Puppy Reportedly Dragged Behind Car and Then Decapitated Deserves Justice

A puppy was dragged behind a car and then decapitated in a reported act of shocking violence. The dog’s owner claims her boyfriend choked her and then turned his anger on her puppy, ultimately killing the dog in a grisly act. Sign this petition to demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

Save White-Shouldered Ibis from Extinction

The white-shouldered ibis is almost completely extinct, with only 500 of these birds remaining and in danger of losing their homes to industrialization. These birds and the wetlands in which they reside are a vital part of our ecosystem. Sign this petition to help us save this species from dying out.

Dog Allegedly Starved to the Point of Eating His Tail Deserves Justice

Tank the dog was found trying to eat his own tail after allegedly being starved and forced to live in filth. Don’t let this horrific act of cruelty go unpunished.

Save Possum Species From Extinction

The white lemuroid possum of Australia is on the verge of extinction due to climate change and deforestation. These animals are one of the chief indicators of climate condition and change, and we must not allow them to die out. Sign this petition to help protect this species.

Recognize Animals as Sentient Beings

Animals will no longer be regarded as sentient beings capable of feelings and emotions, including the ability to feel pain, after a vote by the U.K. government. Demand that this cruel and unacceptable decision be overturned.

Success: BCBG Bans Fur and Angora

Fashion giant BCBG has made the decision to stop selling products using fur and angora wool. Countless animals are trapped within these industries and face unimaginable horrors and death daily. Sign this petition and praise BCBG for no longer supporting these barbaric industries.

Dog Fatally Injured and Abandoned Deserves Justice

A dog had to be euthanized after the poor animal was allegedly abused, neglected, and abandoned. The dog’s hind leg was reportedly swollen and showed signs of being inhumanely trapped or tied up. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

End Violent Bullfights Now

A bullfighter suffered a gruesome wound to his groin after an enraged bull charged at him. While many media reports have focused on his injury, almost no mention has been made of the fact that the abused bull who charged in defense will likely be slaughtered as an additional act of cruelty. Sign this petition to demand that bullfighting be brought to an end.

Punish Man Seen Beating and Strangling Dog in Viral Video

A man is seen on video beating, body slamming and strangling his dog named Lady, while she cowered from the vicious attack. Another man is heard on the video laughing while Lady is whipped with a leash and thrown upon the ground. Sign this petition to demand justice for Lady.

Men Accused of Raping Service Dog Must be Punished

Two men allegedly sexually abused a service dog to get “revenge” against the dog’s owner. Per police, the men had sex with the dog after the owner refused to have a threesome with them. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Protect Critically Endangered Axolotl from Extinction

Only a few hundred axolotls are left in the wild. Sign this petition to urge the Mexican government to protect axolotls by reducing pollution and invasive species in their habitat.

Success: Trump Puts Hold on Importing Elephant Trophies

Following outrage about the announcement to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports, President Trump has announced a hold will be placed on allowing these imports. Support this step toward ensuring the protection of elephants, and demand that the vital ban on these cruel imports be maintained.

Don’t Drug Racing Greyhounds With Cocaine

Greyhound dogs who are already abused by the cruel racing industry could soon be forcibly given cocaine to increase their performance. Demand that this inhumane and ridiculous idea be stopped.

Dog Found Covered in Feces, Matted Fur, and Sores Deserves Justice

Mia was found covered in matted fur and feces and suffering from open wounds, in what appears to be a case of shocking neglect. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Success: Resort Ends Cruel Big Cat Show

A popular Las Vegas resort has finally dropped an inhumane big cat show. The owner of these cats has been cited for countless violations, including denying the animals exercise and forcefully declawing them. Sign this petition and praise the resort for ending its support of this cruelty.

Stop Trump Administration From Killing Endangered Lions

U.S. trophy hunters will now be able to import lion parts from three African nations following a shameful decision made by the Trump administration to reverse the existing ban. Lions are endangered throughout Africa and need our help. Sign this petition to help ensure these majestic creatures do not go extinct.

Stop Trump’s Attempt to Destroy Elephant Population

Hunters will now be able to import elephant trophies due to a rollback of an Obama-era ban. This could spell the end of the entire species as we know it. Sign this petition to demand the USFWS revoke those permits and keep the ban in place.

Forbid the Entrapment of Wild Monkeys as Pets

Wild monkeys can legally be captured from the wild and held captive as domestic pets in Mauritius, despite the severe psychological damage it causes them. Demand that this inhumane practice be made illegal.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Struck Kitten Against Wall Repeatedly

A kitten was allegedly struck against a wall repeatedly in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect then reportedly threw the kitten into a litter box after the kitten defecated on the floor. Demand justice for this poor kitten.

Stop Killing Mice With Cruel, Inhumane Glue Traps

A university reportedly uses glue traps to control rodents despite knowing these traps are incredibly cruel. Animals stuck on these traps will resort to desperate measures to escape, including chewing off their own limbs. Demand the university look into alternative, more humane methods of rodent control.

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