Cows Whose Ears Were Gruesomely Cut Off Deserve Justice

cow-by-sjors-provoostThe ears of two cows were cruelly cut off and tied to a gate belonging to the owner of the cows. The cows are now missing, and whoever is responsible for this horrific act of cruelty is on the loose. Sign this petition to demand that they be found and are given the maximum penalty for this animal cruelty.

Success: Most Trafficked Animal on Earth Given International Protection

Pangolin Laos Wildlife Rescue CenterThe critically endangered pangolin, the world’s most trafficked animal, will be protected in nearly 200 countries thanks to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. Applaud this move, which could save this unique animal from extinction.

Justice For Stray Dogs Tortured and Burned Alive

dog-by-ccspcaTwo stray dogs died a painful and horrific death after they were set on fire. They were tied up in an abandoned lot and unable to escape. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Denounce Blockage of Anti-Animal Torture Act

Harry ReidLegislation that would have allowed authorities to federally prosecute individuals found guilty of “crushing,” an extreme form of animal torture, has been blocked. Denounce this decision, which will cost innocent animals their lives.

End Japan’s Deadly Taiji Dolphin Hunt

640px-tursiops_aduncus_port_river_adelaide_australia_-_2003-Aude SteinerHundreds of dolphins are being killed and butchered at an annual hunt in Japan. Sign the petition to demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Success: Total Trade Ban Implemented on World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

tree-pangolin-by-valerius-tygartA trade ban was passed that could save a critically endangered animal that is valued for its meat and believed medicinal properties. Sign this petition to thank the organization that made this crucial ban possible.

Stop Breeding Painful Genetic Defects Into Innocent Cats

scottish_fold_by_psihophatThousands of Scottish Fold cats are suffering from chronic pain and arthritis. Many people buy these cats without realizing that the gene for those cute folded ears is a health defect that causes serious harm to the animals. Sign this petition to demand the practice be outlawed.

Justice for Over 100 Starved Dogs in Reported Puppy Mill

dog-by-schparticussOver 100 dogs were found starved and neglected in an alleged puppy mill. The owner reportedly kept them in disease-ridden conditions and did not attend to their wounds. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Punish Farm Workers Accused of Murdering Pregnant Pigs

Pig Nick SaltmarshFour men are currently on trial for allegedly beating, stabbing, and otherwise torturing pregnant pigs, but will likely never see the inside of a jail cell if convicted. Demand that animal welfare laws are reformed to include harsher punishments for this type of shocking and deliberate abuse.

Punish Teens Who Allegedly Smashed Cans Over Baby Goat’s Head

baby-goat-by-catherine-sumnerA baby goat was reportedly abused by teenagers who smashed beer cans over its head. Despite the sickening footage, they won’t be charged with animal abuse. Demand that this injustice be solved and these teens punished.

Justice For Dog Locked Inside Hot Car Until She Died

dog_by_capecodprofA deputy will not face charges for animal neglect after a dog in his care died while locked in a hot car. Sign this petition to demand the deputy face recourse for this recklessness.

Applaud California for Protecting Pets Trapped in Hot Cars

dog-grassrootsgroundswellGood Samaritans can now legally break into a car to save a trapped animal from overheating. Sign this petition and thank California for protecting pets and the people trying to help them.

Protect the Rusty-Patched Bumblebee from Extinction

rusty_patched_bumble_bee_by_p7r7A rare and beautiful bumblebee species is in danger of disappearing forever. Add your voice now to ensure that this important pollinator, a vital participant in healthy ecosystems and in our food supply, receives the protection it needs.

Save the Grey Parrot from Extinction

640px-african_grey_parrot_smtc-Sandy ColeThe African grey parrot is in danger of going extinct due to the international pet trade. Sign the petition to demand that a ban be placed on the trade and trafficking of this beautiful and rare species.

Success: Country Promises to Eliminate Tiger Farms

tiger-by-monka-betleyLaos is promising to phase out tiger farms to curb the sale of tiger parts, which are often sold to be used as medicine and sometimes eaten as a delicacy. Sign this petition to thank this country for helping to preserve and protect an endangered species.

Stop Cruel Puppy and Kitten Mills

puppy-by-jonathan-krizInhumane puppy and kitten mills breed animals under cruel conditions, while thousands of homeless pets are dying every year in shelters. Correct this injustice by banning the sale of mill-bred dogs and cats in new pet stores.

Release Tigers Imprisoned for 12 Years With Almost No Sunlight

tiger-carney-anne-nasserFor over a decade, four tigers have been stuck inside a concrete enclosure with limited sunlight. Ensure they are finally released to an accredited sanctuary.

Punish College Football Star for Alleged Animal Abuse

lucy-by-madaiseA football star reportedly punched a dog repeatedly, leaving the animal with a shattered jaw and broken teeth. Sign this petition to demand that this alleged violent animal abuser be removed from the football team and charged with animal abuse.

Don’t Slaughter Two-Thirds of Norway’s Wolves

Eurasian WolfTwo-thirds of Norway’s wolves are set to be slaughtered because they sometimes prey on sheep and are killing moose, leaving fewer for human hunters to kill for fun. Demand that this country leave every single one of this critically endangered wolf population alone.

Demand Maximum Punishment for Alleged Cat Killer

Orange TabbyMore than 20 cats have allegedly been abducted and heinously murdered by one man. Sign this petition to demand that he serve the full sentence for his wicked crimes.

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