Stop Barbaric Medical Testing on Golden Retrievers

Researchers at a Texas University are breeding golden retrievers with muscular dystrophy. The dogs undergo severe pain and neglect, and often die before the age of two. Please sign this petition to force Texas A&M to stop testing on laboratory dogs.

Man Accused of Keeping Nearly 100 Animals in Filth–Demand Justice

A man faces 215 charges of animal cruelty after allegedly starving animals, forcing them to live among feces and decomposing corpses, and denying them much-needed veterinary care for their severe injuries. Demand that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Save Wild Donkeys From Extinction

Donkeys in South Africa could soon be facing a poaching crisis similar to that faced by elephants and rhinos. Demand a crackdown on the illegal killing and trade of these long-eared beasts.

Tell Clinique to Stop Testing on Animals

Clinique sells its products in China, which requires animal testing for all cosmetics, though it claims to be “committed to the elimination of animal testing.” Please sign this petition to force Clinique to stop testing its products on animals.

Stop Using Cyanide to Kill Wildlife

A cyanide device used by the U.S. government to kill coyotes and wolves has lead to thousands of accidental deaths to non-targeted wildlife and family pets, and recently a child was exposed to this deadly device. Sign this petition and demand that the government ban this dangerous device immediately.

Save the Critically Endangered Maltese Skate

The critically endangered Maltese skate must be protected before the species is wiped out entirely. Sign to demand better protections for this vulnerable species.

Save Kittens From Dying in Shelters

Kittens face the highest rate of euthanization in the United States. Neonatal kittens are euthanized by the hundreds of thousands every year due to lack of proper care training in shelters. Sign this petition to urge the implementation of a program to save shelter kittens from certain death.

Stop the Killing of Slovenia’s Bears and Wolves

Slovenia will allow hunters to kill 93 bears and eight wolves this year to prevent the population of those animals from growing. Sign this petition to discourage this decision.

Punish Breeder Accused of Neglect

Over 30 wolf-dog hybrids and 14 horses were reportedly found chained to trees and denied food and water by a breeder. Demand that she is punished harshly and banned from animal ownership.

Do Not Allow Accused Albatross Killer to Go Unpunished

A teen who allegedly killed 15 endangered Laysan albatrosses could escape conviction and go free. Urge the prosecutor to ensure that this egregious case of animal abuse does not go unpunished.

Praise Venue for Banning Allegedly Cruel Circus

A venue has announced it will no longer host an allegedly cruel circus after hearing about the neglect and misery the animals reportedly face behind the scenes. The circus has been accused of abusing and neglecting animals. Sign this petition and praise the venue for ending its support of this awful form of entertainment.

Justice for Shark Used in Idiotic Stunt

Two frat boys recorded themselves doing a stupid beer stunt using a beached shark, much to the disgust of many. The shark’s fate and the true location of the incident have yet to be revealed. Sign this petition to demand the location be determined and the young men be held accountable for this shark’s exploitation.

Dog Found Bound and Stomped to Death–Demand Justice

The remains of a Shih Tzu mix were found along a roadside after the animal was apparently bound and beaten to death. Urge officials to do more to find those responsible for this heinous crime.

Don’t Remove Wolves from Endangered Species Act Protections

Endangered gray wolves may lose their protections under the Endangered Species Act if California’s agricultural industry has its way. Sign this petition to help ensure that their recovery can continue.

Don’t Force Dolphins Into Captivity

Dolphins are at risk of being kept in cruel captivity in a proposed new tourism attraction. Sign this petition to encourage the rejection of this proposal.

Justice for Gustavito, the Murdered Hippo

A beloved hippopotamus was found brutally murdered at a zoo. Demand that the people responsible be identified and brought to justice.

Stop Allowing Dogs to be Chained Outside For Extended Periods

Pet owners could soon be banned from using chains, which can cause cuts and lesions on dogs’ necks, to tether their animals. Support this new initiative.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Ran Illegal Pet Shop and Abused Dogs

Seven pit bull puppies and four adult dogs were reportedly abused and neglected by their unlicensed breeder. The puppies were reportedly kept in unsanitary conditions and the adult dogs were malnourished and abused. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Demand SC Johnson Stop Testing on Animals

Animals are having toxic chemicals injected into their bloodstreams and are being forced to inhale hazardous fumes as part of testing for household products. Demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Stop Allowing Animal Abusers to Own Pets

Even though a dog had to be put to sleep because it was allegedly so neglected that it ate its own tail, its owners will be eligible to own pets again in five years. Tell lawmakers that people who commit such disgusting animal abuse crimes should not be allowed to ever own pets again.

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