Justice for Animals Allegedly Harmed in Rodeo Events

Numerous animals reportedly suffered in rodeo events, enduring injuries like broken limbs. Call for immediate legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Squirrels Reportedly Tortured to Death

Squirrels are reportedly facing brutal poaching and torture. Demand immediate legal action against the perpetrators.

Safeguard Innocent Animal Lives With Animal Abuse Registry and Legal Action

Innocent animals subjected to alleged abuse seek justice. Call for strict legal action against alleged abusers with the help of an abuse registry.

Alarming Rise in Animal Cruelty Deserves Immediate Attention

Over 1,200 cases of animal cruelty were reported in just three years in a single Indian state. Demand stricter measures for animal welfare.

Pigeon Allegedly Run Over Intentionally by Taxi Driver Deserves Justice

A taxi driver reportedly brutally killed a pigeon by running it over. Demand justice and uphold a commitment to animal welfare.

Justice for Chained Dogs Found With Painfully Visible Ribs, Spines, and Hips

Malnourished dogs, with visibly showing ribs and spines, were found in dire conditions. Demand immediate legal action against the perpetrators.

Justice for Over 100 Animals Allegedly Neglected for Months

Over a hundred animals were reportedly rescued from severe neglect. Demand prompt legal action against the accused.

Justice for Over 60 Animals, Both Domestic and Wild, Allegedly Denied Basic Welfare

Scores of animals were found in dire states, victims of alleged neglect. Demand justice for their suffering.

Cat Reportedly Suffering From Broken Back and Paralysis Deserves Justice

Kiri, a cat in Bekaa, suffered a broken back after reportedly being hit by stones, leading to her paralysis. Enforce stringent animal cruelty laws and ensure justice for Kiri’s suffering.

Justice for Abandoned Senior Lab-Mix Discovered in Severely Malnourished State

An abandoned senior lab-mix was discovered in a severely malnourished state. Demand immediate legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Monkeys, Victims of Alleged Cruelty at Research Center

Alleged inhumane treatment at a primate research center has led to the tragic demise of two monkeys. Demand legal action against the responsible parties.

Justice for Malnourished Dogs Who Allegedly Suffered Prolonged Neglect and Abuse

Eight dogs were reportedly found in deplorable conditions, malnourished and chained. Call for justice against the alleged perpetrators.

Justice for Alleged Mistreatment of K-9 Officer by Deputy

A deputy’s alleged harsh treatment of their K-9 partner during a traffic stop has sparked outrage. Call for immediate legal action and accountability.

Justice for Senior Dog Found Emaciated in Cemetery

A senior dog was discovered abandoned and emaciated in a cemetery. Demand immediate legal action against the yet unidentified perpetrators.

Demand Legal Accountability for Alleged Animal Abuse in Dog Training

Disturbing allegations of animal abuse in dog training have surfaced. Demand immediate legal scrutiny and action.

Justice for Senior Elephant’s Alleged Suffering and Abuse

A senior elephant, reportedly suffering immense cruelty, needs urgent rescue. Demand immediate legal action against those responsible for her plight.

Justice for Innocent Puppies Allegedly Killed by Local Traders

Seven stray puppies were allegedly killed, sparking widespread outrage. Call for an immediate legal action against those responsible.

Save Abandoned Pets From Tragic Fate

One potential salvation for abandoned pets is failing because of lackadaisical leadership. Demand a stronger investment in shelter drop boxes.

Justice for Bulldog Tragically Dead After Reportedly Being Attacked and Left Unattended

Arty, a bulldog, tragically passed away after reportedly being attacked and left unattended for 36 hours. Push for stringent legal repercussions against such alleged neglect and cruelty in animal care facilities.

27 Animals That Allegedly Survived Extreme Neglect Deserve Justice

A man is accused of neglecting 27 animals, leading to the deaths of several snakes. Take action to ensure a thorough investigation.

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