Stop the Cruel Sale of Illegally Imported Chameleons

The sale of illegally imported chameleons threatens public safety and wildlife. Demand a crackdown on this inhumane trade.

Stop Illegal Smuggling of Exotic Snakes That Harms Ecosystems

Exotic snake smuggling is a cruel and illegal trade that is harming both animals and humans. It not only endangers those who encounter the snakes, but also disrupts ecosystems. Urge the US Fish and Wildlife Service to take action and prevent this illegal activity.

Stop the Hunting, Trapping, and Killing of Endangered Wolves

The hunting and killing of endangered wolves is threatening their survival and jeopardizing the balance of the ecosystem. Demand a ban on wolf hunting and conservation measures to protect this important species and maintain the ecological health of Montana’s wilderness.

Save Hens From Lifetime of Inhumane Confinement

Too many of the eggs made available to consumers are produced from long-standing animal cruelty. Battery cages subject egg-laying hens to cramped and dirty living conditions that they must endure their entire lives. Demand a swift ban on these instruments of inhumanity.

Stop Using Traps that Maim and Crush Animals to Death

Wild animals are being targeted with traps that kill indiscriminately by crushing victims to death or catching them in cruel leg-holds. Demand an end to this inhumane practice that threatens both wildlife and innocent pets.

Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were allegedly found starved to death in the backyard of a former animal control worker. Demand the suspect be fully prosecuted and serve time in prison, if found guilty, to better ensure more innocent creatures will not suffer under his care.

Save Declining Box Turtles From the Illegal Pet Trade

The trade in wild box turtles threatens to wipe out this important species forever. Sign this petition to keep turtles in their natural habitat, where they belong.

Abandoned Dogs With Bones Showing and Wounds From Snouts Bound Shut Deserve Justice

Four dogs found wandering the streets were so malnourished and dehydrated that their spine and ribs were showing. Their snouts had wounds from being bound shut, they had head wounds, and appeared to have recently given birth. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Dogs Brutally Gunned Down in Their Own Yard Deserve Justice

Two innocent dogs were shot while seemingly safe in a yard. One died as a result of horrific injuries. Demand justice in this disturbing case of deadly animal cruelty.

5 Horses Shot and Killed, Along With 3 Injured, Deserve Justice

Shots rang out from the stable, but by the time the owners arrived, five horses lay dead and three more lay injured from gun shot wounds. Demand justice for these horses.

Collars Reportedly Responsible for Thousands of Pet Deaths and Injuries Must be Recalled

A popular flea collar is being blamed for thousands of pet deaths and “adverse incidents.” Demand swift action to protect pets.

Dozens of Dogs Reportedly Found Living in ‘Feces-Filled Crates’ and Deplorable Conditions Deserve Justice

Dozens of dogs were apparently found living in “feces-filled crates,” in a raccoon trap, and chained to the yard. The animals reportedly had dental disease, hernias, tumors, skin inflammation, eye infections, and parasites. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Bloodied Dog Used For ‘Bait’ in Fights and Found Wandering the Streets Deserves Justice

A bloodied dog named Atlas was found wandering the streets. His face was gashed, bruised, and bleeding. His eyes were nearly swollen shut. Demand justice for Atlas.

Elderly, Sick Dog Apparently Buried Alive Deserves Justice

An injured dog, later named Ghost, was reportedly buried alive and left to die. Yet, no arrests or prosecutions have taken place. Call for justice for Ghost.

Man Accused of Beating 4-Month-Old Puppy Must be Punished

A puppy has been apparently severely beaten by his owner. The puppy, a 4-month-old Siberian Husky had been reportedly abused for so long that X-rays showed numerous prior injuries, as well. Demand justice for this puppy dog.

Dozens of Reportedly Dead, Injured, Freezing and Starved Farm Animals Deserve Justice

Kids in a school bus driving past a farm apparently noticed “multiple deceased and decaying animals.” When this was reported to authorities, police investigated and apparently discovered a horrific scene of abuse and neglect. Demand justice for these animals.

Punish Woman Reportedly Caught on Video Flicking Parrot in Beak and Feeding it Saliva

A parrot is flicked in the beak and fed saliva in a sickening viral video. This assault would be particularly harmful for parrots, since their beaks are extremely sensitive. Additionally, parrot immune systems are dramatically different from humans, so exposing a parrot to human saliva can have deadly consequences. Demand punishment of the woman accused of this assault.

Cat Apparently Sexually Assaulted and Killed by Owner Deserves Justice

A cat was reportedly restrained, sexually assaulted, and then tortured to death by her owner. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty in this case.

Save Ecosystem-Boosting Small Carnivores

Some of the most endangered and ecologically important animals on the planet are flying under the radar, to their detriment. Demand conservationists devote more time and energy to protecting the world’s small carnivores.

Don’t Let Allegedly Neglectful and Spiteful Shelter Kill its Animals

The planned euthanizing of a shelter dog drew attention to the organization’s alleged neglectful practices. Demand an investigation into this supposed caretaker of animals.

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