Puppy Reportedly Thrown Against Wall, Punched, and Kicked Deserves Justice

A puppy suffered multiple broken bones after he was reportedly punched, kicked, and thrown against a wall. The suspect’s children were seemingly present during this alleged act of abuse. Demand justice for the innocent lives affected by this apparent cruelty.

Punish Kennel Operator Accused of Letting Dogs Starve

Over a dozen animals allegedly endured serious malnourishment at the hands of the woman who was tasked with their care. Demand justice for these victims of reported gross negligence.

End the Brutal Slaughter of Animals for Meat

Every year hundreds of millions of animals are killed for one reason: meat. The meat industry is a repulsive part of our modern world and has to be stopped. Sign this petition to save animals from a horrible death for human consumption.

Man Accused of Brutally Kicking Dog on Camera Must be Arrested

Security camera footage appears to show a man cruelly kicking his dog with full force. The suspect was only given a mere citation for this alleged act. Demand he be justly punished and not allowed to have animals in his possession if he is found guilty.

Old Dog Allegedly Wandering Around With Serious Infections in Rain Deserves Justice

A senior dog named Cayden was allegedly found starving with multiple infections and fleas crawling all over him. Demand his former owner be punished to the fullest extent of the law if she is found guilty of neglecting or abusing this helpless animal.

Stop Forcing Animals to Live in Plastic Prisons

Beloved pets find a gruesome death through the use of plastic in their cages. Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and other rodents suffocate within constrictive tunnels and suffer internal damage due to ingestion of sharp objects. Sign this petition to save innocent animals from this wicked material.

Don’t Shield Animal Abusers from the Law

Iowa has the least restrictive animal abuse laws in the nation. Now, the little protections animals face will be stripped away even more. Demand that animal abusers not be shielded from legal punishment.

Puppy Reportedly Found Covered in Ice and Frozen to Death in Backyard Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly found frozen to death on a Texas property. Another four dogs and horses were found, reportedly covered in sheets of ice. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Senselessly Killing Animals for School Dissections

A learning institute promotes the mutilation of animals who were cruelly killed for science. Disfiguring animal corpses has no benefit whatsoever. Sign this petition to end dissection.

Stop Imprisoning Fish in Torture Chambers

Pet betta fish are routinely forced to endure endless torture, confined to tiny containers and fed an unnatural diet. Demand that these beautiful beings be freed from their agony.

Save Hippos From Gruesome Slaughter

Dozens of hippos are facing the death penalty in Colombia. Nearly 40 years ago, hippos were introduced by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and while he is long gone, the hippos are thriving. However, they are now facing slaughter. Sign this petition to save the hippos.

Success: Wolves Potentially Saved From Cruel and Horrific Death Due to Strychnine

The brutal and cruel killing of wolves with strychnine may soon be banned, thanks to Canada’s Health Ministry. Sign this petition to thank those undertaking this important battle and encourage further success.

Denounce Ted Cruz for Abandoning Dog in Freezing Texas Storm

When disaster struck, Senator Ted Cruz not only abandoned his state but also his family pet. In the midst of a frigid winter storm that left thousands without heat or power, Cruz left his dog Snowflake in a freezing house while he went on a tropical vacation. Sign this petition to hold Cruz accountable for his disgraceful and cowardly actions.

Dog Brutally Dragged Through Church Parking Lot Deserves Justice

A dog was tied to a car and dragged through a church parking lot in a horrific case of animal cruelty. He endured painful injuries that left him debilitated. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Dog Apparently Beaten With Hammer and Buried in Snow by Owner Deserves Justice

A dog was severely beaten with a hammer and buried in the snow by her owner, according to reports. Although police stopped the apparent attack, the dog was later euthanized due to her injuries. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Popular Webcam Breeder Accused of Selling Sick Kittens Must be Investigated

A kitten breeder with a popular live webcam is accused of neglecting, endangering, and selling sick animals. Demand an immediate investigation into this reported deadly abuse.

Justice for 6 Puppies Reportedly Frozen to Death in Wire Crate

Six puppies were apparently found frozen to death in a wire crate, having endured brutally freezing temperatures outside for days-on-end. Sign this petition to demand justice.

Save Animals From Torture, Abandonment, and Neglect

Animals are subjected to pain, neglect, and sadistic cruelty in Canada with no consequences for perpetrators. Demand rightful punishment of abusers.

Save Vulnerable Wildlife By Reducing Dangerous Emissions

The most recent wildfires in Australia displaced or killed about 3 billion animals and made it so many forests are not able to properly grow back. Demand the government take needed steps to reduce emissions in order to hopefully avoid such tragedies in the future.

Pet Donkey Killed in Alleged Vengeful Shooting Deserves Justice

A pet donkey was allegedly shot and killed as payback against her caretaker. Demand justice for this casualty of seeming misguided revenge.

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