Tell Congress: Stop Denying Climate Change

More than 6 in 10 Americans are represented by a Congressman who denies climate change. We deserve officials who respect science and fight back. Add your name demanding Republican leaders in Congress acknowledge climate change is real.

Poodle Scalded to Death Deserves Justice

Genevieve-by-mor.niteshA dog reportedly died after suffering from third-degree burns covering nearly half his body. Sprocket the dog endured horrible suffering for a week because the owners reportedly didn’t seek treatment. Investigators say the injuries appeared to have been done intentionally. Sign this petition to bring Sprocket justice.

California Must Ban Captive Orca Breeding and Export

Orcas Robert PittmanCaptive breeding and export of orcas could soon be banned in California. Orcas are incredibly smart and social creatures that can swim up to 100 miles a day and pick their own mate in the wild. Urge California’s governor to protect these majestic creatures by enacting the ban.

Applaud Groundbreaking New Anti-Poaching Measures

black_rhino_jo_bennExperts have begun dehorning rhinos in an attempt to save the species from extinction due to rampant poaching. Without their horns, these animals are valueless to poachers. Show your support for this measure, which could save Zimbabwe’s rhino population.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Held at Ransom, Then Brutally Thrown Over Fence

Victoria-Fernandez-mugshot-by-Mascotte-Police-DepartmentA woman allegedly held a little girl’s dog for ransom money, then brutally threw the animal over a fence like garbage. Witnesses say the heartbroken little girl was crying because she didn’t have the money to get her pet back. Demand that the poor dog and owner get the justice they deserve.

Praise Ban on Cruel Bullhooks

Elephant guido da rozze (1)California recently banned the use of the cruel training tool, the bullhook. Bullhooks use pain to force elephants into performing tricks. Sign this petition to thank California for helping protect elephants imprisoned by the entertainment industry.

Save Animals Reportedly Living in Filthy, Negligent Labs

Rat Janet StephensAnimals in a university’s labs are forced to live in filthy, crammed cages while being denied veterinary care and water, according to a former volunteer. Sign this petition and demand these labs be investigated.

Praise Recovery of Mutilated Toucan

toucan via mdfA toucan found with half of its beak hacked off has made a miraculous recovery after being fitted with a prosthetic beak. Applaud the animals’s rescuers for their diligent work.

Justice for Dog Killed by Chemical Burns

Cockapoo_ConklinA couple’s beloved dog was tragically poisoned by chemicals during a routine trip to the groomer. The owners of this pet grooming business have decided to close their doors, but as of now they are not facing any criminal charges for the neglect that allegedly led to this poor dog’s untimely death. Sign this petition to demand that the local police department investigate this tragedy as an animal cruelty case.

Justice for Family Dog Killed in Political Attack

dog-by-pippalouA family dog named Abby died horribly from poison, a result of her family’s political stance. Demand justice for this innocent animal who was so cruelly put to death by a petty and hateful partisan.

Save Cats Allegedly Given to Animal Killer and Torturer

At least six cats may be in the hands of a man who was previously sentenced to jail for torturing and murdering 19 cats. Sign this petition to demand that the investigators act immediately to find and save these innocent cats before it’s too late.

Support Groundbreaking Ban on Orca Shows and Breeding

Seaworld BridgettHIssCruel captive orca shows were just banned in California. Support this historic step in the right direction and help end orca breeding everywhere.

Save Hundreds of Animals With New Technology

Multispectra-lCompared-To-Hyperspectral-By-Dr.-Nicholas-M-ShortHundreds of animals are dying off because forests are being turned into palm oil and tree plantations. Many animal species and habitats are at risk of being destroyed because outdated technology is used to conduct research. Urge scientists to use remote-sensing technology when studying animals and their habitats to ensure that they are able to thrive.

Stop Serving Frogs to Be Eaten Alive

green-tree-frog-by-bidgeeLive frogs are stabbed, skinned, and their organs eaten while their hearts are still beating in upscale Japanese restaurants. End the inhumane practice of eating animals alive.

Cancel Cruel Elephant Rides at Theme Park

Elephant_WangA popular theme park continues to host elephant rides. These elephants are rented from a notoriously cruel company that allegedly beats the animals with bullhooks and shocks them with electric prods. Urge the park to cut ties with this cruel company and end all elephant rides permanently.

Demand State Stop Killing Wolves

Gray Wolf Isster17Two of the only 90 gray wolves left in Washington state were recently killed by officials to protect nearby livestock. There are other, better methods to protect livestock that should be put into use. Sign this petition to demand the state stop killing wolves.

Dog Whose Throat Was Slit After Being Tortured Deserves Justice

Boots-Stanley-by-Morehouse-Parish-Sheriff's-OfficeA dog’s throat was slit after being tortured and repeatedly stabbed for no reason. A video of the savage killing shows the dog being put on a horse’s back, then stabbed. Please sign this petition to bring this dog justice and demand that the killers are given the maximum punishment possible.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Locked in Chemical-Filled Closet and Killed

dog-by-MonMarA dog suffered chemical burns and died after his groomer allegedly locked him in a utility closet. The burns were so severe that his hair fell out and he was foaming at the mouth. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Shooting and Killing Black Bears

Black-bear-Yellowstone-NP-2008-By-Jim-MartinA group of innocent bears were shot and killed for wandering too close to human dwellings. This was an avoidable catastrophe that must never happen again. Demand humane measures to keep both bears and people safe.

Thank Rescue Group for Shutting Down Cruel Pig Chase

Pig Nick SaltmarshA fair was planning on hosting a greased pig event until a rescue group stepped in. During the event, children were to chase greased pigs in a pen, grab one and then pull him or her through a hula hoop. Sign this petition and thank the rescue group for putting an end to this unnecessary and cruel event.

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