthy Animals for Display in Zoos

Zoos are a resource to see and learn about live animals from around the world, but they may not always have the animals’ best interest at heart. Demand zoos stop stealing otherwise safe and healthy animals from the wild.

Dog Beaten and Choked by Man on Video Deserves Justice

Video footage appears to show a practicing veterinarian viciously beating and choking his pet dog in a horrific incident shared on YouTube. Demand justice for this animal.

Don’t Let Snow Crab Disappear From Seas Forever

A fixture of the Alaskan seas is in danger due to climate change and overfishing. The snow crab could once again thrive if humans would maintain a hands-off approach. Demand leaders throw this at-risk animal a lifeline.

Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

Phoenix, a newborn kitten, was reportedly thrown into a fire by his caretaker and left to suffer in agony. Urge the vigilant pursuit of justice in this horrific tragedy.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed by Man in Fit of Rage Deserves Justice

A man apparently stabbed his husky nearly to death for acting on a dog’s natural instincts. Demand justice for this animal reportedly brutally assaulted by his own caretaker.

Stop Asphyxiating and Cutting Apart Fish to Death

Fish are sentient beings who feel pain and fear when they are dragged from the water to asphyxiate to death or are cut apart while still alive. Demand an end to this cruelty now.

Stop Industrial Fishing Boats From Depleting America’s Oceans

Aquatic wildlife populations are shrinking, with some disappearing completely. Industrials fishers’ giant nets not only take nearly everything from the oceans, they create insurmountable competition for smaller independent fishers. Tell those who regulate our oceans to act now and stop this recklessness.

Save Bees By Planting Flowers in Cities and Towns

Bees are at a risk of endangerment and extinction worldwide. Overdevelopment of land, in New Jersey where they once thrived, has eliminated resources bees rely on to live and reproduce. Demand the state act now to prevent wild bee populations from becoming extinct.

Save Whales From Agonizing Death by Dehydration

Nearly 200 whales died slow, agonizing deaths in the hot sun after becoming stranded on an island beach. Demand action to protect our oceans and their animals.

Stop Cruel Hunts Where Alligators Are Shot in the Head

Alligators are being mercilessly shot as trophies in a national wildlife refuge. Demand an end to this cruel practice now.

Stop Tearing Feathers Off Live Birds to Make Down Jackets

Ducks and geese endure agony as their feathers are ripped off to make “real down” for high-end winter wear. Tell global luxury brand Canada Goose to commit to using only recycled down.

Stop Confining Pregnant Pigs to Miserably Small Cages

Mother pigs on factory farms suffer in cages too small for them to even turn around. Help end the use of these cruel “gestation crates” forever.

Stop Imprisoning Wild Animals in Small, Filthy Cages at Roadside Zoos

Big cats, monkeys, and other animals at roadside zoos are kept in cramped, dirty cages, isolated from their friends and kin and fed inadequate food. Help abolish these cruel institutions.

Save Hundreds of Penguins From Death Due to Climate Change

Climate change, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, has killed more than 600 penguins in Brazil. Unfortunately, while this country’s total emissions account for only 1% of the world’s total, its people and wildlife are forced to live with the damage caused by other nations. Demand climate action is taken immediately.

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