Save 67 Farm Animals From Imminent Massacre

Nearly 70 farm animals are about to be killed over a property dispute. These include pigs, goats and chickens. Sign this petition to demand these animals be rescued.

Stop Japan from Hunting the Endangered Sei Whale

The endangered sei whale continues to be hunted for Japan’s so-called “research program.” The nation is planning to slaughter over 300 whales per year. Demand an end to Japan’s hunting of the sei whale by signing this petition.

Stop Transporting Terrified Primates to Laboratories on Airplanes

Primates are being trapped in the dark in tiny boxes, loaded onto airplanes, and transported to laboratories where they undergo horrific torture. Tell a major airline to stop participating in this tremendously cruel industry.

Urge Police K-9 Units to Use Rescue Dogs

A police department has opted out of spending thousands on purebred German Shepherds for their K-9 unit and has instead introduced two rescued pit bulls. Not only does this save dogs’ lives, but it also saves taxpayers thousands. Sign this petition and praise the police department for their innovation and willingness to try new methods.

Don’t Remove Fishing Restrictions in Marine Monument Areas

Marine monuments are at risk of having restrictions on commercial fishing removed due to a new proposal by U.S. politicians. These monuments represent a crucial form of protection for animals and plants living off the coast of the United States. Demand that this reckless proposal is refused.

Drunk Frat Boys Used Beached Shark as Can Opener – Demand Arrests

Drunk spring breakers filmed themselves using a beached shark as a bottle opener, drinking beer off a star fish belly, and forcing a seagull back to their hotel room. Demand authorities find and prosecute these sick creeps.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Denied Medical Care to Sick Puppies

Thirty puppies died after their breeder reportedly denied them vital medical care. The puppies suffered from various viral and parasitic infections and were reportedly sold by a fake pet rescue organization. Demand justice for these innocent puppies.

Don’t Cruelly Murder Innocent Animal Families

Hunters would be allowed to shoot bear and wolf families as they sleep in their dens, shoot bears from airplanes and kill them with barbaric steel traps if a new bill passes. Demand that the president reject this heinous bill and protect these animals.

Justice For Deer Hit by Car and Set on Fire

A deer was run over and then set on fire while it was still alive. It was left to suffer for an unknown period of time before it was found, still alive and smoldering. Demand that the person responsible for this barbaric act is found and punished.

Stop the Killing of Hibernating Wildlife

America’s wildlife is being threatened by cruel and barbaric hunting practices, including killing hibernating animal families in their dens, due to recently loosened regulations. Demand that these unethical practices be overturned by signing this petition.

Stop Barbaric Medical Testing on Golden Retrievers

Researchers at a Texas University are breeding golden retrievers with muscular dystrophy. The dogs undergo severe pain and neglect, and often die before the age of two. Please sign this petition to force Texas A&M to stop testing on laboratory dogs.

Man Accused of Keeping Nearly 100 Animals in Filth–Demand Justice

A man faces 215 charges of animal cruelty after allegedly starving animals, forcing them to live among feces and decomposing corpses, and denying them much-needed veterinary care for their severe injuries. Demand that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Save Wild Donkeys From Extinction

Donkeys in South Africa could soon be facing a poaching crisis similar to that faced by elephants and rhinos. Demand a crackdown on the illegal killing and trade of these long-eared beasts.

Tell Clinique to Stop Testing on Animals

Clinique sells its products in China, which requires animal testing for all cosmetics, though it claims to be “committed to the elimination of animal testing.” Please sign this petition to force Clinique to stop testing its products on animals.

Stop Using Cyanide to Kill Wildlife

A cyanide device used by the U.S. government to kill coyotes and wolves has lead to thousands of accidental deaths to non-targeted wildlife and family pets, and recently a child was exposed to this deadly device. Sign this petition and demand that the government ban this dangerous device immediately.

Save the Critically Endangered Maltese Skate

The critically endangered Maltese skate must be protected before the species is wiped out entirely. Sign to demand better protections for this vulnerable species.

Save Kittens From Dying in Shelters

Kittens face the highest rate of euthanization in the United States. Neonatal kittens are euthanized by the hundreds of thousands every year due to lack of proper care training in shelters. Sign this petition to urge the implementation of a program to save shelter kittens from certain death.

Stop the Killing of Slovenia’s Bears and Wolves

Slovenia will allow hunters to kill 93 bears and eight wolves this year to prevent the population of those animals from growing. Sign this petition to discourage this decision.

Punish Breeder Accused of Neglect

Over 30 wolf-dog hybrids and 14 horses were reportedly found chained to trees and denied food and water by a breeder. Demand that she is punished harshly and banned from animal ownership.

Do Not Allow Accused Albatross Killer to Go Unpunished

A teen who allegedly killed 15 endangered Laysan albatrosses could escape conviction and go free. Urge the prosecutor to ensure that this egregious case of animal abuse does not go unpunished.

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