Dog Severely Beaten with Broomstick Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was brutally beaten with a broomstick. Now, the perpetrator is on the loose and the fate of the dog is unknown. Demand authorities capture and charge this violent individual.

Protect Wild Salmon Habitat From Open Pit Mining

Bristol Bay is one of the last strongholds for wild salmon and it may soon become the site of a gold and copper mine. Supporting a range of species including bald eagles and brown bears, it is far more than a treasure-trove. Stop Pebble Mine from destroying this vital watershed to mine gold and copper.

Justice for Horses Reportedly Reduced to Skin and Bones By Negligent Caretaker

Six horses were reportedly found starving and neglected, confined to a filthy “mudhole.” Help ensure these apparently severely abused animals receive the justice they deserve.

Stop Trophy Hunters From Ravaging the Prairies

Trophy hunting is a disgusting sport that threatens local wildlife and impacts rural communities across North America. Sign this petition to put an end to the senseless slaughter, and shameful exhibition, of nature’s majestic creatures.

Chihuahua Trapped in Cooler and Left for Dead in Parking Lot Deserves Justice

A tiny Chihuahua had to be euthanized after being trapped inside a cooler bag and left for dead in a Walmart parking lot. Demand the person who did this be found and immediately brought to justice.

Punish Veterinarian Who Allegedly Maimed and Killed Dogs

A Connecticut veterinary professional reportedly caused a puppy’s death and maimed a dog in his office. Demand an end to legal oversights that enable alleged lethal acts of malpractice and cruelty.

Dogs Allegedly Starved, Covered in Feces, and Restricted By Chains Deserve Justice

Four dogs were allegedly starved, chained up, and left in their own feces and urine inside an abandoned home. Demand the people found responsible for this reported act of animal cruelty receive no mercy under the law.

Save Joe the Pigeon from Certain Death

A racing pigeon made an incredible journey from the United States to Australia. Now, the Australian authorities plan on euthanizing him. Help save this daring bird’s life.

Ban Cruel & Abusive Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds are abused for human amusement and profit. The government must take action to protect the thousands of dogs who are injured, drugged, and exploited for entertainment. Sign this petition to stop this archaic sport and liberate the abused companion animals.

Stop Killing Hummingbirds with Poisoned Nectar

Hummingbird lives are being taken by means of poisoned nectar. Although studies show that Red Dye #40 causes horrible illnesses, it is still allowed as an additive in hummingbird food. Demand that this cruelty stop.

Badly Injured Dog Reportedly Dragged Behind Speeding Car Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly dragged through the city behind a speeding car, leaving a trail of blood. Demand the person accused of this abuse be given the toughest penalty.

Starving Dog That Reportedly Died Inside Feces Infested Room Deserves Justice

A dog reportedly starved to death inside a house filled with waste after having not eaten for 30 days. Two other dogs were also seemingly neglected and roaming around the residence without food or water. Demand the responsible party is charged and given a strict legal penalty for this apparent animal abuse.

Justice for Puppies Allegedly Neglected to Death at Unlicensed Pet Shop

Three puppies died from alleged chronic neglect and malnourishment. Despite repeated calls for aid, these animals seemingly had to die before their cases were taken seriously. Urge prosecutors to at last deliver a real measure of justice for these fallen victims.

Maimed Manatee With “Trump” Carved in Skin Deserves Justice

A Florida manatee was maimed after an unidentified assailant wrote “Trump” on his back. Demand accountability for this politicized act of animal cruelty.

Chihuahua Puppy Beaten Nearly to Death Deserves Justice

A chihuahua puppy was brutally beaten to the point that her eyes had to be removed due to her injuries. The suspect(s) are still at large. Sign the petition to demand justice for this innocent animal.

Cat Brutally Shot to Death With Crossbow Deserves Justice

An innocent cat was shot with a crossbow and died in agonizing pain. Demand those responsible for this vicious act of cruelty be caught and prosecuted.

Don’t Let Industries Kill Migrating Birds Without Repercussion

Millions of birds will now die without so much as a slap on the wrist to the industries responsible. Any federal protection that they previously received has been overturned, thanks to one final push from the Trump administration. Demand that the government renew these protections and implement real penalties for industries found at fault.

Make the Circus Cruelty-Free

Circus animals are mistreated and forced to perform for people’s entertainment. Abusive handlers are not held accountable for their horrific actions. Sign this petition to stop animals from being exploited by the circus industry.

Save Monarch Butterflies from Extinction

North America’s western monarch population has declined to 1% of its historic size. Yet, federal protection the species is in critical need of has been delayed. Demand that USFWS list monarchs and grant them endangered status.

Prosecute Famous Actor Accused of Killing Dogs to ‘Get in Character’

Movie star Shia LaBeouf has been accused of repeatedly shooting stray dogs to get into the “mindset” of a killer. Demand that authorities treat this famous actor the same as any other citizen and investigate the charges fully.

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