Shut Down Company that Allegedly Abused Dog on Movie Set

A German shepherd was reportedly forced to jump into rushing water against its will while filming “A Dog’s Purpose.” The studio denied the allegations, stating that filming stopped when the dog refused to perform the stunt. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Demand Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws After Cat Burned to Death

The potential punishment for a man who allegedly set fire to a cat does not fit his crime. Three and a half years does not serve the cat justice. Sign this petition to demand that Indiana lawmakers strengthen their animal cruelty legislation.

Protect the Endangered Species Act

Hundreds of animals and plants could be put at risk of extinction by a Republican proposal to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. Demand that this reckless proposal be thrown out.

Success: USDA Announces Rule to End Show Horse Mutilation

Show horses will be protected from horse soring thanks to a new USDA rule. Horse soring is an extremely cruel practice where horses’ legs are mutilated and burned with caustic chemicals to give them a high-stepping gait. Sign this petition to thank the USDA for helping to end this painful process.

Justice for Innocent Cat Shot and Killed in Cold Blood

A cat was shot and killed by an unknown perpetrator. This is just one of multiple incidents where a cat was hurt or killed in the area. Demand that justice is served for this innocent cat.

Retire Mistreated Zoo Elephants to a Sanctuary

Two Indian elephants were allegedly kidnapped from their home and taken to the Honolulu Zoo, where they live in a too-small enclosure that does not have enough shade from the scorching Hawaiian sun. Sign this petition to demand that these elephants are moved to a certified sanctuary.

Find Monster Who Skinned Kitten and Threw Another From Moving Car

A kitten had to be euthanized after someone cruelly skinned its tail while another was tossed from a moving vehicle. Both incidents are believed to have been committed by the same perpetrator, but police are refusing to act. Demand that police start doing their jobs and find this person before more innocent creatures are tortured.

Demand Fendi Stop Using Fur

A popular designer continues to use fur in its products despite knowing fur comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Animals held on fur farms face misery and pain everyday and have their lives cut drastically short. Sign this petition and demand the designer stop using fur in its products.

Justice for Dog Injured in Fight and Left to Die

A dog was found badly injured and near death. Police suspect that he was used in a dog fight and then left to die of his injuries. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Painkiller Abusers From Abusing Their Dogs

People are maiming and injuring their pets so that they can get their hands on tramadol, a prescription painkiller that has killed over 300.000 humans in the past year. This combination of both drug abuse and animal abuse must stop. Sign this petition to help protect the lives of people and dogs alike.

Justice for Senior Dog Kidnapped and Brutally Kicked

An elderly dog was allegedly taken from her own yard and maliciously attacked by teenagers, who filmed the act and posted it to social media. Please sign this petition to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous act will be duly punished.

Protect Australia’s Waters from Illegal Whaling Practices

Japan has allegedly slaughtered a whale within Australia’s waters, violating a United Nations ban on international whaling. As of yet, Australia’s government has done nothing to prevent illegal whaling. Tell Australia’s Prime Minister to take action immediately on behalf of these magnificent creatures.

Stop Making Elephants Wash Cars for Tourists

A zoo offers car washes performed by elephants for customers. These intelligent, social animals should not be forced to perform degrading tricks. Demand an end to elephant car washes.

Save Polar Bear Habitat by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming slowly melting away their habitats. We must act now to preserve their population by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Sign this petition to ensure the survival of the polar bear.

Justice for Horses Allegedly Neglected and Left to Die

Ten animal skulls and two horse carcasses were scattered on a man’s property, according to deputies. A surviving horse was in poor condition and could barely walk. Demand that justice is served for these innocent animals.

Punish Men Accused of Participating in Cockfighting Ring

Several roosters were found with feathers missing from their necks and chests and wounds all over their bodies. Police suspect that they were forced to fight. Demand the maximum penalty for those responsible.

Justice for Four Dogs Seized from Alleged Dog Fighting Ring

Four dogs were rescued from a reported dog fighting ring. Twenty-six people were arrested for their alleged participation in this cruelty. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Stop Allowing Hunters to Kill Endangered Species

Hunters can kill endangered species without consequence if they claim that it was accidental, due to a century-old and often misused policy. Sign the petition and demand that hunters be held accountable for their actions and the act be revoked.

Make Animal Cruelty a Felony in Mississipi

It is not a felony to commit animal cruelty in Mississippi. It only becomes a felony on one’s second offense. Sign this petition to stand behind a law that would this, and protect the animals of Mississippi.

Success: Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus to End

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which has become notorious for the ill-treatment of captive animals, will finally be ending. Praise this decision, which will end the suffering of hundreds of animals.

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