Success: Man Who Brutally Stomped Puppy to Death Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Target: Greg Willis, District Attorney for Collin County, Texas

Goal: Applaud harsh penalty given to man found guilty of stomping a young puppy to death.

A man who threw a boxer mix puppy against a wall and then stomped on him so that he sustained fatal injuries will be imprisoned for a long time thanks to the efforts of Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. The case drew widespread public outrage, as evidenced by online petitions like this one on ForceChange. Sign this petition to express your support for this decision, which demonstrates that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

Andrew Callaway has been sentenced to spend 12 years in prison for having beaten and stomped a boxer puppy named Diesel so violently that he had to be euthanized. Both of Diesel’s hips and legs were severely fractured. Veterinarians had hoped to save his life by performing a series of operations, but ultimately the decision was made to humanely end his suffering.

While sending Callaway to prison will not bring back this innocent animal’s life, it is an important signal to other would-be abusers that such acts of savagery are not without consequence. Sign this petition to thank the district attorney in this case for seeking the harshest possible penalty.


Dear District Attorney Willis,

As you are aware, a puppy was subjected to a cruel and untimely death after a Wylie area man named Andrew Callaway threw him against the wall and stomped him to death, crushing the lower half of his body. This horrendous crime sent shock waves of grief and outrage throughout the community and worldwide. While there is no punishment severe enough to right this awful wrong, your decision to seek the harshest possible sentence for Mr. Callaway was the best way to ensure that justice would be served.

The fact that Callaway has been found guilty and will now spend the next 12 years in prison not only means that he will be unable to cause harm to any animals during this time, it also sends an important message to other would-be animal abusers. We, the undersigned, want to thank you for making sure that this act of extreme cruelty did not go unpunished.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wylie Police Department


  1. David Estes says:

    Why don you show the criminal’s picture? He doesn’t deserve to hide his picture. I’m glad he got a guilty verdict.


  3. Yeah!!!! It’s about time these animal abusers get the punishment they deserve. Thank you for making Andrew Callaway a case for others to consider before they even think of animal abuse. Mr. Callaway
    you will have your judgement day.

  4. Victory for the Voiceless

  5. It is time for JUSTICE !

    • Ashley Swinney says:

      I hate this petition asks us to say thank you for a “harsh punishment”. What’s harsh about punishment for a violent crime? How about thanks for doing your job. Please keep it up.

  6. Put him away for life because he’ll be back eventually anyway. A useless waste of life, a total POS. Hope he gets his in prison.

  7. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    shot him this vile count
    eliminat this scum

  8. If every judge in every animal abuse case in every locality and state would give the highest amount of punishment allowed, this abuse would decrease significantly. Until the courts stop giving these monsters a slap on the wrist, innocent animals will continue to suffer.

  9. Michele Boyef says:

    He deserves more than what he got for severely hurting an innocent puppy. My god to be that cruel. Why the f did he adopt the puppy in the first place

  10. I sincerely hope this pos serves the entire 12 year sentence. . . unless his new roommates end him – that would even be better. There obviously is a new breed of “people” (?) that have no regard for any life form. These heartless, worthless pos scumbags very rarely can be rehabbed, therefore (imo) need to be ended or they will continue to kill.

  11. enjoy your time in prison mother fucker !
    and I hope and pray that each day that you’re in there you get exactly what you deserve
    death would be the only solution for a piece of shit like you

  12. Agree all comments stomp on this C**t TO DEATH .

  13. genoveva garcia says:

    God, Jesus, thanks for listening my prays, the animals deserve justice the same like humans, I hope this evil dies in the same way that he treated the animals.

  14. He should just get the death penalty!
    He’s a worthless piece of VILE TRASH!
    Waste of tax dollars. This story made me physically ill to read, and I’ve read so many disgusting stories as is!
    These scumbags need to go back to the 7th layer of hell they rose from!

    • That photo of the puppy… the puppy’s eyes. 🙁
      I can’t take it. 🙁
      These scumbags hurt any living being they feel they can exert power over.
      A normal , decent person would never harm an innocent animal.

  15. I hope they give him exactly what he deserves in jail, relentless ass raping before stomped to a pulp.

  16. Debra Davis says:

    The man needs to have his ass stomped. He should have gotten more years. I hope a husky man in jail get his ass in prison.

  17. HUGE THANK YOU for sending this PSYCHO-Callaway to prison — THANK YOU to D.A. Greg Willis for wise, moral, right Decision and taking crimes against Animals SERIOUSLY — it’s about time for society to do so — again, I don’t think there’s a severe enough punishment for MONSTER-Callaway — 12 yrs has to be acceptable for now — THANK YOU — our hearts go out to sweet puppy Diesel — let’s ensure these horrors never repeat.

  18. I hope he rots in prison.they should have done him the same way. Throw his ass against the wall.and stomped his ass good. Too bad he did not get 99 years.

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