Praise State for Boosting Animal Cruelty Punishments

Texas has implemented tougher penalties for animal abusers, increasing the maximum possible sentence to 10 years in jail and removing loopholes to ensure that all abusers are prosecuted. Sign this petition to thank the Texas senate for standing up for animal rights.

Protect Penguins By Supporting No-Fishing Zones

No-fishing zones are vital to the survival of endangered South African penguins. Without these protective measures, more penguins will starve as their food fish disappear from the ocean. Sign this petition to support funding for no-fishing zones in South Africa.

Save Greyhounds from Illegal Racing and Death

Greyhounds are reportedly being severely mistreated at a racetrack in Macau, China, where animal rights groups say they are left with untreated skin conditions and injuries in a concrete compound. This track will close in July, and without government intervention, the fate of these dogs is being sold into illegal racing in mainland China or death. Sign this petition to urge the government to turn these dogs over to animal welfare groups.

Applaud Tasmanian Campaign to Reduce Road Kill Animal Deaths

500,000 animals are killed on the roadways of Tasmania each year, ranking this nation as one of the worst for road kill animal deaths. Applaud Tasmania’s recent campaign to address this animal welfare issue and reduce the number of animal deaths.

Ban Captive Breeding of Orcas for Human Entertainment

Future generations of orcas can be saved from suffering lives of captivity, where they are bred for and forced to perform in theme park shows, if a new bill passes in Florida. Demand that the Florida Orca Protection Act be signed into law.

Save Endangered Panther from Road Fatalities

Two Florida panthers were struck and killed by vehicles, the first two panther deaths of 2018. This species has been on a slow and steady decline for the past several years due to habitat loss, and is vulnerable to extinction. Sign this petition to help save the panther before it is too late.

Man Accused of Killing Dog With Hammer Must be Punished

A dog suffered horrifically when the poor animal was allegedly hit on the head with a brutal blow from a hammer. The suffering victim had to be euthanized due to the severity of the injury. Demand justice for this abused dog.

Shine the Spotlight on Animal Abusers

Child abuse registries help keep neighborhoods and vulnerable would-be victims safe from cruelty and exploitation. Want to grant the same aid to another innocent population? Support animal abuse registries and help save millions of innocents from disadvantage and death.

Dog Found With Horrific Skin Infection Out in Cold Deserves Justice

A dog named Penny was denied essential veterinary care and left out in the cold in a shocking case of animal cruelty, according to reports. She was apparently found with a skin infection so severe that it was life threatening. Demand justice for Penny.

Shut Down Farm Allegedly Mistreating Chickens

A chicken farm in Florida is allegedly abusing its animals, forcing them to live in squalor and threatening the health of both them and the Americans who depend on the farm for food. Sign the petition to demand that the farm be shut down if these disturbing allegations are found to be true.

Praise New Jersey for Banning All Traveling Animal Acts

Unfortunately, there are still many traveling circuses that imprison wild animals and force them to perform tricks. Thankfully, New Jersey has taken a stand for these animals and banned all traveling animal acts. Sign this petition and praise New Jersey for being the first state to ban all traveling animal acts.

Give Fish a Fighting Chance at a Pain-Free Life

Ever browsed a pet store and seen a vibrantly colored living creature wasting away in a tiny cup? Betta fish are exhibited and exploited in this manner every day at consumer outlets countrywide. Join the fight for Siamese fighting fish and say ‘no more’ to torture for profit.

Recognize Animal Rights Worldwide

The world has come together to protect human beings. Now, it must do the same for the animals that share our planet. Our nations can present a unified front in ensuring the health and livelihood of all animals. Add your voice to this dedicated declaration.

Ban Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Parks

A tour guide in Thailand lost his life when an elephant being harassed by tourists fled in terror, trampling him and throwing two riders from its back. This is just one of many dangers of elephant ride parks, for both humans and elephants alike. Sign this petition to demand a permanent ban on elephant ride parks in Thailand.

Stop Alleged Abuse of Working Animals in Ancient Tourist City

Horses, camels, and donkeys are beaten and forced to work without shade or water at a popular tourist destination, according to PETA. The animals are reportedly forced to carry tourists and carts up steep eroding staircases in intense heat. Demand humane treatment for these animals.

Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Nine healthy baby lions have been needlessly killed at a zoo in Sweden since 2012. Demand that this zoo change its cruel policy of putting animals down simply to reduce their numbers.

Protect Bald Eagle Nests

Bald eagles need their nests protected from disturbance if they are to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, critical support is missing from efforts to study and conserve these majestic birds. Sign this petition to support more studies and funding for nest protection, so that the bald eagle may thrive.

Punish Person Who Shot, Killed and Dumped Three Dogs

Three dogs were shot in the head and killed in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Two of the dogs’ bodies were dumped into a creek bed and the third was found a short distance away. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Stop Barbaric Annual Slaughter of Pilot Whales

Every year, thousands of pilot whales are speared and dragged to shore by fishermen and slaughtered on the beaches. Some of the whales are left to rot. Sign this petition to demand a ban on whaling in the Faroe Islands

Woman Accused of Suffocating Cat and Dog in Garbage Bag Must be Punished

A dog and cat died when they were allegedly tied inside a garbage bag and left to suffocate. The suspect reportedly said she killed the helpless animals because she believed they had mites. Demand justice for these innocent victims.

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