Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Using a loophole in state law, a pet store rents chicks to customers, endangering the lives of the chicks as well as putting children and families at risk. Demand that this irresponsible ‘tradition’ be stopped.

End Barbaric Cat Meat Markets in Vietnam

Cats, some of them kidnapped pets, are being brutally and illegally slaughtered for consumption in Vietnam. Sign this petition to demand that this cruel practice be brought to an end.

Shut Down Puppy Mill Accused of Freezing Dogs to Death

Twelve dead dogs were allegedly found stuffed in the freezer of a Texas puppy mill, from which dozens of other dogs were thankfully saved. This mill may not have even had a license to be in operation or to be selling their dogs. Sign this petition to demand the mill be shut down immediately.

Save Rapidly Disappearing Whales from Extinction

Their mere sight inspires awe and wonder. Now they teeter on the brink of extinction. Encourage expansion and enforcement of regulations that could save the North Atlantic right whale.

Don’t Allow For-Profit Companies to Oversee Animal Inspections

The Trump administration is about to allow private companies to conduct important animal inspections. Sign the petition to oppose this conflict of interest.

Punish Tycoon Accused of Killing and Eating Endangered Leopard

A Thai CEO and his cronies were arrested for killing and eating an endangered leopard, but the CEO is already out on bail and has reportedly bribed officials. We cannot let this man escape justice simply because of his wealth and connections. Sign this petition to demand the courts serve justice.

Punish Former Reptile Handler Who Allegedly Neglected Snakes

Two snakes died and many more suffered when they were allegedly taken from a wildlife preserve and neglected. The snakes reportedly lived in filthy plastic tubs with no fresh water. Demand justice for these poor snakes.

Shut Down Allegedly Neglectful Roadside Zoo

Concerned visitors have taken pictures of apparent neglect at a roadside zoo, which also has multiple inspection violations. Demand that this zoo’s pending license renewal be denied and the zoo shut down.

Praise Versace for Ending Use of Fur

Versace has recently announced that it will no longer be using fur in its collections. This will spare countless animals from unnecessary pain and death. Sign this petition to praise Versace on making the compassionate choice.

Train Police Forces to Rescue Animals in Need

What if the tools of police protection could be utilized for the welfare of animals? One country has put this idea into proactive action. Urge American law enforcement organizations to follow this country’s promising lead.

Justice for Raccoon Allegedly Run Over by Police

A raccoon was reportedly run over numerous times by police officers in upstate New York. Though the animal was confirmed to have rabies, this is not a humane way to end an animal’s suffering due to illness. Sign this petition and demand that these officers be penalized if found responsible.

Justice for Dog Killed on United Airlines Flight

A 10-week-old puppy’s life was tragically cut short when a careless flight attendant aboard a United Airlines flight reportedly forced his carrier into the overhead compartment, where the animal suffocated to death. This is not the first time United Airlines has been responsible for the death of an animal. Sign this petition to demand the punishment of this employee and stronger animal safety guidelines.

Find Person Who Broke Puppy’s Legs and Jaw

A puppy was found beaten so badly and with so many broken bones she had to be put down. Her legs and jaw were fractured and her muscles completely atrophied. Demand justice for this horrifically abused puppy.

Don’t Let Hunters Slaughter Grizzly Bears

After the Trump administration stripped Yellowstone grizzlies of their endangered species protections, the state of Wyoming is moving to allow grizzly hunting, threatening an iconic species that is already deeply at risk. Demand that Wyoming disallow grizzly bear hunts.

Trump: Reinstate Trophy Ban on Elephant Parts

The Trump administration recently lifted a ban on elephant trophies, allowing trophies to be imported into the United States on a case-by-case basis. This directly contradicts Trump’s previously stated personal views on the ‘horror show’ of big game hunting. Sign this petition to urge Trump to reinstate the ban to protect elephants from big game hunters.

Don’t Force Animal Control to Slaughter Wildlife

Animal control officers in Indiana may soon be forced to euthanize any innocent ‘nuisance’ animals such as raccoons, skunks and opossums that they remove from homes or other locations. Demand that these creatures be humanely released or rehabilitated.

Demand Festival Stop Using Animals for Entertainment

An annual festival cruelly uses live animals for various events and entertainment. Unfortunately, over the years the animals used have been unnecessarily injured or killed. Sign this petition to demand the festival no longer use animals for entertainment.

Stop Killing of Jaguars for Construction

The rapid decline of the South American jaguar population has recently been linked to construction projects in China, which call for the purchase of the animals’ fangs, skin, and bones due to their alleged medicinal properties. This is unethical and dangerous, as the loss of an entire species will damage the ecosystem. Sign this petition to demand a ban on Chinese purchase of jaguar parts.

Punish Teacher Who Allegedly Fed a Puppy to a Snapping Turtle

A puppy was allegedly fed to a snapping turtle by a teacher in front of children. Per investigators, the science teacher had a history of feeding small mammals to reptiles in his classroom. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Stop Sponsoring Cruel Elephant Polo Event

Elephants are beaten by handlers using bullhooks as part of an annual polo tournament held in Thailand. Sign this petition to tell one of the major sponsors to withdraw their support.

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