Protect Cross River Gorillas from Extinction

The Cross River gorilla is nearing extinction with only 200-300 individuals left and scattered into 11 groups across 3,000 square miles. These factors ensure inbreeding as these groups have little chance of ever interacting. Sign this petition requesting the Nigerian government allow the facilitation of intergroup breeding and help ensure their safety from poachers and habitat destruction by logging companies.

Punish Official Who Shot the First Wild Bison Seen in Germany in 250 Years

The first wild bison spotted in Germany in two and a half centuries was shot by a hunter on the order of a German official. Demand that this person is fired and punished for killing a protected animal.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Shot Deer with Bow and Arrow

A young deer was allegedly shot and killed using a bow and arrow within yards of suburban homes. This act was both cruel and needlessly reckless, putting both the deer and those living in the neighborhood at risk. Sign this petition to demand that the accused hunter be punished for killing this innocent animal.

House of Representatives: Do Not Destroy Anti-Overfishing Law

A proposed bill would roll back the law governing fisheries, essentially legalizing the overfishing and allowing the extinction of many vulnerable fish species. Sign this petition to demand this bill be voted down in the House of Representatives.

Dogs Allegedly Covered in Ticks, Starved and Fed Maggot Water Deserve Justice

Three dogs were allegedly neglected and denied clean water, leading to the death of one dog. The dogs were reportedly covered in ticks and dangerously malnourished. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Address Major Welfare Concerns in European Live Animal Exports

Widespread neglect has been revealed in the live animal export industry, including animals being left for days in extreme weather without food or water. Demand a crackdown on this rampant abuse.

Punish Prison Guard Accused of Kicking Kitten Just for Fun

Just for fun, a prison guard kicked a feral kitten high up into the air, breaking its leg, according to reports. Demand that the guard is identified and brought to justice if found guilty of this sadistic act.

Justice for Badger Allegedly Left to Bleed to Death in Trap

Thousands of badgers are targeted in an ongoing cull in the United Kingdom, where badgers are shot or left to suffer in traps for hours on end. In a recent case, a badger reportedly bled to death in one such trap. Sign this petition to demand that this inhumane trapping be brought to an immediate end.

Dog Allegedly Poisoned by Student for Money Deserves Justice

A dog died after a medical student allegedly poisoned the poor animal for financial compensation. The student apparently fed the dog an overdose of a human medication. Demand justice for this innocent animal victim.

Success: Foie Gras Ban Reinstated in California

A ban on foie gras in California has been reinstated by the The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The production of foie gras is a cruel process that sees feeding tubes shoved down birds’ throats. Sign this petition in support of the ban and mandate.

2,000 Animals Found Starving in Filth–Demand Justice

Fifty rodents and reptiles died and thousands more suffered horribly when they were allegedly kept in filthy storage bins and denied access to food and water. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Support Ending the Cruel Practice of Cat “Declawing”

“Declawing” is a cruel and painful procedure for cats. A rescue organization is taking steps to help end the barbaric practice in Pennsylvania. Sign this petition to thank the organization for taking steps to protect cats from unnecessary amputation.

Save Monarch Butterflies from Extinction

Monarch butterflies are vanishing across North America, especially along the United States’ west coast. More must be done to conserve butterfly habitats and combat the likely reasons behind their decline. Demand that the U.S. government do more to protect these beautiful insects.

Success: Anti-Puppy Mill Bill Passed

In a critical victory for innocent pets, the California Senate has passed a bill to put a stop to mass breeding and deplorable puppy mills. Support this important and humane decision.

Dog Allegedly Dumped on Side of Road Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly abandoned by the side of a remote road in a shocking act of cruelty. Cameras reportedly recorded a man pulling the dog out of his car by her leash and then driving away without the dog. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Leashed Dog Reportedly Shot by Neighborhood Teens Deserves Justice

A dog named Major was shot and killed by three teens while standing leashed next to his owner, according to police. This is a shocking and horrific act of cruelty that must not go unpunished, even though the accused are juveniles. Sign this petition to demand justice for Major.

Success: California Set to Ban Commercially-Bred Pets in Pet Stores

Puppy mills and other commercial breeders will no longer be able to supply pet shops in California with cruelly bred and raised animals. This is thanks to a recently passed bill that requires stores only sell animals from shelters and nonprofit rescues. Praise this compassionate decision, which will likely save the lives of countless animals and prevent cruelty.

Stop Killing Pigs in Medical Training Labs

Pigs are killed in medical training labs in a program at the University of Missouri. Demand that these labs be shut down before the start of the next session, sparing the lives of innocent animals.

Save the Endangered Monk Seal

The monk seal population is down to 2,000 and getting smaller every day due to poachers, habitat destruction, and pollution. Conservation efforts are currently being discussed in Hawaii, and we must support them as well as demanding overall stronger protection of this species. Sign this petition to ensure that the monk seal does not go extinct.

Punish Man Accused of Beating Puppy With Baseball Bat for Pooping in Crate

A puppy named Buddy was attacked by his owner with a baseball bat for pooping in his crate, according to police. Buddy miraculously survived but we must make sure the alleged abuser is prosecuted fully. Demand justice for Buddy.

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