Punish Officers Who Forced Man to Behead His Own Dog

Target: Lewis S. Walker, Sheriff for Crawford County, Georgia

Goal: Fire officers responsible for shooting a man’s dog and then forcing the owner to decapitate him.

A sheriff’s deputy shot a beloved family dog, named Big Boy, after he had bit a neighbor and reportedly lunged at the officer. To make matters worse, when the dog’s owner arrived on the scene, another investigator ordered the man to behead his dog so that his brain could be checked for signs of rabies. When owner Joe Goodwin refused to comply, the officers threatened to place him under arrest.

The incident was filmed and appears to show the investigators intimidating Goodwin and threatening to send him to jail for refusing to decapitate his own recently slain dog. Although Goodwin did use profanity, it is understandable that he was distraught over the loss of his companion. Many have agreed that the investigator’s request was entirely unreasonable, as only a trained veterinarian should attempt to perform this procedure.

The investigators shown in the video appear to show a complete lack of remorse for both the dog’s death and his owner’s distress. No animal owner should be forced to dismember their pet under the threat of going to jail. Sign this petition to demand that these officers be relieved of their duties if they are found guilty of wrongdoing.


Dear Sheriff Walker,

An officer appears to have threatened to arrest a man when he refused orders to decapitate his own dog. The pit bull mix, named Big Boy, was killed after he reportedly bit a neighbor and lunged at a sheriff’s deputy. While it is deeply unfortunate that this animal died, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting must be investigated, what happened next is unthinkable.

The dog’s owner, a man named Joe Goodwin, was intimidated by investigators on the scene who appear to have forced him to behead his own dog to check for rabies. This behavior is unprofessional, and should never be expected of an animal’s owner. Only a veterinarian has the skill and training to perform such a procedure. We, the undersigned, demand that you investigate these events thoroughly and have these officers permanently relieved of their duties if these allegations are true.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Almonroth

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  1. The dog attacked someone & they took the head to send off to the State for Rabies testing. Its the only way, gotta have an intact head. The man probably failed to vaccinate his dog in the first place! Also, the dog was aggressive & should not have been able to get out! What if the dog ripped a childs face off! The owner should have been allowed to take it to the vet to have the Doc remove the head, maybe the owner refused to pay for that too! The owner failed to care for the dog with proper training & a 7$ Rabies Vaccine!!!

    • BTW, I was a Vet Tech for 10 yrs, I know what Im talking about & Ive seen alot of crappy people neglect their pets! Before getting the cops in trouble, find out why the owner did the beheading. That may have been the only choice. He may have been left with a choice of getting sued by the neighbor or sending the head to the State Lab! No one can “Force” you to cut a head off of a dead dog. Remember to vaccinate for Rabies! Vaccinate your dogs, cats, horses, etc!

      • Angela, I agree with you on certain aspects of your comments. The man didn’t properly secure his dog and he was allowed to roam and bite, not just that day, but on at least one other occasion. However, the petition is about the police insisting the dog’s owner do the decapitation, take him to a vet to have it done (which he stated he could not afford) or go to jail. As a vet tech, you should know that when doing this procedure when there is a question about the animal being rabid, a person should be wearing protective gear, of which the dog’s owner had none. Personally, I would have gone to jail and worked out the rest in court. No one could ever compel me to butcher my dog!

      • No one can force you? Have you had ANY interactions with a stubborn cop who won’t listen to a thing you have to say? I have and after my experience, I freaking believe aggressive cops are out there (and again, not all, obviously). Yes the dog attacked someone and that’s bad but the point is Hollis DID NOT have the right to demand the owner to cut his dog’s head of. That is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard, and if I were him, I wouldn’t gone to jail for assaulting the cop.

      • First of all a owner should not be forced to behead there own dog that dog could have been taken to a vet to have it donethe cops are disgraceful

    • I don`t care what this dog did. these officers abused their authority in ordering the owner to cut his dog`s head off. there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this and they went about it the wrong way.

    • so that makes what the investigators did right? I think not. tat was a sick thing they did and was an abuse of their position and they should be punished severely for it.

    • Actually the dog was vaccinated but they refused to let him go home and get it.

  2. This officer needs to be in jail officer are to help not encourage things like this.Shame on him but let’s do the same thing to him but.a slow death in front of his family and make them in distress and let’s check his.brain for things cause something differently wrong with him

  3. Carolyn Taylor says:

    This entire tragic event must be investigated properly. Any cop that forces a dog owner to cut off their dog’s head must be terminated and procecuted for this atrocity.

    • Everyone concerned In this tragedy needs to be questioned because it must NEVER happen again. Only allow dogs to be kept by those who have proven they are capable of looking them and issue Dog Licences . All animals are important and must be looked after properly

  4. Send PETITION TO GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL! Let him know what backwoods police are doing to animals and residents! This is UNACCEPTABLE. Georgia’s treatment of animals is third world. These “officers” need to be fired! NO excuses.

  5. Margaret Melnick says:

    This officer must be removed from the force. To much POLICE STATE coming to view. If the dog needed to be sent to be tested for rabies the body should have be removed from where the animal was killed and then QUALIFIED PEOPLE should have taken it for testing. I think this officer is taking his Position right to his head. HE IS NOT THE KIND OF PERSON THAT SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF A BICYCLE LET ALONE HUMAN LIVES.

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