Kitten Reportedly Brutally Kicked to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Prince William County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Amy Ashworth

Goal: Give man maximum legal sentence for reportedly kicking kitten to death.

A kitten allegedly died after being kicked in the head multiple times. Frederick Grant Pierce was arrested on animal cruelty charges shortly afterwards. It is imperative that Pierce receive the maximum prison sentence if he is found guilty of this horrific crime. Authorities stated they discovered the animal after responding to a domestic violence call. According to reports, the 3-month-old kitten was found lifeless in the bedroom.

The incident allegedly happened after the kitten’s owner left the apartment. Officers said they seized the animal to investigate the reported death further. Pierce is being held on a $1,500 unsecured bond. Demand he spend the most time in prison possible if it is found he committed this unforgivable act.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Ashworth,

Frederick Grant Pierce is currently being held on felony animal cruelty charges after being accused of brutally kicking a kitten to death. He must spend a lengthy amount of time in prison and be banned from owning or being around pets if he is found guilty of killing this innocent animal. Officers reportedly found the animal motionless in the bedroom after they answered a call concerning domestic violence. They decided to take the kitten with them to try and piece together the alleged crime.

Reports state that the kitten’s owner was away when the crime took place. Pierce is being held on a $1,500 unsecured bond while the crime is being investigated. Sign this petition to demand Pierce not only receive a prison sentence but to also insist he no longer be legally allowed to be around animals if it is found this helpless kitten  suffered and died by his hands.


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Photo Credit: Saving Public Ryan


  1. Frederick Grant Piece, where is he? Execute him.

  2. This piece of trash should face the same fate. Periodt. End of sentence.

  3. Please just kick this cowardly bastard to death too…..

  4. Kick the living shit out of this f*cking human. What a horrible act of animal abuse – you are one ignorant bastard and deserve the same treatment you placed upon the kitten. F*ck you are some kind of a waste of skin – I hope your life gives you nothing but serious and painful health issues – you deserve to suffer greatly.

  5. Do the same to this worthless human. We have got to get tough with animal abusers. He did this to a kitten, he will do more to a human some day.

  6. This vile, mentally deranged scumbag faggot must be put to death. A slow and agonizing extermination is essential!

  7. Kaye Porter says:

    My opinion has been posted by others. Set this disgraceful person as an example, make him hurt.

  8. Mary Young says:

    Why not the people have him and do him the same way and kick him in his sorry ass head the same way he did that poor baby kitten eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth

  9. Shea Whitehead says:

    Please serve justice.
    Please have responsibility. Please protect the innocent.
    Please make an example of this abuser and murderer.
    Please honor and respect the beauty of Nature and the Universe and its expectations.
    Please have compassion for this helpless animal and all of those who deserve protection and justice in your county and state.
    Thank you.

  10. Michelle Stewart says:

    The bastard that did this deserves to be beaten to death

  11. The bastard that did this deserves to be beaten to death

  12. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    my heart is bleeding
    how many of these poor angels still have to suffer and die because of piles of rubbish like these “people”.

    I’m not allowed to write what I would do with this piece of shit, this extra garbage, if I could. this devilish filth should only suffer and then perish.
    I hope karma will act quickly…

  13. What a despicably, heinous thing to do!! $1500 is not nearly enough bail! Secured or not! What kind if heinous savage does this to a poor defenseless little kitten! This peice of garbage needs the maximum for this cruel disgusting act! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to say more but I know this needs to be PG!! Laws REALLY need to be updated. One can get a “Life” sentence for killing another person in a drunken bar fight, but get a slap on the wrist for killing a sweet innocent animal or child!!!! It SICKENS me that he was given bail @ all!! He needs to stay as a guest of DOC & get kicked around for a year or 20!!!!

  14. Just disgusting. RIP, poor thing.

  15. I,totally, agree with all the other comments posted!

  16. Becky+Beck says:

    Well let’s just all agree that he needs to have the shit kicked out of him!!!! Absolutely disgusting to do that to a baby kitten.. he is worse than a monster!! He doesn’t belong breathing among any of us!!!! He killed an innocent baby kitten who could not defend himself with the rath of this los life piece of shit!!! Lock him up forever!!!!

  17. Becky+Beck says:

    Take him cage him in with a grizzly bear and let Mother Nature take care of his worthless ass! He won’t be the big man he thought when he see the opponent is bigger and more dangerous then he could ever Be, fierce and not afraid of his worthless ass!!!! He needs to be scared to death and hopefully that will be his outcome!!!! He should see and know what’s coming!!! Not like this little kitten did!!!!!

  18. Steven Garcia says:

    What a disgusting bully! Please keep him in jail! We don’t need people like this walking among us!

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