Justice for Pelican Found Dead

A dead pelican was found bound in wire and electrical tape. The circumstances behind the death are as of yet unknown, but it is suspected that the bird was intended to be sold or traded, which is illegal. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent bird.

Justice for Dog Starved, Dehydrated, and Left for Dead  

A dog died horrifically after she was denied food, water, and medical care. The dog suffered with malnutrition so severe that her bones showed through her skin and she was too weak to walk. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten and Dragged Down Driveway Deserves Justice

A puppy suffered serious injuries after he was allegedly beaten, strangled, and dragged down a driveway. The puppy reportedly coughed up blood and sustained multiple painful fractures throughout his body. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Don’t Let Shelters Kill Pets Without a Waiting Period

A South Carolina animal shelter’s policies on euthanasia allow it to be an immediate option for certain animals who arrive there, resulting in the needless deaths of many healthy and innocent animals. Demand that this shelter change its policies to require a waiting period for all shelter animals before they can be euthanized.

Shut Down Fur Farm that Allegedly Kills Protected Wolves

A business in Minnesota allegedly kills animals protected under the Endangered Species Act to sell their fur once they become too big to be featured in the petting zoo. Demand that this cruel and illegal practice be stopped.

Protect Rare Shellfish From Extinction

A rare and unique shellfish is facing extinction due to harvesting and importing. It’s become a trinket to tourists. Sign the petition and demand that it be protected as an endangered species.

Applaud Ban on Elephants in Circuses

Circus performances involving elephants will no longer be welcome in the state of New York thanks to a new law. Sign this petition to express your thanks for this measure that will help put an end to the cruelty and abuse that circus elephants face.

Save Endangered Hummingbird

The population of hummingbirds is declining rapidly, with nine species in particular on the brink of extinction. Hummingbirds play a vital role in our ecosystem, and their loss would create a ripple effect that would negatively impact the planet as a whole. Sign this petition to help save these birds from dying off completely.

Justice for Small Dogs Allegedly Forced to Live in Filthy Barn

Nearly 30 dogs were found living in a filthy barn without adequate shelter. Demand that the people responsible are punished.

Stop Forcing Elephants to Live in Cramped Conditions at Zoo

A bull elephant has tragically died as the result of his crippling arthritis, likely caused by years of endless pacing in his cramped zoo environment. This is yet another sign that zoos are no place for these intelligent and sensitive creatures. Sign this petition to call for the end of the inhumane exploitation of elephants in captivity.

Stop Maryland’s Black Bear Hunt

Maryland’s annual black bear hunt threatens to take the lives of hundreds of bears. This species is vital to our ecosystem, and we cannot afford to let it come anywhere near close to dying out thanks to this event. Sign this petition to demand the hunt be cancelled and outlawed.

Dog Reportedly Thrown Against Wall for Urinating Deserves Justice

A man threw a 5-month-old puppy against a wall because he urinated on the bed, say police. This is a horrific way to treat a poor defenseless puppy. Demand justice for the puppy by harshly punishing the accused attacker if he’s found guilty.

Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Animal abusers are currently protected under a potentially unconstitutional law in Iowa that prohibits animal rights advocates and employees from filming or photographing unsafe or inhumane conditions on factory farms. Sign this petition to challenge the agricultural industry’s desire to keep potential abuse out of the public eye and demand that this law be overturned.

Save the Greater Sage-Grouse

The wild greater sage-grouse, an iconic western bird species whose numbers are dwindling every day, is threatened by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s plan to revoke conservation efforts. The conservation agreement took years to build and finalize, but one memo from Zinke could undo it. Sign this petition to demand Zinke keep the agreement in place.

Ban Cruel Coyote Killing Contests

An upcoming coyote killing contest in Nevada is a gruesome example of wildlife killing competitions that are inhumane and extremely ecologically dangerous. Demand that these competitions be banned.

Starving Dogs Found Choking to Death in ‘Zombie House’ Deserve Justice

Two dogs were found starving, and one was chained so tightly that he could have choked to death if rescuers hadn’t arrived. The dogs were locked in a “zombie house” without food or water. Sign this petition to demand justice for these poor dogs.

Protect Rare Lizard Habitat from Fracking

The rare sagebrush lizard is threatened with extinction due to mining for the fracking industry. Sign the petition and ask that their habitat be protected.

Wallabies Shot and Killed in Mass Slaughter Deserve Justice

Dozens of wallabies were found dead in a remote area of Australia, the apparent victims of a violent massacre at the hands of an unknown culprit. These animals appear to have been shot and bludgeoned and then allowed to rot. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Puppy Whose Ears Were Cut Off for Losing Dogfight Deserves Justice

Two men cut off the ears of a puppy as punishment for losing a dogfight, and yet they were only fined a small amount of money and face no jail time. Sign this petition to demand these men face real prison time for this horrific act of cruelty.

Dog Killed in Hot Car Deserves Justice

A dog died after he was allegedly left inside of a hot car unattended for over five hours. The dog reportedly had no access to water and vomit was found throughout the car. Demand justice for this poor dog.

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