Stop Serving Frogs to Be Eaten Alive

green-tree-frog-by-bidgeeLive frogs are stabbed, skinned, and their organs eaten while their hearts are still beating in upscale Japanese restaurants. End the inhumane practice of eating animals alive.

Cancel Cruel Elephant Rides at Theme Park

Elephant_WangA popular theme park continues to host elephant rides. These elephants are rented from a notoriously cruel company that allegedly beats the animals with bullhooks and shocks them with electric prods. Urge the park to cut ties with this cruel company and end all elephant rides permanently.

Demand State Stop Killing Wolves

Gray Wolf Isster17Two of the only 90 gray wolves left in Washington state were recently killed by officials to protect nearby livestock. There are other, better methods to protect livestock that should be put into use. Sign this petition to demand the state stop killing wolves.

Dog Whose Throat Was Slit After Being Tortured Deserves Justice

Boots-Stanley-by-Morehouse-Parish-Sheriff's-OfficeA dog’s throat was slit after being tortured and repeatedly stabbed for no reason. A video of the savage killing shows the dog being put on a horse’s back, then stabbed. Please sign this petition to bring this dog justice and demand that the killers are given the maximum punishment possible.

Justice for Dog Locked in Chemical-Filled Closet and Killed

dog-by-MonMarA dog suffered chemical burns and died after his groomer allegedly locked him in a utility closet. The burns were so severe that his hair fell out and he was foaming at the mouth. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Shooting and Killing Black Bears

Black-bear-Yellowstone-NP-2008-By-Jim-MartinA group of innocent bears were shot and killed for wandering too close to human dwellings. This was an avoidable catastrophe that must never happen again. Demand humane measures to keep both bears and people safe.

Thank Rescue Group for Shutting Down Cruel Pig Chase

Pig Nick SaltmarshA fair was planning on hosting a greased pig event until a rescue group stepped in. During the event, children were to chase greased pigs in a pen, grab one and then pull him or her through a hula hoop. Sign this petition and thank the rescue group for putting an end to this unnecessary and cruel event.

Punish Police for Ignoring Gruesome Animal Torture

Sleepy-Puppy-by-Jonathan-MoreauA pregnant dog was stabbed and hanged, but when someone tried reporting the crime to police, they reportedly chased her away and refused to note the report. This is a total injustice and failure on behalf of the police. Demand that the officers involved be punished severely, if guilty.

Stop Abuse by Increasing Regulation in Animal Rescues

caged-dog-by-amayaeguizabalDead and seriously ill dogs were recently found in the home of a dog rescue operator, reports say. Demand that regulations and inspections are put into place to prevent this type of shocking abuse.

Stop Brutal Slaughter of Endangered Gray Wolves

Grey_Wolf_by_USFWSA pack of 11 endangered gray wolves is slated for execution because the animals have been preying on local livestock. Denounce this barbaric plan and demand that a more humane solution be found.

Support Proposed Barrier to Protect Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins FairsingMany Hawaiian businesses are capitalizing on the chance to bring tourists out to view and interact with wild dolphins, a practice which can lead to many problems. Thankfully, a barrier between the dolphins and tourists has been proposed. Sign this petition to show your support for the building of the barrier.

Stop Rampant Abuse at Pig Farm

Gestcrate01Several animal abuse complaints have been filed against a pig farm, including allegations that pigs are tortured and beaten on site. Demand that a thorough investigation is launched and that anyone found to be abusing animals is punished.

Dog Killer Must be Found and Severely Punished

Australian-Shepherd-Puppy-by-Ted-Van-PeltA dog was injured so badly that it couldn’t walk and had to be euthanized. This is the second seemingly random attack on an innocent animal in the area. Authorities believe this is a case of despicable animal cruelty, but they’re unsure who is committing the crimes. Demand that these poor animals get the justice they deserve.

Demand Release of Elephant Being Attacked by Cage-Mates

SueOgrockiBamboo is an elephant that was transferred from Seattle to Oklahoma, despite numerous protests. Ever since her arrival in Oklahoma, she has been tortured by other elephants and has even attacked them herself. Demand that Bamboo be sent to a wildlife sanctuary at once.

Demand National Mall Stop Killing Fish

bonytail chub or bonytail Gila elegans cyprinid freshwater fishA mall is planning on restocking a pond full of fish after thousands died from a heat wave. By putting fish in the pond, the mall is sentencing them to death when the next heat wave comes. Sign this petition to demand the pond is not restocked.

Don’t Allow Pit Bulls to Be Unfairly Banned

Pit Bull_RK Photo BoothA recently-passed bylaw imposes restrictions on pit bulls already living in the city and prevents new pit bulls from residing there. These restrictions unfairly discriminate against this misunderstood breed. Tell the mayor to overrule the bylaw and stop discriminating against these loving, loyal dogs.

Justice for Puppy and Owner Allegedly Shot by Neighbor

My-Little-Dog-by-SzlivkaA puppy and his owner were allegedly shot by a raging neighbor with a pellet gun. The man had to undergo surgery for his injuries, and the puppy required veterinary care. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent puppy and his owner be given the justice they deserve.

Justice for Bulldog Forced into Tiny Crate and Left in Hot Sun

bulldog-by-clickA bulldog is unable to walk after being forced into a tiny crate and left in the hot sun. Demand justice for this poor, innocent dog.

Shut Down Zoo Allegedly Abusing Lion Cubs

lion-cub-by-tambakoA zoo is allegedly stressing out lion cubs by allowing visitors to interact with them even though they gave their word that such interactions would stop. Demand that these lions be rescued and rehomed to a sanctuary where they will be able to live out their lives without human disturbance.

Walrus Appearing Emaciated Must be Released to Sanctuary

Zeus Philip DemersA walrus named Zeus is being forced to put on shows for human entertainment while his health appears to be deteriorating. Zeus looks sick in pictures and reportedly can barely lift his head as he moves across the stage. Please ask Marineland to retire this poor animal to a sanctuary.

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