Don’t Allow National Park to Slaughter Mountain Goats

Non-native mountain goats in Washington State’s Olympic National Park may soon be shot on sight if a new management proposal goes through. Tell park officials that lethal means of control are inhumane and alternatives must be sought.

Success: Harming Bulls for Bullfighting Prohibited in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Spain’s Balearic Islands have passed a law that prohibits harming or killing bulls during a bullfight. Support this push in the right direction toward ending this inhumane practice.

Success: Anti-Horse Slaughter Amendment Passed

Horses in America will be protected from inhumane export and brutal slaughter for human consumption with the passing of new legislation. Sign below to support this move to protect these innocent animals.

Success: Animal Protection Law Will Help Stop Heat-Related Dog Deaths

Dogs finally have protection from heat-related deaths thanks to a new law in Pennsylvania. Too many animals die from being left in hot cars or tied to posts on hot days, but this law will help prevent future tragedies. Applaud the decision to offer stronger protection for dogs.

Justice for Cat That Suffered Wounds From Rope Tied Tightly Around His Neck

A cat suffered a massive open wound in his neck after he was tied to a bush by a rope so tight that it dug into his neck. The wound festered for days and attracted maggots before he was rescued. Demand that justice is served for this innocent cat.

Man Accused of Stabbing Puppy for Taking Girlfriend’s Side in Argument Must be Punished

A man is accused of stabbing a puppy named Blue to death with a butcher knife because the animal always sided with his girlfriend when they argued. The bloody scene showed that the puppy had tried escaping the horror, but later bled out, say police. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent puppy be given the justice he deserves.

Punish Suspected Poachers for Poisoning Over 100 Elephants

More than 100 elephants were allegedly poisoned by poachers at a national park in Zimbabwe. Demand these suspects be tried and punished under the fullest extent of the law if found guilty of killing these innocent creatures.

Justice for Hedgehogs Kicked to Death by Teens

Two hedgehogs were kicked to death by a group of teens, their bloodied and bloated bodies left in a park. Demand improved protections for these animals.

Four Dogs Allegedly Starved and Neglected Deserve Justice

Four dogs were allegedly starved and denied necessary veterinary care. The dogs were reportedly so emaciated that their bones showed through their skin. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Success: New York Approves High-Tech Methods to Stop Animal Fighting

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has legalized the use of wiretaps and surveillance video in capturing those involved in animal fighting rings. Sign this petition to praise New York for this decision.

Justice for 41 Cats Allegedly Kept in Filthy Conditions

Over 40 cats were recently rescued from a home where they were allegedly kept in deplorable conditions and denied medical care. The owner reportedly failed to comply with SPCA orders to obtain veterinary care and clean surroundings for the animals, leading to the animals’ seizure. Demand justice for these animals.

Demand Coca-Cola Stop Sponsoring Deadly Animal Cruelty

A steer’s neck was broken while being roped at a rodeo, which is sponsored by Coca-Cola, a company that claims to be against the sponsorship of animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that Coca-Cola stop sponsoring America’s oldest and largest cruel rodeo.

Justice for Dog with Large Tumor Allegedly Starved and Neglected

A dog was allegedly starved and denied medical care, leading to her death. The dog was reportedly emaciated and had a large tumor hanging from her chest. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Success: Vietnam Agrees to Close Bear Bile Farms

The Vietnamese government has agreed to close bear bile farms, thanks to the ongoing efforts of animal rights organizations and activists worldwide. Sign the petition to support this decision.

Cecil the Lion’s Cub Shot by Hunters – Stop the Continuing Slaughter

A cub fathered by the famous Cecil the Lion, who made headlines following his murder in 2015, has now met the same tragic fate at the hands of hunters. Sign this petition to urge the government of Zimbabwe to do more to protect these majestic creatures.

Pet Turtle Allegedly Stabbed and Barbecued by Cruel Man Deserves Justice

A man allegedly stabbed and barbecued a family’s beloved pet turtle. Police say the intent was purely malicious. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent turtle and the family who loved him be given the justice they deserve.

Punish Thief Who Stole Valuable Tortoise

A beloved tortoise was stolen from a Queens environmental center. The tortoise is reportedly worth $2,500 on the black market, making it entirely possible that the thief intends to sell the poor creature. Sign this petition to demand the thief be found and punished as soon as possible.

Justice for Horses Allegedly Forced to Drag Objects Around With Heavy Chains

Two horses were allegedly tied to heavy objects with chains and forced to drag the objects around. The chains reportedly cut into their skin and caused signifiant injury, leading to the death of one horse. Demand justice for these poor horses.

Praise Prison Time For Man Who Forced His Dog to Attack a Cat

A man who forced his dog to rip apart a live cat has been banned from animal ownership and sentenced to prison time. Thank authorities for taking animal cruelty seriously.

Police Dog Killed in Hot Squad Truck Deserves Justice

A sheriff’s dog named Endy was found dead after he was “inexplicably” left unattended in a hot patrol truck while outside temperatures topped 100 degrees. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent dog.

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