Charge Rancher Accused of Horrific Abuse and Neglect with Animal Cruelty

A California rancher has been arrested for multiple counts of animal cruelty spanning several years after an equally long investigation. Hundreds of animals allegedly died slow and painful deaths, with their corpses dumped in or near local waterways. Sign this petition to ensure this rancher is found guilty.

Success: United Airlines to Stop Subjecting Animals to Cruel Deaths in Cargo Compartments

Motivated by public outrage over the death of a dog forced to spend a flight in an overhead bin and other senseless animal killings, United Airlines announced it will suspend reservations for transporting animals via cargo until it can review its processes. Sign this petition to express support for this much needed change.

Demand Fisherman Guilty of Torturing and Killing Innocent Seal Pup Pay Mandatory Fine

A Nova Scotia fishing boat captain and his two colleagues pleaded guilty to abusing and killing a seal pup last year. The captain subsequently received a fine that he has until the end of this calendar year to pay. Sign this petition to urge the captain to apologize for his behaviors and immediately pay the fine.

Success: Washington State Protects Wild Salmon and Orcas from Extinction

Endangered salmon and orcas in the Puget Sound will be given a better chance at survival after the governor of Washington signed an executive order requiring their protection. Support this vital move for compassion and conservation.

Justice for Dozens of Horses Reportedly Found Dead and Malnourished

Dozens of horses were reportedly found dead and malnourished in Wicomico County, Maryland. In 1995, the property owner was also charged with 100 counts of animal neglect when 200 cats were removed from her property. Sign the petition below to make sure that these property owners are never allowed to keep animals again.

Stop Murdering Elephants for UK Ivory

Elephants are being killed by poachers for their tusks, all so the rich can buy ivory products. Sign this petition to urge the UK to completely end the ivory trade and set an example for the European Union to do the same.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Mutilated and Killed His Father’s Dog

A dog was allegedly mutilated and killed in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Canine body parts were reportedly found in a freezer and saws and knives littered the scene. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Demand Justice for Dog Found with Metal Collar Embedded in Neck

A dog was found wandering a service road by two hikers and turned into the local British Columbia SPCA branch. There, the dog had to receive treatment for injuries resulting from a metal chain being tied so tightly around his neck that it was embedded in his flesh. Sign this petition to seek justice for this dog.

Ban Online Gamer Who Publicly Admitted to Killing a Dog

A popular online gamer recently admitted to killing a dog on purpose while she worked as a veterinary technician. Simone Scott, known online as “Aqua,” made this admission on the platform Twitch, which is owned by Amazon. Sign this petition to urge Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, to ban Scott from the platform.

Praise Indonesia for Protecting Endangered Species

Two slow loris traders in Indonesia were sentenced to three and half years in prison. This maximum penalty will help deter wildlife crimes in areas where there is a history of lax punishment. Sign the petition below to let the Law Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Sumatra Region know that their work is helping stop wildlife crimes.

Success: Luxury Brand Stops Using Fur

A popular handbag and accessory brand has decided to no longer use fur in its products. This will save countless animals from unnecessary pain and premature death. Sign this petition to show your support of the brand’s recent decision.

Applaud Rent the Runway for Eliminating Fur Products from Inventory

Rent the Runway, a fashion brand that allows customers to rent designer pieces, recently made the decision to stop carrying products with fur. Sign this petition to applaud the company’s compassionate decision.

Stop the Suffering of Traveling Circus Animals Nationwide

Wild and exotic animals are condemned to lives of intense suffering as part of traveling circuses, and there is currently no federal law in America preventing this. Demand that a new piece of legislation, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, be passed into law to prevent this unacceptable mistreatment of innocent animals.

Urge Lead Actor in Film Accused of Animal Abuse to Donate Salary

While filming the Chinese science fiction movie ‘Crazy Alien,’ a crew member came forward to PETA with video and a statement of alleged animal abuse. Some scenes reportedly involved a dog being caged, thrown, and submerged in water. Sign this petition to urge the lead actor, Matthew Morrison, to donate a portion of his salary from ‘Crazy Alien’ to animal rights charities.

Dozens of Horses Apparently Gruesomely Starved to Death Deserve Justice

The decomposing bodies of over two dozen horses were removed from a farm where the animals had apparently been allowed to starve to death. One surviving horse was reportedly so ill he had to be euthanized. Demand justice for these animals subjected to slow, cruel deaths.

Shut Down the Kangaroo Meat Industry

Kangaroo numbers are rapidly declining, and a recent documentary has exposed the gruesome realities of the kangaroo meat industry. These species could disappear in a matter of years if poaching and slaughtering of the animals are not stopped. Sign this petition to put an end to the kangaroo meat industry.

Punish People Who Allegedly Killed Animals in Ritual Sacrifice

Several livestock animals were allegedly killed and mutilated as part of a gruesome ritual sacrifice. The suspects reportedly killed the animals with a knife, drained their blood, and then cut up their body parts. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Denounce Dog Cloning

Those who love their canine companion and have the monetary means clone their dogs to avoid having to say goodbye. This puts worker dogs who have to be surrogate mothers and egg donors in distress, and prevents possible shelter dogs from being adopted. Sign the petition below to help stop dog cloning.

Save the Yucatecan Flamingos from Extinction

People from around the world travel to Mexico to catch a glimpse of the famous Yucatecan flamingos. However, these species face possible extinction as their habitats are destroyed by human activity. Sign the petition to demand that these flamingos be protected.

Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Using a loophole in state law, a pet store rents chicks to customers, endangering the lives of the chicks as well as putting children and families at risk. Demand that this irresponsible ‘tradition’ be stopped.

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