Stop Ski Resort From Destroying Bear Habitat

A national park and UNESCO heritage site is at risk due to a ski resort’s planned expansion. Sign this petition to stop this tourist destination from destroying this one-of-a-kind refuge that is home to endangered wolves and bears.

Protect Remaining Finless Porpoise Population

Finless porpoises, native to the seas of China, are drowning slowly to death tangled in fishing nets and are now dangerously close to extinction. These animals deserve a chance to repopulate their species and survive. Sign this petition to demand stronger measures be taken to protect them.

Stop Destroying Rain Forests Home to Endangered Tigers

Palm oil plantations are killing tigers and other rare and endangered species of Indonesia’s rain forests. Sign the petition and demand that the government take steps to protect the natural environment by putting an end to damaging plantations.

Demand Police Capture Serial Dog Killer

Two beloved family dogs endured agonizing deaths after being poisoned with antifreeze. They are the latest victims in a string of killings. Despite these deaths, police still haven’t found the killer. Demand police devote more resources to capturing the serial pet killer now.

Raccoons Allegedly Drowned in Barrel of Water Deserve Justice

Several raccoons suffered and died when they were allegedly drowned in a barrel of water. The suspect reportedly had a strong dislike for raccoons and viewed them as nuisance-causing pests. Demand justice for these poor raccoons.

Save the Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is in imminent danger of extinction thanks to deforestation in Indonesia. Sign this petition to demand that more be done to protect their remaining habitat from destruction caused by the palm oil industry and road construction.

Dog Severely Burned While Chained to Kennel Deserves Justice

A dog named Tank nearly burned to death when his kennel was set on fire while he was chained to it. Tank could not escape the flames and suffered excruciating burns on sixty-percent of his body. Demand justice for Tank.

Prohibit Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

The welfare of dogs and cats must be protected by prohibiting the trade of their meat for human consumption. Demand that the possession and trade of cat and dog meat be prohibited in the U.S.

Encourage Poland to Support Fur Farm Ban

Fur farms could soon be banned in Poland due to a new parliamentary bill. Every year, 8 million animals needlessly suffer and die in Polish fur farms. Sign this petition and urge parliament to support this new bill.

Punish Officers Who Allegedly Forced Man to Behead His Own Dog

A sheriff’s officer is believed to have forced a man to behead his own dog after he was shot and killed for attacking a neighbor. No animal owner should have to endure this trauma. Sign this petition and demand that a full investigation take place into this dog’s death and the officer’s actions.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Allowed to Die by Groomers

A devastated owner returned from Thanksgiving break in time to watch her dog die after the animal had allegedly been mauled by larger dogs at a Florida grooming facility. The authorities have done little to investigate the matter despite the owner’s pleas. Sign this petition to demand an investigation and hold April Showers grooming facilities accountable for allegedly allowing this dog to die.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Starved and Denied Veterinary Care

A dog was allegedly starved and forced to live with an untreated broken leg in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog was reportedly too weak to stand on her own and had to be euthanized to ease her suffering. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Punish Man Accused of Biting Dog’s Eye Out

A man is accused of biting out the eye of his parents’ dog named Chloe. Demand that the man receive the maximum penalty if found guilty of this sick and twisted act.

Demand Priceline Stop Booking Cruel Animal Attractions

A popular travel company continues to do booking with companies that exploit elephants. Elephants used for rides and other attractions are typically abused, neglected, and chained for extended periods of time. Sign this petition and demand Priceline stop supporting these cruel businesses.

Punish Teen Who Violently Threw Cat Across Street

A cat was violently thrown across a street and suffered a broken leg in a shocking case of animal cruelty. A graphic video showed a teenager launching her into the air like a football. Demand justice for this poor cat.

Dog Allegedly Locked Up for Days Without Food or Water Deserves Justice

A dog suffered when he was allegedly locked inside of a shed without access to food, water, or insulation from the cold. The dog reportedly lived inside of a bottomless wire crate and was surrounded by his own feces and urine. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Save Elderly Lion From Slowly Starving to Death

Juboraj the lion appears to be starving to death at a zoo in his old age. Officials have responded to the public outcry by hiding him away from view. Demand this poor elderly lion be sent to an accredited sanctuary.

Save the Critically Endangered Red Wolf

Senate Republicans plan to revoke federal protection of the North Carolina red wolf because, in their words, it ‘failed to meet population quotas.’ This is selfish, cynical, and must not be allowed. Sign this petition to help these animals retain their 30-year-long protection.

Protect Marine Life: Ban Glitter

Scientists are advising a ban on glitter in order to protect marine life who often mistake it for food as it pollutes our oceans. Demand the preservation of ocean life by banning glitter.

Stop Poachers from Killing Elephants for Their Skins

Fewer than 2,000 wild elephants remain in Myanmar, largely thanks to poachers targeting them for their skins as well as their ivory. These elephants will likely go extinct unless more is done to protect them. Sign this petition to demand that all illegal hunters and smugglers be harshly punished.

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